Ambassador says Trump directed diplomats to work with Giuliani on Ukraine

Trump’s Misuse Of Government Resources Is Criminal. And His Plan To Use Foreign Investigators Is Deeply Anti-Conservative.

Donald is backing strongly his pronouncement that he has “every right” to hire foreign governments’ espionage agencies to investigate American politicians. And he keeps expanding this meddling involvement in our elections to include more and more countries. First thing you know, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” will be investigating Joe Biden.

Here, “the Trump” is once again acting on instinct, “like the cat that jumped onto the griddle,” and is revealing once again his absolute inability to think ahead.

The first question is: Are we going to allow the whole world to participate in our elections? If we do, then how much will it dillute the power of our personal opinions, and of our individual votes. Doesn’t every interference, no matter how small, steal some part of the power of my vote – some part of my “voice.” As Trump allows more and more countries to get involved, each a powerful actor, then will not my voice be stilled completely. How can I compete with an Italy (today’s news), or the Saudi Royalty for influence. I, the average American, am being driven out of the places of power. I know that ultimately I will be completely disenfranchised if nothing is done.

And the second question is: Will Trump be allowed to abuse his power, and continue to use government resources for personal gain?

But my main point here is that it doesn’t seem to fit what I understand to be Conservative ideology to allow foreign governments and espionage agencies to meddle in our business. At a time when many Conservatives world-wide are demanding a new “Isolationism,” Trump invites interference right down to the core. Interference by Anti-democrats and Communists, as often as not. He gives influence in our affairs even to dictators and genocidal maniacs. It’s not even about, “winning,” with Trump and his followers now; it’s about cheating and getting away with it. That’s obvious, because Trump is so haplessly inept as a leader, and his followers are elated. They are making us live under the rule, controlled by the whim, of an idiot; and they glory in our suffering. That’s why we have Trump; they believe that he makes us suffer. They brought a plague on the Human Race; and they did it out of spite and pure hatred. Poor, sad creatures – to live for hate, and dwell always in yesterday.

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador, for your courage and devotion to duty.

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