Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 18 hours ago

Hey, Ad, is it just you and me? glenn 17 hours ago

Hey glenn! PPO is nearby I think. AdLib 17 hours ago

looks like it so far, ad pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

hi glenn! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Are you and your family going stir crazy yet? glenn 17 hours ago

How is life at home treatng you, glenn and PPO? AdLib 17 hours ago

sorry, I’m late – phone call pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Hey PPO–glad you’re here. glenn 17 hours ago

Life at home is same old, same old for me. You and Fergie doing okay, PPO? glenn 17 hours ago

So far, we haven’t murdered each other! cocooned all week, just out once in my new SUV for essentials. so far, had it 3 weeks, 15 miles on the clock! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

There have been moments here and there but for the most part, everyone here is keeping busy, relaxing a lot and trying to accomplish things every day. That “Honey-Do” list is sure getting shorter every week! AdLib 17 hours ago

sad to see 980 deaths in US overnight. and that’s the official list, bet there are more pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Lots of fixing things around the house for me lately. If only I could only fix the White House right now… AdLib 17 hours ago

PPO– Well, that’s good news. Awww, too bad you can’t take your SUV out more. glenn 17 hours ago

WEll, it is just transportation, with easy access for Fergie. It will see us out! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

I read on twitter that It is off on another rant in fluent gibberish pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

What was creepy this week was the photo, so like the Nazi ones, of the mass graves on that island. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO – It looks like there was a brief dip and then a bounce up. And Trump wants to “open up the country” in 3 weeks? AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–There you go…getting that “Honey-Do” list pared down is a good thing. I have to admit, I have not done anything I should have! I have closets I should clean out; and speaking of cleaning….since my cleaning ladies can’t come, one would think I would take the time to clean my house. After all, I have plenty of time. However, one would be wrong. Every morning I get up and say, “I should clean”, and then I spend the day reading. I must admit, I have spent a lot of time making and cleaning up meals. I’m not used to eating 2-3 meals every day at home. Oh well…. glenn 17 hours ago

We’re like you, glenn! So much to do, but inertia holds us back. That and limited strength, wind and motivation! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO – Yes, that was nauseating, seeing a mass grave in America in 2020. And yet, the Repub governors in many states are acting like it is still a hoax that anyone loyal to Trump can’t believe in. I think many Red states will be in terrible states as the Blue states are declining in infections and deaths. AdLib 17 hours ago

PPO–I truly believe the numbers are being suppressed in many places. We may never know the true number. Also, have you heard the latest republiscum excuse? People are not dying of CV-19; they’re dying of “pre-existing conditions”. Damn dumb republiscum…these people were living with their pre-existing conditions, but the CV-19 is what is killing them. glenn 17 hours ago

glenn – I get it, believe me. It s a bit disorienting to be housebound for so long, sometimes it’s easiest to just say, “I’ve got lots of time to do that, I’ll just do it later.” AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–Hopefully, we’ll be able to fix the WH in November. However, that doesn’t help people dying…. glenn 17 hours ago

glenn, i read somewhere that any home death will not be recorded as being a result of the virus. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO–It’s the old adage…the less time you have the more you get accomplished (for some people anyway). Conversely, the more time you have the less you get done. As you say, limited motivation. After all, it’s not like we’re going to have any visitors! glenn 17 hours ago

Australia is apparently getting better, but everyone is warning not to become complacent, or it will flare again pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

You have to congratulate Jacintha Ardern and New Zealand.. No ob CV deaths….. One! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

glenn – No question that one thing Trump has accomplished is hindering the testing and genuine numbers on the infected and dead. But such suppression of the truth is useless when states are picking up the slack on testing and when people are witnessing what is going on with their oown friends and family. I have seen so many people on social media share that their mother or father has died from Covid-19, it’s heartbreaking. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–yes the red states are going to see an increase, I think. And…if the TLB gets his way, and we “open up” the country, then I think we are going to have to go through this all over again. I really, really hate the TLB! And, I don’t hate many people, but this person is number one on my hate list. glenn 17 hours ago

glenn, he is the first of two that I utterly hate, the other is McConnell. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO–You’re correct. Complacency is going to be the death of a lot of people. It will be interesting to see how many churches will be packed on Easter day. glenn 17 hours ago

PPO–Yes, New Zealand’s PM is amazing! glenn 17 hours ago

glenn – Absolutely! As horrible as Covid-19 is, it will eventually pass. But if Trump is re-elected, our nation and the world is doomed to the U.S. being a vicious autocracy for untold years to come. Covid-19 and Trump are both deadly viruses in this world but Trump represents the longest term damage. It’s sad to say that with so many suffering and dying now but he has helped cause this too. AdLib 17 hours ago

All I can say, g, is God help those misguided cultists who get suckered into mortal danger by these charlatans. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 17 hours ago

Harleigh! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Still alive! Harleigh 17 hours ago

A step in the right direction, H! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO – The 1918 pandemic was worse in the second wave, probably because of that feeling that it was over when it wasn’t. That will probably happen here in the US with Trump desperate to get the economy and stock market back up to get re-elected, no matter how many lives he has to sacrfice. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–that’s what I hate the most! Because of the TLB’s ineptitude, cruelty, and stupidity, too many families have suffered unnecessary heartbreak. I read today of a mother and son who died within a week of each other; and there are many more stories out there just like that. glenn 17 hours ago

Harleigh–glad to see you’re here! glenn 17 hours ago

I don’t understand why the Markets aren’t dropping like stones. A worry. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

thanks! this is fucking scary Harleigh 17 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, my top three are the TLB, the turtle, and Lindsey. glenn 17 hours ago

glenn – It makes me wonder if Blue states may start thinking about limiting entryby people from Red states after Blue states have flattened the curve and Red states will be steeply increasing infection rates. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–indeed. The TLB’s autocratic tendencies are running rampant. The firing of the inspector generals is scary! glenn 17 hours ago

The redneck evangelical states are gonna get fucking creamed. Harleigh 17 hours ago

Hey Murph! How are you? glenn 17 hours ago

Wow – full house tonight. Hi everyone! choicelady 17 hours ago

Hi Murph. CL Harleigh 17 hours ago

glenn – That’s a terrble story. And people are dying at home, some dying just after being released from the hospital. Trump always lies, in his inauguration he said he was bringing an “end to the carnage”. It’s always the opposite of whatever he claims, he’s more like a carnage machine. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad, I know we only have 7 states here, but we have shut the Interstate borders, with permission needed for essential supplies to cross. Travel is also limited. A NSW State Minister has resigned because he ignored a travel restriction to o to his holiday home. He was fined $1000 by the police. pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! choicelady 17 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 17 hours ago

Hey CL! AdLib 17 hours ago

CL, Murph,! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Hi Murph, Hi Adlib, PPO and GLENN!!! choicelady 17 hours ago

hi hon Harleigh 17 hours ago

PPO–Saw a screenshot from foxsocalledbusinessnews today that showed the markets had the largest increase since the 1930’s (which would be coming out of the Great Depression) and a chyron underneath that said 16 million Americans have lost their jobs in the past three weeks. If that doesn’t show that the stock market is not an indicator of a healthy economy, I don’t know what does. glenn 17 hours ago

CL–Hey, how are you? glenn 17 hours ago

PPO – The markets staying up right now means to me, that $2 trillion is being funneled to corporations more than we know. And the Fed Chair is using a firehose to shower them in billions, which we also aren’t hearing about. AdLib 17 hours ago

Hello everyone……sad I had to toss away my “Bernie Baby Burn” buttons this week. MurphTheSurf3 17 hours ago

PPO–He should’ve been fined way more than $1000. glenn 17 hours ago

AD, when will that faucet dry up? pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

love how sSpanky’s miracle cure is unsubstantiated bullshit that can kill you. jebus Harleigh 17 hours ago

Murph. Well, I do wish he did more than cease the campaign. Bernie needs to endorse JOe, and throttle down his feral Bros pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Ad–As many people are saying on social media, it’s amazing that we have money to prop up billionaires, yet no money to help the people who are actually keeping the country running! If this doesn’t do anything else, perhaps it will take the scales off of people’s eyes about the republiscum party. glenn 17 hours ago

About this crossing state line things… CPS has been trying to pin a case on a woman who has LITERALLY done nothing wrong. Her nasty ex and family are reviving charges ALREADY dismissed 4 years ago in both TX and AL. But CPS pays no mind to that. So they have seen fit, this WEEK, to send the boy to the abusive family in TX. They drove up here against every state order and are driving him BACK to TX just as they’re about to peak in crisis mode. Can anyone give me a route out of this nightmare? Even her great attorney is at a loss what to do. choicelady 17 hours ago

glenn – There are few guardrails left now in our democracy, other than the Dem House. The SCOTUS just proved that they are a corrupt tool of Trump and the GOP by forcing Americans in WI to decide between possible death and voting. It is pretty scary (and I renew my call for Dems expanding the corrupt SCOTUS if they take Congress and the WH). AdLib 17 hours ago

Too make it a Dem majority on the SCOTUS, that is. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad – I’m for expanding the court, but how do we get around FDR’s court packing failure? choicelady 17 hours ago

Murph–yeah a lot of people are sad about tossing the Bernie memorabilia away. However, I see Biden is pushing for the Medicare eligibility age to be lowered to 60; for free college, and something else that Bernie has been pushing for (I just can’t remember what it is). It’s a senior moment…. glenn 17 hours ago

Healthcare, glenn? pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

PPO – As much as it concerns me to see such powers in action, it is an emergency and if we know that some Red states are virtual petri dishes of Coronavirus infection and death, they may need to be isolated from healthy Blue states, for a limited period of course. AdLib 17 hours ago

glenn – I’m NOT a fan of free college, and I don[‘t think that’s on the agenda although debt forgiveness IS. What of all the thousands who went before who PAID their debts? This needs a lot of deep thinking. choicelady 17 hours ago

ad most of them don’t borer blue states. Harleigh 17 hours ago

CL–Good heavens! That sounds horrible! What are the charges, and why is CPS in CA paying attention to TX charges? Very strange. Does the TX family have a judge in their pocket or are they extremely wealthy? glenn 17 hours ago

Would Americans put up with such a restriction on travel, Ad? pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Murph – Somehow, we’ll have to find a way to get over that even though he had no path at all, Bernie dropped out…technically…but is still staying in. Can I just say this once? What a dick. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–Yeah, the guardrails have been not only pushed over, they have been bent out of shape. Hopefully, we can repair them in Nov. glenn 17 hours ago

There are NO charges per the dispostion. CPS is determined to over ride the judge (who’s awful too) but they refuse to tell her what she has done. I am NOT MAKING THAT UP. They say they proved their case yet refuse to tell her what she’s “guilty” of. It’s Kafka writ large. choicelady 17 hours ago

PPO – That faucet will not stop until Trump iis re-elected or beaten. So my guess is, the Fed will keep shoowering billions on corporations until 2021 at least. AdLib 17 hours ago

PPO–Probably healthcare is it. glenn 17 hours ago

The TX family have all been found guilty of many things that CPS CA is ignoring. The CPS and DA in TX is on my friend’s side, and that’s our best hope. choicelady 17 hours ago

CL–OMG! What a nightmare for that poor woman! glenn 17 hours ago

glenn – Yes, if this crisis has proven anything, it is that there is money that can always be provided with no need for there to be a plan for paying it back…as long as it benefits the wealthy. Dems should have that page of the book framed and smack Repubs with that book from now on when they whine about “How are you ging to pay for it?” AdLib 17 hours ago

37 other countries have universal HC but we live in duhmurikkka. Harleigh 17 hours ago

Ad – Bernie is now what has been his wet dream: the pashas reclining on cushions eating peeled grapes and lobster sliders while is apparatchiks do his campainging for him. He’s a would be magnate in search of socialism not for us but for him. Control the workers, you control the world. choicelady 17 hours ago

Ad, soon the Dems can reply to the GOP…’ You don’t get to ask that question any more” pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Harleigh – WE have UHC but NOT single payer, and every other GD country but Canada and UK have what ACA could be. M4A is not remotely a good plan. choicelady 17 hours ago

OH! OH! Heard a good one! Spanky’s covid daily tv bullshit is called ‘Liarside Chats’! hahahaha Harleigh 17 hours ago

Good one, H! pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Harleigh!!! THAT’S PERFECT!!! choicelady 17 hours ago

So much of what we are all angry about rests on Trump’s ability to fool enough of the people enough of the time to hold onto power….and even in the midst of the most current disaster his base is largely holding. Hate, fear, anxiety are so powerful = warping reality to shape the world to support a false worldview. MurphTheSurf3 17 hours ago

CL–Didn’t CA have free college until Reagan? We’re talking free state colleges. I think there are pros and cons for free college. The pro being an educated citizenry. The con being the cost. Those are the top pro and con I can think of off the top of my head. As for debt forgiveness, we are talking about college debt, correct? One of the arguments about that, I believe, is that the interest on the debts used to be reasonable, plus the cost of college has risen dramatically, while the pay of the college educated has not risen as fast as inflation. It definitely needs a lot of deep thinking, with FACTS and not emotion leading the discussion. glenn 17 hours ago

CL – That is a nightmare. This is the woman and child you’ve mentioned before, right? I don’t know what path to take at this point. Before they took her son, I would have guessed that she would have had to give up on the system that’s rigged against her and hide away where they couldn’t find them. But now, how do you fight a hateful system that only wants to dominate? AdLib 17 hours ago

CL–Kafkaesque, indeed, if TX is on your friend’s side, and CA isn’t! glenn 17 hours ago

CL – FDR only failed at expanding the SCOTUS because Congress didn’t vote to do so. It’s up to Congress to set that number, not the Pres. But working together, probably having to get rid of the filibuster, it could be done. AdLib 17 hours ago

Hi Guest 270! AdLib 17 hours ago

I’m gobsmacked, glenn. This is a nightmare. choicelady 17 hours ago

CL–tell us what you really think about Bernie! LOL! glenn 17 hours ago

Ad – that’s what I have never known about the court expansion. choicelady 17 hours ago

glenn – Very funny! “Senior moment”! AdLib 17 hours ago

CL–I love that word…gobsmacked! glenn 17 hours ago

glenn – he’s a hyperindividualist pretending to be socialist. He’s a fraud. choicelady 17 hours ago

glenn – don’t recall where I got it. I spend some time in England. Might have been there. choicelady 17 hours ago

Murph – how’s life and how are you? choicelady 17 hours ago

CL – College used to be free in CA and many other states. Public colleges, that is. Then they were nearly free. So it would be just returning to a better time in our past. As for the complaint about others having paid for college, when society is bettered and offers citizens more (such as the ACA), people who had to pay through the nose in the past may feel it’s unfair but what’s best for people today and going forward should be the focus. AdLib 17 hours ago

cl, glenn….. Irish word for mouth or beak is Gob. So a smack in the gob pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Murph–you definitely hit the nail on the head. As long as the cultists are under the impression that it’s only people dying in CA and NY, then they are “owning the libs”. Their warped reality is being fed by a so-called president who changes reality daily to feed his narcissism. glenn 17 hours ago

PPO – that’s what I understood it to be. But even Brits say it, not just the Irish! choicelady 17 hours ago

agree CL that M4A is not viable but a reformed ACA could be a long shot. need to cut out the insurance companies and use medicare as the operational force. Harleigh 17 hours ago

CL…..staying well, working with the co-op to meet needs in the environs…. MurphTheSurf3 17 hours ago

cl, Aussie soaps spread it to UK!

pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

Harleigh with you on the ACA 2.0 MurphTheSurf3 17 hours ago

PPO – Personally, it makes me uneasy to think about a restriction on travel. But it is difficult to consider that all the people who are sheltering in place to bring the curve down will have to do it all over again because of the ignorant Red State Governors who are busy infecting their people. I don’t know how to address that without restricting travel for a number of weeks or so. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad – yes, community colleges were free (meaning tuition but NOT bookes and some other things). State universities and colleges were affordable. Never totally free. I object to working families paying taxes for elite kids to hang out at UCLA and Berkeley playing at studying while they, trust fund kids, pay NOTHING. Affordable, yes. Free? No. choicelady 17 hours ago

Murph – all good! choicelady 17 hours ago

Ad–oh please…”how are you going to pay for it” only applies to programs Dems want. It’s the same as the deficit. Have you heard one word from ANY republican, even the Never Trumpers, about how the TLB has run up the deficit? That’s all we heard from repubs during Obama’s tenure, even though he reduced Bush’s deficit. The media needs to stop playing the repubs game, and make repubs answer those basic questions. glenn 17 hours ago

have to Murph…. to make up family policies.\ Harleigh 17 hours ago

Harleigh – as a CA single payer supporter, I like the melding Obama did between that bill and ACA. Lots of really good crossover. Now – a public option. We need a robust Dem SENATE to do it, but there is real possibility there. choicelady 17 hours ago

CL – Indeed, it is like The Trial. I don’t know but my instinct is, even if it is dangerous, not to cooperate with evil and those CPS monsters are evil. But at this point, if they have her son, who else other than the judge can do anything about this? Any third party who became involved could only petition that same judge. AdLib 17 hours ago

Ad–Lately, I have quite a few “senior moments”. That’s why I love coming here on Friday nights. I learn so much….and it’s written down, so if I have a senior moment, I can go back and check!

glenn 17 hours ago

Ad, here the people who live in coastal holiday towns are telling people not to come and possibly infect them. It is working. The Easter Holidays are usually huge here, but the whole place is deserted, hence, I think, the good reports that Australia may have startd the descent pinkpantheroz 17 hours ago

After the heart operation I am very conscious of how vulnerable I am so I am sleeping lots, exercising quite a lot, take my meds and supplements, and following all of the protocols including a great Darth Vader N95 mask with replaceable filters, gloves, and wipes MurphTheSurf3 17 hours ago

PPO–Thanks for the explanation. It’s such a wonderful word! There are quite a few people I’d like to smack in the gob! glenn 16 hours ago

glenn – I have no problem with people asking how we’ll pay for new stuff. I have a real problem w the GOP and Bernie never answering the question. Bernie uses the GOP recalcitrance not to answer, and that makes him as bad as the GOP. We deserve total sunlight on ALL programs. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL I’m a licensed HC agent for over 10 years…. get to hear all sides of HC. Drug plans are another runaway mess. Harleigh 16 hours ago

glenn: GOP: .”how are you going to pay for it” Dems: “Same way you did”! pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

CL – But Bernie’s soldiers are thinning out and yelling into the wind now. They and he are over, even if they don’t know it. Who cares what hateful things they say now, they squandered their influence and the closer we get to the convention, if there is one, the weaker they all are. The wagon train rolls on and they’re left shouting in the desert to each other. AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – at some point you have to send a Darth Vader selfie. Just HAVE to. I’m glad you’re taking care. I never go anywhere without a mask and wipes. But good luck GETTING wipes these days – I got the LAST ONE two weeks ago. It’s insanity. choicelady 16 hours ago

Harleigh – I really like that, “Liarside Chats”! Perfect! AdLib 16 hours ago

Ad – good point. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn, Yes! Even better than ‘Shut up” is ‘Shut yer Gob!” pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Ad–that is the crux of the matter; that college used to be free or at least affordable. My husband and I paid for two college educations–mine and our daughter’s–with no loans. That was when college was affordable in FL; we both attended state universities. And, both of us went to colleges away from home. I stayed in the dorms and my daughter rented a house with housemates. glenn 16 hours ago

Cl……and all….the co-op has a supply of necessary items including wipes stockpiled during the Obama years when he sounded the pandemic claxon. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – Trump can’t fool someone who’s lost their job and can’t pay their rent that the economy is back. Nor that all is well after one watches their parent die. The con only works with those who don’t know better. Not enough of those left in the country to elect him, especially by the time we get to November. AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – who’da thunk MO would be better prepared than the feds? I’m impressed! choicelady 16 hours ago

Harleigh…Liarside Chat with the them All We Have to Fear is Fake News. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph–so glad to hear you’re taking good care of yourself. glenn 16 hours ago

cl try this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGVqcFm_yJA

pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Murph–good for your co-op! glenn 16 hours ago

Ad….do hope you are correct and I have seen a decrease in MAGA Hat Wearing Trump Sticker Bearers…so maybe. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

CL – The number of judges on the SCOTUS is not set in the Constitution, it has been set along the way by Congress. They have the power and in light of this murderous, ati-democracy, partisan court, I think they are now obliged to enlarge it and remove the majority power from the current corrupt majority. AdLib 16 hours ago

So if we keep lowering the age for Medicare to 60 and later to 50, while raising the financial support up towards the middle class, we could get to Universal healthcare before long. AdLib 16 hours ago

Choice….my little corner of Mo. is better prepared for sure…….though I had to bear a lot of negativity to get the stockpile assembled….and many of my associates are quite skilled at living with the inherent contradiction of still loving Trump while wearing a leftie provided Personal Protection armour. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Ad….and the number of justices has not been consistent across time…..it was locked in in the 20th century. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

CL – That’s not really as much of an issue as you think. Most wealthy people don’t send their kids to public colleges so free public college won’t mean money is spent on them. As you know, we’re in the college huntin mode now and know many who are. Those who have the big bucks are looking to private colleges. Those with little money are looking to junior colleges and public colleges. If 99% of the people who aren’t wealthy are helped and 1% of the wealthy send their kids to public college (even though it might be much less), isn’t that a fair trade-off? AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – by this time I’d hope that the MO naysayers would have the sense to STFU when you offer opinions. You’re NEVER wrong. And you protect them, even the MAGA dipshits. choicelady 16 hours ago

upport for Ame Mcgrath vs mcturtle… SHE is a ex-MARINE fighter pilot….. whoa doggies. Harleigh 16 hours ago

CL…..clearly I need you in my corner…..you are certainly one of the wisest and most experienced social activist I have ever known. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

CL–Agreed. Whatever programs are proposed, should be transparent as to how they will be financed. My point is that repubs always ask Dems that question and usually, Bernie excepted, Dems answer. As you say, repubs…not so much in answering. glenn 16 hours ago

Ad – LOTS of well to do entitled kids go to public universities. Maybe not the UBER rich, but most of my students at UC Santa Cruz were from well off parents. MEANS testing makes more sense to me than FREE college. Pell Grants and other means tested help matter, too. choicelady 16 hours ago

Harleigh I am supporting McGrath. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

glenn – yes, the GOP are masters of deception. This admin has shown that more blatantly than any other time. choicelady 16 hours ago

PPO–Oh, I love “shut your gob”. I don’t usually tell many people to shut up, so don’t know if I’ll ever use it, but I like it! glenn 16 hours ago

Murph – Yes, for whatever reason, Congress finally settled on 9 SCOTUS members but that can be changed in a simple vote (with the filibuster removed and Biden in as President). AdLib 16 hours ago

CL….as a former prof at a school where 50 percent of our students were the first in their families to earn a Bachelor’s I am all for means testing based support. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

As CL was saying, aren’t yoour Repub neighbors getting a little tired of your being right and them being proven wrong repeatedly? AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph–Not sure I’d call your little corner of MO a contradiction. More like willful ignorance, or selective hearing, IMO. glenn 16 hours ago

Ad…..FDR’s court expansion scheme got boxed in by the court packing mantra…..but the behavior of SCOTUS currently makes a strong case for reform. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

and support Jaime Harrison against miss lindsey. bothe are ahead or dead heat. Harleigh 16 hours ago

CL – I’m sure there’s a pragmatic solution including means testing but the urgency is getting such a plan in place then tightening it up. AdLib 16 hours ago

Ad and CL….but they do not believe they are wrong….selective memory and hallucinatory interaction with the facts do the job. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

So can we defeat McConnell and Lindsey this year? I think it’s possible! AdLib 16 hours ago

yep Harleigh 16 hours ago

Murph–exactly…regarding the court packing argument. The repubs today have no problem admitting that they are packing the courts, ALL federal courts, not just SCOTUS. They are very proud of it, too. As far as I’m concerned, Kavanaugh is the strongest case for reform. glenn 16 hours ago

I live in SC for three years…..Lindsey is such a fraud……a clearly gay man in redneck Carolina who trots out this one woman every elector cycle….his fiancee…..so obvious and so ignored by the electorate. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

The SC is glad I’m not king…. 5 of them are a clear and present danger Harleigh 16 hours ago

Ad–McConnell’s and Lindsey’s races certainly seem tight and the possiblity exists for their defeat. glenn 16 hours ago

Murph – I had a mentee who now heads a great community development organization in Boston. Years ago institutional developers tried to expand a hospital by bulldozing houses w NO remediation for asbestos. When, five years later, they wanted to do it again, they looked her in the eye and said that had never happened. Well – she had the news stories and docs. Moral – if you have paper, keep it. And stuff it up their noses. choicelady 16 hours ago

Glenn….yes, indeed….they are proudly packing the courts. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

I donated… and I never do that. Harleigh 16 hours ago

CL–Yeah, isn’t it ironic that now some repubs are asking the TLB to shut his gob? They’re getting worried that he’s saying too much out loud that should be kept silent. I especially like how worried they are about him admitting that repubs can’t win with fair elections. glenn 16 hours ago

Murph – Good point. It would be much easier, based on this track record of the SCOTUS majority repeatedly tearing up precedent, permitting THEIR presidents every bad and unconstitutional idea but one or two to continue before being adjudicated, and now, forcing Americans to decide between death and voting, the case can easily be made that this majority is unfit to control the SCOTUS. Another approach could be for Congress to pass a law requiring a rotation on the Federal bench including SCOTUS, so no one sits on it for too long. AdLib 16 hours ago

CL….sadly the delusional mentality is so powerful that the raw, naked, truth can be reshaped as false delivered by a left wing conspiracy. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

glenn- watching the GOP twist in the wind from the daily insanity of their Glorious Leader makes me happy. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL–I think there’s a more appropriate place than their noses to stuff the paper. Could get a little messy, though! glenn 16 hours ago

Murph – you really are dealing with lunatics then. I’m sorry! choicelady 16 hours ago

I can’t watch him Harleigh 16 hours ago

glenn – I was TRYING to be polite!!! choicelady 16 hours ago

Ad….yes, my theme has long been that the Constitution is a draft document awaiting a redo MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – So as they walk around with masks and stay 6ft away from others, they still keep calling Covid-19 a hoax? I know they live in a world of denial, it’s just amazing how detached from reality and truth they are. AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – I am now TOTALLY opposed to a Con Con. Until we beat the Rw and Religious RW into the ground, it’s too dangerous. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL….sadly there are many in many states….but when I see people like Gov. Parsons defying those lunatics with his lock down I realize that there are limits even for them. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

While the defeat of McConnell is a much desired outcome, can Dems take over the Senate even if he stays? pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

ad it will disappear this month Harleigh 16 hours ago

glenn – Yes, Kavanaugh should be the star witness for taking power away from him. AdLib 16 hours ago

CL…the idea of a Constitutional Convention is another of the Framer’s absurd notions…. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

CL–As far as I’m concerned, repubs have made politeness obsolete, so we should just forget all this PC and politeness and stuff it wherever we think appropriate! glenn 16 hours ago

PPO…..taking the Senate is possible but not probable no matter McConnell’s fate. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

PPo if they both win we get a majority… and rid of thos 2 assholes… repube Mcsally in AZ is tight too. Harleigh 16 hours ago

Ad – you and I have argued over term limits. I don’t like them at all. And we should have had a way for Obama to present his candidate w/o McConnell being able to shut him down. SERIOUSLY we can fix that. I DO want the RBGs of the world to be there as long as possible. I HATE term limits. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn – Wait until the Repubs are forced to recognize that the recession will continue through November despite Trump’s BS and con job. It will be too late for them to turn on him so I think, many previously untouchable Repubs will go down with Trump. AdLib 16 hours ago

CL–I agree regarding the Con Con. Don’t know if we’ll ever be able to beat the RW and religious right into the ground, but they might do it to themselves by dying by the thousands because they held church services! glenn 16 hours ago

Ad – I totally agree. Trump is a total failure,and the GOP will go down for supporting him so blindly. choicelady 16 hours ago

glenn – from your lips to God’s ear!!! choicelady 16 hours ago

the Red states have not felt this pandemic yet…. rural areas and no medical facilities… yhey are fucked Harleigh 16 hours ago

CL….with you on Term LImits…..we have them here in Mo. in our state legislature which means that most legislators are cardboard cut outs for the folks whose interest is what they really represent. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Harleigh…. that we know. pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Harleigh – a few rural hospitals already are closing from existing funding problems cutting ACA. So those areas will have NO recourse in the pandemic. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL – I agree with you, until Citizens United is overturned and the wealthy are stripped of power over politics to a meaningful degree, a Constitutional Convention could be hijacked by their toadies in Congress to give them everything they want in a plutocracy. AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – even CA had that problem with term limits. choicelady 16 hours ago

There is a church in my neck of the woods that is part of the Primitive Baptist Fellowship…they are having services every Sunday, Bible Studies on Wednesdays, and Prayer Nights on Fridays…….they scare the bejabbers out of me. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

I don’t think they want a plutocracy. I think they want a Medieval manor society w corporations as the manors, workers as the serfs. NO rights, no oversight, nothing. choicelady 16 hours ago

PPO – Yes, Dems only need to win a net 3 seats if they win the WH, to control the Senate. Right now, it looks like they could net Montana too, maybe up to 5 net seats. AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – keep away from them!!! Let them burn themselves out and NOT take you with them! choicelady 16 hours ago

Deal with this shit daily with these poor rednecks….. theyve been losing facilities rapidly…. their only alternative is the local vet LMAO Harleigh 16 hours ago

Ad–that is the problem, IMO. Will the repubs recognize the recession? They will lie, twist, and bamboozle somehow to make it not a recession, somehow. I mean, just look at the stock market going up….the repubs’ and the TLB’s barometer of the economy, yet millions of Americans are jobless. The American people are becoming more aware of the dichotomy of what repubs say and what they do and I think they will turn on repubs in November. At least, that’s my hope. glenn 16 hours ago

Harleigh – serve ’em right that they not only have to turn to the vet but get spayed and neutered at the same time. choicelady 16 hours ago

CL….they are not at the backdoor and fortunately the membership there is small and hates “do-gooders” like us but we have talked openly about staying clear of everyone with any connection to them. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

CL LOLOLOLOL Harleigh 16 hours ago

Good, Murph. If they’re too stupid to live, keep clear. choicelady 16 hours ago

Well, folks, got to go. Enjoy your Easter as much as you can. Stay healthy. pinkpantheroz 16 hours ago

Harleigh – Yep, it will disappear like a miracle. Thankfully, we’ll be down to zero cases soon…because the testing will stop. Trump now claims that instead of using testing to figure out when it will be safe to end the social distancing, he says that when hospitals stop filling up, then we’ll know. HUH? AdLib 16 hours ago

CL and Harleigh….and kept on tight leashes with choke collars. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Harleigh – if the Darwin Principle doesn’t take ’em out, let the vet do it. choicelady 16 hours ago

Happy Easter to you too and Fergie, PPO! AdLib 16 hours ago

Murph – works for me. I will start a GoFundMe page for leashing RW extremists. choicelady 16 hours ago

‘Cheerio, PPO. My best to Fergie. glenn 16 hours ago

Happy Easter, PPO – stay well! choicelady 16 hours ago

Hey….before people go…..there is a group in the House of 25 Dems and 25 GOP who have developed a blueprint for what it will take to safely reopen America……it is based on testing. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – It is not iimprobable for the Dems to win, right now they lead in 4 races, possibly 5 including Montana. Dems have an even shot now, I think it will lean to them as this crisis grinds on under Trump and the Repubs. AdLib 16 hours ago

2/3 of floriduh hospital beds are full and every where was wide open for 6 weeks. hey dying is coming. Harleigh 16 hours ago

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter…or as happy a one that we can have given our current reality. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Well, folks, think I’ll follow PPO out the door. Great lively chat tonight, I always feel better after having chatted with all of you. Take care of yourselves, and hope to see you all next week. glenn 16 hours ago

CL – You’re probablly right about them wanting a serfdom for the 99%. AdLib 16 hours ago

Happy Easter to you, glenn! AdLib 16 hours ago

later folks Harleigh 16 hours ago

By Harleigh, Happy Easter! AdLib 16 hours ago

Ad…….as you know my life in Mo. sours my air…so I hope you are right. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – What is the planby the 50 Songresspeople? AdLib 16 hours ago

God night Glenn and Harleigh. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Ad…I will send you a document on it. MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

I am hitting the bricks….peace out! MurphTheSurf3 16 hours ago

Murph – Understandable but I”m just going by polls. CO, AZ, MT and ME all favor the Dems. So even if we lose AL, we win if things turnout as is. AdLib 16 hours ago

Hey CL! Have a Happy Easter! At home of course! AdLib 16 hours ago

Everything well with you two up there? AdLib 16 hours ago

Happy Easter to all! AdLib 16 hours ago

Sorry – stuff happened. Happy Easter, and happy surviving this crisis! choicelady 16 hours ago

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