Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm. Hope to see you then! AdLib 18 hours ago

When you arrive, don’t forget to say “Hi!” or “Biden My Time” when you arrive! AdLib 16 hours ago

Ridin’ with Biden! Hope everyone is doing well tonight. That DNC convention was awesome! glenn 16 hours ago

Happy days are here again… pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Go with Joe, e’one pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

hey! Harleigh 16 hours ago

Hey Harleigh, PPO! And, you too, Ad glenn 16 hours ago

Ad, glenn Harleig hi to all. Nice to smile again, isn’t it? pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

another bizarre week, and they’ll keep getting worse Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO–Yes, it is. So many positives at the convention. Bannon’s arrest was another positive! glenn 15 hours ago

dems had a good convention Harleigh 15 hours ago

Microscope at last on the USPS git. Bannon arrest, It going troppo, Heh Heh\ pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Hey all! Sorry I stepped away for a moment! AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh–a bizarre week in the RTLB’s world. I’m going to hang on to the positive “bubble” from the convention for a few more days, at least. glenn 15 hours ago

Murph! betcha long faces at the coop, eh? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Yep, that convention was a kickass event! So impressed! AdLib 15 hours ago

No problem, Ad. Glad you’re back! glenn 15 hours ago

Meanwhile, the RNC has Kid Rock and the criminally charged couple who pulled guns on innocent protesters. So similar! AdLib 15 hours ago

I agree with Lawrence O’Donnell. This should be the new normal for conventions. It was awesome! glenn 15 hours ago

RNC bringing out their prize exhibit….. Tiffany t! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Ad–yeah so much positivity! Positively repulsive! glenn 15 hours ago

And will Steve Bannon still speak? It’s like a celebration of criminals at the RNC! AdLib 15 hours ago

glenn, agree. Format allowed speakers to be heard without interruptions of cheers and noise. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I found the entire experience enervating. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–I heard Bannon was scheduled to speak. Since it’s a virtual convention, he can speak from his cell. Or is he under “house arrest”? glenn 15 hours ago

RNC will be a Police Lineup – with bunting and lights! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

glenn – I agree too, I really liked the format but it would be nice to have occassional live speeches in front of an audience, for the big speakers of the night like both Obamas, the VP and Nom. AdLib 15 hours ago


AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO–Plus the camera was on the speaker the whole time. No crowd shots, no stupid people doing stupid things, just the speaker. glenn 15 hours ago

the repube playbook is to quickly plead guilty while spanky can pardon them Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO–LOL! glenn 15 hours ago

GOP folk I know here….who are delegates to the convention are saying tat they have no idea what is happening next week. They have no info. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

glenn – Bannon put up $5 million in bail to be released so he’s free right now to host “The Criminal Apprentice” at the RNC. AdLib 15 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 15 hours ago

hey ad Harleigh 15 hours ago

Murph–from what I’ve read, those people have no info because the RTLB keeps changing things. glenn 15 hours ago

glenn – Yes, it is annoying to see the “fan cam” shots of the convention crowd in the middle of a great speech. AdLib 15 hours ago

Glenn..that is logical. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–did the bail money come from the wall fund? The Convention of Criminals, Thugs, and Con Men! glenn 15 hours ago

One thing disturbed me during the week. I watch Colbert religiously. This week was one of his worst, IMO. Going live was a mistake, because his writers put too much sarcasm and clowning . Later in the week he improved and hhis last night was fine. Did anyone else see it this way? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Why aren’t GOPers throwing HIM under the bus…..they have enough on him I would think….. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph–logical as in typical of the RTLB. glenn 15 hours ago

It will be night and day, the difference between the DNC and RNC. Hope, love, compassion, protecting democracy…vs. fear mongering, racism, hatred, destroying democracy and kissing Putin’s behind. AdLib 15 hours ago

As to long faces in my co-op….not a single Trumper watch the convention except as highlighs from Fox and One America News. Complete distortion. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – I heard Trump is tryinng to poach what he liked from the DNC and forcing the RNC to make big changes in their plans…with just days to go. Could be a major trainwreck. AdLib 15 hours ago

Is anyone here going to watch the RNC? AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad, but the RNC may, by its sheer nastiness, overshadow the good vibes from the DNC. They need to keep the message strong all the way pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO–I absolutely hated the intro/theme/whatever you call it, when he showed what was essentially a stupid video game. It had nothing to do with the convention, IMO. It was juvenile and poorly done. glenn 15 hours ago

glenn – I don’t know where Bannon got the money but he was arrested on that criminal’s yacht who has deep pockets and Bannon’s associated with companies that got hundreds of millios from the PPP. AdLib 15 hours ago

Thnaks, glenn, I worried it was just Fergie and me. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph–throwing who under the bus? Bannon? The RTLB? glenn 15 hours ago

Glenn….Trump under the bus MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad–the fear mongering continues. The RTLB put out a tweet today that says that we will have anarchy, chaos and death if his opponents are elected. Someone should remind him that right now, under his presidency, that’s exactly what we have. glenn 15 hours ago

whats rtlb Harleigh 15 hours ago

This says something about what the GOP will be doing next week….lying their asses off….”The job they had to do at the Democratic Convention was tell you Joe Biden was a nice guy,” Rep. Richard Hudson (R-North Carolina) said. “They did not talk about any of the dangerous policy positions he has. It just seemed to me they’re out of touch. They’re trying to connect with the American people who are going through tough times but they’ve got millionaire celebrities as the face of the presentation.” MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

PPO – I usually watch Colbert but missed him earlier in the week, just saw the episode with Warren that seemed fine but maybe a little goofy. Of all the late night hosts, I think John Oliver has stepped up the most and shined, Colbert has done well. Bill Maher is pathetic ad sadly, Samantha Bee has been struggling. AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad–I think it’s going to be a major train wreck no matter what. Kudos to the guy who coordinated the DNC convention. He pulled off a technical marvel. glenn 15 hours ago

The first 10 minutes on the first night set the tone for the week. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Harleigh–Racist, Treasonous, Lying Bully. My name for the asshole squatting in the Oval Office. glenn 15 hours ago

PPO – But consider, who will move over to vote for Trump after seeing the RNC hate and fear fest? It may excite hiis cult base but I think the DNC may have moved more voters to Biden/Harris. AdLib 15 hours ago

I cant wait for old chachi and poopy pants nugent. Harleigh 15 hours ago

ty Harleigh 15 hours ago

glenn – I think the wacko fearmongering of Trump is only making him look deranged, I don’t see voters moving in any direction but away from him. AdLib 15 hours ago

Trump jacked up his hotel 65% prices for the RNC! will anyone show up? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Ad hopefully, but you know the media gravitate to bad news more than good. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I hope the MSM just pool their coverage to a single camera with sound only and no commentary. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph – I just don’t think that old hack BS about Dems is getting anny traction among voters. Repubs are having celebrities at their RNC but they’re all hacks like Kid Rock, Ted Nugent and the smirking high school MAGA hat guy. They spite successful spokespeople because they can’t get any. AdLib 15 hours ago

glenn – I have one wish for the RNC and the debates…I want to see Trump stumble over that bad right leg and fall flat on his face. Is that mean? AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO…what hotel? MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

spanky is demented and its getting worse. he did point out that you had to have a picture ID to attend the dnc convention! LOL Harleigh 15 hours ago

Ad….it is mean…..and devoutly to be hoped for. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Dunno murph, twitter just reported that pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Sorry, gents my wifi is acting up. I’ll keep trying to connect. In the mesntim glenn 15 hours ago

PPO – I know the MSM laps up the hatred and fear mongering of Trump and the Repubs but I don’t think that’s the message that will move voters now. No one’s worried about caravans of rapists and murderers, it’s all COVID and nothing that happens at the RNC will change that. AdLib 15 hours ago

hang in glenn ! Harleigh 15 hours ago

In the meantime I’ ll follow along without commenting. This is vr glenn 15 hours ago

PPO Trump National Golf Club in Charlotte. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Yes, hang in there glenn! AdLib 15 hours ago

Maybe reset your wifi modem, glenn? AdLib 15 hours ago

hope they all get bedbugs and covid Harleigh 15 hours ago

New Trump-labeled ‘Scion’ Hotel in Charlotte pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

This is from my Kindle which you can see I ba glenn 15 hours ago

I am going to watch the highlights via MSNBC, CNN and NYT, WaPo and ultimately Time MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Hi back, glenn1 pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I have difficulty typing on. glenn 15 hours ago

Hi everybody! choicelady 15 hours ago

So Bannon is charged and fraud has state crime aspects too so he can’t be pardoned from those. AdLib 15 hours ago

CL, Hi there! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Hey CL! AdLib 15 hours ago

hey cl! Harleigh 15 hours ago

Hi AD, glenn Harleigh, Murph, PPO – great to see you all! choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad, Ivanka apparently has a few questions to answer as well. Wouldn’t that be delicious! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO – couldn’t happen to a more deserving bimbo. choicelady 15 hours ago

Hey CL….we’re thinking of getting a Bungalow at the Trump National Golf Club in Charlotte for next week. Want to join in? MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

I’m IN, Murph! choicelady 15 hours ago

I am absolutely boycotting the RNC. I will read articles and such about it, will see the clips on newscasts the next day but I am ot masochistic enough to watch it. AdLib 15 hours ago

Murph, can we reserve thousnads of Trump Rooms and not fill them? pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

nice outfit cl. is that a new perfume you’re wearing? Harleigh 15 hours ago

Ad – same here. I can eat local lettuce or WA sweet onions and get less sick. choicelady 15 hours ago

Harleigh – how nice of you to notice! What a sweetheart you are. choicelady 15 hours ago

lol Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO – Word is Ivanka is neck deep in embezzling inauguration millions. Biden’s AG should take her down. AdLib 15 hours ago

OK – who should be Biden’s AG? choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad, Harleigh, for once I pity those journalists who have to attend. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

I am wearing my Biden/Harris buttons all over the place. Getting many nasty stares but also a surprising number of signs of approval. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Hey glenn! Any better? AdLib 15 hours ago

they are all going down…. tax records Harleigh 15 hours ago

Murph – thank heaven – I am glad some of your local folks get it. And YOU! choicelady 15 hours ago

CL – Sally Yates? AdLib 15 hours ago

glenn, dear – are you unwell? Hope it’s just the ‘ordinary’, not, you know… choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – I’d adore Sally Yates. choicelady 15 hours ago

PPO – Considering it will be a virtual hatefest, wn’t the RNC be bizarre with nutjobs ranting to no cheers? AdLib 15 hours ago

sally is awesome Harleigh 15 hours ago

Glenn is having connectivity problems tonight. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – You’re a bold guy! AdLib 15 hours ago

Oh thank goodness – that’s not life threatening, unless you decide to destroy your computer. choicelady 15 hours ago

CL – Who else would yoou like to see as Biden’s AG? AdLib 15 hours ago

Most folks I run into know where I stand. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – I’m sure they do, but it’s nice some AFFIRM that. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad, they’ll probably insert sound effects so that little donny doesnt throw a wobbly. Actually it might be fun listening to his rabble rousing – without the rabble! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph – are you very far from Columbia MO? choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – I’d have to guess that despite theiir blind commitment to Trump and the GOP, there are some who secretly nod to themselves at yoour Biden pins. AdLib 15 hours ago

A lot of people here are feeling the hurt right now….. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Vance when he’s done at SDNY!? Harleigh 15 hours ago

Harleigh – anyone Biden picks should be boffo, don’t you think? choicelady 15 hours ago

PPO – Maybe the RNC will insert the sounds of crowds screaming in fear and planes crashing and explodng at each pause iin their speeches? AdLib 15 hours ago

Glenn…..Cl 3 hours. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

cl yep Harleigh 15 hours ago

Ad – LOL!!!

choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – ot to mention the USPS slowdown has got to be hurting folks in MO because of all the rural areas. And Rand Paul iis demanding delivery only 2 days a week. How is that going to play? AdLib 15 hours ago

Oh that’s pretty far. I will write you about a friend who might be moving back to that area. But it’s pretty far from you. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad. I expect that they will project crowd scenes from ben hur. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – and the Bible belt will take the Ben Hur scenes as current.l Why I’m a lousy Christian – I never got into that stuff. choicelady 15 hours ago

And also today, we can’t forget that the court denied Trump’s appeal to block his tax returns. They can and should be getting them by next week! AdLib 15 hours ago

The intro music will be the ‘Horst Wessel’ Song! and ‘Wir Fahren gegen Biden/Harris” pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO – LOL!!! choicelady 15 hours ago

the repubes are mangling the vote, USPS crippled and mass evictions coming up cant comply w/addr…. Harleigh 15 hours ago

AH….CL….yes, I tend to be pretty far from almost everything. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

It’s OK, Murph. I’ll explain what’s up, and you can see if you want to make connection. Some way off before she moves there. choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – I can imagine the RNC showing a montage of horror movie scenes, zombies swarming, people being beheaded, buildinngs being blow up with the announcer just saying, “Biden, Harris and The Democrats are going to destroy you!!!” AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh – I like your name for the GOP: Repubes. It has a kind of grotty resonance that’s appropriate. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – with QAnon rampant, it will be believed. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad…you have the makings of Rethuglian operative. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

lol cl, it short for repubeliekkklans Harleigh 15 hours ago

USPS stinks right now, and farmers will be even madder, due to the number of dead day-old chicks being delivered late. So maybe rural pressure will improve deliveries pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

One thing that I think is being missed here is that trying to block Dem voters has only made them more determined to vote while Repub voters will have their mail-in votes blocked just the same. AdLib 15 hours ago

CL….I have a Q neighbor who hosts seminars at her house….I have been invited but..hell no. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

OMG no. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad Repubs usually do well in mail in votes because so many elderly vote that way for them. But amazingly in FL, Biden leads with the older voters by 10%! AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad We old folks don’t like threats to SS and Medicare! choicelady 15 hours ago

CL No we do not. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

That is OUR money, OUR savings, it’s reckoned in our work days and in our names. How DARE he? choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad, maybe they don’t want their stay in God’s Waiting Room shortened in any way by the GOP Death Panels. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

repubes moved too early on killing the old folks medicare and medicaid and SS. many old folks realized what that would do to them Harleigh 15 hours ago

Think about the platform Trump is running on. Let the elderly die, let kids get sick and infected, destroy the USPS, end SS and Medicare, end elections and democracy, let Putin be co-president…how is this even close? AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO – who would want your time in God’s waiting room shortened? These asshats are despicable, choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – Trump hates Black, Brown, Asian, and female people. All his fans need to know. choicelady 15 hours ago

cl, all the more reason to Go With Joe! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO – Damned correct! choicelady 15 hours ago

PPO – There was a Biden gof cart parade in FL today. Not typical in that conservative area. AdLib 15 hours ago

Maybe we should change it to “Survive with Joe”. Otherwise it sounds as if he’s helping to usher us to the Other World. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad…have you see either platform….I wonder if that is passe? MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad – I saw that! choicelady 15 hours ago

You mean the Dem platform or Biden’s? choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad, I would have loved to see that! Maybe a golfcar jousting match with the opposition! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

PPO – LOL!!! choicelady 15 hours ago

harris is not black or american and Biden aint from PA because his parents moved to Delaware when he was 11 Harleigh 15 hours ago

CL – Yep, add to that Trump agenda, attack and continue plice murders annd beatings of black people and peaceful protesters, applaud Russia for paying bounties to kill our soldiiers, bankrupt the country to hand trillions to the wealthy and end the ACA and steal healthcare from 20 million Americans. AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh – it’s magic. Trump erases all he doesn’t like. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – I don’t get how that agenda doesn’t move his base to raise an eyebrow, but they ignore it because racism. choicelady 15 hours ago

anyone need an invisible plane? Harleigh 15 hours ago

Harleigh! YES!!!! choicelady 15 hours ago

lol got one marked CL Harleigh 15 hours ago

Thank you, dear friend. Always wanted one. Now for the invisibility cloak so I can stand in the Oval Office and find out what the turd is really saying. choicelady 15 hours ago

Trump thinks this is a stealth plane:

AdLib 15 hours ago

LMFAO Harleigh 15 hours ago

Did anyone hear that when Trump was in Scranton a Russian plane was on the airport tarmac??? My hubs heard that. Anyone have info? choicelady 15 hours ago

PPO – Absolutely! Golf cart jousts would be fantastic! A huge ratings bonanza! AdLib 15 hours ago

OOOOOHHHHH special effects MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Shades of “Cocoon”. choicelady 15 hours ago

BTW, folks, things in MEL are improving. New cases down to 100’s from 700s 10 days ago. The strict measures seem to be working at last. Fergie and I aren’t going out at all these days pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

CL – Yes, I heard that! And that the Russian plane was massive. Offloading what exactly? Voting machines? AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO – That’s great news. Cases appear to be declining arund most of the US, less so in red states. Lower here inn CA. AdLib 15 hours ago

carter was great as thunder jugs. LOL can you imagine what she would do to these repube nazis?! Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO – good news! Keep up the good work, keep down the exposures! choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – I have NO idea. It’s creepy. choicelady 15 hours ago

Watching Mayor Robert Garcia of Long Beach who lost both parents to COVID, both in early 60’s…immigrants. Biden went out of his way to call him and to invite him to spend some time with him post election MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Oh no Murph – used to live there. That’s so horrible. choicelady 15 hours ago

I do know COVID takes its toll mostly on POC, but that’s partly why white people think they’re immune. Until they die. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad….I am sad to say that the specialists see a resurgence likely because of the way we have so poorly opened schools. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Murph – yup. choicelady 15 hours ago

Harleigh – Oh, I have imagied many times, superheroes flying in too rescue us from Trump ad his gestapo. But it will have to be us, the people to do that in protests and voting. But I would love to see Wonder Woma clear out a marching army of Secret Police then grab Trump up by the collar ad wrap hiim in that Golden Lasso to force him to tell the truth about everything. AdLib 15 hours ago

flloriduh is out of ER spaces and some are sending uninsured home to die Harleigh 15 hours ago

Harleigh – WHAT??????? OMG – that is disgusting. choicelady 15 hours ago

cl, that aluminum overcast ids the largest plane in the world and is on charter to anyone needing massive loads. too expensive per hour to haul just voting machines. Oil rig bits, other planes/ choppers and the like, so not creepy. pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Harleigh……triage….and tragedy. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

we still have NO preventions an everything is open Harleigh 15 hours ago

PPO – OK. That’s helpful. I will reduce my anxiety and outrage. Thank you! choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – I know, there will be another spike from in person schooling and then as we get ito winter, the 1-2 punch of the regular flu, colds and COVID-19, since no one will know at first what they have, it could be a bit of havooc so I caution flks to store up suppliies before winter. Oh, not to mention Trump’s call for RW militia to take to the streets to keep him in power after he loses. AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh, I was only half-joking about GOP Death Panels. Now, they exist – for real? Jaysus! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

no shit Harleigh 15 hours ago

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. Barack Obama MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Harleigh – Meanwhile DeSantis is claiming the COVID crisis is over. It iis crazy there and in other red states. Deaths are spiking. AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad – the militais are numerous but relative to the whole population they’re miniscule. They can’t do anything relative to the Nat’l Guard or any other legit force. choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – Obama was correct. choicelady 15 hours ago

sturgis will be a covid bomb Harleigh 15 hours ago

Desantis following the dear leader’s path MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Harleigh – 7 cases in just NE brought in by Sturgis folks. And how many others elsewhere? choicelady 15 hours ago

Murph – It ay have seemed like a great slogan for Obama but it is a desperate plea right now, we need to be the change or we lose America. AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad, as you know, we’re in Winter here and one plus from the lockdowns is that the regular flu is much much less this year! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Ad…my point precisely. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

CL – I know, and the RW militias are filled with cosplay cowards who would run at the first site of danger to themselves but they can be terrorists. It only took 19 terroriists to commit 9/11. AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO interesting insight….flu is down because the paths that spread have been narrowed or closed. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

I’m out for the night. See you all next week. glenn 15 hours ago

desantis and gatez and scott and rubio…. we are fucked down here Harleigh 15 hours ago

Ad – it took ONE (well OK 2) to do OK City. That is my fear. choicelady 15 hours ago

stay safe, glenn pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

There are militia here organing to “protect America from the socialist coup” MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

CL – Yes, Sturgis should be causing a new spike in infections. And Trump’s having mini-rallies exposig more people to get Herman Cained. AdLib 15 hours ago

We miss you, glenn! choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad – “herman cained”. Bam. choicelady 15 hours ago

night glenn Harleigh 15 hours ago

Murph – yup. They are there, esp. Springfield, and it’s not without concern. choicelady 15 hours ago

Has tracking from the bike rally in Sturgis shown a pattern of spread. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Poor glenn, got blocked out by her WIFI. I blame Trump! AdLib 15 hours ago

Murph – all I heard so far from Sturgis is NE. choicelady 15 hours ago

Ad….how very trumpian of you. MurphTheSurf3 15 hours ago

Ad – of COURSE it’s Trump! choicelady 15 hours ago

It is really nice for once to end a week on a upward note. Well done, DNC organizers! pinkpantheroz 15 hours ago

Murph – CL mentioned some tracking but it’s just simple logic, of course that was a super spreader event as we knew Trump’s OK rally would be. AdLib 15 hours ago

PPO – agreed! choicelady 15 hours ago

Now let’s hurry up and vote! Can’t waiit t get my ballot in the very delayed maiil! AdLib 15 hours ago

Question to Trumpers – is a riotous night swilling beer worth dying? Younger people are now the fastest rate of disease AND death. choicelady 14 hours ago

https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/21/us/sturgis-motorcyle-rally-sd-covid-nebraska-trnd/index.html MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

sturgis ha over 250,000 spreaders, no masks Harleigh 14 hours ago

And I think the word is getting out to mail back ballots quickly or take them to drop boxes. AdLib 14 hours ago

Murph – thanks for the story. Oh, damn. choicelady 14 hours ago

Diid you see Trump threatening to send his Secret Police to polling places to “prevent fraud”? AdLib 14 hours ago

Headline: Covid-19 cases tied to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota have reached across state lines MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Yes, it’s illegal but when has that ever stopped Trump. Governors need to have the National Guard at the ready to take them away if necessary. AdLib 14 hours ago

Ad….another violation of the federal system that separates national authority and state authority. MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Ad – he said ‘sheriffs’ and he has no authority over state, county, local police. Then he said US attorneys. Well Sacramento has 15. Yeah, that’ll help. Then he said mumble mumble because everyone laughed at him. He can’t do a damned thing. choicelady 14 hours ago

OK, lads and lassies. I’ll Away the noo! See you all next week. Buying barf bags Monday pinkpantheroz 14 hours ago

Murph – Scanned that article, I think we only knoow about the tip of that Sturgis iceburg. AdLib 14 hours ago

PPO,,,,,happy shopping????? MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

G’day, PPO – take care. I missed why you need barf bags, but steady as you go, luv. choicelady 14 hours ago

murph its a middle aged crowd of fucking repube tbag …. it;ll be way bigger than anywhere… spread far and wide… cheap harley thunderjunk sale coming up. Harleigh 14 hours ago

AD….I agree MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

RNC snapshots on the local news. Rady for that! pinkpantheroz 14 hours ago

CL – I never want to underestimate Trump, he could send his Secret Police but certainly, it was meant as a scare tactic at this point to keep people of color away from the polling places. AdLib 14 hours ago

Ahhhh – makes total sense. Hugs to you. See you soon I hope. choicelady 14 hours ago

Harleigh….are you suggestion a biblical event….as ye sow,so shall ye reap. MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

nite ppo Harleigh 14 hours ago

Ad – he doesn’t HAVE secret police. He says he does, but he doesn’t. He had Blackwater in Portland, but we won’t answer to them. They have to prove THEY are legit., We don’t. choicelady 14 hours ago

Well, dear friends….after this good week let us hope for a not too awful next week. MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Nobody better fuck with the Churchlady (my other handle). choicelady 14 hours ago

hoping Harleigh 14 hours ago

Next week I say we start drinking early, ignoring RNC, building a new future, and preparing for the crime commission proposed by Eric Swalwell. choicelady 14 hours ago

The DNC is counter programming all next week.It will be class vs. chaos MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Murph – cool! choicelady 14 hours ago

What seems clear is that Trump has a game plan to sabotage the election as best as he can through poling places. The 50,000 “observers” they’re sending to polling places, Repub Governors liimiting polling places in Dem areas, challenges of voters at polling places, Russian or Republican vote manipuation,etc. So Vote By Mail ruins his plan which is why he’s going nuts trying to prevent it. Early voting and dropping mail in ballots off at drp boxes is the answer. AdLib 14 hours ago

well i’m hitting the bed. nite all Harleigh 14 hours ago

Note that most of the suppression outside of TX and FL is in states that won’t flip Blue anyway. choicelady 14 hours ago

Night Harleigh! Great to see you! choicelady 14 hours ago

Ad – a very good read. I am a polling place captain….the toke Dem…..there is a move to dump me. Others have waened the dumpers that I will not go without raising hell… MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

CL – Barr assembled that Secret Police out of Blackwater, CBP, HS, and it is real. I don’t doubt his willingness to use all means to stop Dem voters. Otherwise, he’s going to prison. AdLib 14 hours ago

Ad – I’m pushing drop offs. I’m pushing driving people TO drop offs if people can’t give the ballots to others to do. The more we do that, the more those absolutely dependent on USPS will have a clear shot at getting their ballots in on time. choicelady 14 hours ago

Murph – Hang in there! AdLib 14 hours ago

Ad – yes they’re real. There are about 200 of them nation wide. TWO HUNDRED. That’s IT. choicelady 14 hours ago

CL – Yes, drop offs are the answer along wiith early voting. You don’t want to have to go to a polling place to vote on Election Day. Maybe to drop off a mail in ballot in a state where they allow it but otherwise, avoid voting on Election Day. AdLib 14 hours ago

Best to you poll watching, Murph. choicelady 14 hours ago

Well….time for me to fold up my tent….word is that Trump’s acceptance speech is going to make his carnage speech at his inauguration feel like :morning in America: MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

In NY I have friends who head out at O Dark 30 to vote first thing. I think lots will do that. NY is very backward on absentee. choicelady 14 hours ago

CL – That’s not too many but I’ll bet Prince could dig up hundreds more. And iif Trump declares an emergency and calls up the National Guard because “our polls are beinng attacked”…what then? AdLib 14 hours ago

Good night Choice and Ad…. MurphTheSurf3 14 hours ago

Murph – so Morining in America to Mourning in America in under 4 years? That’s Trump. choicelady 14 hours ago

Night Murph! Have a great weekend! AdLib 14 hours ago

Good night, Murph! choicelady 14 hours ago

I actually think the RNC and Trump’s speech will be surreal, from a strange unreality. AdLib 14 hours ago

Well, a good evening, Ad. I agree Trump will give some zany speech, and I think he will seal his doom that way. choicelady 14 hours ago

Trump will call himself a uniter, an enemy of Russia, a hero against corruption, it will be Orwellian Doublespeak amongst all the fear and hate mongering. AdLib 14 hours ago

You’re right! Have a great weeked C! AdLib 14 hours ago

Too many people are too devoted to getting him out for him to sail forth. Thus, I think when he loses, he will flee the country to Brunei where he is loved and can live in luxury without an extradition treaty! choicelady 14 hours ago

We have our work cut out for us, yes? choicelady 14 hours ago

Great weekend, Ad. Love to all in your firmament. choicelady 14 hours ago

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