Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 7 days ago

Hello…anyone here? For some reason, I cannot see the very top of the VOX box. glenn 7 days ago

Don’t forget to say “Hi!”or “The Don is Done” when you arrive! AdLib 7 days ago

Hey glenn! AdLib 7 days ago

Try closing the box and reopening it. AdLib 7 days ago

Ahhh fixed it. Hey Ad, how are you? Oh, I sure hope the TLB is done! glenn 7 days ago

Trump is so done! The testimony against him is so damning and he knows it. All he can do is namecalling! AdLib 7 days ago

What I’m waiting for is for the Dems to issue contempt of congress citations to the TLB, to Barr, and to Guiliani, for not responding to subpaeneas (sp?) issued by the House. glenn 7 days ago

There is no one better at namecalling than the TLB, that’s for sure. Calling fellow republicans “human scum” is appalling! glenn 7 days ago

Hi, all, Butt-dialled rudi, anyone? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

The walls are closing in around him, even Republicans know it, hence the desperate, illegal storming of the hearing. AdLib 7 days ago

Hey PPO–How are you and Fergie? glenn 7 days ago

Hey PPO! Doesn’t Butt Dialing and Giuliani dialing mean the same thing? AdLib 7 days ago

On the opposite side of the TLB, was the moving and literate (you know, complete sentences and all) eulogy President Obama gave to today to Elijah. glenn 7 days ago

Glenn, hi. We’re OK just now. our 36th Aniversary was 22nd. I’d be free for murder sooner! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad, Bannon is up to the plate soon. Armageddon! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

You know, PPO, if I had Guiliani’s number, I think I would actually dial him. Although it seems most of America has Guiliani’s number, if you know what I mean. Everyone has his number, except the TLB. glenn 7 days ago

gle,, Oh, IT has his number OK, just needs someone to throw under the bus. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – I am disappointed that Dems won’t hold Trump’s cronies in inherent contempt. Once again, they over think and are scared of blowback but it worked with impeachment, it would work with contempt. AdLib 7 days ago

Aww, PPO. Congrats on the anniversary. glenn 7 days ago

Hey Murph! glenn 7 days ago

Thanks, glenn. Her B’day is Sunday! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

hiya Murph! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn – Yes, it was like a dream and a nightmare being placed side by side, Obama being compassionate and brilliant and Trump being a nasty lying human scum. AdLib 7 days ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 7 days ago

LOVED McConnell being snubbed by the pallbearer – and the look on his mush….proceless pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Happy Anniversary to you and Fergie! I remember last year’s, I can’t believe it’s that time again but very happy for both of you. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–you know, at this point, I don’t know why Dems are scared of blowback from contempt charges. The LAW is on their side, and no matter how many stunts the repubs pull, and how many times they complain about the rules THEY put in place; ignoring a congressional subpeona glenn 7 days ago

thanks, Ad. yes, it is flying past. drat! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

ignoring a congressional subpoena is still against the law! Period! glenn 7 days ago

Is De Vos going to clink? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Does McConnell really not know how despised he is and why he is at 18% approval in KY, the lowest of any Senator? AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–WOW! A great week for Fergie. Anniversary and birthday. Send my birthday greetings to her, will you please? glenn 7 days ago

PPO–oh, wouldn’t that be a sight? Another of the TLB’s cronies/administration in the clink! glenn 7 days ago

Ok…took me four times to get the full Vox page (the online list, the comment stream, and the add comment box. Open and shut it four times. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad, most of the GOP Senators are in airy-fairy land. Don’t know their arse from their elbow. Case in point, the crashing of the SCIF stunt by people who ALREADY have Access pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn – It’s the same vague fear Dems felt about impeachment. Always the first instinct is to worry about how acting even when very justified, could blowback something bad for some reason.. they shouldn’t be so skittish now. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–Did you see McConnell’s face when the pallbearer wouldn’t shake his hand? That was priceless! glenn 7 days ago

Murph–glad you persisted! glenn 7 days ago

I did see the discussion re. PPO’s anniversary……Salud to you and your beloved!

MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Muhahahahahaa, glenn. the dumbest look ever from him, and that’s saying something pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Thnaks, Murph, 36 years undiscovered crime pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–One of my husband’s favorite expressions was “that was a cluster-fuck.” The SCIF stunt is the very definition of “cluster fuck”. glenn 7 days ago

PPO – De Vos sure won’t go to jail with Barr as AG but after the 2020 election? Hope so. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn, agreed. Total SNAFU as well, backfired bigly on the fools. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph – Glenn had an issue too. I will try to clean up some memory on the server after tonight’s session. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, so did I – Vox Timed out on me, but I rebooted and all went fine pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–That’s the thing that drives me crazy about Dems; the repubs have them so damned cowed sometimes that even when they have the law and 50% of the American people on their side, is skittishness. Now is not the time for skittishness; now is the time to fight the TLB with everything we can throw at him. glenn 7 days ago

glenn- Yes, that’s what I was referring to. He seemed surprised to be shunned. Why wouldn’t he always expect it, being so vile and despised? AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–Yeah, it was pretty dumb, and Schumer’s smirk wasn’t so bad, either! glenn 7 days ago

I called a friend today who is a retired FBI Inspector and was a Regional Director at one time in his career. I wanted his take on the Barr Investigation of the Russian Investigation Investigators. He told me that the word is that everyone who is a position to do so is are documenting everything so that those who leading this effort to intimidate agents will be held accountable. He also said that he hopes the House Judiciary Committee calls on the FBI to investigate this investigation. Talk about gumming up the works. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–Yeah, SNAFU is another good description! glenn 7 days ago

So what about Tulsi Gabbadinski? Has Hillary bathed her so successfully into outing herself as at the very least, a phony Dem, or what? AdLib 7 days ago

Hooray for Hillary. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad, what about Boke endorsing her sorry ass? That did him no good at all pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Thanks for letting me know. Sounds like a memory or cache issue, I can fix it but will have to wait until after VOX. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–Oh dear, when you call yourself the “Grim Reaper”, why should you be surprised when people shun you? DUH! glenn 7 days ago

I wonder if the House needs to start a process of impeachment re. Barr. At least preliminary. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

glenn – Yes, it’s a form of PTSD that the Dem Party has suffered from since losing The House to Newt in 1994. AdLib 7 days ago

New name for McConnell – DWU – Death Warmed Up. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–actually, the way I understand it, is Gabbadinski outed herself. First, because Hillary never mentioned any names, and secondly, because supposedly, Hillary was talking about a republican and the NYT reporter got it wrong. So funny all the way around. glenn 7 days ago

PPO–Who’s Boke? glenn 7 days ago

PPO–Good one! The turtle is so pale, though, that I’m not so sure he’s even warm! glenn 7 days ago

Sorry! Cory Booker! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph – That sure seems to make a lot of sense, seeing how so many other career people in State have been documenting evidence against Trump and his crime family. Who would be better at that than FBI and IC folk? AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, don’t ever get the wrong side of a Civil servant! They keep things! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad…the professionals have to deeply resent what is happening here. I also wonder if the effort will backfire anyway if it fails to turn up anything and those being investigated launch defenses based on the guilt of those seeking to prosecute them. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Win for Dems with Judge ordering the Mueller Docs are fair game and must be produced. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–It’s getting a little confusing with all these investigations. First, the DOJ is now investigating the Mueller investigation, the House is conducting an impeachment investigation against the TLB, and now you want the House to start another investigation of Barr. Reminds me of the “good ole days” when repubs had at least 15 investigations going on at one time! glenn 7 days ago

Murph – I’m not the biggest Hillary fan but I won’t hesitate to say she played Gabbard brilliantly. And nailed the wish washy Dem candidates who ran to defend her…before she went on Hannity and spewed RW Repub/Russian talking points against impeachment, Hillary and Dems. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–well, Dems need to get over their PTSD pronto, so we can get the TLB out of office. glenn 7 days ago

Ad, missed HRC’s chat. would have liked to see that pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn, but most of what we are talking about here are not the parlor trick investigations that were GOP sponsored. The real thing. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO – You mean David Duke endorsing Gabbard? AdLib 7 days ago

PPO–Okay, got it! glenn 7 days ago

I understand Cory Booker also didd it! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad…..and Gab Gal is not running for reelection….one wonders what that is about. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph, I think she wants to be a Palin clone – try and have power behind the toil…. er throne. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

glenn – Even without saying her name, it was clear that Hillary meant Gabbard. But Gabbard’s reaction was stunning, full bore RW Trumpiness! She buried herself and had to quit her re-election campaign for her House seat. And if she runs 3rd party anyway, she’s damaged goods. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph–I know; there is a difference between the investigations; I was just trying to be funny (and apparently not succeeding). glenn 7 days ago

Just what the GOP needs…Palinistas MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–Gab Gal thinks she’ll nab the Dem nomination! Or, as someone else suggested, she may be trying to run as an independent to siphon votes from the Dem candidate. You know, the TLB mentality…if I don’t get what I want, I’ll screw up the whole process. glenn 7 days ago

PPO–You think GabGal wants to have power in the TLB administration? glenn 7 days ago

Barr seemingly wants to investigate the investigators investigating the Russians . I see that going nowhere. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn….I am with Ad….GG has been outed now and her exposures taints anyone considering a third party spoiler role. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph – I think, as shown by the Italian PM dissing the Barr witch hunt, it has already failed. It’s a phony hunt for a fabricated conspiracy story only nutters believe. It can’t work out because it is not a real thing. But Barr wants to muddy the water. In the end, I hope it leads to his prosecution and imprisonment in 2021. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, oh, yes, please! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad….I am with you….Barr should get the same cell that Mitchell occupied. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad–I know. Gabbard outed herself in such a spectacular way! What a moron! glenn 7 days ago

glenn, the Admin is such a clusterfuck now, that she could very well become the next SecState! (Shudder) pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO – Yes, a big victory for the judge to use Trump’s stonewalling of oversight to order the GJ to release full info to Dems. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad….we know the ruling will be appealed…..all of this comes down to what the SC will eventually do or not do……..as the Court did in the Nixon era. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–I hope you and Ad are correct, because unless the TLB is removed from office before the election, we are going to need every Dem vote . BTW, if the TLB is impeached, can he run for office again? glenn 7 days ago

It’s unanimous! Barr should be behind bars! glenn 7 days ago

Barr should be behind Barrs and DisBarred as well pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn…if he is convicted he is removed from office…..but I know of nothing constitutional that bars him being the GOP nominee. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–GG for Pompeo’s job? Stranger things have happened! glenn 7 days ago

Murph, if that happened, would the GOP be dumbenough…. oh never mind pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Right, Booker and other struggling Dem candidates just built a ceiling over their heads by supporting Gabbard and her attack on Hillary. AdLib 7 days ago

PPO…..never mind because they are mindless. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad and Murph–if the latest ruling re: Mueller documents is brought before the SCOTUS, how badly do you think Roberts will want to tarnish his legacy? glenn 7 days ago

glenn – Gabbard was in the running when Trump won, for a cabinet position. She is a fascist at heart, loves Assad, Sisi and Trump. She is on their side and working against Dems. AdLib 7 days ago

Glenn…..Roberts, I think, will do everything he must do to make it clear that he is NOT one of “Trump’s Judges” MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–yeah, that’s what I thought, too. And as PPO says, I wouldn’t put it past the GOP to run him again. That’s one way for them to “win” again. Convict him in the Senate, then nominate him for your presidential candidate! Makes perfect sense to me!

glenn 7 days ago

I see they hauled KellyAnne Cacophonix out of her crypt for yet another distraction. How her husband puts up with her is a miracle of the day. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Gabbard’s election is another indictment of our electorate……not doing their homework, not demanding answers to hard questions. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO….great in bed? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph, the failure of MSM to ask the hard questions as well pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–Yeah, and I hope it’s a concrete ceiling. I have mixed feelings about Booker, but he’s not impressing me in this race. glenn 7 days ago

Murph – I don’t know that Roberts wants SCOTUS destroying what credibility it has left by even ruling on Trump’s attempts to destroy The Constitution and checks and balances. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph, with a paper bag strategically placed pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO….the MSM is so riddled with holes at the local level now that House races do not get the scrutiny they require. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad–Oh my word! I didn’t know that about Gabbard. Why is she running as a Democrat? glenn 7 days ago

Maybe several bags including the one stuffed into her mouth. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad….as you point out the court has to accept a case and not doing so is a “gracious” way for Roberts to dodge the bullet. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

I don’t know of anything preventing an impeached president from running again. But the thought is, why nominate him when Congress can just remove him again for the exact same Articles of impeachment. Nothing in the Constitution says you can’t do that either. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph and Ad–Hope you’re right about Roberts. Especially when it comes to the TLB’s impeachment trial in the Senate. glenn 7 days ago

Did you all see the Trumps Edifice in DC may be on the block? I wonder if, like so many of his properties, it will be tough to sell for a profit. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph and PPO–LOL! glenn 7 days ago

What, Murph, The White House is up for sale? WOW! (Actually, I know) pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–okay, here it is, though. Perhaps IF the TLB won the second time (it hurts to just type that), then the repubs would just turn around and say, “Well, the people voted, so who are we to go against that?” glenn 7 days ago

What is odd about the sale is that Trump does not really own it. It is being leased from the Federal Government. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Glenn…that is precisely what they would say……the public would not allow the Dems to overturn an election. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

glenn – Gabbard is a mole. She is a Repub and tyrant-lover posing as a Bernie-loving populist. It’s a lie. She won’t explain her support of Assad and Sisi and Trump. She lied in the last debate, holding Assad as “the victim”and sliming the popular uprising in Syria as American regime change. What?! It was the people Assad was torturing who fought back. She is disgusting. AdLib 7 days ago

The fool also thinks that it is worth $500 mill. Not with his name on anything these days. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–as many pointed out re the TLB selling his DC properties, he needs to get out while the gettings good! I hope he loses money…it will give him something else to whine about. glenn 7 days ago

glenn, he’ll just claim it as a tax deduction. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph – Yes, I think ROBERTS may take the tax returns case and rule against Trump on that but kick back most other cases to lower courts. AdLib 7 days ago

glenn, once he’s done, the Trump name will be worth less than a plugged nickel pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–apparently, he could sell his lease? Or does the Federal Government have to let him out of the lease, and then ask for bids for others to bid on the lease? glenn 7 days ago

Ad…that would be a wise strategy…. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Glenn…I do not know…..research needed but it all seems suspicious MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph – Something about that story, Trump looking into selling his DC hotel seems fishy to me. I don’t believe it, maybe a strategy against emoluments cases? AdLib 7 days ago

Murph–yup. And my answer to that would be, “He still is a convicted crook.” glenn 7 days ago

Ad…as I noted….the whole thing is suspicioius. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–Yeah, and we’ll never know how much of a deduction he’ll claim because we’ll never see his returns. glenn 7 days ago

Murph, glenn, it is probably losing money hand over fist, just like all the other dives with his name on them. So I’d be reluctant to let him abandon the lease, unless he pays off all remaining outstanding payments pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad–I hope that’s what Roberts does with the tax returns case. glenn 7 days ago

Glenn – Doesn’t matter, popular vote has no connection to the Congress’ right to impeach. Repubs would likely argue that but it’s like telling cops they can’t arrest Trump for shooting people on 5th Ave because of his polling numbers. AdLib 7 days ago

The loss of the Doral as a site for the G7 exposed the weakness of his real estate “empire” on a number of fronts. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–The TLB will never pay off all remaining outstanding payments! Just not his MO. He’ll lie, cheat, and threaten, but he will never pay off what he owes. glenn 7 days ago

Yes, Trump is leasing the DC hotel land but that lease can be sold. Still, I smell a rat when it comes to that story. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad–I get what you’re saying, and I agree 100%. I’m just playing devil’s advocate–you saying what the repubs (the devils) would say. As far as shooting on 5th Ave., I’m sure you saw what his lawyers said about that the other day. glenn 7 days ago

Murph – Repubs are already claiming that now, that impeachment is a coup, is Dems trying to overturn an election, etc. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph, Doral was a sublime kick in the nuts to Brokeahontas. Hope more emolument snafus hobble his greed. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad….that is a defense aimed at his gutsy base (as in, that is what they think with)…… MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Impeachment is more like enforcing Constitutional law against a criminal. Winning an election is irrelevant. But they will argue the opposite. Screw them. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph–yeah, he sure caved quickly on the G7 summit at the Doral. Wonder why? Think it’s because world leaders would have seen how shabby and poorly run it is? Or, the TLB doesn’t have enough money to get it into shape for the G7. That is also suspicious. glenn 7 days ago

should be….”you know, saying what the devils would say.” OOPS! glenn 7 days ago

Glenn…both scenarios are plausible. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

glenn, he wanted taxpayers to pay to refurbish Doral to the top standard. they said NO and also some G7 leaders were;nt too keen on their taxpayers dishing out either. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Alright, gents, I’m done in tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. See you next week! glenn 7 days ago

glenn- Yes, I was referring to his lawyers’ lame claim that Trump can go on a 4 year murder spree and the Constitution says he can’t be stopped. AdLib 7 days ago

Seems glenn! Have a great weekend! AdLib 7 days ago

Pleasant Nite to you Glenn! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Good night glenn, and thanks again for your kind wishes pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Seeya glenn, that is. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad, that argument in court re. the murder spree was a study in the theater of the absurd MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad, when does summer time start in the US? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Sorry, Winter! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO…..Summer as a calendar date or in terms of weather…… MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

date for clocks falling back pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Summer 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Saturday, June 20 and ends on Tuesday, September 22 All dates are in Eastern Time. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

I have to do the timezone 2-step pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph – It’s actually the argument I would have liked to have seen more specifcally made. In court, they just discussed if Trump was above the law if he shot someone. My argument would be about an ongoing murder spree. That is past defending. AdLib 7 days ago

Winter 2019 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Saturday, December 21 and ends on Thursday, March 19, 2020 All dates are in Eastern Time. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO…clocks fall back the first weekend in November. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

So could Trump pull out a gun at a debate and shoot the Dem nom and get away with that, handing himself the election too? AdLib 7 days ago

Ad…..argumentum absurdus MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Summer officially begins when I put on on my favorite shorts. AdLib 7 days ago

Sheesh, we haven’t even spoken about the Kurds or the MEast. But it will have to wait till next week. I’m away to prepare Fergie’s Birthday Dinner, pasta and vino! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Happy B-day to Fergie….. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph – Exactly how that assertion should be destroyed. AdLib 7 days ago

Take care PPO MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

see yu guys. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Enjoy PPO! AdLib 7 days ago

Fergie says thanks, much appreciated. Byeeee pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Well….end of the road I think. I found your reply to my article re. Trump victory very good. I will get a chance to respond to it her this weekend. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Trump’s lawyers should be disbarred for supporting a tyranny and trying to outlaw our democracy. AdLib 7 days ago

Thanks Murph! You laid out a lot to consider. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad…that too needs to be investigate…..turnabout is fair play. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

And we should never take victory for granted against an evil criminal. AdLib 7 days ago

Your counterpoints were also well considered. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Thanks, pal! AdLib 7 days ago

I got a lot of response to the article at Yabberz but it is SO hard to have a discussion there…….I keep trying to lure those folks here….so far, not much luck. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Have a great weekend! AdLib 7 days ago

Good night! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Wish they would see that. AdLib 7 days ago

Me…very much. I hate to be a part of Facebook as well. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

FB is evil too as we saw this week. AdLib 7 days ago

I’m considering closing our account there. Hard to justify it. AdLib 7 days ago

Evil rooted in the hunger for power and money. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

It’s all the same monster, just different heads. Trump, Zuckerberg, Putin, the lust for power and wealth. AdLib 7 days ago

I am getting pestered by all kinds of people wanting to “friend” me there….so shallow…..and who are they anyway. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Some are trolls. AdLib 7 days ago

And bots. AdLib 7 days ago

Ad…..yes……and even though Yabberz is a closed, hidden site…that is the road in….. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

People too immersed in social media have lost the meaning of what a friend truly is. AdLib 7 days ago

I agree. Friendship is the sharing of mind, heart, and time. Little of that on Social Media. Well, tis late and I am tired. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Yep, and it is supporting FB and Zuckerberg, you’re still served ads on private sites and yiu’re still monetized by FB. AdLib 7 days ago

Right, as your friend, I support you getting some rest! AdLib 7 days ago


MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Night pal! AdLib 7 days ago

Nite! Friend! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

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