Trump has built his public image, career and his ascension to the White House on aggressively lying, conning people and disputing the truth.

Like the rampant virus he personifies, Donald Trump has infected the GOP and his fervant followers with delusion. They believe whatever attacks on reality he spews and they see it as an existential threat to them for anyone to question Trump’s lies.

Those opposing Trump are aware of this and suspect that the words he spits out verbally or in tweets are likely untrue however many may not realize that they have been infected as well by Trump but in a different way.

It is essential for Trump’s grasp on power and aspirations for a dictatorial regime, for people to doubt what they used to believe in. Whether it’s institutions like the press, America’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies, elections or the painful claims by survivors of sexual attacks, Trump needs the public to disbelieve reality because it is his rival and adversary.

Reality exposes Trump as a liar, a racist, a fraud, an insecure narcissist and most of all, a compulsive liar. So his mercenary campaign to brand “reality” as the real liar instead of him, is an absolute necessity. His claim to power is constructed on a rejection of common truths and an acceptance of his declarations of what is and isn’t truth.

Where Anti-Trump folks have been indirectly affected by this war on truth by Trump is in their doubting of truths in election-related information. Understandably, as many of us were stunned by Trump’s (illegitimate) win in 2016, many now doubt polling, no matter how established the source or how widely supported they are. Many question that a Blue Wave is out there even though every special election (except for an outlier in Texas…and by “outlier in Texas”, I’m not refering to Ted Cruz) has demonstrated hugely increased preformance and turnout by Democrats (remember, a Democrat won the race for Senator in…Alabama!).

So as much as Democrats may look harshly at Trump and his supporters for ignoring truths, some Dems are guilty of overlooking truths too out of self-protection, not wanting to be sucker-punched again by another horrible surprise on election day.

It is absolutely reasonable, especially in light of the 2016 election and as we’re inundated nowadays by a sea of lies, to doubt truths that dispute our fears.  However, it is always a bad idea to allow fear to obscure a view of what’s true.

The facts and figures are out there as of today to affirm that as long as voters stay energized, Democrats will win back The House and have a narrow shot at winning back The Senate.

2016 was a perfect shitstorm, James Comey dropping the re-opened Hillary email investigation on her campaign like a hammer just days before the election, Russian manipulation of our election and micro-targeting of propaganda in a way we never suspected, Cambridge Analytica stealing and weaponizing the Facebook data from at least 87 million Americans…and Donald Trump shamelessly drowning America in his lies and hatefulness which resonated with the outright and quiet racism of millions of post-President-Obama white Americans.

2016 is over, it is the past. Most of those factors have changed greatly since then. We now know that Facebook and Twitter are easily infiltrated by bad guys intending to manipulate us. Russia is now recognized by most Americans as trying to undermine our elections. James Comey is gone from the FBI and current attacks on Hillary only push buttons in a minority of Trump’s drooling drones now. Cambirdge Analytica no longer exists.

This is 2018. When the #MeToo movement is only more fired up by the Kavanaugh abomination and the open attacks on women speaking out as assault survivors. The registration and engagement of young voters is up a whopping 50% from 2016, some of that due to the #NeverAgain gun control movement.

The proof is in the pudding. Democrats have overperformed in special elections and won seats they shouldn’t have had a chance of even being competitive in. Polls are unanimous in affirming the preference of a majority of Americans to have Democrats control The House. Respected sources like The Hill Political Report and concur that the odds of Democrats taking back the House are overwhelming. History shows that with very rare exceptions, the party out of power usually takes over power in Congress in off year elections.

Lastly, polls are not meaningless. The polls in 2016 turned out to be generally correct. Hillary was projected to win the popular vote by 2% – 3% by many polls and she did indeed win by 2.09%. To be clear, there is no Electoral College involved in this year’s election. Candidates who win the popular vote, win.

Special election results, polling data and history are truths and truths need to be respected by those opposing Donald “King Con” Trump.

That is not to say that just by believing these truths, that one single person who wants to protect our democracy should take anything for granted. Actions speak louder than history or polls. Everyone needs to do what they can to help inspire and assist others to vote and be committed to doing so themselves.

The intention here is to be energized by confidence and make the election in less than four weeks about electing reality over the deception that now surrounds us…including self-deception.

America has to wake up from this nightmare where evil people are praised as “good people” and the real victim of a sexual attack is the male perpetrator. This is unreal, as any nightmare is, it’s time to dispel this cloud of lies we’re living in with an overpowering blast of reality…and the 2018 election results can do that.

We are the majority. We are not represented by our government right now. We were shocked by the results in 2016 but we can’t be ruled by our fears, we need to defy them and rely on facts and truth to motivate us to get out the vote.

We will win back power in four weeks because there are more of us than those who oppose us and we are more pissed off and confident than Republicans are. We need to embrace that and draw inspiration and energy from it. Confidence is strength, it shouldn’t passify, it should drive us even harder towards the finish line knowing better times are waiting for us once we cross it.

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This year’s election is ours to win, but we could still lose, as we did in 2014. To be real, it’s the good guys (Dems) vs. the bad guys (GOP). Good guys play by the rules, bad guys don’t. They gerrymander their districts & hide out in sparsely populated states making their votes count for more than Dem’s votes. The purging of voter rolls, closing poll places in poor and black districts, are other ways the GOP are desperately trying to stay in power. Long story short, we are being screwed.


First president I was aware of was Ike. I guess because in ’53 or ’54 we got our first television. To make a long story short most of those in between ones did a fair job of helping to build America and most upheld the constitution to the best of their abilities. At least I always felt oh well, we can always vote the guy out before he could completely destroy us, but this one is special, he doesn’t know enough to not be dangerous, his knowledge of the world is miniscule to the point that unless he owns a golf course there he doesn’t know where there is! WE are in the hands of a fool.