Trump tried to employ Ukraine, to “spike” the career of Joe Biden; or manage a concerted attack on Biden. There are many in this country, and in Russia, who would vastly prefer a straight-up “military-industrial complex” dude like Biden, to the alternative – a radical; or worse yet a strong anti-corruption candidate.

Trump got away with it once (at least), and in his culture, if you successfully steal or corrupt, you do it over and over until there is nothing left to gain or pervert.

Let’s Try To Make Some Sense Out Of Presidential Legal Privilege

Legal decisions protecting the President from prosecution were intended to prevent petty charges that could swamp his desk. This makes perfect sense, so much so that ordinary criminal charges are protected.

But, this issue isn’t just about whether or not anyone can prosecute, much less punish, criminal behavior by a President while in office.

The question is about behaviour while acting in the Office of the President that helps Trump politically and may constitute dereliction of duty and treason. When a whistle-blower was forced to take the extreme measure of reporting the abuses of security protocols to his boss, Trump predictably went nuclear trying to cover everything up. Same old, same old.

Trump’s lawyers are asking for carte blanche for Trump to be incompetent, and fail in his duties as president – and hijack the electoral system and processes while he’s at it. They would have it so that there are no controls or safeguards against this president who tosses national and international security protocols out the window; who constantly breaks laws and regulations.

Trump has militized one branch of our government against another, and enlisted the aid of foreign spies to insure his re-election. Trump could probably justify many illegal acts based on priviledge. BUT, NOT INTERFERING OPENLY INTO A FEDERAL INVESTIGATION INTO HIS OWN CORRUPTION.

That just doesn’t make sense. Actually, Trump’s lawyers’ strategy would not just make him immune from prosecution, but make him beyond any sort of control, by anyone.

Trump without limitations? Trump unbound by law. Does anyone really want that?

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So if Trump can do all of this without anything happening to him means any other President can do it too.