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Step into the PlanetPOV TARDIS and we’ll take you far back in time to a distant past, back to a time beyond memory…one…month…ago!

Back in those crazy old days, Americans were fearful of being wiped out by Ebola, blown up by ISIS and  overrun by uncastrated hogs. You had to be there but it was a scary time for Americans and they knew that only if they didn’t vote, could they be safe from all that threatened them.

And so, the number of eligible voters who we assume were shivering with fear underneath their blankets and thus unable to vote, allowed a small minority to elect many Republicans nationwide (an average of around 18% of eligible voters nationally voted for Republicans and got them elected).

Contradicting the sweet Strawberry Shortcake persona their party has always enjoyed, Republicans immediately claimed that their victory was a rejection of Obama and all of his policies and an affirmation that America wants Republicans to continue trying to get rid of and cut everything they depend on so wealthy people can have their taxes cut.

Though such a declaration seems obvious, the latest national approval polls seem surprisingly in direct opposition to this claim. Here are the two latest polls, one from Gallup and one from Rasmussen (Gallup leaning Republican typically and Rasmussen falling hard on its right side consistently), on Obama’s approval ratings:


_______________________Approve     Disapprove_____________________

Rasmussen:                             48                  51


Gallup                                     45                  50

(11/28 – 11/30)


And here are the latest approval numbers for Congress (with Republican control of The House and through the filibuster, virtual control over The Senate):


_______________________Approve     Disapprove_____________________
The Economist/YouGov              14                 64

(11/22 – 11/24)

FOX News                                 13                 81

(10/25 – 10/27)

CBS News                                 14                76

(10/23 – 10/27)

Clearly, all of these polls were manipulated by a false flag operation, probably the same government agents who brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11 and hypnotized the world into believing that George Bush invaded Iraq over weapons of mass destruction (the “invasion of Iraq” was done with scale models, CGI, stop motion animation and very convincing sock puppets).

To think otherwise and lend any credence to these polls would be to foolishly argue that when 18% of voters get to elect politicians, that it only represents a small and unrepresentative minority of voters. That’s just crazy talk! Anyone who rightly has animosity towards scientists, facts and mathematics, as good Republicans do, believes this basic ‘rithmatic:

18% > 83%

It’s true, 18% is greater than 83%…when most of that 83% doesn’t vote.

Using that same figurin’, Obama’s 48% approval is less than Republican Congresspeople’s 14% because…he’s a Marxist, socialist dictator who’s a wimp. Just because 34% more of Americans approve Obama over Republicans in Congress (yes, Democrats are included in that Congress number too but they aren’t claiming a mandate), that doesn’t mean anyone has to believe in polls that contradict what they want to believe (I never saw that in The Constitution!).

So Republicans have every right to claim that the election was a statement of support for them by the majority of the American People and a rejection of Obama…the Supreme Court has already ruled that lying is protected under the 1st Amendment and all that Republicans are trying to do is strengthen the 1st Amendment.

Why does support appear to be rising for Obama (even though we know from the corporate news media that it can’t be)? Well, maybe when the nation is gearing up for and having an election and for more than an entire year, the one theme for a party to promote their candidates is hating on The President and blaming him for everything and anything bad that happens including deadly diseases that could have become epidemics but didn’t or terrorist attacks and beheadings that haven’t happened in America but could, people might start feeling a little more negative about their President.

But what about after Election Day when all the hate-porn has been tossed in the electoral trash bin? Might people again think for themselves and realize that since the Ebola/ISIS/Apocalypse hysteria dissolved into nothingness, it probably isn’t something that they should be resentful about anymore when they think of Obama? Especially considering that the majority of Americans support most of his policies over the Republicans.

Too many nitwits say they support the immigration policy Obama’s pursuing with his Executive Order (50% of Americans approve, 22% say it doesn’t go far enough so 77% of Americans support it and more) while opposing his using an Executive Order to accomplish it (Hey Nitwits! How do you think ANY policy on immigration can be implemented with a House and soon a Senate controlled by The Party of No? Smarten up!).

And though the polling numbers for “Obamacare” continue to be low thanks to the GOP and allies smearing the name itself as awful, the majority of Americans support nearly every provision in it (Nitwits….yes, I’m looking at you again!).

Americans broadly support marriage equality, increasing the minimum wage and ending tax loopholes and subsidies for the wealthy and corporations. They support Medicare and Social Security continuing as the government entities they are, gun control, campaign finance laws and choice and equality for women.

The Republicans oppose all the above and the majority of the American people’s views but because they come from solidly Republican districts or states, they feel insulated from that reality.

The hubris of Republicans is punctured every four years in Presidential elections, when they have to deal with more Americans voting their POVs but their hubris is inflated every four years in off year elections when far less Americans vote and their frenzied base comes out to claim a greater amount of voting power than they should have.

Here’s the thing. Just because a cat sticks its head under the bed and can’t see anything, doesn’t mean everything suddenly ceases to exist. So just because the Republicans won a majority of elections last month with an historic low in voter turnout, it doesn’t mean the views of the majority of Americans have changed. In fact, with the end of the negative campaign aimed solely at Obama, Obama’s numbers look to be recovering and rising. Meanwhile, how are the numbers for the Congressional Republicans who claim they have a mandate? Well, they continue to have a mandate from 13%-14% of all Americans so you can’t argue, that is a mandate from them.

Majority, schmajority, who needs it if you can win elections anyway?!

So in January, when the new Congress is sworn in and the Republican Propaganda Machine (okay, I’ll call Fox News by its “official” name) and Republican politicians march in lock step spouting all their anti-Obama, pro-Republican and expensively market-researched words and phrases verbatim (like parrots with only a right wing), just remember that 86% of Americans don’t support them and Obama has more than three times the support from Americans that they do.

Then if all follows the pattern and things go well for the American people and Democrats in 2016 as they should, the Republicans will again have their heads under their beds and not able to see anything else, will assume reality doesn’t exist so they will be just as bewildered by their losses in the 2016 election as they were in 2012 (how can one not smile a bit at Romney thinking all the polls were wrong and he was going to win? Not to mention Rove’s tantrum over Ohio being called for Obama? Very amusing!).

Republicans just can’t help themselves, for them it’s all about spiking the football in the end zone when they’ve run in a touchdown on a Quarterback Sneak…even though there wasn’t even a full team playing against them…and with no awareness that the real competition doesn’t even start until the following game.

And you can’t win a game like this, with a bigger team of voters opposing you, when you only run on the far right wing.

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HI Adlib, A very excellent article.

Your logic is great.
I like the point you said that the Supreme court ruled that LYING is LEGAL. And is by their view ( the conservatives )

SO the Constitution from the founding fathers says LYING IS LEGAL??

If you lie to the supreme court it is called contempt of court a crime.

Well in 2016 the election is going to be a big turn out and the GOP has more to seats to lose in the senate. 26 and mostly in blue states. the dems 10 Mostly in blue states.

Also the red states total e college votes start 100 points behind making it extremely hard to elect a president and the senate will go back to being dem controlled. SO the GOP if it has plans to cahnge the rules back to 51 to pass may not be a very smart move later in 2016.

So The Right to lie is legal??? LOL LOL LOL what has america come too
with this most corrupt Supreme court of all time.

Thanks Adlib a must read.

Sayings of ( the child of nature )

” On the earth there is peace for all that live on it.
Why humanity does not live it? It is all a function of conservative religious beliefs. For their is no cure for religion and all need to be the only one.”

SO God and Jesus think LYING is legal??? the Right conservatives Supreme court now believes Money can buy election with LIES and JESUS approves!!!!!!!!!

A synthesizer can create any instrument made and others that have not been created yet.


Another excellent article, AdLib. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that a whole bunch of the (few) folks (over all) who voted GOP are waiting with bated breath for January 2015.

“Now we’re REALLY going to start getting things done,” they’re thinking. We own Congress and there are going to be bills flying out of there to help the middle class every single day.”

To which I respond: Hahahahahahaha.

Just wait, nitwit voters. And pull up a chair because you’ll be waiting a looooonnng time for that GOP Congress to do anything for “you people.”

They forgot all about you on November 5th.

I have a feeling that when the XL shipment of nothing that has been coming out of Congress continues unabated, even these naive loyalists are going to start getting cranky.

And — truth be told — I don’t get the sense that the American people care all that much about whether the immigration mess gets fixed by way of executive action, the passage of a bill or Tinkerbell waving a magic wand. As long as SOMETHING finally gets done. All the drum-beating about “lawlessness” is falling on increasingly deaf ears.

More and more,it’s going to be a case of “show me the money”! And the GOP is not going to deliver. Not for the middle class anyway.

This is a highly unscientific poll, but for what it’s worth, here it is. On the way out of choir practice this evening, a fellow member (who I could have sworn was a Republican) pointed to my Obama bumper sticker and said: “I like that.” “Really?” said I. “Really,” he answered.

(P.S. Just one final question: am I losing it, or are the approval numbers for Congress reversed in your article, AdLib? It’s late and I’m tired, so it could be me…)


Excellent article, AdLib.

Soon everyone will see that this bunch of Repubs can’t even govern themselves out of a brown paper bag, and as you say, before 2016, you will be able to cut the anger and resentment against these clowns with a dull knife.

The only mandate they have going for them will be when Lindsey Graham slips out dressed as Scarlet O’hara to meet the “man-date” at their yearly “HypocritesRus Ball” that his staff have set up for him time after time thinking we don’t know. 🙄


“overrun by uncastrated hogs” LOL! I say castrate the lot of them AdLib.This is all so tiresome.But like a train wreck,you can’t keep your eyes off of it,because it matters.It will be interesting to see the right tie themselves in knots trying respond to the President’s using what he has in his arsenal.The majority you are talking about are in no mood for more stonewalling by the soon to be the R’s control of both houses.
Quality post as usual Ad


Ad, another great article. Lying is legal according to the SP. Swell the republicans are legal then when they lie. Maybe we should all lie about them and turn the tables on them. The trouble is you can’t tell a lie about them that is worse than the truth. So, I guess we should just keep on telling the truth and hope that people will finally hear us.