c u then pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 7 days ago

Don’t forget to say “Trump For Sale!” Or “Hi!” when you arrive! AdLib 7 days ago

Did you wish Trumpty Dumpty a Happy Birthday…may it be his last one….mean spirite d I know. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Happy Birthday, John McCain! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 7 days ago

I hope this is his last as president and a free man pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

That is kinder than mine! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Hi ad, Murph! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hello guest from Vancouver! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

well. Murph, if he’s dead, he can’t feel any hatred any more, or be made small. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Technically you can’t wish Trump “Happy Birthday, he wasn’t born, he wasn’t hatches from a reptile egg. AdLib 7 days ago

Hi, 520, welcome pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I hear the Queen is planning to start a Trump Fan Club in the UK given that she enjoyed his company more than anyone in recent memory…per trump. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Does anyone see any similarity between the Tories in UK and the GOP? If Boris the Bad gets in, we’re all DOOMED! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph, well, his thatch on his head reminded Her Maj of her beloved Corgis! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad has gone walkabout again!

pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph, how are your Farming guys doing? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

The UK Tories…..really do not reflect the GOP here for many reasons….and it would be very, very difficult for Boris to Trump…the british system would block him instantly. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO….the farmers continue with their issues but much of my time is being spent working on a backup for Planned Parenthood right now….. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

I understand, Murph, but the UK seems to be on a path to self-destruction as well. RWNJs, Religious nutters, etc. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Welcome, 608! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hello guest 608. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

ANy more Hollywood companies pulling out of Georgia? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO….yes, the UK is in the same wave that is seizing much of western europe, much of it in reaction to fear of immigrants, esp. Islamic immigrants. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

hiya glenn pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hi Glenn MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Evenin’ gents. How is everyone this evening/afternoon? glenn 7 days ago

I think I was Guest 608; I had to log in. Don’t know what happened to the other guest. glenn 7 days ago

Glenn were you going incognito? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Sorry, I’m on the run right now, will be in and out for a half hour then be back home. AdLib 7 days ago

Very quiet here in Oz, g. The usual Gummint walkback of election promises, the usual corrupted approval of a huge coalmine in Tropical Queensland, sme ol, same ol pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Is Ad being chased by night shadow? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–yeah, that’s me, trying to go undercover. You probably would’ve recognized my posts, though, so figured I might as well sign in. glenn 7 days ago

Glenn….yes, you are distinctive. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Fololoed by a Moon Shadow, eh, Ad? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–So sorry to hear about the huge coal mine in Queensland. I remember it as such a beautiful place. glenn 7 days ago

Queensland, not the coal mine! glenn 7 days ago

Yes, The Night King is after me. Thank goodness I have Dragon Glass. AdLib 7 days ago

Now is Glenn channeling Arya? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

bye bye Barrier Reef. Not all of it, but the dumb pollies actually believe there will be no ecological damage to it. Adani says so! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–I have no idea who Arya is. But I could be channeling her. glenn 7 days ago

the next person who alludes to GOT will get a poke in the eye! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ayra was the ninja woman in Game of Thrones who killed the Night King thus ending the reign of the Wraiths. Does that clear things up. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO…..were you a fan of Cersei then? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–Oooh, such a shame. It was over 25 years ago, but my trip to the Great Barrier is one of my fondest memories. glenn 7 days ago

Haven’t seen, nor wish to see one second of it, M pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO…..were you bitten by a dragon? You seem vexed. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–Oh, no wonder I had no idea who Arya is. I think I’m the only person in the entire United States that has not watched one episode of GOT. glenn 7 days ago

It looks like Glenn and PPO outnumber me here….GOT wise. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–is that a GOTcha post? glenn 7 days ago

Fergie hasn’t, either. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glen….clever Cleaver! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

oooh! heavy! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Can we have a dragon poke the treasonous lying bully in the eye? glenn 7 days ago

I read the Trump Admin has banned research on human foetal tissue, as if that will reduce the number of abortions. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO–well, we all know that logic is not a strong suit with this administration. glenn 7 days ago

BRB AdLib 7 days ago

OK, Ad, we’ll mutter along! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

What about the interview with George S? Could he bait Congress any more? Will pelosi please let us in on her strategy. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–what’s your take on the treasonous, lying bully’s statement(s) regarding foreign interference in our elections? glenn 7 days ago

Pelosi’s strategy is to not impeach and string it out AdLib 7 days ago

But Ad, when do the big proofs start to trickle? Looking too weak right now pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn….Trump speaks from his own experience and beliefs ….. which he regards as the best of all possible experiences and beliefs that anyone could have….. so his ignorance is bliss…..he does not read, he does not listen, he does not learn…so no surprise. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–From what I can infer, Pelosi wants to get as much of the treasonous, lying bully’s crimes out in to the public, so the public can see it all. However, not sure it’s working too well, because it gives the TLB’s supporters too much time to spin. And, of course, it also gives the media too much time to show us the “other side”. As if there is another side to the TLB’s crimes. A crime is a crime. glenn 7 days ago

PPO – I don’t think anything will change pelosi’s mind. She’s convinced she knows best AdLib 7 days ago

Murph–Yeah, I know. His beliefs even supersede the law. glenn 7 days ago

I sure hope she succeeds. The alternative is too horrifying to contemplate. BTW, just in from Twitter “This is hilarious! DC board rejects Trump Hotel effort to dismiss complaint seeking removal of liquor license on basis of Trump’s ‘character'” Aint that a kcik in the head! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glen – this is a matter of law and order. Right and wrong. But the refusal to impeach is supporting trumps destruction of our democracy AdLib 7 days ago

The proven road to charges of high crimes and misdemeanors that impeach the President is to build public sentiment via exploratory committees and lots of high public profile activity which still moving along legislation, going after the party for its failure to act……By the time the articles of impeachment were voted out of the house in the Nixon-Watergate debacle more than 50 percent of all GOP believed something was amiss with GOP members of the House and Senate showings public signs of cracking. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Ad–Only time will tell if Pelosi knows best. It is heartening to see some of the foxsocallednews personalities calling out the TLB’s nonsense, though. glenn 7 days ago

Ad–I agree. And, McConnell and the other cowardly repubs in the Senate are aiding in the destruction of our democracy right along with him. glenn 7 days ago

I was in a doctor’s office and noticed that a stalwart Trumper on his staff who has worn a rather understated MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–Do you think there are signs of the GOP cracking? I only see one, Amash. Am I missing something? glenn 7 days ago

Stop the Presses…..Howdy Rashaad! Murph Here! Meet the gang! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Hi, Rashaad, welcome. glenn 7 days ago

Welcome Rashaad

pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Everybody, meet Rashaad, one of pals from Yabberz. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Nice to meet you, Rashaad. glenn 7 days ago

Any friend of Murph’s….. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Good evening. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Nice to meet you Glenn. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Pretty free form here Rashaad…..drop in a topic, make a comment, or just sit in the gallery. We are here for an hour or so most nights but we have gone much longer when we are really rollling. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Happy John McCain Birthday to you, Rashaad pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph – this is not watergate. Crimes have been committed in plain sight also watergate took place right after an election we are running out of time to impeach before the election and if Trump wins and dems loose the house our country will be destroyed. Also I’m forcing the law is not driven by public opinion. AdLib 7 days ago

Murph–can you finish your thought about the doctor’s office? Please tell me that the TLB’s supporter is no longer a supporter. glenn 7 days ago

Same to you Pink. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Objectively Ad you are correct….but it is public pressure that has to be in placce, even more so now, that is a MUST. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Where do you live, Rash? US or elsewhere? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Glenn – both dems and repubs are impowering Trumps law breaking because neither are acting to stop him AdLib 7 days ago

US and you? Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Murph–I think you are correct in saying–or at least implying–that there is no objectivity left in this political climate. glenn 7 days ago

Hi rashaad! AdLib 7 days ago

I’m just observing tonight to get a feel of things. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Ad, that aspect of politics today is getting out of hand. When will Treasury, or Justice say enough draining the purse. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ah..the doc’s office. This person has worn a pendant for as long as I have been going there that is a slightly disguised MAGA button….now it is gone. I learned that she may be losing her job because there has been a downturn in patient load because the Trump admin is letting insurance companies redefine long term procedures as experimental and therefore not insurable. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Hello Ad, how are you doing? Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Melbourne, Australia. It is lunchtime here Saturday! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Wow! That’s a place that I would love to visit. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Ad–Not sure Dems can do much more than impeach, at this point. And, as Murph says, the Dems need to get more public opinion on their side, whether it’s the law or not. Because we all know that McConnell is NEVER going to let the Senate find the TLB guilty. glenn 7 days ago

It’s OK. One thing, it has far better healthcare provisions, Rash pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

The sides are so defined that one must chip off at least a few points from the other side (as Trump did in his so-called win) if the Dems are to take Trump on since some spoilage in his own backyard will weaken his base. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

I’ve heard. I’m an HGTV guy and like to watch and listening to some of the stories people share when they move there. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

I would expect that McConnell would refuse to appoint the officers of the Impeachment Trial that he is required to do…NO Mangers and Make the Dems try to make him. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Rashaad–observe all you want, but please feel free to “jump in” at any time. glenn 7 days ago

Murph – impeachment is a duty not American idol when a president commits crimes it is congresses duty to impeach. Public opinion will support impeachment as the process continues and shows Trump is a criminal. It’s like playing poker and betting into your hand when you start with a pair of aces. You don’t wait until the hands over and know that you won to put your money where your mouth is. AdLib 7 days ago

RH…..ditto Glenn. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

We watch HGTV as well, notice how it never rains in Aus? WRONG! I’t is tiddling down right now! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Sorry Ad…our constitution is broken…..and while I salute your ideals I want the man cut off at the legs and I beleive he will not and has a good chance of emerging unscathed. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–not sure anything will weaken the TLB’s base, but hopefully, more and more independents will make their voices heard re the destruction of norms, ethics, and our democracy. glenn 7 days ago

I believe that the Democrats need to impeach him. If not, it could cause problems at the ballot box. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Sorry folks, TLB? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Hey Rasheed, huge HGTV fan here, too. In fact, that’s what’s playing on my TV as I type here. glenn 7 days ago

It is the unaligned who need to step up Glenn…yes. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Yes, Pink. It also shows how nice it looks there as well. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

PPO–my new name for the so-called president. Remember, I used to call him the lying bully. But after this week, I’m calling him the treasonous lying bully, hence–the TLB. glenn 7 days ago

RH…you think the Dems would punish their own legislators if they do not move on impeachment even if it has no chance of actually accomplising anything. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

gottit, glenn. Like it too! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

TLB…yep. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Glenn, I DVR almost every night to ensure I don’t miss anything. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Murph, it’s possible because the Progressives have a different ideology and they want to move on it. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

RH…what do you DVD? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Rasheed–yes, Dems do need to impeach the TLB. But do you think it will backfire if the repubs in the Senate refuse to even begin a trial, as Murph says. glenn 7 days ago

BRB h AdLib 7 days ago

RH…would they vote against their own…and thus for those who hate them because the Dems did not move as they wanted them to? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Rasheed, glenn, they’re only showing shows from 2017 here! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad…are you running a crap game in your back room? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Nah, Murph, he’s checking how his pot plants are doing. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

I DVR House Hunters as well as the International version and several other programs. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

On another topic…any of you have any thoughts about the Iran situation….the blame game has begun….I feel Iraqi dejavu MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

I know I keep asking this, but is there no way to stop McConnell? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

PPO….LROL….Really out loud. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

RH….I enjoy HH as well…along with The Profit and First Time Flippers… MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph, at this stage I’m not sure how they will vote. It’s just getting to the point that the people including Progressive legislators are tired of the current situation. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

PPO–the old shows are still entertaining, IMO. glenn 7 days ago

PPO….McConnell is padding his resume with the far right….they will owe him big if/when he leaves and his wife has now been caught up in a conflcit of interest controversy… MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Pink, you’re missing a lot. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

g, yes, they are. Interesting that a lot of budgets are in the 250-450K range. That wouldn’t buy a Parking plot here! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

RH….there I agree with you……but Impeachment is a gun with one bullet…you only fire when you have the best chance of bringing the target down. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph, First Time Flippers is hilarious and educational. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Rasheed–I agree. We are all tired of the current situation and the TLB. Hopefully, Dems will step up the investigations to get some of the crimes before the public, and public opinion will change. glenn 7 days ago

Pink, LOL. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

PPO…..are your property values that high across the entire continent. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Glenn, I would like for them to hold public hearings so that the American people can become better informed. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

PPO–I’m with Murph–those are great property values. glenn 7 days ago

No, of course not, Murph. Just where people actually want to live. The main state capitals are the largest cities and hold approx 60% of the whole population! 23 million in the whole Continent. Rural areas are at give-away proces. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Japan contradicted the lies Pompeo pushed about Iran’s bombing tankers in the gulf. Don’t underestimate the evil Trump and his mob are capable of. AdLib 7 days ago

RH…..and those hearings are precisely what an Impeachment Inquiry Process would elevate…..but be prepared for the GOP to throw everyone in the way of the process. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Rasheed–I believe they’re working on those hearings. The other piece of that is we have to have the media report as much on those hearings as they do on the TLB’s tweets. glenn 7 days ago

Gotta go, the Friday Night Firewowrks are starting. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

PPO…are rural areas inhospitable? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

See ya Rasheed! AdLib 7 days ago

Good to have you here with us, Rasheed. Hope to see you next week. glenn 7 days ago

Glenn, they’re dragging their feet. Trump, Jr and Hope Hicks should be questioned in from of the American people. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Ad, I’m looking where few might want to look. Russia and Israel. Who wants Middle East turmoil moe than those 2? pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Ad……the “proof” being offered by Pompeo and gang is meager, slim, slight and jaded. Yeah, good enough for war. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Before I forget, Happy Father’s Day to those of my friends who are dads. glenn 7 days ago

good night Rasheed hope yto see you again pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Thanks! Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers here. Have a good evening. Rashaad Hadee 7 days ago

Happy Father’s Day, all Dads pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Take care RH…thanks for joining us. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Here’s my fondest wish. That one, just one, reporter would ask the TLB why he won’t testify, under oath, before Congress, so he can clear up all of these charges against him. glenn 7 days ago

Dad’s day……yes….happy to all…..I saw a great dad today at a store. Mom and dad had five kids with them from little to teen and they were a handful. In the midst of the rolling chaos the Mom turned to her husband and said: “This is crazy!” His answer: “Yep, and we really miss it when its gone.” MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–Awww… glenn 7 days ago

Glenn…his answer….”that is a fake news question…typical of you…..” MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Glenn…yep, that is what I said. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph, rural areas vary between lush grassland, tropical and semi tropical and deserts. Vast distance to travel. I used to travel 100 miles or so just for a barbeque, and drive home again!!! (HIC!) pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–follow up–why is it fake news? Don’t you want to show the American people how innocent you are? glenn 7 days ago

WoW….PPO….I love the country…..but that may be too much for me. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–must have been some damn good barbecue! glenn 7 days ago

Glenn…because, of course, the MSM lie about everything…and I (Trumper) won MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Won’t play into that! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Well gang. …I am going to celebrate the Blues Stanley Cup tomorrow in St. Louis. Big parade. Something happy to bring us together. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

glenn, according to HP and Twitter reports, Trump said he won’t testify under oath because he can’t guarantee he won’t lie! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–I know, I know. But I still think the press gives the TLB such a pass. They should be asking him that again and again. After all, he tweets again and again about how there was such a witch hunt. Prove it! glenn 7 days ago

Glenn…I actually support that. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

‘Nite, Murph. Have fun tomorrow! glenn 7 days ago

Oh, I shall. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

happy day for St. Louis, Murph. Have a great time pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

The Blues have had a long wait for this one and the team is full of very good guys….. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

PPO–And, my question, as an interpid reporter, would be, “Why would you have to live if you’re innocent?” glenn 7 days ago

Glenn….here is my question “Given your history, why should anyone believe anything you say.” MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

sorry, intrepid glenn 7 days ago

Then my press credentials would be revoked…but worth it. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

The frog and the scorpion pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Frog? Scorpion? MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

The polling proves a majority of Americans see Trump as a liar. AdLib 7 days ago

‘It is my nature’ pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

But would it not be nice to have a reporter bring that to the fore. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–Yeah, it’s a real catch-22. glenn 7 days ago

After Barr declared Trump exonerated and Trump boasted the same for a month, his polling went down, not up. People don’t believe him. AdLib 7 days ago

And Ad it is those trends that will build a consensus around impeachment charges. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Murph–yeah, that’s why it’s my fondest wish. BTW, while you’re enjoying the Blues, I’m going to be watching the FIFA Women’s Cup. Some good games so far. glenn 7 days ago

Ad, no one here believes a word out of Washington these days, so any call for help in a war might be troubling. pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Murph–let’s hope so. glenn 7 days ago

Admire the FiFa women. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

One bit of news – not fake – from the WH. Sarah is going! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

And did you see, Trump’s internal polling was leaked and it shows him losing hugely in all the swing states he won, and only 2 points ahead in TX! And that’s Trump’s own polling. AdLib 7 days ago

Alright, gents, I’m out of here for tonight. As always, great chatting with you all. This is my favorite place to vent. glenn 7 days ago

G’nite! glenn 7 days ago

Well…..it is ten and I am leaving early to get a good spot. So I should call it quits soon. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Good night, glenn. Go USA and Australia in the WWC pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

Great chatting with you too glenn! AdLib 7 days ago

Sarah is going to run for governor….doncha know. Ghastly idea. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

That is a sad note to end on but there it is. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Sarah who was getting paid for a no-show job. Like on The Sopranos. AdLib 7 days ago

Okay Murph, see you later! AdLib 7 days ago

NO SHOW, BIG CROW…Kaaaa, Kaaaa. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Before you go, Murph, don’t know if you saw Australia beat Brazil 3-2, after losing their first match to Italy. Huge criticism after the loss, but after the historic win over Brazil, the Aus captain told the critics to ‘Suck on That!” Pc be buggered! pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

That bird that can’t fly. AdLib 7 days ago

Luv It! MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Now, that is a note to end on. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

Nite. MurphTheSurf3 7 days ago

ok, Ad. time to go. See you next week pinkpantheroz 7 days ago

See ya PPO! AdLib 7 days ago

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