Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib an hour ago

Hey Ad! setting up. see you soon pinkpantheroz an hour ago

See you then! AdLib an hour ago

im hhheeeerrrre Harleigh an hour ago

Hi Harleigh! See u in a minute pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I put a mask over my microphone to protect us from corona! Harleigh an hour ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib an hour ago

hey ad Harleigh an hour ago

I put a mask over my keyboard so when I turn onn the caps lock and yell, no one gets infected. AdLib an hour ago

good idear! Harleigh an hour ago

YEP! AdLib an hour ago

Everyone healthy that you know? AdLib an hour ago

yep Harleigh an hour ago

you? Harleigh an hour ago

My wife and I were sick, bad chest congestion, we were concerned that we may have it but tested positive for a cold so very relieved. AdLib an hour ago

Good to hear, Ad pinkpantheroz an hour ago

We’re hermits right now. Fergie1 is in total panic, due to her chronic COPD,  Scoliosis, and her depressed immune system after the cancer. She’s not even able to send emails or speak on the phone. So We’re hunkered down at home with dwindling supplies of meds and food. Then good old Murphy decides to give my 22-year old Mitzi Mitsubishi the dreaded lurgy,  grumpily deciding not to start just when I need it most. Some sort of electrical gremlin which meant we couldn’t trust it in an emergency. We have just spent the last couple of days buying a new Kia. The one we wanted has a backlog of orders for 3-4 months! We needed one Stat! So I had to buy a different one, larger, but cheaper, a Sportage SUV!  Go figure, but more stress and strain. It only just fits into our garage! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

floriduh mega churches are telling folks jebus will protect them and they need to come to services and pay their tithes. LMAO Harleigh an hour ago

…AND it needs a 747-size manual to run the thing. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

H, all the Spring-breakers will surely flock there! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – That iis very stressful to buy a new car in the midst of all of this. It may not have been your first choice but hope it works out. AdLib an hour ago

It is transportation, Ad. No ‘love’ as such. Needed for mediacls and groceries, etc. We ain’t going anywhere soon! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Harleigh – Sometimes the dumbest herds need to be culled. Running off the cliff on their own sounds about right. AdLib an hour ago

Thap pastor guy will have to change his name to Creflo A Nickel! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

floriduh is closed and I’m not sure about the beach or hotels. and some gulf states are still partying Harleigh an hour ago

glenn! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – Wow! Can it shop at the market for you? Check the manual. AdLib an hour ago

Only Teslas can do that, I hear! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

lol hi Glenn Harleigh an hour ago

Evenin’ gents! Glad to hear you’re using protection, Harleigh. glenn an hour ago

Ad–so glad to hear it was only a cold! glenn an hour ago

always glenn….. years too late. Harleigh an hour ago

So everyone is clear so far? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

;m in the same boat as Fergie with COPD. Harleigh an hour ago

Harleigh – I’ve seen the video of all the Spring Breakers on the beaches in FL and DeSanti refusing to close the beaches. On Maddow, they used an app based thermometer to show FL is the biggest hotspot right now for people with an unusual amout of fevers.s AdLib an hour ago

yep Harleigh an hour ago

Harleigh, yes, You mentioned that..glad you’re still ok pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Has Bernie ‘pulled out yet’ from screwing the Biden campaign? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

have not been to to poop filled beaches since 1990 or so Harleigh an hour ago

PPO–Yeah, I’m clear. Haven’t left my house since March 11th! Well, I have left my house to walk around my neighborhood, but haven’t gone anywhere. Nice to hear you and Fergie have transportation. glenn an hour ago

Hey glenn! Hope you and everyone in the family is healthy and well! AdLib an hour ago

Ad–so far, so good! glenn an hour ago

Thanks, glenn. I’m scrubbing myself to bits to ensure I bring nothing home. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn – It was a stressful week, not knowing for so long but thankfully, in relatively good shape today. AdLib an hour ago

PPO–Yeah, I read somewhere that you need to scrub your steering wheel if you go anywhere. What’s the scoop on closures in the land of Oz? glenn 44 minutes ago

Ad–That’s such good news to hear you’re recovering. I see Newsome has closed all of CA now. glenn 43 minutes ago

Good thing Spanky knows more than the experts and started taking action last december before the rest of duhmurikkka knew the word pandemic… according to him! Harleigh 43 minutes ago

PPO – Nope, Bernie hasn’t quit but I did the math today, it is really impossible for Bernie to beat Biden. Biden is ahead inn most states by double digits, Bernie only leads by up to a few points in just a few states. Impossible. But where is Biden, why hasn’t he stepped up to counterprogram against Trump? AdLib 43 minutes ago

And, Ad, forgot to say…so relieved you and your wife were able to get the tests. glenn 42 minutes ago

Harleigh–Yeah, remember when the TLB used the word “hoax” instead of “pandemic”. They sound so much alike, dontcha know, and mean the same thing, right? glenn 41 minutes ago

glenn, Australia has shut the gates. No one allowed in except for Aussies. that being said, they allowed 2600 passengers off a cruise ship in the middle of Sydney and told them to self-quarantine. TrumpDownUnder clone Morrison is as dumb and useless as It. Boasting only few cases and fewer deaths, but everyone knows figures are higher. He’s a Pentecotal/Happy clappy/ Conservative. Prayer will fix it, y’know pinkpantheroz 40 minutes ago

just a bad cold and none after april…. Harleigh 40 minutes ago

Ad–it’s funny you should ask that about Biden. Seems many people are asking where he is. glenn 40 minutes ago

We’ve been in our house since we got sick. My wife got sick first, the beginning of March, I followed on the 8th and we’ve been in pretty much since then. Been out for walks and a safe errand but mostly home. AdLib 40 minutes ago

PPO–Yeah, that’s the ticket…prayer. It sure works to get the gay out, right? glenn 39 minutes ago

I’m the only one to go out at all and only for essentials. pinkpantheroz 39 minutes ago

glenn – Yep, our Gov is helping lead like Cuomo in NY and several others. As Trump seems dedicated to killing Americans because it’s good politics in his mind. AdLib 38 minutes ago

Sring breakers are gonna catch it and take it back where they came from. Harleigh 36 minutes ago

glenn – We had gone to an urgent care to do process of elimination, get tested for colds and flu and if negative, we may likely have COVID-19. But to our surprise, they had COVID-19 tests! They said it might take 2 weeks to come back but it came back 3 days later and we were negative for COVID-19. AdLib 36 minutes ago

Ad–Keep yourself safe. Keep washing those hands! I bought a lot more food than I usually do when I went shopping on the 11th, but because I can’t go to my usual restaurants for meals, I’ll have to go out next week when the grocery store opens for seniors. glenn 36 minutes ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 36 minutes ago

Fergie’s speaking right now to our nephews in Buffalo. He’s a Dr. Working his butt off. She works at a Uni – closed now. Their son needs ungent spine surgery in April in Boston, but it may not happen. Their daughter has been accepted into Collages, but she cant visit them to choose! De world is in a state of chassiss! pinkpantheroz 36 minutes ago

Ad–Well, you know, the federal government isn’t a shipping agency, so governors like yours and Cuomo have to step it up! glenn 35 minutes ago

hey Murph Harleigh 35 minutes ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz 35 minutes ago

PPO – The US has closed Canadian and Mexican borders for the weekend but not to commercial traffic. And Morrison is probably like Trump, happy not to have the correct numbers because it makes him look better politically They are in fact, murderers IMO. AdLib 34 minutes ago

Agree, Ad. But who will have the cojones to accuse and try them? pinkpantheroz 33 minutes ago

glenn – Biden’s people know he’s lost a step and they keep him under lock and key as much as possible. This is a recipe for disaster. He should have been all over the media all week but was MIA. Not good. AdLib 33 minutes ago

PPO–Yeah, I heard from my doctor granddaughter last night. She works is a pediatric ER doc in Colorado. She tells me they still have a shortage of tests, as well as a shortage of PPE. That means that she can’t test her patients personally; she has to hand them over to personnel who have the right equipment. Of course, she says the kids first, so if they do have the virus, she could be infected because she doesn’t have the right PPE. I try not to worry about her; but it’s difficult when she’s right in the thick of it! glenn 32 minutes ago

joe could fuck up a slam dunk Harleigh 32 minutes ago

she sees the kids first, not says. glenn 32 minutes ago

Just read all of the dialogue up to now…..Me? Rural Missouri….isolated…but still locked down…many idjits in my neck of the woods who are taking no precautions. MurphTheSurf3 31 minutes ago

PPO – Do you have grocery delivery there? I scheduled last week, they were so busy the deliveries didn’t come until today but all good. AdLib 31 minutes ago

hi ray Harleigh 31 minutes ago

Where’d Ray go? AdLib 31 minutes ago

poof Harleigh 31 minutes ago

Ad, jaysus, but everybody is now jumping on the ‘Where’s Joe?’ bandwagon. Give him a break. He can’t fix the whole friggin mess in a day! I bet he’s lining up the ducks, like Pelosi did, to clobber trumpy one and for all. pinkpantheroz 31 minutes ago

Who is Ray? MurphTheSurf3 31 minutes ago

PPO….I am with you…… MurphTheSurf3 30 minutes ago

glenn – We’re not going out much so not a lot of need to wash hands frequently. AdLib 30 minutes ago

Local Deliveries are overwhelmed and stopped pro-tem. Maybe restart next week pinkpantheroz 29 minutes ago

Ad–Not sure I agree that Biden should be all over this. I think at this point, he maybe should keep a low profile and let the TLB keep hanging himself. So, I’m really of two minds about it. Whatever he does or doesn’t do right now, the TLB is giving him plenty of ammo for the campaign. glenn 29 minutes ago

Update on Joe here. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/20/biden-coronavirus-plannings-139629 MurphTheSurf3 29 minutes ago

cool Harleigh 29 minutes ago