“With Liberty, and Justice, for All “

This article and others published in recent days, that begin to bring some clarity to the issue of the Justice Department having become a criminal syndicate, may be the last of their kind, as Trump designs to “clamp down” on freedom of speech and of the Press. Admittedly, that will be a new phase, akin to communist totalitarianism. But, I think that it is inevitable, and will become the issue of our lives – when Trump’s mob “clamps down” on the web. Expect something spectacularly stupid and bizarre, like putting Hannity in charge of “Internet Security.” (That’s laughable, but I’m actually serious.) Of course, everyone knows what the code words mean, “Trump will decide who will be allowed who is allowed to publish, and who is not.

This could save Trump’s ass, and also bring us a giant step closer to outright subjugation. He has to act fairly quickly. It must not be allowed. He must be stopped.

If ignored, or swept under the rug, it could save the Senate for the Republican Party, and save Trump from becoming the lamest duck in history, even if he does “win.”

If, as one of the excellent jobs of writing in today’s news posits, Criminal William Barr is the “hitman,” then Oathbreaker John Roberts must be the “wheelman,” who drove the getaway car.

Roberts behaviour during the impeachment trial was insane, a bizarre mockery of the Law. He presaged the death of the American ideal, Justice, when he dismantled every precept of law since, and including, the Roman Legal Maxims, and our own Magna Carta and Constitution. He did such an amazing, and monstrous thing because he has power without accountability, or responsibility. Yet, his irrational, and treasonable acts are the, “law of the land,” using Roberts’ own insane logic.

All of this is not to mention that the entire Republican Caucus violated the law, because as jurors, they were required in all cases to report interference of any sort, in the case in which they are currently involved.

Donald Trump Is the Mafia! It’s no accident that he was, and is, close to top mafia kingpins. His methods: stirring up bigotry, rabble-rousing, anti-intellectualism, judicial corruption, revenge, extortion, abusing the legal system by filing thousands of frivolous lawsuits (for which the Attornies should be disbarred), and abuse of power; and his “protection force” made up of known mafia killers, prove beyond any doubt that he is a mobster.

The mafia want three things: world-wide control of government by the elite, the replacement of law with arbitration, and death to their enemies. They will never be satisfied with anything less.

Be on guard for your freedom of speech, including publication. The attack will be couched as necessary for national security, and as a response to terroristic threats and incursions, that didn’t actually happen.

“Stand up for your rights!”


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