So first I want to say that I keep meaning to write a piece and never finding the time. I think I have fully achieved information overload, so here is where I’ll leave the duplicates so I can clear my mind.


I had promised to write something about why Christianity gets it so wrong as to how the Old Testament is viewed by non-extremist Jews. If anyone watched even one of the many speeches that the Pope gave when he visited the US, I think he cleared that up quite nicely. If you want to quibble about his views on same-sex marriage and abortion, I agree. He seems to have a private opinion, having met with a former student of his (http://www.advocate.com/religion/2015/10/05/pope-not-afraid-have-gay-friend-says-former-student). That he can’t just snap his fingers and change policy in an old institution isn’t surprising. So patience my friends. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and when it was destroyed it moved into the Vatican. ?


I also wanted to say something about the current political election season. I am voting for Bernie in the primary. I fully expect that he will win an overwhelming majority of the votes. And not just traditional Democratic voters, he is bringing in Independents and not too surprisingly, Republicans. Why is that you ask? I will answer simply. Because his ENTIRE policy plan is what the Democratic party has been hawking for decades. Unfortunately, since Reagan, the Democrats abandoned their positions and joined the Republicans in the pursuit of money over people. That must change. And there are many who feel as I do. Including the Pope. I’ve said it before, money is a figment of our collective imagination. Its value is what we say it is, it is its utility that is being undermined by hoarders.


I dislike guns. I dislike people who advocate for guns. I have no problem with those who use a weapon for felling meat that will get them through. I really wish people would go back to using a bow and arrows.

Climate change is not something that humanity can ignore any longer. By that, I mean that we are making it worse, far worse. What worries me is that we are creating a nomadic world that isn’t easily moved. Love the SC reps that voted against emergency relief for NJ begging for help now. The Pope had something to say about that too (http://www.thetablet.co.uk/texts-speeches-homilies/4/663/read-the-full-text-of-pope-francis-environmental-encyclical-laudato-si-).

Tom Brady will lead the New England Patriots to a 5th Superbowl ring. Goodell will get ESPN to start some propaganda and Kraft et al will make buckets of money over the tears of every NFL fan who buys the tripe. Sorry if you bought into Deflategate (http://mmqb.si.com/mmqb/2015/09/01/nfl-deflategate-decision-roger-goodell-tom-brady-judge-berman). Propagandists, like the oligarchy, have a short lifespan at the top. After a while, lying is just that. And it shouldn’t be tolerated in a just society.


Black lives matter over and above all. Why you ask? We are all out of Ethiopia (which is why I don’t know why they’re digging in Johannesburg – http://popular-archaeology.com/issue/april-2011/article/finds-in-south-africa-continue-to-shake-current-models-of-human-evolution). Therefore we are all black. If we hadn’t moved out of the jungle (Eden) we would all have better pigmentation. Our brothers and sisters need our voices, our support, our love. Not to mention our righteous indignation at the consistently poor policies designed to keep them poor, uneducated and having to exist in the unrecognized dual market system.

That’s it for now. I hope I cleared up enough space to add a bit more. Always learning, always absorbing new information, even as much of it is more ancient than the masses would acknowledge.

Love you my brothers and sisters, though we may not always agree, I support your right to state your views.

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Hello slm.

A superb kaleidoscope of opinions well stated with your obvious passion for the issues.

Well done and thank you so much for posting it.


SLM, you should write more often! Your article hit on so many issues that I agree wholeheartedly with. Every topic mentioned is near and dear to me.

Pope Francis is a moral leader who said “who am I to judge” and cares about the poor more than anyone else in this world.

Bernie Sanders is a close second as a moral leader and he cares about the poor, too. Bernie also cares about the working poor and the middle class folks struggling to stay there. Also veterans like Monica and me. Because Bernie cares so much about us, I am doing all I can to get him elected. I predicted a while ago a landslide victory for Bernie and us!

Black Lives Matter! This should not have to be said but it does because of the way black folks are treated in all kinds of situations.

As for the gun issue, I was a hunter before I was drafted. When I got home from Vietnam I went hunting with my Brother. Every time I heard a shot I dropped to the ground thinking I was being shot at in Nam again. I went home that evening and sold my rifle and never have gone out hunting again.
I honestly have no problem with hunting. But no hunter or gun owner has a ligitimate need for automatic weapons!

The NFL is not a nonprofit and should not be treated as such! I like the Pats being a New Englander, and Brady is a great player. Just over paid in my opinion. But he will probably win another Super Bowl.

Climate change is as real as it could be! Over 90% of scientists agree and the others have been bought off, not unlike so many politicians!

SLM, we seem to agree on all these issues and I bet on many others! Thanks for a great article!

Peace and love to you and our brothhers and sisters.


What a delicious buffet of opinions and issues you set out!

Now knowing that The Pope wasn’t approving of the loon Kim Davis, I think he hit a home run in his visit, focusing on Climate Change, immigration, and compassion for the poor and vulnerable. Nothing speaks better for Christianity than those who genuinely practice it and on that count, The Pope was hugely successful.

We know why the DNC has slashed the number of debates to 6 and delaying the first one until next week (adding a “forum” where they can individually appear but not debate), to aid Hillary by keeping the spotlight away from Bernie and the other Dem candidates. Even so, Bernie builds his lead and I think he will get a bounce from the first Dem debate next week since it will be an introduction to many Dems who don’t know much about him yet (thanks to the DNC’s scheme).

As for Black Lives Matter, how can so many in this country still be so terrified of admitting the blatant racism practiced by police? They see it again and again on their tvs but their fear of losing their white supremacy validates their denial of reality. They don’t like that black people are speaking truth about the racism and violence against them…so they participate in supporting racism as “victims”. Poor older white Christians, no one has suffered like them. Except every minority out there that didn’t own slaves or benefit from just having the “right” skin color.

Excellent post, keep ’em coming!


I second all of monicaangela’s reply.

A few other thoughts:

“Our brothers and sisters need our voices, our support, our love. Not to mention our righteous indignation at the consistently poor policies designed to keep them poor, uneducated and having to exist in the unrecognized dual market system.”

I’d like to add Larry Wilmore’s quote from last night to that. IMO, it is the best quote EVER regarding race relations.

He asked why whites always expected blacks to “heal the racial divide,” since racism was created by and benefits white people at the expense of black people.

This is the best question ever asked! He went on:

“How do you think the racial divide started?” Wilmore said. “We didn’t enslave ourselves or come up with Jim Crow so we could live on the margins of society. Did you think lynching was a ‘prank’ we came up with that just got out of control? That’s what caused the racial divide, so why is it up to us to begin to heal it?”

“You had 43 presidents who had a chance to clean up that mess,” he continued. “Now there’s a brother in the White House and you’re handing him a mop? You can kiss my black ass. Now that’s ‘real black.’”

And…telling murdick to “kiss his black ass” just put the icing on the cake, so to speak!

The chart you posted at the beginning is awesome. Is that your creation? Do you mind if I share it on my Facebook page?

Hope to chat with you tonight on VOX, SLM.


So glad you found the time to write this article. Where do I begin, I believe you have covered many of the pressing issues of the day, and topped it off by playing one of my favorite REOSpeedwagon songs. What’s not to like. You need to find the time more often. Can’t add to your wonderful article, I can only say I agree with all you have written. Write more…I loved it. 🙂