repub debate1

Donald Trump is claiming to be bigger than Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz is fighting off legit birther charges and exposure of his half million dollar loan from Goldman Sachs and Marco Rubio has upgraded his internal memory to 20 GB to store a greater amount of programming.

And the Iowa Caucuses are only two and a half weeks away!

So, there could be a lot of sparks flying in tonight’s debate!

The kids table debate with candidates who are better termed, “The Walking Dead” begins at 3:00pm PST but the main debate begins at 6:00pm PST. As usual, we’re hosting a live chat to accompany the debate (the best prescription for not punching your tv) and you’re invited to join us then!

You can join in the lively conversation or read along by clicking on the “Live Events” floating bar in the bottom right hand corner of your screen (if you only see a small button there, click on it to sign in then click the Live Events bar.

Hope to see you then!

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