Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm. Hope to see you then! AdLib 18 hours ago

When you arrive, don’t forget to say “Hi!” or “Biden My Time” when you arrive! AdLib 16 hours ago

Ridin’ with Biden! Hope everyone is doing well tonight. That DNC convention was awesome! glenn 16 hours ago

Happy days are here again… pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Go with Joe, e’one pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

hey! Harleigh 16 hours ago

Hey Harleigh, PPO! And, you too, Ad glenn 16 hours ago

Ad, glenn Harleig hi to all. Nice to smile again, isn’t it? pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

another bizarre week, and they’ll keep getting worse Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO–Yes, it is. So many positives at the convention. Bannon’s arrest was another positive! glenn 15 hours ago

dems had a good convention Harleigh 15 hours ago

Microscope at last on the USPS git. Bannon arrest, It going troppo, Heh Heh\ pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Hey all! Sorry I stepped away for a moment! AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh–a bizarre week in the RTLB’s world. I’m going to hang on to the positive “bubble” from the convention for a few more days, at least. glenn 15 hours ago

Murph! betcha long faces at the coop, eh? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Yep, that convention was a kickass event! So impressed! AdLib 15 hours ago

No problem, Ad. Glad you’re back! glenn 15 hours ago

Meanwhile, the RNC has Kid Rock and the criminally charged couple who pulled guns on innocent protesters. So similar! AdLib 15 hours ago

I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell. This should be the new normal for conventions. It was awesome! glenn 15 hours ago

RNC bringing out their prize exhibit….. Tiffany t! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Ad–yeah so much positivity! Positively repulsive! glenn 15 hours ago

And will Steve Bannon still speak? It’s like a celebration of criminals at the RNC! AdLib 15 hours ago

glenn, agree. Format allowed speakers to be heard without interruptions of cheers and noise. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I found the entire experience enervating. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–I heard Bannon was scheduled to speak. Since it’s a virtual convention, he can speak from his cell. Or is he under “house arrest”? glenn 15 hours ago

RNC will be a Police Lineup – with bunting and lights! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

glenn – I agree too, I really liked the format but it would be nice to have occassional live speeches in front of an audience, for the big speakers of the night like both Obamas, the VP and Nom. AdLib 15 hours ago


AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO–Plus the camera was on the speaker the whole time. No crowd shots, no stupid people doing stupid things, just the speaker. glenn 15 hours ago

the repube playbook is to quickly plead guilty while spanky can pardon them Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO–LOL! glenn 15 hours ago

GOP folk I know here….who are delegates to the convention are saying tat they have no idea what is happening next week. They have no info. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

glenn – Bannon put up $5 million in bail to be released so he’s free right now to host “The Criminal Apprentice” at the RNC. AdLib 15 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 15 hours ago

hey ad Harleigh 15 hours ago

Murph–from what I’ve read, those people have no info because the RTLB keeps changing things. glenn 15 hours ago

glenn – Yes, it is annoying to see the “fan cam” shots of the convention crowd in the middle of a great speech. AdLib 15 hours ago

Glenn..that is logical. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–did the bail money come from the wall fund? The Convention of Criminals, Thugs, and Con Men! glenn 15 hours ago

One thing disturbed me during the week. I watch Colbert religiously. This week was one of his worst, IMO. Going live was a mistake, because his writers put too much sarcasm and clowning . Later in the week he improved and hhis last night was fine. Did anyone else see it this way? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Why aren’t GOPers throwing HIM under the bus…..they have enough on him I would think….. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph–logical as in typical of the RTLB. glenn 15 hours ago

It will be night and day, the difference between the DNC and RNC. Hope, love, compassion, protecting democracy…vs. fear mongering, racism, hatred, destroying democracy and kissing Putin’s behind. AdLib 15 hours ago

As to long faces in my co-op….not a single Trumper watch the convention except as highlighs from Fox and One America News. Complete distortion. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – I heard Trump is tryinng to poach what he liked from the DNC and forcing the RNC to make big changes in their plans…with just days to go. Could be a major trainwreck. AdLib 15 hours ago

Is anyone here going to watch the RNC? AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad, but the RNC may, by its sheer nastiness, overshadow the good vibes from the DNC. They need to keep the message strong all the way pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO–I absolutely hated the intro/theme/whatever you call it, when he showed what was essentially a stupid video game. It had nothing to do with the convention, IMO. It was juvenile and poorly done. glenn 15 hours ago

glenn – I don’t know where Bannon got the money but he was arrested on that criminal’s yacht who has deep pockets and Bannon’s associated with companies that got hundreds of millios from the PPP. AdLib 15 hours ago

Thnaks, glenn, I worried it was just Fergie and me. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph–throwing who under the bus? Bannon? The RTLB? glenn 15 hours ago

Glenn….Trump under the bus MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–the fear mongering continues. The RTLB put out a tweet today that says that we will have anarchy, chaos and death if his opponents are elected. Someone should remind him that right now, under his presidency, that’s exactly what we have. glenn 15 hours ago

whats rtlb Harleigh 15 hours ago

This says something about what the GOP will be doing next week….lying their asses off….”The job they had to do at the Democratic Convention was tell you Joe Biden was a nice guy,” Rep. Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina) said. “They did not talk about any of the dangerous policy positions he has. It just seemed to me they’re out of touch. They’re trying to connect with the American people who are going through tough times but they’ve got millionaire celebrities as the face of the presentation.” MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

PPO – I usually watch Colbert but missed him earlier in the week, just saw the episode with Warren that seemed fine but maybe a little goofy. Of all the late night hosts, I think John Oliver has stepped up the most and shined, Colbert has done well. Bill Maher is pathetic ad sadly, Samantha Bee has been struggling. AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad–I think it’s going to be a major train wreck no matter what. Kudos to the guy who coordinated the DNC convention. He pulled off a technical marvel. glenn 15 hours ago

The first 10 minutes on the first night set the tone for the week. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Harleigh–Racist, Treasonous, Lying Bully. My name for the asshole squatting in the Oval Office. glenn 15 hours ago

PPO – But consider, who will move over to vote for Trump after seeing the RNC hate and fear fest? It may excite hiis cult base but I think the DNC may have moved more voters to Biden/Harris. AdLib 15 hours ago

I cant wait for old chachi and poopy pants nugent. Harleigh 15 hours ago

ty Harleigh 15 hours ago

glenn – I think the wacko fearmongering of Trump is only making him look deranged, I don’t see voters moving in any direction but away from him. AdLib 15 hours ago

Trump jacked up his hotel 65% prices for the RNC! will anyone show up? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Ad hopefully, but you know the media gravitate to bad news more than good. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I hope the MSM just pool their coverage to a single camera with sound only and no commentary. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph – I just don’t think that old hack BS about Dems is getting anny traction among voters. Repubs are having celebrities at their RNC but they’re all hacks like Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and the smirking high school MAGA hat guy. They spite successful spokespeople because they can’t get any. AdLib 15 hours ago

glenn – I have one wish for the RNC and the debates…I want to see Trump stumble over that bad right leg and fall flat on his face. Is that mean? AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO…what hotel? MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

spanky is demented and its getting worse. he did point out that you had to have a picture ID to attend the dnc convention! LOL Harleigh 15 hours ago

Ad….it is mean…..and devoutly to be hoped for. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Dunno murph, twitter just reported that pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Sorry, gents my wifi is acting up. I’ll keep trying to connect. In the mesntim glenn 15 hours ago

PPO – I know the MSM laps up the hatred and fear mongering of Trump and the Repubs but I don’t think that’s the message that will move voters now. No one’s worried about caravans of rapists and murderers, it’s all COVID and nothing that happens at the RNC will change that. AdLib 15 hours ago

hang in glenn ! Harleigh 15 hours ago

In the meantime I’ ll follow along without commenting. This is vr glenn 15 hours ago

PPO Trump National Golf Club in Charlotte. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Yes, hang in there glenn! AdLib 15 hours ago

Maybe reset your wifi modem, glenn? AdLib 15 hours ago

hope they all get bedbugs and covid Harleigh 15 hours ago

New Trump-labeled ‘Scion’ Hotel in Charlotte pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

This is from my Kindle which you can see I ba glenn 15 hours ago

I am going to watch the highlights via MSNBC, CNN and NYT, WaPo and ultimately Time MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago