Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 5 hours ago

Don’t forget to say “Hi!” or “Sharpiegate!” when you arrive! AdLib 4 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 3 hours ago

hey ad. well dorian missed me…. good. Harleigh 3 hours ago

I was thinking about you while it was coming and scooting up the coast. Glad it missed you! AdLib 3 hours ago

I had no idear bama was on the east coast Harleigh 3 hours ago

I have a friend who lives near Wilmington, NC and was concerned he would get badly hit but his house was fine (he stayed with friends, away from the coast). AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey all! Forget Sharpiegate! How about 25th amendment? Harleigh, so glad Dorian missed you. glenn 3 hours ago

Ad–Is this the same friend we talked about last year? Has he gotten his hurricane kit together for this year? glenn 3 hours ago

It’s a quick drive from Miami to Mobile, I always get them confused, they’re so close together! AdLib 3 hours ago

morning all. I’m a bit weird today – am in disbelief. Fergie’s best friend from school in England was living in France with her Sicilian husband. Long story short, she separated from him and 3 days before she returned to England, He stabbed her to death in a friends flat. Fergie had been in touch over the separation, b ut we had heard nothing for 3 weeks till we got this news. So I ‘m a bit in disbelief. Sorry. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Miami and Mobile ARE close together…they both start with “M”, don’t they? glenn 3 hours ago

cat1-2 are tolerable except for flood areas. cat 5 sustained 200mph and gust to 220….holy shit. and then sat for 3 days… that area is destroyed. Harleigh 3 hours ago

Hey glenn! Yes, same friend who got hammered by that last Cat 5. I think he’s re-thinking the wisdom of moving from LA to NC. AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey PPO! AdLib 3 hours ago

hi ad pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

hey ppo and glenn Harleigh 3 hours ago

hi harleigh pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – Horrible. So sorry. AdLib 3 hours ago

Well, never had someone I knew murdered. Wierd and slow to absorb pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO–That is so sad! I can only imagine how you and Fergie must be feeling. No need to apologize; anyone would be in disbelief. glenn 3 hours ago

there will bee a toll of several thousand I’m sure. Harleigh 3 hours ago

I didn’t say “hi” properly before. Hi Ad, Harleigh, PPO. glenn 3 hours ago

Sorry! Won’t be a downer! Did everyone see the yuuuuge crowds in Ireland for Tuppence? Many had to be Sharpie’d in! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Fergie must be in shock. How do you process that? I’ve never known anyone who was murdered either. It’s an overwhelming thing to even iimagine. AdLib 3 hours ago

We;;, ad, she isn’t. We keep saying to each other, I can’t believe it! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–Yeah, NC seems to be getting its share of storms lately. glenn 3 hours ago

oh geez ppo… holy shit Harleigh 3 hours ago

*processing it* pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

glenn – The one thing you would think no one would be stupid enough to lie about is the weather. His cult followers might believe him when he says it’s sunny when it’s raining but he’s only destroyed himself more by fighting reality for nearly a week. AdLib 3 hours ago

PPO–Those crowds in Ireland were yuuuge, for sure! glenn 3 hours ago

One thing Brokeahontas knows about is drawing bigger boobs – er kidneys pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Harleigh – I’ve seen a bunch of footage of the Bahamas, so much of it is just leveled. And I think we’ll find so many more deaths than they’re confirming now. AdLib 3 hours ago

Spanky jr had a yuge kentucky rally….. LOLOLOLOL Harleigh 3 hours ago

Sharpies-For Hire, H! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Ad–except now, because of his screaming, ranting, and insanity,NOAA has now disavowed the NWS’ tweet saying that Alabama was not in danger. WTH does the TLB have on all these people that they will lie for him? glenn 3 hours ago

Have we all seen where Air Force crews are staying in Trump’s Hotel in Scotland when they fly in! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO – Usually, with such a surreal and horrible incident like this, the first response is having trouble wrapping your head around it. Then it can get a bit hard so give Fergie hugs for all of us. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad, hugs will be dispensed for you all. Thanks pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

ad when Andrew hit it literall mowed down everything like a 20 mile wide lawnmower set at 2 feet. Harleigh 3 hours ago

Ad–the pictures coming out of the Bahamas show so much devastation. It’s heartbreaking. glenn 3 hours ago

glenn, has it done much damage to the mainland yet?? pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO–Seconds on the hugs! glenn 3 hours ago

g, consider yourself engulfed by a big Teddy Bear! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

andrew was 180 mph moving 26mph. dorian was over 200 mph movi under 5 mph…. and 4 feet or more rain….. whoa…. Harleigh 3 hours ago

PPO–There are some pictures coming out of SC that show some devastation. And, as it was last year, there are those hog pens that may be in danger of releasing manure into the streams, etc. glenn 3 hours ago

PPO….how horrifying for Fergie and by extension, for you. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

From Dan Sobien, President of the National Weather Service Employees Organization: “Let me assure you the hard working employees of the NWS had nothing to do with the utterly disgusting and disingenuous tweet sent out by NOAA management tonight.” https://twitter.com/pres_nwseo/status/1170115531388719105
AdLib 3 hours ago

it hit SC as a cat 2 , 100mph Harleigh 3 hours ago

Harleigh glad you did not blow away or have to swim forit. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad…what statement did NOAA management send out. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Harleigh–We lived in the Keys when Andrew came through. There wasn’t as much damage to the Keys as there was in Homestead, but it was bad for a while. The worst was actually the aftermath–couldn’t get anything from the mainland because Homestead was devastated. glenn 3 hours ago

Thanks, Murph. Slow to digest. She was a lovely lady who didn’t deserve that pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

PPO….senseless violence in response to emotional distress never makes any sense in my experience. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Ad–ohhh snap! Good for Sobien! glenn 3 hours ago

murph if you’re not in shelter in those conditions you die. they are just starting recovery of bodies… Harleigh 3 hours ago

Hey Murph! glenn 3 hours ago

PPO – Yes, saw that story about the AF crews staying at Trump’s Craphotel. Congress is investigating. I expect Pelosi to take action with a firmly wagging finger. AdLib 3 hours ago

with fresh nails too! Harleigh 3 hours ago

Have you been watching the reporting on why Trump may be withholding military, intelligence and infrastructure support voted in a bipartisan fashion for Ukraine? a) To help Putin….obviously, b) To raid funds for THE WALL, c) but the third one is that he is pushing the government of Ukraine to launch an investigation of Biden! All on Maddow tonight. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Harleigh – Exactly, it looked like a giant lawnmower cut down the Bahamas! AdLib 3 hours ago

Murph–“From Wednesday, August 28, through Monday, September 2, the information provided by NOAA and the National Hurricane Center to President Trump and the wider public demonstrated that tropical-storm-force winds from Hurricane Dorian could impact Alabama,” the statement read. “This is clearly demonstrated in Hurricane Advisories #15 through #41, which can be viewed on the center’s website. “The Birmingham National Weather Service’s Sunday morning tweet spoke in absolute terms that were inconsistent with probabilities from the best forecast products available at the time.” glenn 3 hours ago

https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/06/politics/noaa-tweet-nws-trump-alabama/index.html glenn 3 hours ago

Murph – The BS NOAA statement: https://twitter.com/girlsreallyrule/status/1170129623033794567/photo/1 AdLib 3 hours ago

AdLib 3 hours ago

Murph, so we can add blackmail and Extortion to his list of crimes. Sharpie me not surprised. pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Harleigh–hope the nails are red! glenn 3 hours ago

AND….Maddow also reported on Air Force flights from the Middle East have been refueling at a very high cost at a civilian airport near his Scottish Resort and required to stay at the resort as well (despite their not having the money to feed themselves) …. that is the same resort that asked the Scottish government for a grant to build a seawall citing Global Climate Change as the reason for rising tides….Trump’s place, Mr. Fake Climate Change News Guy. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Murph – Yes, have been following Trump’s extortion of Ukraine. This is now insane, I am really getting upset at Pelosi and her allies for letting Trump get away with sabotaging our democracy and the world. AdLib 3 hours ago

folks across northern FL and south GA got a shock when Spanky said they were getting a hurricane. LMAO Harleigh 3 hours ago

The stuff from the NWS and NOAA is disgusting…political flunkies willing to sell their own people and their work for a bit of luvin from Tramp…uh, I mean Trump. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

scary shit! Harleigh 3 hours ago

trump appointees. Harleigh 3 hours ago

PPO–For the life of me, I cannot understand why the TLB gets “protected” when he lies. And those cowards who anonymously tell reporters about the chaos in the WH and aren’t doing everything they can to get cabinet members to invoke the 25th should NEVER have another job in government, IMO glenn 3 hours ago

See how the RNC is eliminating the venues where Republican opposition to Trump might arise in prep for 2020…..caucuses and primaries where challenges may arise. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Someone on MSNBC made a good point about Sharpiegate. If Trump is willing to create false maps and pressure government officials to lie about the facts…what will he do when he loses an election? I was always a bit dismissive of the warnings about Trump refusing to go when he loses in 2020. Maybe that’s more worrisome that it may have seemed. AdLib 3 hours ago

‘Civil’ Servants don’t want to be arbitrarily fired and have their rice bowl broken, so they’ll crawl up Brokeahontas’ backside to keep them pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

trumps cabinet would never 25 his ass…. never ever. same as raygun his last term Harleigh 3 hours ago

Ad–and yes, Pelosi needs to wake up! We have moved from the bizarre to the criminally insane! She needs to step up. glenn 3 hours ago

glenn – That’s how snowballing fear works. As management at NOAA sees how everyone else in government, including the whole Repub Congress, give into Trump’s demands out of fear, more people give in. Fear can be contagious. Or in the case of many Dems, inspires defiance and a fighting spirit. AdLib 3 hours ago

What most worries me is that someone as incompetent, as heavy handed, as transparent, as obviously corrupt as Trump has managed to stay in office for three years while in the UK Johnson is in office a month and is on pins and needles….the U.S. constitution is badly constructed to deal with this level incompetence, corruption and pure evil….we have had similar cases in the past in the Executive….it was and is overly mighty. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Murph–yeah, I saw that about the primaries. The TLB is so weak that he can’t stand opposition. When I read that, I did want to ask you, though. Do states hold primaries when an incumbent president is running again? Or only when they have someone else from the same party running? glenn 3 hours ago

Murph – They say it is not unusual for primaries to be called off in re-elections but I don’t know if that’s true when there has been opposition. Of course Trump is ordering the RNC to shut down a primary but from what I heard, IA and NH will go ahead anyway, they don’t want to lose their (unfair) influence as the first caucuses/primaries. AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad–Well, I wish Pelosi would get some of that defiance and fighting spirit. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in her. glenn 3 hours ago

disagree glenn… senate won’t ever act as they are now…. energy in exposing trump much better spent as he amplifys it and threatens to sue..lololol Harleigh 3 hours ago

Glenn…if there are no opponents……primaries and caucuses are precluded such that all action is taken in state nominating conventions. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

glenn, as normal convention seems to have been buried under a tsunami of BS, there should be no real reason why he can;’t be Primaried, pinkpantheroz 3 hours ago

Harleigh, agreed. Trump’s cabinet would sit back and watch America torched to the ground instead of standing up to Trump. Unprincipled cowards, all of them/ AdLib 3 hours ago

Ad….your observations are on the mark…….When Obama ran for reelection a number of states drop caucuses and primaries and moved straight to their state conventions….no opposition. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

no primary for 2nd term on several presidents with no opposition. obama 2012 Harleigh 3 hours ago

Why would his cabinet act….they are feeding at the trough….and such action puts them in a spotlight most cannot stand. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Murph–That is what I just cannot understand about this whole mess. How has the TLB managed to stay in office? I know you and I disagree on this, but Pelosi should have been fighting this every day and every way since she took over the House. I know the TLB has been fighting her every step of the way, but she needs to step up her news conferences. Forget once a week! There should be one every day! I’m just so angry that the TLB is still in office! glenn 3 hours ago

Harleigh….when there is no credible opposition….most states move right to their state opposition. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago