We are hosting a live chat tonight during the First Democratic Debate for the 2020 presidential nomination! Share your responses and reactions to the debate in real time with your fellow members! Tonight’s debate and our live chat starts at 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hey jac! AdLib 3 hours ago

Hi jac 3 hours ago

Hope all is well your way. AdLib 3 hours ago

More folks will be arriving shortly. AdLib 3 hours ago

Watching Baseball College World Series. jac 3 hours ago

I saw that it was on. Who’s playing right now? AdLib 3 hours ago

Final Game Vanderbilt 4 Michigan 1 jac 3 hours ago

Wow…Vanerbilt is winning in the final? AdLib 3 hours ago

Vanderbilt AdLib 3 hours ago

Vanderbilt 6 jac 3 hours ago

HR? AdLib 3 hours ago

No . I saw the inning jac 3 hours ago

Oh. Haven’t followed college baseball as closely but surprised that Vanderbilt has such a strong team. AdLib 3 hours ago

The Dems are coming out on stage now. AdLib 3 hours ago

Any Dems at the top of your list at this point? AdLib 3 hours ago

Warren in purple, symbolic I think. All men dressed the same. AdLib 3 hours ago

Gabbard in red, also symbolic. AdLib 3 hours ago

Klobuchar in black and red, not symbolic but looks fine. AdLib 3 hours ago

30 seconds… AdLib 3 hours ago

Warren did fine on first question but a little stiff, understandable. Klobuchar was very stiff but points were good. AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto seems very much at ease…but his rush into speaking Spanish seems a bit overkill. Would work fine if it wasn’t jumped into so quickly, IMO. AdLib 2 hours ago

His points were solid though. AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto doesn’t support Warren’s 70% tax on millionaires. AdLib 2 hours ago

I didn’t like Spanish. jac 2 hours ago

Same here, seemed to premeditated. AdLib 2 hours ago

too AdLib 2 hours ago

Notice that the questioning is all about asking other Dems if they oppose Warren’s proposals. How lame is that? How about debating the issues??? AdLib 2 hours ago

I really dislike the MSM. They want to make this debate a fistfight to get ratings. Not ask important questions about issues! AdLib 2 hours ago

Warren is holding her own though. AdLib 2 hours ago

First question that isn’t about trying to get Dems to attack Warren, made to Castro about equal pay for women. AdLib 2 hours ago

Syria’s Assad’s buddy Gabbard is talking about foreign affairs when not asked about it. AdLib 2 hours ago

No pro abortion jac 2 hours ago

No mention yet. AdLib 2 hours ago

Sorry about this but Delaney reminds me of Elmer Fudd. AdLib 2 hours ago

Inslee is pandering, he doesn’t have a persona that seems as accessible. AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey Kes! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey, AdLib! And all. Hope your evening is going well. Elizabeth W looking good so far, I think. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Yes, she is doing what she’s been doing in her campaign. AdLib 2 hours ago

Yes she does jac 2 hours ago

“I have a plan for that.” kesmarn 2 hours ago

Bingo! AdLib 2 hours ago

Beto is pushing a bit, not as at ease as he was in his Senate campaign. Lots of pressure on that stage. AdLib 2 hours ago

DeBlasio is breaking the debate rules to elevate himself and others are now doing the same. Oh well… AdLib 2 hours ago

Right. You can feel it. DeBlasio trying to break away from the pack. Elmer Fudd is going down…. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Heh! “I’m hunting wabbits!” AdLib 2 hours ago

LOL! And pretty much everyone up there was “born in a log cabin.” kesmarn 2 hours ago

I really don’t see the appeal of the “moderate” candidatess who argue for keeping the for-profit insurance system in place. AdLib 2 hours ago

I’ve seen Tulsi in person and she’s much more dynamic and impressive than she seems to be tonight. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Everyone should pay the same for healthcare. jac 2 hours ago

Right. Private health insurance is supremely BROKEN at the moment and most people are all to aware of that. kesmarn 2 hours ago

*all too, not all to… oy… kesmarn 2 hours ago

About time jac 2 hours ago

Kes – Though I’m not crazy about her, I think Tulsi is doing fine tonight. AdLib 2 hours ago

She hasn’t made a major mistake. Just seems nervous. (And — really — why wouldn’t she be?) kesmarn 2 hours ago

jac – Agreed, health care should be a right and not leveraged for profit at the expense of people’s lives and health. AdLib 2 hours ago

All of them seem nervous, I expect that to dissipate a bit as the night goes on. AdLib 2 hours ago

Castro looking good. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Castro is making good points, he lacks a bit of charisma but was on target, AdLib 2 hours ago

When it comes down to it, I have a feeling any of these people (even Elmer Fudd) would make a better Prez than the Orange Menace. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Warren is settling in. Appreciated Klobuchar’s response to Inslee claiming he’s the only one who’s done anything about women’s rights to health care and abortion. AdLib 2 hours ago

When O’Bamacare started many said Hospital’s Dr’s Etc would go out of Business. That ended up to be a lie. The GOP didn’t get rid of it. jac 2 hours ago

There is no bad candidate up there, IMO. Though Elmer Fudd makes me chuckle too much. AdLib 2 hours ago

Haha! Annnd now, predatory capitalism has to take a break to sell us something. kesmarn 2 hours ago

jac – Yes, the absolutist lie is being pushed by Elmer Fudd, that somehow every other developed country in the world can have national health care but if the US did it, all the hospitals would close and doctors would quit to become coal miners. AdLib 2 hours ago

“The wealthy corporations have corrupted our economy for profit!” “And now a commercial for Chase Bank!” AdLib 2 hours ago

Followed by a pitch from Big Pharma. Jose Diaz-Ballart bringing on the Full Drama. kesmarn 2 hours ago

My husband has family members that were or still are coal miners. Why I don’t know. jac 2 hours ago

Castro is a smart and solid guy but I don’t know that he has the “electricity” to be the nominee and beat Trump. AdLib 2 hours ago

Hi, jac! I think in some families it’s become almost a tradition. I live not too far from coal country. Southern Ohio and W. VA. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Hey Escribacat! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hi Jenuwin! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hi, e’cat! kesmarn 2 hours ago

Hi folks, watching the debate! Very exciting. escribacat 2 hours ago

And Jenuwin… in Atlanta! kesmarn 2 hours ago

I want them all. Well, almost all escribacat 2 hours ago

Hey there Kes escribacat 2 hours ago

It’s like trying to pick an icecream at 31 Flavors, they all look good. AdLib 2 hours ago

LOL escribacat 2 hours ago

Hello from Atlanta! Jenuwin 2 hours ago

true Ad Lib Jenuwin 2 hours ago

about the ice cream Jenuwin 2 hours ago

Castro is kicking a bit of behind! Doing very well! AdLib 2 hours ago

I think the Dems should insist that the later debates (involving Trump) be conducted in Spanish. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Booker is registering now. AdLib 2 hours ago

De Blasio is still pushing a bit too hard, IMO. AdLib 2 hours ago

Yeah… Did any moderator even call on De Blasio this time? kesmarn 2 hours ago

Warren and Booker are my favorites jac 2 hours ago

I’ve been waiting since 2016 for this, to have a focus on top Dems promoting our values and attacking Trump and his hatred. AdLib 2 hours ago

Adlib, it is so refreshing to hear them speak. escribacat 2 hours ago

I’m so sick of the tweeting jerkoff escribacat 2 hours ago

Man half these folks speak Spanish!!! escribacat 2 hours ago

Maybe we should have had a Spanish debate jac 2 hours ago

How do we feel about Beto repeatedly speaking in Spanish? A smart outreach or a contrived gimmick? AdLib 2 hours ago

Trump would be standing there with his jaw on his chest all the way through a debate in Spanish. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Whoa… Castro is not impressed by O’Rourke’s Spanish. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Melania is the one that speaks every language but English jac 2 hours ago

He’d say “Quit speaking your damn languages” escribacat 2 hours ago

Castro going after Beto hard. Kind of working but now getting a bit annoying as he talks over Beto again and again. AdLib 2 hours ago

The mods are losing control. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Uh-oh, let’s not let this debate devolve into everyone talking over everyone! MODERATORS!!! DO YOUR JOB! AdLib 2 hours ago

I want more of Inslee, my gov escribacat 2 hours ago

don’t think contrived, that his background and heritage and the heritage of many Americans. Jenuwin 2 hours ago

Jenuwin – Appreciate that but it seems calculated, not organic. AdLib 2 hours ago

This is being televised on Telemundo, so that’s why they are speaking so much Spanish escribacat 2 hours ago

They haven’t called on Inslee very often so far. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Oh, Julian is speaking over Beto….I’m on delayed streaming escribacat 2 hours ago

escrib – Good point, you and Jenuwin make on that, now that you point out Telemundo. Okay, you two are right, I’m convinced. AdLib 2 hours ago

isn’t everything in Politics calculated? Jenuwin 2 hours ago

for sure, they’ve been practicing etc. escribacat 2 hours ago

Whoops, Tim Ryan stunbling a little, looking stressed. AdLib 2 hours ago

We need someone really tough to beat the shit out of the beast escribacat 2 hours ago

Too bad… Because he really is a pretty cool guy. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Jenuwin – Much is calculated but the winners in debates come off natural and like they are improvising. Even if they are rehearsed, looking rehearsed is a minus. AdLib 2 hours ago

Kes, I’m not a fan of Tim Ryan…. escribacat 2 hours ago

Kes, here’s Inslee! AdLib 2 hours ago

There you go. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Why do people bitch about immigrants. They are the most gutsy people from their home countries. Look what they go through to get here! escribacat 2 hours ago

Whoops, E-cat mentioned wanting more Inslee! Here it is! AdLib 2 hours ago

I’m still minutes behind b/c I’m streaming. It’s Tim Ryan right now escribacat 2 hours ago

Elmer Fudd got cut off! AdLib 2 hours ago

Who is that….Delaney? escribacat 2 hours ago

escrib – Inslee’s coming! AdLib 2 hours ago

e’cat — one of the debaters was saying that a big percentage of American science awards are received by people who weren’t born here. kesmarn 2 hours ago

I hope to get on Inslee’s public option. My deductible is so high it’s like not being insured escribacat 2 hours ago

Kes, Yeah I heard that. escribacat 2 hours ago

Yes, Delaney reminds me of Elmer Fudd. He sounds smart though his aggressive moderate approach turns me off enough to admit that. AdLib 2 hours ago

LOL Adlib. He’s so drab. escribacat 2 hours ago

Unlike Cory Booker who is too good looking for his own good. escribacat 2 hours ago

Hope you can get on that public option as well, e’cat. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Escrib – Booker looks like an actor convincingly playing a pol. AdLib 2 hours ago

Seriously. He’s a hottie escribacat 2 hours ago

I love Inslee b/c his #1 priority is climate change and green energy escribacat 2 hours ago

Klobuchar is smart as a whip and makes great points but does she seem like she could be the Dem nom? AdLib 2 hours ago

Klobuchar can appeal to all those midwestern white people. She wins in Trump districts escribacat 2 hours ago

I just figured out who Klobuchar reminds me of — Marcy Kaptur. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Hi Guest 352! If you’re a member, you need to sign onto PlanetPOV first so you can chat here. AdLib 2 hours ago

If you’re not a member Guest 352, you can quickly join too! AdLib 2 hours ago

Yes, Guest 352, it only takes a minute! kesmarn 2 hours ago

Kes, I always get Marcy Kaptur mixed up with Mitzi Kaptur who was a TV star back in the 90s escribacat 2 hours ago

Gabbard is staying with foreign policy, saying the right things but I know her background of supporting Trump after he was elected and supporting Assad in Syria so she has too much prblematic baggage to get far. AdLib 2 hours ago

I like Klobuchar because she’s calm like Obama. I like calm candidates escribacat 2 hours ago

Haha! Marcy is a House Rep. from NW Ohio. kesmarn 2 hours ago

By the way CAN’T WAIT TIL JULY 17 escribacat 2 hours ago

July 17? kesmarn 2 hours ago

Mueller testifying in open hearing escribacat 2 hours ago

Oh yeah! kesmarn 2 hours ago

I think it’s that mid-America thing. Klobuchar has that persona which is smart and serious but not as emotional. Can be a deficit when people want an emotive candidate. AdLib 2 hours ago

I’m not a fan of Gabbard escribacat 2 hours ago

Adlib, true. I know that’s why some people like Bernie, cuz he rants. (That’s why I don’t like him) escribacat 2 hours ago

But I agree, in these circumstances, we want a pugilist. escribacat 2 hours ago

Now we’re getting the bank and insurance commercials… Sigh… kesmarn 2 hours ago

Kes, LOL. Of course. escribacat 2 hours ago

Yes, did you see Trump go mental today in the tv interview after news broke that Mueller will testify? He claimed Mueller “terminated” the texts from Strzok. Huh? He only got copies! AdLib 2 hours ago

Wonder what Trump will be tweeting tonight. His spin of all of this? jac 2 hours ago

Oh boy… I don’t know whether I’m going to be able to handle Chuck and Rachel. kesmarn 2 hours ago

Donald has dementia. He already tweeted “Boring” escribacat 2 hours ago

Trump is flying to G20 Summit, he must be ready to jump out of the plane. AdLib an hour ago

I wish he would escribacat an hour ago

I wish someone would push him out. Preferably Melania escribacat an hour ago

I can’t stand Chuckles. AdLib an hour ago

Did you hear him say today that it’s none of our business what he and Putin talk about? escribacat an hour ago

Hey Chuck, how about doing an expose on your comb over? AdLib an hour ago

Amateur night at NBC. The interns are handling the audio. Oh well… more time for commercials. kesmarn an hour ago

NBC: Not Brilliant Communications. AdLib an hour ago

LOL! Oyyez! kesmarn an hour ago

Anything better then Fox jac an hour ago

Or “New Business for Corporations.” kesmarn an hour ago

How do you mess up a production as simple as a debate? NBC shows you how! AdLib an hour ago

It reached the “Point of Terminal Complexity” (as my son says) where failure is inevitable. kesmarn an hour ago

Chuck’s little bangs disappeared. escribacat an hour ago

NBC – Never Believe Chuck AdLib an hour ago

Is the sound going to go out or something? escribacat an hour ago

Okay so far, just started on streaming escribacat an hour ago

Ooops, there are the little bangs escribacat an hour ago

It did, e’cat. They had to cut to a break. kesmarn an hour ago

Oh yeah, mic problem. escribacat an hour ago

ooops. escribacat an hour ago

Secrib – They left the mikes open on the previous moderators and they were chatting backstage while Chuckie tried to ask his precious question. AdLib an hour ago

NBC “No Bangs on Chuck”? kesmarn an hour ago

Escrib AdLib an hour ago

rrrrowww jabberwockies in the back room escribacat an hour ago

NBC – Natty Bangs Chuckie AdLib an hour ago

Will we overhear them say something embarrrasing? escribacat an hour ago

I like Rachel though. I watch her every night these days, though she is incredibly repetitive. escribacat an hour ago

escrib – I thought I heard them say, “Let’s see Chuckles mess up now!” AdLib an hour ago

LOL. You made that up! escribacat an hour ago

I don’t know anybody who says nice things about that poor sod escribacat an hour ago

Rachel is smart and effective though her redundant approach to story telling gets a bit challenging at times. AdLib an hour ago

I think one of them commented that every time Chuck pulls on his goatee, a hundred more hairs disappear from the top of his head. kesmarn an hour ago

Yeah, she must do the repeating on purpose, figuring nobody listened the first three times she said it. escribacat an hour ago

LOL escribacat an hour ago

Warren nailing gun violence emotionally and smartly now. She offers details including researching the best approaches. AdLib an hour ago

I don’t have cable any more so Rachel’s not an option. But the relentless and repetitious emotionalism was getting exhausting when I bailed out. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes, I don’t have cable either. NBC streams her show after about 10 pm Pacific Time so I watch it much later at night escribacat an hour ago

Yes, and Warren makes allowances for legit hunters who know how to use their guns safely. Good common sense. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes – Yes, Rachel pursues unique stories often that make a difference but she is an entertainer and uses techniques that can be distracting at times. But she does a great job in many cases. AdLib an hour ago

e’cat, my local NBC outlet doesn’t seem to have that option. Dunno why. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes, people I know here say they can’t chase the coyotes away from their yard in the hills without an AR-15 escribacat an hour ago

Booker did very well on guns after Warren. AdLib an hour ago

Kes, I have Roku. escribacat an hour ago

Yes, he did. kesmarn an hour ago

Like that optimism, Mr. Castro. kesmarn an hour ago

escrib – Well…there are many effective rifles out there, the AR-15 was designed to kill many human beings quickly. I think that’s an argument that isn’t factual. AdLib an hour ago

Tim Ryan’s haircut looks like it’s cowering from Chuckies’ bangs. AdLib an hour ago

Adlib, maybe they have quadruple vision and see four coyotes for every one escribacat an hour ago

Ryan offers few specifics, just dramatic pronouncments. AdLib an hour ago

Good points, Mr. Ryan. Traumatized kids need help. kesmarn an hour ago

\n argument to be opposed to any limits on gun ownership. AdLib an hour ago

Whoops! I wrote: “True Escrib and maybe they want a straw man argument to be opposed to any limits on gun ownership. AdLib an hour ago

Hoping Ryan means address trauma in ADDITION to sensible gun control. kesmarn an hour ago

SHUT UP CHUCK! No one is calling for gun confiscation!!! Aside from military weapons that shouldn’t be in the hands of citizens anymore than bazookas should be. AdLib an hour ago

Tim Ryan has not earned the stripes to be up there. escribacat an hour ago

It is like a salve to hear all of the smart and concerned responses to all the issues we’ve mostly seen only Trump’s lies and hatred on. AdLib an hour ago

Vanderbilt wins 8 to 2. jac an hour ago

Adlib, true. Medicine. We are not lost escribacat an hour ago

Elmer fudd is rattling his shotgun again and being told, “Eh, not now Doc!” AdLib an hour ago

jac – Impressive! And I’ve learned something new, that Vanderbilt is a baseball powerhouse. AdLib an hour ago

Go Vanderbilt! kesmarn an hour ago

De Blasio is pushing again so hard. I like him as NY Mayor but I think we need someone who’s not a New Yorker like Trump. AdLib an hour ago

Lots of New Yorkers sseem to hate de Blasio though I don’t know why escribacat an hour ago

Warren has a plan to deal with McConnell if she becomes President. Does it involve making turtle soup? AdLib an hour ago

Warren — so very smart. Staying quiet until she can really make a statement. kesmarn an hour ago

Escrib – Yes, that’s true. De Blasio is a bit of a hustler, not terribly but enough that it turns off some New Yorkers. AdLib an hour ago

Rachel is keeping them in shape! escribacat an hour ago

Elmer says he’ll deal with McConnell by avoiding questions about how to deal with McConnell. AdLib an hour ago

Why does Elmer Fudd think he could run a successful campaign for president? (Of course, I don’t know why McConnell runs successfully) escribacat an hour ago

Shaddup Chuck escribacat an hour ago

I do like Warren. She’s tough escribacat an hour ago

I think Elmer Fudded it up. AdLib an hour ago

Delaney, more than Elmer Fudd, reminds me of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. Don Knotts escribacat an hour ago

I see the structure of answers a lot tonight, offer more specific examples of how something is a problem then offer solution. That’s fine with me but they could gain more points and attention by having less structured responses. AdLib an hour ago

Let’s nail Elaine Chou and take her sleazebag hubby down with her escribacat an hour ago

CHUCK YOU CHUCK! Really? A pressing issue is government bailing out areas damaged by natural disasters? Thanks for wasting our time, Chuckles! AdLib an hour ago

I think MIami will be hosed. escribacat an hour ago

I don’t think Inslee could say it though escribacat an hour ago

Miami Beach, The Keys and wetlands will be flooded while half of FL and its government insists Climate Change doesn’t exist. AdLib an hour ago

Louisiana is disappearing too escribacat an hour ago

Yep, Working class and blue collar party identity is HUGE. kesmarn an hour ago

Okay, Tim Ryan has announced he’s a douche. He dissed core Dem voters on the coasts as “elitists”, as Biden did. Brilliant strategy, he thinks he can win the Dem nom with CA and NY portrayed as the enemies? AdLib an hour ago

Miami Spends millions pumping water back into Biscayne Bay jac an hour ago

Although to be fair, I think Ryan wasn’t saying coastals ARE elites, they’re perceived as elites in big areas of flyover country. kesmarn an hour ago

jac – It’s eventually going to be futile, pumps can’t prevent a higher sea level from flooding Miami Beach. AdLib an hour ago

New York City subways will need uber-pumps too if they expect to keep them operating escribacat an hour ago

Kes – Like Biden, he and other “moderates” try pushing back against Progressives in their pursuit of Trump voters who they think will get them elected. In a General Election, it could at least be argued as a strategy but in the Dem Primary? Progressives are a huge part of the core voting base. Punching at them to get applause from Repub and conservative Dem voters is self-damaging. AdLib an hour ago

The problem with “working class blue collar party” is that there is too much homophobia, racism, misogyny, xenophobia and Trumpism. Yes, it’s a stereotype, but I think that’s why these folks jumped to Trump escribacat an hour ago

I know Ft Lauderdale put metal walls into the ground after Sandy destroy their beaches before the renourished the beaches. jac an hour ago

Escrib – The sad truth is that a big chunk of working class voters are Trump supporters and fine with racism, caged toddlers, oppressing and assaulting women. How about rallying those who helped Dems win a record breaking election in 2018 instead? AdLib an hour ago

e’cat, I think that kesmarn an hour ago

Oops… hit the wrong button kesmarn an hour ago

Adlib — yes, Dems are better off getting lazy non-voters to the polls than trying to convert Trumpsters. escribacat an hour ago

jac – That’s a good project to have built but it will be a continuous battle as sea level rises. AdLib an hour ago

I know I moved from the area a year and half ago. jac an hour ago

Being from a working class area of a flyover State, I have to say that I know very few racist, homophobic, misogynist blue collar workers personally. Maybe I’m just lucky. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes, I’m in a blue state and I know lots of them! escribacat an hour ago

blue coastal state escribacat an hour ago

Escrib – Exactly! Help those who are natural allies and supporters of Dem positions to vote instead of wasting energy on converting Trump cultists. That’s not what Claire McKaskill tried, she chased Trump voters and ignored likely Dem voters and now she’s out of office and just a pundit. AdLib an hour ago

I have no way to account for the difference. I just know that i know quite a few open-minded, literate and thoughtful factory workers. kesmarn an hour ago

Who feel totally dissed by people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. kesmarn an hour ago

Gabbard is a one issue candidate, foreign affairs and war. But she has big vulnerabilities there. AdLib an hour ago

Still, she is spanking Ryan. AdLib an hour ago

Gabbard has been too chummy with Assad escribacat an hour ago

Kes, why do they feel dissed by DWS? escribacat an hour ago

Kes – Couldn’t imagine you around many intolerant people. AdLib an hour ago

They felt that she viewed them as simpletons and the midwest as a monolith composed of dimwits who could be easily manipulated by their intellectual superiors. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes – Yes, hubris and elitism is slef-destructive. AdLib an hour ago

self AdLib an hour ago

Beto is scoring big points on his confronting impeachment of Trump. Well said. AdLib an hour ago

Absolutely. And when people are told that their “betters” will decide for them how they feel and whom they will vote for, they’re very likely to come back with an “Oh, really??” response. kesmarn an hour ago

Kes, I think there is a distrust of “coastal elites” in the midwest. I saw it in Colorado (blaming all the problems on California and New york). But there is a disdain, eg, “bum#### Iowa” attitude and disdain for Christians escribacat an hour ago

Kes – Because people don’t appreciate being treated like morons and inferiors. AdLib an hour ago

Right. I lived in CT for years, so it’s not as though I have no “coastal” experience. But the stereotypes are not helpful — on either side of the equation. kesmarn an hour ago

Inslee scored #1 threat is Dump escribacat an hour ago

Kes, I agree. escribacat 44 minutes ago

escrib – But I think a Dem leader needs to be someone who fights against that kind of demonization and division, not promotes it with generalizing about all people living on the coasts as being “elitists”. We have many rural people in CA, many working class folks, it’s insultingthem to generalize them like that so folks like Ryan and Biden have a big surprise coming in the primaries. AdLib 44 minutes ago

Yes Escrib, Inslee scored on Trump as biggest threat but those who said only China kind of failed. China is a big threat but Trump, Climate Change and Russia are all more urgent. AdLib 42 minutes ago

We’ve got one segment left! AdLib 42 minutes ago

And tomorrow night, we’ve got another debate! AdLib 41 minutes ago

Too bad choicelady isn’t here tonight. She was so eloquent when it came to the history of the Dem Party — especially in the 1970s when it started to become “uncool” to identify with blue collar workers. She always argued that it was a major mistake, which still has repercussions today. kesmarn 41 minutes ago

Closing statements… AdLib 40 minutes ago

Kes, I remember her talking about that. escribacat 40 minutes ago

Elmer is on a mission…”Kill the rabbit, Kill the rabbit…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weHNnsMY82A

AdLib 39 minutes ago

kesmarn 38 minutes ago

De Blasio is a talented politician but do we want a brash NYer being the one going up against the brash NYer? AdLib 38 minutes ago

I don’t think de Blasio will be in the race for very long escribacat 38 minutes ago

Trump will eat him up and spit him out jac 38 minutes ago

Bloomberg would have a better shot than de Blasio escribacat 38 minutes ago

I hope Justin Amash runs as an independent. escribacat 37 minutes ago

Inslee comes off as sincere and really caring about issues, especially Climate Change but not sure he’s got what the nom needs. AdLib 37 minutes ago

Or Weld escribacat 37 minutes ago

I really like Inslee. The Trumpsters around here go insane with hatred toward him. He must be doing something right. escribacat 37 minutes ago

I agree on Bloomberg jac 37 minutes ago

Bloomberg is not a sterling speaker though, de Blasio is stronger as a pol. AdLib 37 minutes ago

Yes, e’cat. It would be nice to see someone like Amash split off a big chunk of GOP voters. kesmarn 37 minutes ago

Tim Ryan should be over soon. AdLib 36 minutes ago

And Gabbard will be gone soon. escribacat 36 minutes ago

And Elmer Fudd escribacat 36 minutes ago

I hope Inslee can stay in longer just to keep the topic of climate change on the front burner. He doesn’t have a real shot though and he knows it escribacat 36 minutes ago

Gabbard again hitting the foreign policy/military note. Not the top issue for most Dem voters. Now she is wish listing, no thianks. AdLib 35 minutes ago

At the end of 2 hours, Tulsi finally hits her stride. kesmarn 35 minutes ago

Tulsi is an islamaphobe escribacat 35 minutes ago

Kes – Her presentation is strong though she has no specifics. AdLib 35 minutes ago

I think Warren comes out on top tonight. Even though she had only about 30% of the air time everyone else did. kesmarn 34 minutes ago

Castro closes well, missing a little charism. AdLib 33 minutes ago

Right. kesmarn 33 minutes ago

Booker maybe a little too smooth. kesmarn 33 minutes ago

Klobuchar is smart but restrained, maybe too much. AdLib 33 minutes ago

Agreed. kesmarn 33 minutes ago

Booker seems like he should be more popular than he is. Something missing that’s hard to put your finger on. AdLib 32 minutes ago

He’s hard to figure out. kesmarn 32 minutes ago

Beto closed well, good charisma though did he stand out enough tonight? AdLib 31 minutes ago

I like Booker. I got a lecture from a couple of NJers who said he was an empty suit escribacat 31 minutes ago

They must have been Republicans jac 30 minutes ago

No, liberal dems escribacat 30 minutes ago

I’ve heard that too, e’cat. kesmarn 30 minutes ago

Klobuchar can appeal to the folks that Kes is talking about escribacat 30 minutes ago

He did a lot for Newark. Many don’t like Newark jac 29 minutes ago

Warren has the human touch and the miral charisma. She seemed to hold her leading position but most everyone did well. AdLib 29 minutes ago

Booker’s limits may be his corporate/centrist positions. AdLib 28 minutes ago

LOL! The local news just came on and the anchor accidentally mentioned “Cookie Borer,” meaning “Corey Booker.” TOO funny! kesmarn 28 minutes ago

I don’t know that Warren can’t appeal to the same voters Klobuchar would, for the most part. AdLib 28 minutes ago

Ouch! And no Elmer Fudd reference? AdLib 27 minutes ago

Haha… no. She corrected herself right way, but it was already spoken by then. kesmarn 27 minutes ago

So everyone, whose stock went up, who’s on the way out and who stayed the same? AdLib 27 minutes ago

MSNBC people are calling de Blasio obnoxious. AdLib 27 minutes ago

I thought Elmer Fudd was extremely boring. escribacat 26 minutes ago

Most of them did well though escribacat 26 minutes ago

Escrib –

AdLib 26 minutes ago

Castro on his way out jac 26 minutes ago

Castro seemed too grim and uptight though I usually like him escribacat 26 minutes ago

I think Elmer, Ryan, Gabbard and possibly Inslee are not looking too likely. kesmarn 26 minutes ago

MSNBC people think Warren did well for herself. Say Beto didn’t do as well as he needed. AdLib 25 minutes ago

I would add de Blasio to that list of not lasting much longer. AdLib 24 minutes ago

Ha. Politico reporter says Castro nailed Beto escribacat 24 minutes ago

Beto resorted to his usual stock sound bites. Needed something more inspiring that that. kesmarn 24 minutes ago

Castro did go after Beto but I think both suffered for it. AdLib 24 minutes ago

Too bad AOC is so young. She would have shaken the place up tonight. kesmarn 23 minutes ago

Yes, I think Beto undermined himself. Heh! MSNBC saying what I did above about Beto using structured responses beginning with an anecdote, feeling too rehearsed. AdLib 23 minutes ago

I agree Beto seemed stiff and rehearsed escribacat 22 minutes ago

AOC 2028! AdLib 22 minutes ago

Yes! kesmarn 22 minutes ago

I think AOC has a little bit more growing up to do. Okay, throw tomatoes escribacat 22 minutes ago

Well, kids. 11 p.m. here in corn country. So I may call it a day. This really has been fun. I’ve missed it! kesmarn 21 minutes ago

Too bad, Beto had such a window of opportunity coming off of his 2018 run against Cruz. He’s blown it by being to careful and too strategic. Voters want sincerity and connection. AdLib 21 minutes ago

Glad you made it here, Kes! DOn’t forget, we have tomorrow night too! AdLib 21 minutes ago

I think Beto already lost his stride because it was stolen from him by Buttiegig escribacat 21 minutes ago

See you soon, Kes escribacat 21 minutes ago

kesmarn 20 minutes ago

Adlib: a tweet from Karoli: Karoli ‏ @Karoli 1m1 minute ago I’m really tired of being demonized as if I have no problems because I live on a coast. escribacat 19 minutes ago

Yes, Beto has missed his window I think. AdLib 18 minutes ago

escrib – I like Karoli and agree completely with her. This demonizing of Dems on the coasts is suicidal and Trumpesque. AdLib 18 minutes ago

Who do you think came off best? AdLib 17 minutes ago

But it’s not new. People who have always lived in Colorado are always whining about the coastal states escribacat 17 minutes ago

I think I’m too biased to judge objectively. My favorites came off best

escribacat 16 minutes ago

Castro, Klobuchar, Booker, Inslee escribacat 16 minutes ago

I think all did well but I don’t think the race changes much after tonight. Aside from Warren affirming her worthiness of support being the biggest win, not stumbling. AdLib 15 minutes ago

Escrib – I plead guilty to that too. I think Warren held solidly as a competitor and leader. But all (except Elmer Fudd) seemed solid enough to be president. AdLib 13 minutes ago

Chris Matthews drooling over de Blasio now…despite other MSNBC pundits seeing him as coming off as obnoxious. AdLib 13 minutes ago

Ugh. Chris Matthews=mute button escribacat 11 minutes ago

Yep, can’t stand the clueless fool. AdLib 10 minutes ago

If I were a no-name candidate (that nobody has ever heard of) I’d go after Trump big time so he would tweet about me obsessively and I would then have name recognition. escribacat 10 minutes ago

That is a great strategy. MSNBC pundits noting that Trump was hardly discussed by the candidates tonight. AdLib 9 minutes ago

I think tomorrow night may be more confrontational. AdLib 8 minutes ago

Yes, it will be interesting. Will you have another chat session? escribacat 8 minutes ago

Yes, hope you can make it! Really enjoyed the chat! AdLib 8 minutes ago

Yes, me too! I will be here! escribacat 7 minutes ago

Signing off to eat escribacat 7 minutes ago

Great! You get my vote! AdLib 7 minutes ago

Seeya tomorrow night! AdLib 7 minutes ago

C.U. escribacat 7 minutes ago

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