Legalize It!

“I been double-crossed for the very last time, and now I finally see.” -Bob Dylan-

When Joe Biden was asked whether he supports marijuana legalization, he weaseled out and said that he didn’t know whether or not Herb leads to heroin addiction (the patented, “lying politician” answer). He wouldn’t answer the question as to how it will ever be possible to answer that question if research is not allowed. Liar, liar.

Millions and millions of people smoke. You know some of them. If you’re my age, you have been around pot smokers for at least a half-century. So has Uncle Joe. Being around musicians (I married a professional musician), artists, and athletes, for my entire life, I have known hundreds or thousands of heads, tokers, and just plain hippies; and a handful of full-blown “junkies.” Those few got into “H” as a complication of alcohol abuse, or on its own merits. But I’ve never known anyone who got into heroin from using herb. In point of fact, junkies are usually contemptuous of heads: wasting good money that could buy smack!

Biden knows all this. There must be a reason why he lies when it seems that the truth would serve better. But, Biden won’t even discuss the issue honestly.

He isn’t about to discuss the millions who have suffered and been buried alive in the nightmare that is our prison system. (Nor will he discuss the utter failure that is criminal justice in this country.) People who have harmed no one. He will never utter the words: “family separations” in the context of the marijuana prohibition.

He wouldn’t dare discuss how politicians who support the prohibition are acting as pimps, and tools of the mafia. And like them, Joe Biden plays fast and loose with the truth; or, doesn’t consider it at all. How can you forget, Joe Biden, the horrors that you inflicted on a generation of young black men and women and their families? How can you forgive yourself so easily – are you a monster?

He can’t remember the immense contribution of the Counterculture, who espouse weed use. And, he can’t recall that he got where he is on the backs of black men and women, who enjoy the Weed. Does lying, and hiding from the truth make you brain dead? Or does it just steal your soul – and turn your heart to stone? It’s none of your business, butthead, how I amuse myself. Who the hell do you think you are, God? Burying people alive, for redneck politics, who you know have suffered so much? They suffered because of people like you, Joe. We all did.

I have a question to ask of Uncle Joe: are we the chattel property of you racist, hard-hearted, cold blooded masters (I really wanted to say, “bastards”)? I mean, all of us. You make laws with absolutely no regard for the suffering you cause. To appease our persecuters, who hate us for no other reason than that they are themselves devolved, genetically primitive troglodytes.

Does he really believe that harming millions who have done no harm does good? Is he that big a fool. Or that stupid? Is he not in the least concerned for his soul because of the racist, evil policies he has supported, and the cruel, hateful acts he has perpetrated.

He won’t discuss the obvious, flagrant criminality of the marijuana prohibition: cops and courts collect (steal) billions of dollars every year, because of a lifestyle decision they disagree with. Does Joe betray us unto death just to impress cops? Is he that much of a suck-up and coward? Why can’t the C.J. system stand for fairness and justice, Joe? Will you not stand for it? Or, are you just a coward who abandons us to the Torturers? Then why do you hate us? Why do you hate us so horribly? What have we done to harm you? That was always the question; wasn’t it? What harm have we done to you, that you crusade to destroy us? That you curse and condemn us? Was it just a stroke of luck for you, that millions of people self-identified as pot smokers years ago? A convenient “group,” right. And groups, real or fictional, are to be hated, right? Isn’t that your mission, and “reason to be;” to identify groups to hate. That’s your job, isn’t it. You’re a politician! Good work!

There are some of us who will always hate you, Uncle Joe. You are the worst-of-the-worst; a yellowtail who profits from the harm he does. Then cowers behind a smokescreen of propriety; “covering up the truth with lies.” You, who declared war on the American people. On me. That’s not easily forgotten or forgiven. Except for you.

We’re all sick of liars, Joe Joe. The last thing we need is another elitist who we can’t trust. Someone like you, Joe; and Trump. Seems to me, that Trumpism gives a lot of people an excuse for abandoning their principles.

I’m not sure Joe Biden ever had any.

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