The “Sherlock Holmes” in me just doesn’t buy this. Epstein was a genius, and he was always working every possible angle looking for an escape, or for power and influence over others. He had not been sentenced yet, and he had reason to believe that Trump would pardon him or commute his sentence. He could afford a lot of legal help. He’d never lost before, not really, and had managed to get very light punishment (little at all).

He was found unconscious with marks on his neck before, and the injury was never ruled as a suicide attempt.

I mean, this is really unfortunate; Epstein was the one person who might have completely destroyed Donald Trump.

But this tragedy proves that Trump was wrong about one thing – the first thing: you can’t “do that” and get away with it. There’s a high price to pay. At the end of the day, Trump, like Epstein, will pay his last farthing, see his family crumble and be disgraced, and be remembered as a villain who thought only of himself when his country needed a great President.

That’s a lovely thought: Trump going to his grave with the knowledge that he will be remembered as a friend of perverts, dictators, and criminals; and that he will be unfavourably compared to President Obama for as long as memory.

If you can’t stand to read the following, then I suggest that you live in the wrong damn country: When you get the “Chomo” label in prison, your life ain’t worth a plug nickel. You’re better off dead. That’s a message for “the Trump,” and Friends. Good luck with that!

It’s really curious how the trolls are making a field day of this, all pointing fingers in every direction except at Trump. I think that they would hand over the country to Russian, and other criminals; lock, stock, and barrel; out of hatred for freedom, from racism, and for hatred of women.

The original reports were that Trump was present during some of Epstein’s escapades. If so, then he has a big debt to Karma. The Wheel will come round.

To Donald Trump: (an ode)
“Hellhounds are on your trail boy, can’t you hear them bay? “Old Scratch” got a paper with your name on it, he’ll be there when you pass away. Ain’t no place to run; ain’t no place to hide. The “Old Man’s” coming for your black soul; and in Hell you will abide.”

To borrow from “Simka Gravis:” “That’s a curse.” Have a nice day!

Note: Jeffrey Epstein was a bona fide genius. Donald Trump is, to put it mildly, NOT! I’m betting that we haven’t heard the last of the late Mr. Epstein, though he would have to speak from the grave.

When 45* loses immunity, in 2020; the whole world is going to cave in on him. And many, many others. Every one of them knew better than to follow a criminal. They dug their own graves, and no one will shed a single tear over the bones of traitors.

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Air Force brat. My dad was shepherd to a bunch of B-52's; the GI's called that place "20 Minutes From Armageddon;" because a missile launched in East Germany would pop over our heads twenty minutes later. That put me in some of the best schools anywhere. I wrote in the Press Office of a powerful, charismatic Midwestern Governor. I dabble in graphic arts. My 50+ entertainment sites get a few million visits, and I have stopped counting the fans, likes, and shares, per year. I've rambled the world, hitched around the continent (counter-clockwise). Climbed a couple of teeners, been to a couple of thousand rock, blues, and jazz concerts. I was at a free concert on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA with about 350,000 freaks and hippies; and other festivals. I won a writing contest when I was six. It was a Poe-like horror story taken from an account of a mining disaster. I had already been reading Edgar Allan Poe (which may explain a lot). I could read before I could talk. I implemented some of the first client/server, TCP-IP networks (the Internet) at many of the world's largest corporations. I know a half-dozen programming languages, and have implemented and administered many network operating systems. Right now I build ebikes, and lithium batteries from scratch. I was taught that race and ethnicity don't set us apart. I think that the best thing that could happen in this country would be if a woman were to be elected President of the United States. I admire President Obama more than any man in history, save one.

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Flight logs prove that trump flew on epstein’s private plane even though he lied when he claimed he had not.

Yes he will pay for his crimes but I hope it will be in this life and not the next because I want to see him suffer, and don’t plan to end up in the same place he does. I’m not so good with the heat.

Former mobster says Bill Barr made a secret visit to jail before Epstein’s death: ‘Something’s not right there’


Well…with Michael Cohen out of the picture, Trump needed a new “fixer” and Barr’s already proven he’s just the right slimeball to be that.

There are way too many questionable things swirling around this death and this latest news about Barr’s visit is scary stuff that needs to be fully investigated.

That said, I see that the source for this info is a mobster who represents that Barr “may” have visited Epstein so that makes this a little suspect. Have to wait to see if other sources confirm this.


Former mobster who would know people on the inside I would think.

Some fixer. Everyone knows that he’s a lying pos who deserves to be disbarred and impeached. Some legacy for a man helping trump to break the law and actually encouraging it. Barr’s life after trump? Finished as the Republican Party fizzles and dies.


Aside from this new claim, another question should be asked now, shouldn’t Barr be fired for this happening on his watch? He was the one in charge of that prison and Epstein was one of the highest priority prisoners the US had. It was Barr’s responsibility to make sure he was safely held in federal prison to stand trial.

So he asked for investigations, so what? He’ll just come out with a summary of the investigation that exonerates Trump of collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice.

Barr has destroyed any credibility he might have originally had (which wasn’t much after he auditioned for the position writing an article declaring Trump above the law) so now when he wants to have the public believe him, only the GOP cultists will.