We are hosting a live chat tonight during the First Democratic Debate for the 2020 presidential nomination! Share your responses and reactions to the debate in real time with your fellow members! Tonight’s debate and our live chat starts at 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey jac! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hi jac 3 hours ago

Hope all is well your way. AdLib 3 hours ago

More folks will be arriving shortly. AdLib 3 hours ago

Watching Baseball College World Series. jac 3 hours ago

I saw that it was on. Who’s playing right now? AdLib 3 hours ago

Final Game Vanderbilt 4 Michigan 1 jac 3 hours ago

Wow…Vanerbilt is winning in the final? AdLib 3 hours ago

Vanderbilt AdLib 3 hours ago

Vanderbilt 6 jac 3 hours ago

HR? AdLib 3 hours ago

No . I saw the inning jac 3 hours ago

Oh. Haven’t followed college baseball as closely but surprised that Vanderbilt has such a strong team. AdLib 3 hours ago

The Dems are coming out on stage now. AdLib 3 hours ago

Any Dems at the top of your list at this point? AdLib 3 hours ago

Warren in purple, symbolic I think. All men dressed the same. AdLib 3 hours ago

Gabbard in red, also symbolic. AdLib 3 hours ago

Klobuchar in black and red, not symbolic but looks fine. AdLib 3 hours ago

30 seconds… AdLib 3 hours ago

Warren did fine on first question but a little stiff, understandable. Klobuchar was very stiff but points were good. AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto seems very much at ease…but his rush into speaking Spanish seems a bit overkill. Would work fine if it wasn’t jumped into so quickly, IMO. AdLib 2 hours ago

His points were solid though. AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto doesn’t support Warren’s 70% tax on millionaires. AdLib 2 hours ago

I didn’t like Spanish. jac 2 hours ago

Same here, seemed to premeditated. AdLib 2 hours ago

too AdLib 2 hours ago

Notice that the questioning is all about asking other Dems if they oppose Warren’s proposals. How lame is that? How about debating the issues??? AdLib 2 hours ago

I really dislike the MSM. They want to make this debate a fistfight to get ratings. Not ask important questions about issues! AdLib 2 hours ago

Warren is holding her own though. AdLib 2 hours ago