Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events, begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. Hope to see you then! AdLib 7 days ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 7 days ago

see u then..Appy New Year! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Happy 2020 to you! AdLib 7 days ago

See ya soon! AdLib 7 days ago

Hi glenn, Ad. Meghxit strikes the Royals! HMQ not amused with courtiers, shape up or ship out! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 7 days ago

PPO – What’s more powerful than referring to how the press hounded his mother literally to death? AdLib 7 days ago

yes, Ad. Now h&M are denying them the targets. Stupid of the Media. They were the Golden Geese. No more. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Who thinks that Iran will go after Trump hotels with its secret operatives while claiming, “We know nothing!” AdLib 7 days ago

Happy 2020 to you both, Ad and PPO! glenn 7 days ago

Don’t know exactly whats going on inside Buck House, but trouble for sure. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Thanks glenn, same to you and yours. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – They’re actually taking control of their lives away from the voracious press and the press is crying like it’s been victimized. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, I agree. And the funny thing is that they don’t actually have to DO anything, just ring in bomb threats pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–Meghxit is certainly perplexing! glenn 7 days ago

Thanks glenn, a very happy New Year to you too! It will be a very happy year if we can take down Trump! AdLib 7 days ago

The media, including FB, TW and all the other trolling sites, have driven the 2 best models from the royal scene. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – I absolutely don’t want to see anyone harmed so as you say, just letting the fear of attacks on Trump hotels grow is enough to freak Sniiffles out. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–don’t know how I feel about Iran going after IMPOTUS hotels. I’d like to see him suffer, but I also don’t want the American taxpayers to have to pay for his hotels. glenn 7 days ago

Yeah, to take down the IMPOTUS is my fondest hope for 2020! glenn 7 days ago

Don’t worry, glenn. The resorts are full of Russians! Only a few Trump supporters rich enough not to mind being fleeced as well. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

What about that Speeshshshs! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – I think it’s great, the commercial press just grinds the younger members of the royal family into dust. This is what should be done as a matter of decency. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad and PPO–the problem with freaking Sniffles out is what kind of retaliation will he devise because he’s freaked out? After all, his impeachment freaked him out enough to assassinate a foreign general of a country we are not even at war with. When it comes to his money, what extreme lengths will go to? glenn 7 days ago

glenn – Yes, I don’t want to see any damage or injuries, just a threat of seeking revenge on a Trump property would be all I’d like to see. Sniffles would fall to his knees. AdLib 7 days ago

I’m getting the distinct impression that Australia will become a Republic, still within the Commonwealth, after the Queen passes away. I’m for that big time! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – “I jush gave the greatish schpeach of any preshidence!” AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–What would be the difference for Australia becoming a republic? glenn 7 days ago

glenn, he also tried to kill another one in Yemen at the same time. That is more than ‘imminent threat’ stuff pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–How can anyone support this presihidence? glenn 7 days ago

Not much as I see it. An Australian as the titular Head of State, with still a PM and Upper and lower houses, just like now. The Gov. General makes way for a President with ceremonial powers only. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – That is true but Trump is always capable of madness so doing nothing doesn’t protect us either. But if Trump keeps falling apart publicly (have you seen him walk lately? Like The Mummy, dragging his right foot) and freaking out daily, it will help turn more voters against him and doom him in Nov. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–Puhleeze–there was never an “imminent threat”, except in the so-called mind of the preshidench. Even with the Senate fully poised to rig the so-called trial for him, the only imminent threat was impeachment. glenn 7 days ago

PPO – It is 2020, Commenwealth with the Brexited UK seems of the past. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn. #IMPOTUS can’t comprehend that he is ALREADY impeached, trial or no trial. Nancy, keep it out of the senate for as long as poss. Driv the bugger even more doolally! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–Geez, I wish our so-called president had ceremonial powers only. At least this president. glenn 7 days ago

And now it has come out that he has claimed he committed these assassinations to satisfy RW senators who wanted this and who he is counting on to protect him in the impeachment trial. AdLib 7 days ago

Me too, glenn, under our system, the Leader of the House, Nancy Pelosi would be the PM, The Senate an also-ran! Nice! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – Supporting Trump is as easy as one, two, labotomy! AdLib 7 days ago

I’m going to buy shares in Pampers. the Senate GOP fools will be needing them soon. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–no, haven’t seen the preshidench walk lately, but his speech certainly has deteriorated. His mind was never there, as far as I’m concerned… I glenn 7 days ago

Pompeo admiitted openly on Fox News that they had no info of a time or place of an attack. But it was still imminent. Yeah, the public isn’t believing it, same results as expected, around 52%-38% think Trump has made us less safe by this assassination. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–oooh, that’s a new one on me! “doolally”. If it means what I think it means, I love it. glenn 7 days ago

And now to Larry…er Bernie! When will everyone wake up to this disrupter? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn, yup, a shrimp short of a barbie1 pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – The satisfying thing is that when Trump gives his SOTU this month, the trial won’t be over so he won’t be able to use it to brag about being found not guilty! AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–Shoot, IMPOTUS has made us less safe since the day he took office; I’m glad to see the majority of the public is now seeing it. He’s a menace! glenn 7 days ago

glenn – Seconded (on Trump having only ceremonial powers)! AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–Thanks for improving my vocabulary! I like doolally almost as much as I like gobsmacked. Thanks. glenn 7 days ago

Hey all – glad to see you. PPO how the HELL are you? How is your country? I’m horrified at what is happening Down Under. choicelady 7 days ago


pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – There are close ups of photos of Trump showing huge pupils, don’t know if they’ve been retouched but this would be worth investigating. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–When is the SOTU? Plus, I lose track. Didn’t McConnell say the Senate was dismissing all charges, or something like that? Has he done that yet, or just threatened to? You can be sure that IMPOTUS will whine about glenn 7 days ago

oops…whine about “presidential harrassment”. glenn 7 days ago

Hey Choice Lady–how are you? glenn 7 days ago

Hi glenn – how are YOU? choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – Bernie and Elizabeth are virtually tied in !A and Warren has more 2nd choice supporters than Bernie so I think she could win there. If she does and can win NH, the Bernie wagon will go tumbling off the road. AdLib 7 days ago

Hey CL! AdLib 7 days ago

CL, HI there! Missed the fires, DG. Still get smoke haze from 150 miles away. But rain has eased the danger round Melbourne. Huge fauna and stock losses. Brave animal rescuers just scratching the surface. Area the size of Maine gone, and everything within it. It will take generations to recover. Noe coming as well. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL–Doing well. Just had a very nice Christmas with all of my grandchildren, including my great grandson, so I’m good. You doing okay? glenn 7 days ago

Sorry More coming pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

And I’m pleased to see Buttigieg fading in the polls, that guy is slick as waxed linoleum floor and untrustworthy because of it. Plus, he can’t get any black vote which dooms him anyway. AdLib 7 days ago

Butti butts out, as well as that airy-fairy lady – can’t even remember her name pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–please, please, let the Bernie wagon go tumbling off the road. Not that I don’t like Bernie, I just like Warren as a candidate much better. I sure hope the “purity” Dems are smart this year and vote for whichever Dem is the nominee, instead of whining about not getting everything they want. glenn 7 days ago

glenn – State of the Union speech. That should be a massive trainwreck! AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – you have a GREAT grandson? No WAY! You’re not that old! But the Christmas sounds joyous as it should be. So happy you had a good one. Ours was quiet and much desired that way! choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – But is Climate Change still a hoax to your PM? AdLib 7 days ago

PPO – our hearts are broken at what you’re all experiencing. The loss of animal life and plant life is horrifying. I cannot take it all in, but I’m damned glad YOU are OK. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO–It is so sad about the loss of all the flora and fauna lost in your beautiful country. glenn 7 days ago

Feb 4th for SOTU pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Yes, poor Marianne. Just when she was about to announce that holding a crystal would prevent war with Iran. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, He has been beaten down to where he is now ambivalent, but trusts in God to fix it for the Coal…. Australian People pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL–Well, I am kinda that old! My great grandson is from my oldest (step) granddaughter. But since my daughter has been married to her father for 20 years, she is just my granddaughter now. Plus, I had my daughter a month shy of my 19th birthday, so yeah, I’m old enough to have a great grandson. glenn 7 days ago

glenn – I have to say, I detest Bernie and his cult. I want it gone. I’m sick of people who do nothing, and he’s done NOTHING, posing as our saviors. That suddenly includes Warren who just admitted we could go for years with sketchy health coverage until M4A is developed. I worked my butt off for single payer in CA and know what it takes. NO ONE demanding M4A has done that work or appears willing to DO it. And I’m done with phony promises. We got that in Trump. We don’t need it from our side. choicelady 7 days ago

CL, thank you. Fergie was troubled by the smoke due to her COPD, but much better now. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad – L:OL! If you an’t trust crystals to prevent war, what CAN you trust??? choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – choicelady 7 days ago

glenn – The only candidate that I think could alienate a chunk of Bernie voters is Biden. What the MSM doesn’t reflect in its constant pumping up of Biden is that his stale conservative/moderate status quo could discourage many voters who are tired of the status quo. I think they still need to go out and vote for the Dem nom even if it’s Biden but I think he would discourage some Bernie voters from voting. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO – that is good news. Smoke from fires around Clear Lake here took the life of someone I knew, so I don’t take that lightly. Glad things are better. choicelady 7 days ago

CL I thorougly agree with you. The man and his truculent mob of nasties needs to be thrown away by the electorate. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Tell your PM that these fires happened while God saw he was in office. It’s his fault, God is mad, he needs to resign. AdLib 7 days ago

CL–What work has to be done for M4A? I’m confused; I thought Warren had a plan as well as a way to pay for it. Is she changing her tune now? glenn 7 days ago

glenn – That is amazing!!! AdLib 7 days ago

Ad – iTwitter is reminding us that Biden isn’t a ‘stale modrate conservative’ and that he has an impressive progressive record on tons of things. He’s not easily categoried at all. I want someone who has DONE something we have benefitted from. That lets out a number of candidates, most of all Trump, of course. choicelady 7 days ago

Ad, I’m not sure I agree. After 3/45*’s time, perhaps a one-term return to what was once status quo mmight be a good thing for the US, especially of Dems have BOTH House and Senate! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–what is amazing? glenn 7 days ago

CL – I don’t think Bernie can win and the sooner his rabid supporters come to see that, the better. As for phony promises, that is unfortunately part and parcel of political candidates. Biden is touting how the Repubs and even McConnell will suddenly do an about face and work with him if he’s elected. Talk about phony promises… AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – we need MICRO economic analysis of nat’l costs. The proposal now has a 40% across the boards cut in ALL THINGS from doctor salaries to bed pans. Until we have hospital economists tell us what things actually cost, we can’t do this well. The MEDIAN salary for UC hospital system Family Practice docs is $127K . With a 40%cut, it would be $80K . That’s INSANE. choicelady 7 days ago

glenn – Your family and your having a great-grandson! AdLib 7 days ago

CL–Biden may have a great progressive record, but I just don’t think he’s strong enough to stand up to the IMPOTUS in debates, and the press will eat Biden alive if he becomes the candidate. glenn 7 days ago

Ad – that isn’t what Biden is saying. He’s being really clear that yes, he could and has worked with GOP. Nobody comes to mind. As far as working w Mitch – HE IS PRESUMING THE DEMS WILL CONTROL THE SENATE. And it’s a jab, not a capitulation. He saw what they did to Obama. He’s not stupid. The context of the statements gets lost in MSM – only the talking points of ginning up controversy ever make it into the news. I’ve loved that he’s tweaking the GOP nose a lot. choicelady 7 days ago

glenn – I think he is the ONLY one who can stand up to the Yam Man. He took down Sarah whom everyone thought would trash him. He has zero baggage – Hunter ain’t it – and is so knowlegeable and calm that he will eviscerate Trump. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–thanks for the info. Yeah, an 80K salary is insane for doctors. My middle granddaughter is a doctor doing her residency now, and if she only earns 80K a year, she would be underwater with her student loans! glenn 7 days ago

CL – I will of course vote for Biden or whoever is the Dem nominee without reservation but I see Biden as a very weak candidate with a ton of baggage and positions that vary from Progressive, such as supporting gay marriage, to conservatve such as supporting corporations and banks in the bankruptcy bill. He is flawed politically but also, physically, diminished from how he used to be. His handlers are keeping him away from the press and in very controlled situations. There is something very fragile about him and I worry that if he’s the nominee, that fragility is exploited by Trump. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – that’s my point. It’s not uniform nationally, for one, and costs are costs – MRIs cost what they cost, and while our CA Nurses tried a single payer bill, they want to “stick it to rich doctors” who often make way less than Michael Lighty the CNA former policy person who proposes this. NO DOC should make LESS than Bernie Sanders. choicelady 7 days ago

Ad– thanks. glenn 7 days ago

Sidebar: I’d love to be in Murph’s bar right now, listening to his neighbors misery! Schadenwhatever pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad – I see Biden exactly the opposite. Skill and accomplishment globally w domestic and foreign policy experience. NO scandals at all – and Hunter aint’ it – and a capacity to tackle real issues w calm and aplomb. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – If Biden wins the nom and can beat Trump, I think he will be a one termer and that Repubs will take back the WH in 2024. Hating the status quo is what drove people to vote for Trump, Americans are suffering under the status quo. They may want an end to the madness of Trump but 4 years of incrementalism and status quo will alienate Americans and open the door to a Republican attacking the status quo and promising a great new future…as Trump used to win. AdLib 7 days ago

CL–Not sure I agree that Biden is the ONLY one who can stand up to the “yam man”. As for the baggage of Hunter, repubs will repeat all their lies incessantly, no matter how many times the MSM shows them to be lies (if they even do that), and the base will eat it up. I think Warren would stand up to the yam man very well, too. I also think Biden’s age is against him, and I say that as someone who is almost as old as he is. I’m not saying that glenn 7 days ago

Really, Ad? Will anyone ever vote GOP again after this? I don’t see the younger voters doing that. Dems will have overwhelming evidence to kick the Repubs to the kerb. I, for one, will never trust a Repub again. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad – the depth of reasoning on the bankruptcy bill and other thins is complex, and Biden can discuss them. I think he INTENDS to be a one term president so his pick for VEEP is very important. No – status quo Obama years is what people desire. Calm provision of essential services, no drame, not being guinea pigs in thoughtless experiements – that’s what’s needed. And Biden can do that. We need the “Repair Man” now – someone who can restore the basics. NO WAY do we need some experiment that might do more harm than good. choicelady 7 days ago

…he is senile because of his age; I just think we need someone a little younger. glenn 7 days ago

Cl, I agree pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL – What I saw Biden say is that he thinks Mitch McConnell will have a change of heart if Biden is elected and will work with him. That is just cray-cray fantasy land. McConnell seeks to destroy our democracy and hogtie Dems from accomplishng anything. I don’t believe Biden is an idiot, he’s a smart man and he knows this, he spent 8 years as VP witnessing it. He is lying to the public to tell them what they wish could be and I have an issue with that. He is not being honest and he is not telling the public how he would actually deal with a Repub-controlled Senate. AdLib 7 days ago

BTW, will 3/45* still be healthy enough to actually turn up for debates? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – Warren’s baggage with communities of color is unsurmountable. She has pissed off Black Women no end. She’s toast. She has pissed of indigenous people no end. She’s been proven a liar – she was NOT fired from a job for being pregnant. She cannot carry on with her vapid policies AND her lies. choicelady 7 days ago

CL – Sarah Palin took herself down though Biiden was good in that debate. But that was many years ago, he is a much more fragile and stumbling man now.. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO – I think it’s highly probably that the Yam Man won’t debate anyone. He’s got NOTHING but vapid accusations about Hunter Biden, and he’s got nowhere to go from there. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–You make very good points regarding Biden. I certainly can relate to “calm provision of essential services” and no drama. glenn 7 days ago

Ad – Biden is NOT stumbling now. He wasn’t expecting some of the attacks – but he’s been boffo lately. choicelady 7 days ago

Biden may not need to work with Moscow Mitch. He may even not be reelected, or the Senate is run by Chuck. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – The Trump Cultists n Trump’s bar are probably still toasting Trump for the assassination. While losing their farms. AdLib 7 days ago

The Yam Man, drugged up and incoherent is not a threat to anyone but Bernie and maybe Liz. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–WOW! Tell us how you really feel about Warren! Good to hear your voice; I appreciate your input. glenn 7 days ago

Ad – we aren’t worried about the Trump cultists. We will never convert them. We are seeking the ‘worried middle’, and Biden appeals where few others do. I personally like Klobuchar, and maybe she could soar, but he is KNOWN, is FAMILIAR, is LIKED, and his polls remains strong nationally. choicelady 7 days ago

glenn – I once loved Liz Warrn. Now I want to smack her. She flat out has lied about key issues, and i cannot tolerate that. choicelady 7 days ago

PPO – Sadly, the swing voters in the US are amnesiacs. They voted in Obama in 2008 then in 2010 voted in Repubs to block him because they got scared by the anti-ACA propaganda. Yes, swing voters who decide elections will forget again and Dems need to avoid giving them emotional reasons for voting in Repubs. AdLib 7 days ago

CL–That is the truth! We need to quit worrying about the yam man’s cultists, because, as you say, we will never convert them. So, who do you like for Biden’s VP, assuming he gets the nomination? glenn 7 days ago

glenn, I’m not sure about Elizabeth Warren. Fergie is definitely against her histrionics. there may be good in some of her policies, but….baggage as well. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – it was the presumption Biden made that Moscow Mitch would probably NOT even be in office and certainly not in control of the Senate that made Biden say Mitch would be more “compliant” or whatever the term was. It was a major jab at the GOP. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Yeah, but don’t you want to have a beer with Warren? /s/ glenn 7 days ago

Biden is from DE where many banks are based. He voted to strip the rights of bankruptcy for most consumers to benefit his contributors, the big banks. He opposes a wealth tax, he denigrates Progressives, Biden can get elected because he isn’t Trump but I don’t see how his middling policies will satisfy Americans if he is elected and being a one-termer isn’t a solution to that. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO – I don’t think Liz has “policies” since she, like Bernie, can’t explain them. She has slogans and ideology, but no actual policies. I KNOW things such as universal health care are hard. I worked single payer for 10 years. We did deep dives into costs, coverage, and I’d be THRILLED w someone who said – this is a goal and I pledge to spend the next 4 years doing the prep to make it work WHILE KEEPING Y’ALL COVERED. But Bern and Liz won’t do tht. choicelady 7 days ago

Sorry, but I want McConnell utterly defeated, disgraced and incarcerated. The man has ruined the USA as much as, if not more than, trump pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

CL – Biden did well in the last debate…when he wasn’t attacked by anyone. But that is a far cry from what the GE will be like and I really don’t think he will hold up very well. AdLib 7 days ago

Hey. I found it. Khirad 7 days ago

PPO–My Brit friend, who just recently became an American citizen, is against Warren as well. glenn 7 days ago

Khirad–welcome, glad you found us. glenn 7 days ago

PPO – I sure hope that’s the case, that the Dems take the Senate but campaigning as if that is a forgone conclusion is not being forthright with the public. AdLib 7 days ago

Welcome, Khirad pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hey Khirad! Welcome! AdLib 7 days ago

CL – I know you don’t like Warren but she is usually 3rd in black support in the Dem primary. Far below Biden who has the support from many older black women due to Obama but there are a number of young black women who support Warren. AdLib 7 days ago

Timing and the universe is a strange mistress. One of my oldest friends just called and I’m not lying. Catch you guys later. Khirad 7 days ago

He is great on health care, great on SS and Medicare, great on farm supports for small farmers, great on LGBTQ rights, great on RACIAL JUSTICE, great on dozens of key issues as well as rational foreing policy. He can fix the system, restore functioning of basic agencies, appoint decent people to Ed, Energy, etc – he IS the one who STARTED climate change legislation back in the day and got us into Paris Accords – and he has superb track records on most things. He has two black marks, according to progressives, in bankruptcy and Anita Hill (he voted AGAINST Clarence Thomas after hearing her). I’m not fussed that he’s weak. Black communities love him. That says a LOT for me. choicelady 7 days ago

Agree, Ad. The DNC need to be very, very careful outlining the approach to the Elections, not to assume or take for granted. Each spot must be fought for tooth and nail. GOTV will, as usual , be utterly vital pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO -AMEN!!! choicelady 7 days ago

CL – Absolutely, Trump seems to be dependant on drugs right now to operate, I could imagiine him having a total freakout in a debate so I wonder if he meant it that he won’t debate the Dem. AdLib 7 days ago

Khirad – HELLO AND GOODBYE!!! I am glad to get a brief glimpse! choicelady 7 days ago

CL–so when Warren says she “has a plan” for that, she really doesn’t have a plan? I’ll admit I have not been to her website to look at her plans, so don’t know whether or not they’re actually “plans”. Are you saying that while Warren and Bernie are working on universal health care, people would lose their ACA coverage? That is, of course, if republicans don’t manage to get rid of the ACA. glenn 7 days ago

Ad – the Black young women support pales in comparison to the overall for Biden. choicelady 7 days ago

Well, that’s it for me. the sun has just popped out after 2 days of rain, so I better tidy up outside. See you all next week pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hi and bye, Khirad. glenn 7 days ago

Take care, PPO, and tell Fergie Happy New Year for me! glenn 7 days ago

CL – I’ve liked Klobuchar, not as a presidential candidate but as a Senator. She too is pushing the falsehood that she can get Trump voters to vote Dem though. And she just doesn’t have the stature or charisma to be a strong canddiate against Trump. She’s not going anywhere now, Bloomberg and Steyer have cut the legs out of all 2nd tier candidates with theiir obscene spending. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – no she has a slogan for most things. No plan. She just admitted we might ALL lose coverage while she ramps up M4A because her plan requires ACA etc. to be killed before M4A goes into effect. choicelady 7 days ago

Ad – I know that assessment of Klobuchar is accurate. I love her – as a Senator. I’d like to see her in a Cabinet position or something, but no, she’s nor presidential. Yet. choicelady 7 days ago

CL–Good points on Biden. Do you think he could beat the yam man? glenn 7 days ago

Bloomberg and Steyer can go suck eggs. I know Steyer, have interacted with him and briefly worked for him when he hired a number of non profits in the faith world to back Prop. 39. He has really good ideas, is a strong union guy, but…NO corporate leader is fit to be president. It’s a rotten skill set fit. choicelady 7 days ago

CL – That’s not really the case. Warren has numerous detailed plans. M4A is complicated and she has changed her plan to provide that transition period so maybe it needs more work but the bottom line is that she has come to say that M4A would only come after a referendum from the public after it has been fully designed. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – I think Biden is the only one who could beat Trump now. choicelady 7 days ago

She just capitulated on the transition saying she had no real plan. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. I know more than SHE does, and I couldn’t do it. She is full of crap on this. choicelady 7 days ago

CL – Biden is not great on healthcare, his plan still leaves 10s of millions without healthcare. If people can’t afford to buy into Medicare, they have no insurance. AdLib 7 days ago

And why do we INSIST on single payer when UNIONS hate it, most people LIKE their insurance? Why not do what ACA did and model it after EU plans that incorporate either a mix of state plans w private or keep private with massive controls and limitations. Only three nations have single payer – Canada, UK, and Ireland. Everyone else has plans like ACA. choicelady 7 days ago

Well, folks, time for me to call it a night. Ad, I have a question. I like to read the rest of VOX when I leave early like this. I used to be able to find it on the website under “archives” or just sometimes it still was open. The last VOX discussion I can find on the website is 12/20/19. Where will I be able to find the rest of this conversation on the site? Anyway, good night CL and Ad. I hope you have a good week. glenn 7 days ago

Ad – the REASON ACA leaves millions without is thanks first to Liebermann who killed the public option and to the GOP who killed covering undocumented people. Those are the only barriers. choicelady 7 days ago

CL – The black community that is behind Biden is strong but shallow, it’s not because of anything he’s done as a politician, it’s because he was Obama’s VP. IMO, he hasn’t earned it, he inherited it and I think that makes it a weaker bond than it appears. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn – it’s been SUPERB to see you! Hope I can get here again soon. I’m often at dinner during the time. Only reason I’m home tonight is I have a bad cold. LOL!! I’m going to sign off too, and go take drugs – legal kinds. choicelady 7 days ago

Ad – Nope. I have been asking the Black community why they support Biden and it’s exactly like Hillary – years and years of showing up, doing good policy, being loyal to them. Don’t think it’s glitz,. It’s NOT. choicelady 7 days ago

Isn’t it disappointing how Bloomberg and Steyer can openly try to buy the nom and many Dems support them despite that? AdLib 7 days ago

Good night all. Hope everyone stays well. These bugs going around suck. PPO – may safety and surety be yours. We are heartbroken at the harm occurring in your wonderful nation. All love and hope to you. choicelady 7 days ago

Good night! choicelady 7 days ago

Did I miss all the fun? Well, next week. Khirad 7 days ago

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