OK, so this is my first post here, I am thankful to Murph for having me here as a featured transgender columnist. I have now been out as trans for nearly 25 years, and in fact now have lived more years of my life in my true gender (female) than in my past existence as “male.”

I will use this space, and my column, to bring light on issues concerning Social Justice where it relates to the transgender community, as well as share from my own personal journey. Sometimes, my comments may seem a bit harsh and even irreverent at times, you are warned, because I am just DONE being nice about this stuff, after 25 years, most of my adult life…being denied the rights and freedoms every other American takes for granted.

We ask for no special rights…only that the promise and opportunity of America ALSO accrue to us, as we are humans, and we are citizens, and we deserve the same promise and opportunity of any other citizen.

The Constitution did not say “right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness…ONLY for those people we like or approve of.”

In closing off this very short intro…I will throw in an irreverent comment I have been making just lately, vis a vis all the people who stand against the transgender and our equality…who stand against the Equality Act…which was passed by the US House…which has caused a lot of bigots to come out of hiding to attack us.

To those who are transphobes…to those who stand against our rights to equality, and a fair shot at the promise and opportunity of America – may you be stricken with an acute and incurable case of the crabs. That would at least focus your attention on your own junk…AND OFF MINE!!

See what I mean about irreverent humor?? Except it isn’t funny, I really DO mean that.

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Opie Cat
Opie Cat

Hi Angela, opie here! Glad to see you here and look forward to your posts.

Amalek Revival
Amalek Revival

While you are correct that the constitution does not limit the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to people we like. Actually, the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not in the constitution at all. They are in the Declaration of Independence.


Hi Angela
Welcome to the Planet. You will find I have a similar sense of humor as you do so my guess is you won’t be able to shock me. I am glad you are here as we are going through the, for lack of a better word, awakening, of my niece. We are getting used to calling her Reid, but referring to the gender she does is is a bit harder. I think only because he has been a she to us for 16 years. Anyway, prior to this awakening, Reid was having so many psychological issues that at several points she wanted to kill herself. I had some truly heartbreaking times picking her up from school when she had breakdowns. My SIL got her the counseling she needed, but it still was not enough for her to come out until a breakdown at school one day. We are so thankful the counselor she talked to was very experienced in transgender issues and was able to steer my SIL in the right direction to help her and her medical coverage will cover it all for free. I don’t know if I am using all the right lingo here, but I have had a real education on the process over the past month or so. I always thought I was such an open and affirming person but I did have a slight, WTF moment before I asked what we could do to help but I still feel bad about that moment. It was such a shock to me because her parents are/were both good Baptists, and how would they accept her? What would she have to go through? Well, I learned that love of your child overrides any organized religion with her mother, the jury is till out on her father. For that, I am happy. This was probably TMI for your first post, but I was so happy to see your post. I will shut up now.


A warm welcome to The Planet, Angela, and we hope that you will soon feel at home here. Will be very interested in hearing more from you.

Again, welcome.


Welcome to the Planet, Angela! I’m happy to see that the area of justice for transgender citizens is going to be a regular everyday area of coverage for the Planet. And humor makes it even better. Looking forward to hearing more from your “beat.”

Dajuan Candle

I like how you suggested the haters go about refocusing their attention.


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Hi Angela! So happy to have your voice here! Appreciate your patience with our setting up a column for you. After you publish another post, we’ll be able to do so.

Again, welcome to PlanetPOV!



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    Laying it on the line and making it clear. This is what we were looking for. The audience will build across time. Right now I am continuing to recruit. I suspect you are doing the same.