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Kalima On November - 20 - 2014





Good morning everyone and welcome to the 5th anniversary edition of Morning Blog.

I hope that when and if you have the time, MB will be the place where you will come to catch up with the latest international news from around the globe.

I will bring you the latest international news stories, breaking news stories, opinion pieces and human interest stories, hoping that you will find something of interest in each update.

MB is open to all 24/7, and I’ll have my updates posted by 3 am PST and 6 am EST in the morning. You can read or comment at any time during your day or night.

Please drop by anytime, you are always welcome here. Looking forward to meeting you in your mornings, afternoons and evenings. Enjoy.

Written by Kalima

Long time resident of Tokyo --- "Where is this woman I once knew so well? Memories fading or hurtling by like a howling wind at a speed I can't fathom or define. A star hangs like a teardrop from her eye, quivering but never falling. I search the empty corridors of my soul in hopes of catching just another glimpse of who she once presumed herself to be. Where is this woman who trod with such certainty, where is she now? I mourn her passing as another dawn breaks in my restless heart."

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  1. Kalima says:

    Paris attacks: Police in deadly swoop on apartment in northern suburb


  2. Kalima says:

    Paris attacks: Police seek ‘dangerous’ Salah Abdeslam


  3. Kalima says:


    Paris attacks: Omar Ismail Mostefai identified as assailant


  4. Kalima says:

    Paris attacks: Prosecutor Molins says three teams involved


  5. Kalima says:

    Paris attacks

    Paris terror attacks: eight attackers dead after killing at least 120 people – live updates


  6. Kalima says:

    Paris attacks: Dozens dead and Bataclan hostage stand-off


    • kesmarn says:

      Kalima, I’ve also been following this story all afternoon and evening. Really awful.

      I’m so hoping that things are winding down now that the police have ended the stand off.

      Prayers for the people of Paris — and of course Beirut and Syria… Well, really the people of the world. Violence everywhere.

      • Kalima says:

        Thought you must be following it too, Kes.

        Latest report is that the terrorist shot and threw explosives at the hostages, 5 terrorists are dead, and about 140 are dead in the attacks but the numbers keep changing.

        Cowardly is the only word that can describe attacks on the unsuspecting public.

        Now of course the talk is if these people were domestic or came over in the groups of refugees. Sad for those people fleeing their war torn countries.

        Hubby leaves for Germany next week and you can’t help yourself from worrying.

        • kesmarn says:

          Cowardly is most definitely the word for it. Awful.

          I can only hope that France can find out quickly what happened here and that there are no dire repercussions for refugees all over Europe who really are fleeing just this very sort of violence.

          Needless to say, many prayers for your Hubby as he travels next week. Traveling almost anywhere these days is a risky business. Sad to say…

          Prayers that the world comes to its senses soon.

          • Kalima says:

            Thank you Kes, I think he will be ok.

            I’ve posted the latest from The Guardian at the top of the thread. 8 terrorists dead, 127 people dead and over 200 injured, 80 of them critically. That 8 men could cause so much carnage in the 40 minutes from the first attack until the last at the concert hall, seems inconceivable, but it happened so nothing seems certain.

            My thoughts and prayers are with the people of France and the families of the victims.

            Odd that no one has claimed responsibility yet.

    • AdLib says:

      This is so horrible, Kalima. Just heard that police raided the night club, killed all 4 terrorists but over 100 were killed in the night club alone. All together, maybe more than 150 killed in all the attacks.

      Just horrific.

      • Kalima says:

        Hi AdLib.

        Have been watching the BBC since I woke up and yes, about 100 people were killed in the concert hall and about 50 in 7 locations in Paris. It was only in January when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened.

        Will post updates here but believe that the link will update automatically. France has closed its borders and declared a state of emergency. These terrorists are such cowards killing innocents in their senseless attacks.

  7. Kalima says:

    ‘Jihadi John’: US air strike targets Islamic State militant in Syria


  8. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    There will be no updates this week and I’m very sorry about that.

    On Friday the 20th next week, I will be publishing the 6th anniversary edition of Morning Blog with a question. If answered correctly it will win a MB mug for the first three correct answers.

    Hope to see you then.

    Last week’s Trivia question was answered correctly by Nirek. Well done!

    The answer was, Richard Nixon, when he ran for Congress in 1946 and won.

    Take care.

  9. Kalima says:

    Good Morning everyone!

    It”s been a worrying month with one thing or the other, and now seems to be going a little better. The most worrying thing was that my 90 year old mother-in-law fell and broke her hip. Knowing that her cancer has returned, the doctors were waiting to see if she was strong enough for surgery. Guess what? She was and a successful operation took place two weeks ago. Now it will be months of painful rehabilitation for her, but she insists she will get better because she can no longer stand the bland hospital food. A shout out to the other Mrs. K, she is certainly a very strong woman. Get well soon!

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay warm and comfy.

    Sayonara from my evening corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.

    Our Moment of Zen

    Well nobody’s perfect.


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Nuclear operator seeks restart despite active fault under plant



    Surprise! Surprise!

    Auditors find 157 bil. yen in wasteful spending by gov’t in FY 2014



    Yay! My ward rocks!

    Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward starts issuing same-sex partnership papers



    Making the case for the TPP trade agreement



    A pay wall has no place in democratic politics



    Dainty geishas make secret fast-food raids




    Roppongi Hills Christmas



    MPs could be forced to debate a no-confidence vote in David Cameron

    Petition is closing in on the 100,000 signatures required for MPs to consider the motion for debate in Parliament



    Hey George, you can get it from the rich by making them pay their fair share in taxes.

    George Osborne can find £4.4bn without cutting tax credits, says think tank

    Resolution Foundation says chancellor should abandon politically damaging cuts and meet target by adjusting taxation and pension thresholds



    Why does George Osborne have it in for the workers?

    Cutting working tax credit was bad enough, but now the Chancellor wants to use universal credit to squeeze the poor even more



    Two deaths possibly linked to ‘Hunt effect’, study suggests

    Research suggests some patients may be avoiding going to hospital at the weekend because of health secretary’s statements about inadequate NHS staffing levels



    Jeremy Hunt, the junior doctors will see you now – it’s time for your dose of reality

    Polly Toynbee



    Russian plane crash: Decision to ground planes made President Sisi’s visit uncomfortable – but he shouldn’t have been invited at all

    The Cameron government chooses to value the solid benefits of trade between nations above the less easily measured effects of cosying up to dictators



    Refugee children of Calais: ‘I’m very homesick, I wish I could go back now’

    Unaccompanied minors living in tents with no support from the French state say they have been harshly treated by police



    Migrant crisis: Germany to speed up asylum process



    Russian plane crash: Curbs on Sharm el-Sheikh travel widen



    If Isis did target Russian plane, what does it mean for ‘war on terror’?

    Likely motivation for any Islamic State role would be Moscow’s action in Syria rather than move towards global terror strategy



    Russia sends air-defence systems to back Syria campaign

    Russian air force chief confirms deployment in interview, as Syrian opposition denies reports of peace talks in Moscow.



    Anonymous posts Ku Klux Klan list



    George Bush Sr book reveals a more dangerous Dick Cheney than anyone knew

    Destiny and Power shows a VP with more authority than almost all his predecessors, making plain Bush Jr’s administration could have been even worse



    Weeks After Mass Shooting, Oregon County Votes To Nullify Gun Control Laws



    Bernie Sanders pushes to legalise marijuana in the United States

    The Democratic presidential challenger to Hillary Clinton has filed a bill in the Senate that would remove federal constraints on the recreational use of the drug


    Bernie Sanders Launches First TV Ad in Iowa and New Hampshire



    Bernie Sanders: Climate Change Is A ‘Major Planetary Crisis’ And The U.S. Must Act Now



    There’s No Centrist Superman to Save You
    by Michael Tomasky



    It Didn’t Take Long For Paul Ryan to Show Why GOP Wanted Him as Speaker



    New G.O.P. Debate Format Forbids Questions About Things Candidates Said, Did -- The New Yorker



    Ben Carson: Trans People Don’t Deserve ‘Extra Rights,’ Like Using Bathroom



    Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, in Blow to Their Campaigns, Are Cut From Main Debate Stage

    Fox Business Network, the host of the next Republican presidential debate next week in Milwaukee, announced the qualifiers for the main stage, and Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey did not quite make the cut.



    Austerity’s Grim Legacy

    The deficit fetishism that led to government cutbacks has been more destructive in the long run than even its critics anticipated.



    Amnesty accuses Syrian regime of ‘disappearing’ tens of thousands

    Human rights group says organised campaign directed at civilian population is a crime against humanity



    Why is Russia bombing my town?



    Syrian opposition leader warns of deception by Russia during peace talks

    Syrian National Coalition president urges Britain and other nations to thwart efforts by Iran and Russia to delay Vienna peace talks for Assad’s benefit



    Chemical weapons experts confirm Islamic State use of mustard gas in Syria

    Report by Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons raises questions over whether jihadists are able to make agent themselves, or if they have accessed undeclared Assad stockpile



    Syria bombs Douma despite use of human shields

    Assad forces continue to pound Damascus neighbourhood despite rebel group putting prisoners in cages to deter attacks.



    Afghan refugees in Iran being sent to fight and die for Assad in Syria

    Exclusive: Photographs of funerals for Afghans killed in Syria reveal refugees recruited into Iran’s effort to save its ally



    Netanyahu choice for new spokesman angers many Israelis

    Ran Baratz, editor of a conservative news site, has mocked Israel’s president, talked of ‘antisemitic western liberal nations’ and supported Jewish extremists



    Baggage handler at Sharm el-Sheikh ‘could have smuggled bomb on board doomed Russian jet

    British and American intelligence officers believe Metrojet flight 9268 was downed by a bomb in its luggage hold as suspicion turns on staff at the Egyptian airport



    Shell accused of lying over Nigeria oil spill clean-up

    Oil company accused of making false claims about extent of clean-up operations and urged to do more for those effected.



    Iran’s president criticises recent arrests of journalists

    Hassan Rouhani says hardliners ‘misusing’ remarks by supreme leader on possible spread of US influence in Iran



    Ayatollah: ‘Death to America’ refers to US policies



    Pakistan Lahore factory collapse: Hopes dim for survivors



    Afghan Taliban faction appoints new ‘supreme leader’

    Spokesman for breakaway group tells Al Jazeera it chose Mullah Akhund after discussions with elders and mujahideens.



    ‘Innocent until proven Muslim in Australia’

    A conference in Sydney’s west focuses on how Australian Muslims should resist “forced assimilation” and “oppression”.



    The answer to last week’s question was the Australian lemonade fruit, and we have a winner. Well dpne, monicaangela!

    Today’s question.

    What U.S. president used his poker winnings to help finance his first campaign for public office?


    Well it figures, he was a crook after all.


    The Displaced: Introduction

    Nearly 60 million people are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution — more than at any time since World War II. Half are children. This multimedia journey in text, photographs and virtual reality tells the stories of three of them.



    The Displaced: Hana

    At 12, she has lived one-quarter of her life in a debilitating state of suspension as a Syrian refugee in Lebanon.



    The Displaced: Chuol

    At 9, without his parents, he was forced to flee to the swamps.



    The 13-year-old girl sent on a ‘day-trip’ to Australia



    Meet the Nigerian woman taking on Boko Haram

    Hafsat Mohammed uses hope to counter hate, but the activist knows the threats she faces are all too real.



    Malala Yousafzai: Her father’s daughter



    What a viral picture tells us about child poverty in Africa



    Rare early photographs of Peking



    When Cities Rise From The Depths

    “There are hundreds of submerged cities around the world. We are only just beginning to discover what they have to tell us about the prehistoric human past.”



    Pictures of the day: 5 November 2015



    Photo highlights of the day: AC/DC on tour and great white pelicans

    The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world, including hungry birds and veteran rockers


    • kesmarn says:

      Good evening/morning, Kalima! I’m happy to have a little “extension,” so that I can catch up on this earlier, terrific edition of MB while you tend to matters on the home front. And there seem to be plenty to tend to. But I’m so glad to hear that your 90 year old mother-in-law made it through her surgery and is looking forward to her imminent escape from hospital food! Stay strong, both Mrs. K. There’s chocolate in your future!

      I loved the snoring hummingbird video. And it definitely got the attention of the household feline, Jordan. He perked right up when he heard that “wheeee!!” sound.

      Unbelievable, isn’t it? That there’s a petition to restart a nuclear reactor that sits on a fault line? We can only hope that Japan’s NRA refuses to allow it. And yet — if I were a betting person, I would say that, given the verity of corporate power, I wouldn’t put money on that possibility.

      On the other hand — kudos to the wonderful ward of Shibuya! For being the first in Tokyo to give the green light to same-sex marriage. Go, Shibuya! Into the 21st century!

      Going back in time though, we have geishas — who crave McDonald’s fries. But aren’t allowed to dash out and fetch them. Who knew? I guess I always thought that geishas had something like an 8 hour day (or evening) and that in their off hours they could wear jeans and eat all the junk food they wanted. But it seems to be a lot more like joining the convent — signing up to be a geisha. You live the role 24/7. A much less romantic lifestyle than most of us imagined.

      Moving over to Great Britain — let’s hope that the petition for a vote of no-confidence in David Cameron reaches the 100,000 mark and is acted on. The sooner the better. Some of these petitions have been ignored in the past. But let’s hope that this one isn’t. If ever a British politician needed to join the unemployment line, it’s this one.

      And it would be even better if George Osbourne could keep him company there. His stubborn refusal to tax the rich — under any circumstances — and insistence on wringing every last penny out of the poor (including — most recently — even the working poor) is genuinely evil.

      Third in line for the unemployment “honors” would be Jeremy Hunt. Who now has the ignominy of having his name attached to the “Hunt effect.” Which is the refusal of desperately ill or injured to go to the hospital on weekends because they’ve heard from Jeremy that there will be no doctors there to take care of them. What an idiot.

      At least there’s a bit of sanity and humanity over here in the person of Michael Tomasky. Confronting the madness that is Donald Trump, he has the rationality to say: “No. This loony is not the ‘moderate’ that David Brooks would have you believe he is. He’s not going to save you. Get over that.” Yes, Michael. That’s it, in a nutshell. And the emphasis is not the “nut” part of that word.

      And thank God for Andy Borowitz. Good thing that he filled us all in on the fact that there are new rules of civility for GOP
      debates now. And that asking questions about anything that the candidate has ever said or done is now considered “gotcha journalism.”

      Another favorite: Paul Krugman. He’s too modest to say it, but he was one of the few people warning of the risks of austerity programs after the Great Recession right from the beginning. And — as usual — he was right. He ends his article on a slightly ominous note, though. I think Paul is suspecting that if a Republican is elected president in 2016, there could be dire economic consequences. This is one time it would be nice if he weren’t right, but I’m afraid that’s not going to be the case. Which is why we really have to elect a Dem.

      Last but far from least — I loved the old photos of Peking (Beijing). It’s so wonderful to study those faces and take note of every detail of an era that’s lost to us forever now. Terrific!

    • Nirek says:

      Good day Kalima, sorry for your mother-in-law. She sounds like a strong woman. Where do I start? There are so many stories.

      I am waiting for the list that anonymous is posting. I saw the short list early this week that your story said was not real. That list had a few republican congressmen on it. I dare not repost it because it may be wrong.

      Bernie is doing his job as Senator and campaigning as well. He has introduced a couple bills and made 96% of the votes! Rubio on the other hand has missed a full 50% of the Senate votes. I see a difference in the integrity of them. Bernie has it and Rubio, not so much.

      Was it Nixon? He was a crook.

      I’ll have to come back for more another time. As always be well and peace to you and yours, especially your Mother-in-law.

  10. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    With a little luck and no more interruptions, I hope to be here on Friday morning with the updates.

    Take care and look forward to seeing you then.

  11. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Sorry for the disappearing act but it looks as if I picked up a bug during my last visit to my hospital. Can’t say that they don’t offer a guarantee for ensuring your next visit. It unfortunately affected my vision and ended up in a cold. Got to love hospitals. You go there sick and come home feeling even sicker.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay warm and comfy.

    Sayonara from my already dark afternoon corner in Tokyo. Mata ne.

    Our Moment of Zen


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Koizumi, Hosokawa head to Hakodate to help city fight MOX nuke plant across strait



    Piling data found faked on Asahi Kasei structure in Kushiro; different employee suspected



    Seoul, Tokyo bickering days before 3-way summit with China



    Who saved Kyoto from the atomic hellfire?




    Pumpkin play



    David Cameron has all the answers… except to the question he’s been asked



    The Corbyn quote at PMQs that silenced his critics once and for all

    The Tory response was the same as always: this was about “transforming the UK economy”, that squirming Tory platitude used currently as a get-out-of-jail-free card



    Austerity cuts are causing mental distress and are linked to rise in suicides, health professionals warn

    ​But for government cuts, Mark Wood, a mentally ill young man, might not have died. And with suicide rates continuing to rise, austerity measures are costing more minds and lives every day. Mary O’Hara wonders why the system doesn’t care



    Nato considers sending 4,000 troops to Russian borders

    Proposals being considered including deploying troops to Eastern Europe under direct Nato command in peacetime, in an unprecedented move that will likely be greeted with fury in Moscow, WSJ reports



    Germany says Austrian handling of refugees ‘out of order’

    German government accuses Austria of driving refugees to the border after dark so they can cross into Germany



    BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Decriminalization Of Marijuana



    Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Want To Get Rid Of The Death Penalty



    The CNBC Republican Debate Was A Total Trainwreck



    Third Republican debate

    Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio clash, while Donald Trump goes 28 minutes without talking in Republican debate in Colorado -- latest developments



    At the Republican Debate, Noise Drowned Out Substance

    Few of the candidates seemed interested in actually reviewing their records in detail.



    Who Made the Most Ridiculous Comment in the Republican Debate?

    You tell us.



    In case you missed it. *groan*

    Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate

    The main debate on Wednesday, hosted by CNBC in Boulder, Colo., as transcribed by the Federal News Service.



    Trump vs Clinton: who are the richest US presidential candidates?

    A Trump vs Clinton battle for the White House would make the 2016 election the wealthiest presidential head-to-head in history



    Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln -- The New Yorker



    Western and Gulf allies set out ‘timetable’ for Assad ahead of talks with Iran

    Syrian talks in Vienna on Friday will mark first time Iran and Saudi Arabia -- regional powers opposed over Syria- have sat down to talk



    Million more refugees will leave Syria due to Russian strikes, Turkey warns Europe

    Exclusive: Another two million people will be displaced in Syria as Ankara expects the refugee crisis to worsen, a senior government official says



    Israel razes Palestinian village in Negev for 90th time

    Officials directed bulldozers to destroy the homes of Bedouin villagers in al-Araqib, who return each time to rebuild.



    Mahmoud Abbas appeals to UN for international protection for Palestinians

    President attacks Israel’s ‘oppressive war machine’ as soldiers shoot Palestinian man dead and Israeli woman is reportedly attacked outside supermarket



    Nigerian troops rescue 338 people held by Boko Haram

    President Muhammadu Buhari has given his military commanders until the end of December to defeat the group



    Bidhya Devi Bhandari elected Nepal’s first female president



    Indian hanged girls: Court rejects probe ruling out rape



    Iran confirms it will attend international talks over Syria’s future

    Discussions in Vienna this week will be first time Tehran has attended an international summit on the conflict



    Islamic State targets journalists in Iraq’s



    Amnesty: Australian officials paid people smugglers

    Rights group calls for probe into reports that officials paid smugglers to turn back boats with people on two occasions.



    North Koreans sent abroad into ‘forced labour’, says UN



    Myanmar’s ‘Muslim-free’ election

    Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi “purged” opposition of Muslims ahead of election, senior party member tells Al Jazeera.



    The answer to the last trivia quiz question is.

    Raising your arm to cover your face while you sneeze into the crook of your albow in a gesture that evokes Dracula raising his cape. I personally prefered kes’s answer. :)

    Today’s Question.

    What is grown on a lemonade tree?


    South Sudan: ‘a level of human suffering I have never seen anywhere else’

    Children are paying the highest price for 22-month conflict that has displaced millions of people and pushed the world’s youngest country close to famine



    Oz: Israel’s prison for Palestinian children

    Over 100 children have been subject to arbitrary detention by Israel in October across the West Bank, rights groups say.



    Lives on hold: The Scots helping Syrians in a refugee camp



    Afghan people smuggler: I’m doing a good job



    Hero Ibrahim Ahmad: The original female Peshmerga

    Hero fought in the resistance against Iraq’s Baathist regime -- 50 years later, a new generation follows her example.



    Raped, pregnant and afraid of being jailed



    We are lifelong Zionists. Here’s why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel.



    Video: The Other Millennials




    Amazing photos!

    What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island



    The girl who secretly filmed the Taliban



    Why do Norwegians use ‘texas’ to mean ‘crazy’?



    100 funny jokes by 100 comedians



    Pictures of the day: 28 October 2015



    Best photographs of the day 28 October 2015

    Each day the picture editor of the Guardian brings you a selection of photo highlights


    • monicaangela says:

      Hello Kalima!

      I’m so glad you are okay. I noticed I hadn’t noticed any of your comments in the mornings when I first come on the site like I usually do. Take care of yourself. If I were closer I would make my award winning Chicken and Dumplings for you and you would feel better almost instantaneously. :)

      Thank you for posting the Morning Blog. I had a bit of bad news regarding one of my Aunts last night, and wasn’t able to come on this morning to see if you were able to post it. I will come back in the morning with my special cup of coffee and enjoy as usual. So glad you felt well enough to do this, and as always, thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do here. xxoo 😉

      Oh yes, btw. Is the answer to the quiz question a fruit similar to a lemon? The fruit looks like a lemon but has a different taste. I saw a lemonade tree when I was in Australia, but I did not pick or taste the fruit, the tree had thorns, and I thought the people that told me it was a lemonade tree were pulling my leg, thought maybe it might be a poison look alike, or something I might be allergic to. When I got back to the states they told me it was actually a “Lemonade Tree.” Don’t know if that is the answer, but that is the only time I have ever heard anyone call a tree that looks sort of like a lemon tree a lemonade tree.

      • Kalima says:

        Hello monicaangela. So sorry to hear that you have received bad news about your Aunt. Prayers and healing thoughts.

        Chicken and dumplings sounds wonderful. I’m going to have lunch soon but it’s not as exciting.

        Don’t worry about getting back here. There is never any rush or obligation to comment on MB.

        Take care and see you when things have calmed a little.

        Will give the answer to the trivia quiz soon.

        • monicaangela says:

          Thank you for your prayers and well wishes Kalima. My Aunt appears to be doing better now. She had what I guess could be considered a mini-stroke. So far it appears she doesn’t have too much muscle or nerve damage from the incident. I guess the bigger problem is that she fell during the incident and broke her arm. She is 89 years old, and so doctors are saying it will take a long time for the bone to heel, and that it may not mend as well as it would if she were younger.

          I guess I’ll just have to hope and pray all goes well with her. She lives in California, and as you know I live in Ohio, so I won’t be able to visit her often. I do plan to see her during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I’m hoping I will be able to stay a bit longer than I had planned.

          The articles you’ve posted are wonderful as usual, lots of human interest and I loved the Zen moment with Maru and Hana. I tell you, the more news I read, the more it looks as though we may be about to go into another world war, things appear to be stirred up all over the place. Will we never have peace on this planet? Sometimes I wonder…

    • Nirek says:

      Kalima, please take care of yourself, we need you here. But only when you are well enough.

      The pictures of the immigrants are interesting, huh? They look different than their decendants do today. I have seen a picture of my great grandfather and he was bearded like I am today. I have had my beard since I returned home from Vietnam 45 years ago.

      Bernie is doing a lot , not just campaigning. Your story about decriminalizing pot is one thing and another is trying to get Social Security folks a cola raise next year. We don’t get one this time because the price of gas has kept inflation down? Everything else is up but gas. We don’t drive as much as we used to but our meds have climbed in price. Guess I better be quiet or big brother might get me.

      Again please be well and get rest.
      Peace to you and yours.

      • Kalima says:

        Thanks Nirek, I’m taking it easy for now.

        Looking at those photos of the early immigrants, I had to imagine how many of them would be let into your country now looking as they did?

        It seems that in some ignorant minds even wearing a head covering makes you a terrorist. Do you remember when our Church required women to cover our heads? Were we terrorists too?

        Yes I read about Bernie tackling Social Security. Good for him but I worry about how much opposition he will have should he win the election. The President has tried to change many important issues and has amazingly passed many new bills while many still sit on the back burner. The GOP will fight Bernie just as fiercely should he be elected.

        It’s disgraceful that you are paying too much for necessary medication.

        Take care and peace always.

  12. Kalima says:

    Good Morning everyone!

    I suppose autumn is near but from boiling hot to freezing cold, makes me think that we might have missed it already. Hope your slide into autumn is much more pleasant.

    Have a good day wherever you may be. Take care, be safe, stay warm and comfy.

    Sayonara from my darkening afternoon corner of Tokyo. Mata ne.

    Our Moment of Zen


    A few stories and opinions from around the globe.

    Kyushu restarts second reactor at Sendai plant under tighter Fukushima-inspired rules


    Leaning tower forces Asahi Kasei to check 3,000 residential buildings



    Japan to return to U.N. Security Council after 5-year hiatus



    Full body scanners being tested at three airports




    Eerie figures



    Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust charged over four deaths

    The trust at the centre of the worst ever NHS scandal is facing criminal charges over the deaths of four patients



    Doctors ask Cabinet Office to investigate Jeremy Hunt’s patient deaths comments

    Medics say health secretary breached ministerial code of conduct with claim that 11,000 patients a year die after being admitted to hospital at weekends



    Breaking point: a day in the life of the NHS – in pictures

    How do you cope when you get a new patient every six minutes, 365 days a year, and you’re under constant pressure despite dwindling staff and resources? Photographer Sam Peat shows daily life for doctors and nurses at a typical A&E – The Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport



    Sir John Chilcot to set timetable for publication of Iraq war report

    Announcement comes days before deadline when families of British soldiers killed in war had threatened to begin legal action over delays



    French train company SNCF angers right-wing politicians by allowing refugees to travel without valid tickets



    Poland may sue over claim Poles killed more Jews than Germans during war

    Princeton University professor Jan T Gross faces possible lawsuit by the Polish prosecutors over his remarks



    Russia’s Fictions on Malaysia Flight 17

    A new report details how the crash was caused, but Russia has an alternate version of events.



    Flight MH17: Russia and its changing story



    Who will Win the Post-Debate Spin?
    by Michael Tomasky



    The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders



    Bernie Sanders says debate performance prompted $1.3 million in donations



    Bernie Sanders rejects donation from Martin Shkreli who boosted Aids drug price by 5,000 per cent



    Here’s What BNR Readers Had to Say About the Democratic Debate



    Is Clinton’s no-fly zone in Syria really on the table?



    The Waaaaah Street Factor by Paul Krugman

    Great wealth and thin skins.



    Trump, Huckabee and Jeb Trolled the #DemDebate And It Was Pathetic



    This man is sick!

    Huckabee Suggests Poor People Should Be Sold Into Slavery For Stealing



    This man is sick too.

    Rand Paul Answers Question About LGBT Workplace Discrimination By Telling Them To Find Another Job



    Syria crisis: Thousands of Iranian troops amass for all-out assault on Aleppo



    Russian firepower ups the stakes in Syria



    Russia ‘reducing air strikes against Syrian rebels’ as intervention fails



    Ankara blasts: Bombers ‘linked to Islamic State’



    New checkpoints and fears divide Jerusalem’s Jews and Palestinians

    Roadblocks set up to allow Israel to seal off Palestinian neighbourhoods as 70-year-old Israeli woman is stabbed in latest violent attack in city



    Israel to revoke Jerusalem residency of Palestinians

    In addition to punitive home demolitions, Israel is taking steps to banish alleged attackers’ relatives from



    Israel fury over Abbas ‘execution’ of Palestinian teenager claim



    South Sudan: The forgotten war in the heart of Africa

    As British soldiers prepare to deploy in South Sudan, David Blair reports on a forgotten war that has forced 2.2 million people to flee their homes



    Child soldier, 14, already a veteran of South Sudan’s civil war



    Iran Meets Atomic Agency Deadline for Material on Past Activities

    Meeting the deadline was another in a series of steps that Iran promised to take as part of the nuclear agreement reached in July with six world powers.



    Barack Obama to slow US troop withdrawals from Afghanistan

    Thousands of troops will remain in the country through 2017, the US president announces



    China home to more billionaires than the US



    Philippines hostages: Video shows kidnapped tourists



    Myanmar signs peace deal with armed rebel groups


    Trivia Quiz

    What is a Dracula sneeze?


    ‘Many people died’: odysseys of asylum seekers and the village ‘overwhelmed’

    Residents of Longford say they do not object to the newcomers, only to their concentration and constant transit in and out of temporary accommodation



    Torn apart: The smuggler and my baby



    The friendship that grew out of war



    Modern life is rubbish? Sleep is just the same as ever, say scientists

    Study of sleep patterns of groups living in Tanzania, Namibia and Bolivia with lifestyles similar to our paleolithic ancestors shows similar late-night habits to humans with internet and TV-based routines



    Researchers may have discovered alien structures on distant star



    The polar bears are coming to town



    Moscow then and now – in pictures

    A Soviet market replaced by a 16-lane highway and the renaming of prominent landmarks: photographs capture the changing face of Russia’s capital



    In pictures: Roma slums in Romania and Slovakia



    Autumn colour around the UK, in pictures



    The 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition: The winning pictures



    Pictures of the day: 15 October 2015



    Best photographs of the day October 15 2015

    Each day the picture editor of the Guardian brings you a selection of photo highlights


    • kesmarn says:

      Good Evening/Morning, Kalima! Thanks so much for another great collection of articles from around the world.

      It’s always good to start off with a smile, and that sweet Golden Lab who knows how to work faucets and drains to give himself his own bath is guaranteed to bring one. Talk about the perfect pup! Now if I can just get Mr. Jordan Katt to empty his own litter box here…

      Well, it’s taken a few years but finally the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation is being held accountable for patient deaths on their watch. As well they should be! Firing nurses, short staffing, poor funding on patient care and ridiculous expenditures on junk. It was a disaster waiting to happen and it did.

      And doesn’t it just figure that Jeremy Hunt — while he wouldn’t recognize the truth on actual deaths — doesn’t have any problem at all with making them up when it suits his purposes? When he wants to manipulate and exploit doctors, he claims that they need to work longer hours because “11,000 people died” when they didn’t. Even the people who compiled the report he sucked those numbers from warned that they shouldn’t be misused like that. That would never stop our Jeremy though…

      But those photos were worth a thousand words — the ones of a “day in the life of” an NHS emergency room. You can almost feel the tension and stress when you look at them. “The Breaking Point” is a very apt title for that series. What a nightmare.

      On American politics — Tomasky is right. Hillary undoubtedly benefited from her debate performance. But so did Bernie! I think his magnanimous gesture toward her (dismissing her email kerfuffle) made him look like a real mensch. Which — of course — he is! And his and his campaign’s refusal to take Martin Shkreli’s dirty money is just the icing on the cake. Good for him!

      Paul Krugman — I just love him. The term “Waaaah Street” is perfect. Not only do they complain about regulations, they even complain about complaints about their bad behavior. Such sensitive souls. When it comes to themselves. Never when it comes to other peoples’ suffering, though.

      And then there’s Huckabee. Another sensitive soul — who’s so sensitive that he’s perfectly okay with selling people into slavery — as long as they’re poor thieves. Now the rich thieves? Those “Waaah Street” boys? The ones who really should be sold into slavery? Nary a word from our boy Huck.

      What a sad tale — about the 14 year old boy who’s already a veteran “soldier” in South Sudan. This kid has been so brain-washed that he has absolutely no inclination to get an education — even if one were offered to him. Talk about a totally dead-end existence. It’s hard to imagine that his life span will be very long if he doesn’t get his head turned around in the near future. People who do this to children should be in prison.

      On the other end of the spectrum are the Chinese billionaires. I had to laugh at the one selfie of Jack Ma with David Cameron. Cameron’s eyes are practically popping out of his head in unmitigated adulation of all that MONEY!! That’s like pure oxygen for David. They must have had to give him a tranquilizer after that meeting.

      What a chilling story — “The Smuggler and the Baby.” Here’s a woman who was a respected physician not that long ago, and who was forced to trust untrustworthy people, sacrifice a large amount of money, and unwittingly put a friend in legal jeopardy just to get herself and her daughter to safety. What a miracle that they were able to be reunited eventually.

      I love the story of the long term friendship between Mrs. Moshe Dayan and her prominent Palestinian colleague. Incredible that the friendship actually outlasted Mrs. Dayan’s marriage — which deteriorated under the stress of the wartime hostilities.

      What a sad series of photos of the poverty of the Romas in eastern Europe. These people have been denied housing, education and jobs for years and then are blamed for being homeless, ignorant and unemployed.

      Now — on to the trivia question! (It’s fun to see it again!) As usual, I have no idea what the right answer is. But that never stopped me from guessing before. So — here we go. Is a vampire sneeze one in which you bite your own tongue in the process of sneezing. 😀 OK. I know that’s cheesy. But it’s the best I’ve got.

    • monicaangela says:

      Kalima, I am of course enjoying the articles you have posted this morning. Though I would comment on a couple right quick.

      The Staffordshire NHS foundation story was inspiring. I sure hope this is a premonition of what is to come in this country. We have so many foundations, Hospitals, and entities working in health service that are doing an equally poor job of caring for their customers. I believe if they started being held accountable for their mistakes, and that if their mistakes were reported more often our Healthcare system would greatly improve. Sure hope this makes a difference for the people who have to utilize the NHS services.

      Next, good on Bernie Sanders for turning down the money from Skreli. He is someone we all should be shinning a spotlight on for the manner in which he has been so horribly educated when it comes to stealing from the general public. He is a perfect example of what is wrong with those who are wealthy in this nation. They want to treat the entire country as if it is a Casino where they can gamble and make a fortune with every turn of the wheel, no matter who gets hurt in the process. I truly believe the government should be investigating him for his attempt to gouge the ill by increasing the price of a drug so high that only the wealthy could afford it. I believe his actions would have been tantamount to murder. I still haven’t read an article that lets us know what price he does intend to charge for the drug. Bernie Sanders as you know is my choice, and I do have to say that I believe if he gets into office we will see a great deal of change that will make a difference for the 99% who are living and working in this Oligarchical nation that is suppose to be a democratic republic.

      Be back later to comment more, as always, I appreciate this service you provide, can’t thank you enough. Take Care, see you soon. :)

    • AdLib says:

      Kalima, more later but just a quick comment on how fun your Moment of Zen is! You know I have a golden but mine doesn’t know how to take a bath…she does make a great cappuccino though!

      • Kalima says:

        Hey, glad you liked it. Yes I was thinking of your “girl” when I saw it.

        Cappuccino? If she can make a decent pasta sauce, I’ll have her over as a homestay for 6 months.

    • monicaangela says:

      Hello Kalima!

      Sorry to hear you aren’t getting a proper Fall when it comes to the weather there. It has been beautiful here where I live. I enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures. We are having what some call Indian Summer. It is in the 70’s most days, and 40’s and 50’s at night. Great weather for sleeping.

      I of course haven’t had time to peruse all of the articles yet, but many of them caught my eye as I scrolled through the abundance of wonderful material that will keep me busy for quite some time during this weekend and part of next week. I especially wanted to comment on the one about Hillary Clinton and her no-fly-zone that she seems to think will work in Syria. After President Obama made his speech yesterday about the worsening of the war in Afghanistan, and the fact that the war will probably continue after he leaves office with at least 5,500 troops or more still in that battle zone after 2016, which was suppose to be the deadline for ending the war I begin to think of a H.R.C. Presidency. :(

      I think it would be a disaster if Hillary Clinton won the election..she is in my opinion too hawkish and too connected to the powers that be to be allowed to assume that position. I sure hope the people of this country does not make the mistake of putting her into office. Heaven help of all if they do.

      • VegasBabe says:

        Disastrous on numerous levels were HRC capitulate to the role of POTUS but IMO, so would BS! Both have avoided one of the real elephants in the room like BLM, the insidiousness of the criminal justice system in this country and then there is ISRAEL! Why do we tolerate this country who is committing genocide against the Palestinian people? Why have we sent them over decades several trillion dollars? Who will stand up for American and say enough already! What are they afraid of? To suggest their fear is of AIPAC is to admit Americans no longer control their own country, mayhap haven’t in a very long time! Remove the stank from the criminal justice and get control of Israel starting with ending the welfare checks. When I hear that, they’ll get my attention. If not, neither will get my vote. Misery loves company!

        • Kalima says:

          Hello VegasBabe.

          Actually Bernie Sanders has talked often about his plans to reform the justice system to end racial inequality. Here is one such article.


          Bernie Sanders to introduce legislation abolishing private prisons


        • monicaangela says:

          I agree with your sentiment. I am having a hard time understanding the policies of this nation also. Where Israel is concerned I believe we should have kicked them to the curb years ago, after they started throwing their weight around and as you say began their effort to commit genocide against the population that was there in the land of Canaan before they came.

          I suppose we have to admit, the Israeli’s came by their plan honestly. They appear to be following the same playbook the Europeans followed when they came to this nation and committed genocide against the Native Americans.

          One thing I have learned about this nation is the fact that you have to make a choice when it comes to elections, even if you don’t like any of the candidates. I feel that whatever we do in this election will not be enough to right the wrongs that have already been committed by this nation. I also feel that Bernie Sanders would be far and away better than Hillary Clinton. So, because I have to vote for someone, and I prefer him over her, I will be voting for him in the primary.

          I have given up hope of ever getting a candidate that will do exactly what I would like them to do, Barack Obama has taught me that. No candidate is going to be perfect, none of them will be able to govern alone, so as long as we have a two party system, and as long as we have the good cop bad cop mentality when it comes to those two parties, we are basically stuck with what we get, like it or not. Rather than accept this without voting, I vote to express my opinion. Maybe it doesn’t get all the things I would like, but if the person I vote for wins, I usually get some of what I wanted, as in the case of President Obama. I know that I would not like a Clinton Presidency, and I probably won’t agree with everything Bernie does either, but just as I did with President Obama, I’m willing to give Bernie a try. After all, what’s the alternative? One of the republicans? Heaven forbid we allow that to happen.

    • Nirek says:

      Good day Kalima, thanks for the stories about Bernie, I enjoyed them. Bernie has integrity and it showed in refusing to take money from the drug guy who raised the price 5000%! I wonder if any other candidate would refuse the money?

      The pictures as always tell stories. Thanks for them.

      I have no idea what a dracula sneeze is, look forward to the answer.

      Stay warm and comfy, peace and good health to you and yours.

      • Kalima says:

        Glad you found the stories about Bernie. No, I doubt that many would refuse a donation even from a douchebag like the drug guy when you think about where their money must be coming from if they won’t list their donors.

        Answer to the trivia question soon.

        Have a good weekennd and take care.


  13. Kalima says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    Will be back with new updates on your Friday morning. Too much traffic here today to get any serious work done.

    Watched the debate on CNN and was most impressed with Bernie Sanders after only seeing him in short sound bites previously. He was by far the most passionate and also the most Googled candidate during the debate. Story in Friday’s updates.

    Take care and hope to see you soon.

    • Nirek says:

      I will watch for the MB updates! Thanks for all the work you do to bring MB to us. Looking forward to Fri. AM

    • monicaangela says:

      Good Morning/Evening Kalima!

      I agree with you regarding the debates, it was refreshing to see an actual debate. I believe Bernie did an excellent job, a few mistakes and some cleaning up needed where the gun issue is concerned I think, but Bernie is a fast learner and I’m sure he will get that together soon. I also believe he could have done a better job explaining what a democratic socialist is, but I’m sure it’s difficult to operate in an atmosphere such as a national debate, especially when you believe the rest of the public is as intelligent as you are. Bernie gives the electorate credit for being smart enough to follow what he is saying. The MSM and Hillary Clinton try to obfuscate and make what he is saying appear to be something it is not. I know I said I would support the nominee, whoever comes out ahead in this primary election on the democrat side, but I don’t believe I could ever vote for Hillary Clinton, and after last nights debate, watching her performance I am convinced I will have to write in Bernie Sanders name if she wins. Can you imagine her actually saying she was representing Wall Street when she was in the Senate, and then having the nerve to say she went up there and told them to cut out the mortgage fraud etc., as if her telling them to stop would make a difference. Question is, what did she do when they didn’t? The same thing she will do when they continue to wreck the economy under a second would be Clinton Presidency, the same thing they did during the first Clinton Presidency, with the help of the President and Congress. I will never vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what the problems might be if she wins the primary and runs against a republican who I of course will not vote for either. I guess I will just have to write Bernie’s name in as a protest vote.

      Looking forward to tomorrow’s updates. :)

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