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AdLib On February - 17 - 2018

The tragic mass shooting in Lakeland Florida tore at all our hearts.

What seemed to make the response of the survivors different though was the noble and heroic rejection of hollow “thoughts and prayers” offered by Republicans who legislated this crime to be possible.

We heard on Friday of many indictments of Russians who invaded our country and severely assaulted and influenced the 2016 election so their puppet would win.

Yet by his indictments, Robert Mueller has demonstrated that he and his team will defend this country from attacks when Trump and Congressional Republicans won’t.

Trump’s reign has been discouraging, watching what’s worst in human beings dominate the country.

But there are heroes here in America and we’ve seen some of them in the spotlight this week.

So as a tribute to the brave teens and parents struggling through the difficult aftermath of the shooting and standing up against it happening again, for Robert Mueller leading his team to defend America and the rule of law, this weekend’s music thread is about doing the right thing, standing up for principles that matter…and being a hero in your own life.

Also, feel free to dedicate songs about anything to the heroes we’ve been so fortunate to witness this week.

Your turn now to recognize all the heroes out there with songs that say it!

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Written by AdLib

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