In Montana, Republicans are characterizing better schools and hospitals as “socialist.” See the attached article. Obviously there are no dictionaries in Montana (they once had a great university, though), so their woeful ignorance is understandable. I have one, and it seems to say that government intervention in important markets (agricultural products), price controls (by the Feds), and intrusive legislation (in every aspect of life) fit the definition of “socialism” much better than improving schools and hospitals. But, what do I know – a dick (I mean, of course, “chairperson,”) in Montana has just enunciated that anyone who votes for a candidate that he deems to be Socialist should the murdered. He claims that the Constitution says so. (I wonder which. He can’t be talking about the U.S. Constitution.)

I have one question: How does this gentleman plan to identify his potential victims? Was the chairperson’s slip Freudian, and he was telling us that someone with his power can and does violate voter confidentiality and personal privacy? Every day? (Of course they do.) Is it so routine that Garcia isn’t even aware that he is advocating, and admitting to having committed, heinous crimes? That is betrayal; to his country, and to every single one of us.

As always, there’s one more factor to keep in mind: If someone dies, because of this powerful man’s irresponsible speech, then you don’t even have to prove direct cause and effect. It’s sedition. This ignorant namer of the Constitution should learn something of the minds of the Founders. Though I doubt that he would understand a single word. The thought of using political power to advocate for corporate murder would have been unthinkable to them. Men are so much eviler now.

Another baby Trump. Devoid of talents or imagination, ignorant as dirt, advocates politically sponsored genocide. And true and actual socialism.

And today he will again sit on his lofty throne, presiding over the destruction of democracy. Satan also sits on his fiery throne; and laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

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