Like the COVID-19 virus at the White House, the excitement is very contagious about the Kamala Harris/Mike Pence VP debate tonight! Well, Pence may also be contagious with COVID-19 too, we’ll have to see about that.

PlanetPOV will be hosting a live chat tonight simultaneously with the VP debate and everyone is welcome to join us (members just have to be signed in to comment while non-members can read along). Our live chat and the debate start at 6:00 pm PDT/9:00 pm PDT.

Just click the blue Live Events bar in the bottom right corner to open the chat window.

Those who were here for last week’s disastrous debate for Trump can attest that it can be a sanity preserver (and keep you from throwing your remote at the tv when Pence lies) to chat throughut the debate with the witty, insightful folk who gather here.

The debate can be watched on network channels as well as cable news channels.

Hope you ca join us tonight!

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