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kesmarn On November - 19 - 2010

K is for kaffee, just the beverage to accompany our updates on the state of the world overnight.

A is for American politics and culture. Though she lives abroad: Kalima gets it right.

L is for languages. Kalima has mastered, fluently, at least three.

I is for International. A citizen of the world is she.

M is for Multi-talented, which describes our Kalima precisely

A is for Awesome. We and the cats will say it “twice-ly!”

Congratulations, Kalima! On the 1 year anniversary of Morning Blog!

Categories: News & Politics

Written by kesmarn

History major "back when," who recently retired from having been an RN for a bazillion years. Political junkie. Warren, Sanders and Reich fan. Happy to have been a Planeteer for more than five years now!

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  1. bitohistory says:

    I don’t want a MB auto! I want a MB mug!!

  2. escribacat says:

    I [img][/img] Kalima too! (I'm looking for the emoticon for heart!! But alas…..well, this is a little big but I kinda like it)

  3. PatsyT says:

    Kalima is a treasure!

  4. Kalima says:

    Kes, Du bist ein Engel!

    I will be back, just up, cats to feed, people coming.

    I am lost for words, that was a beautiful way to thank me, although it should be me thanking you, which I will. Thank you kes for understanding who I am, it means the world to me.

    I’ll be back!

  5. choicelady says:

    Thank you, thank you Kalima, AdLib, KQ, bito and all who made the Planet happen and now make it such a wonderful place to live!

  6. Khirad says:


    Wir sagen danke sch

  7. Mightywoof says:

    Our K is one of the best of the best -- she is a shining star among a galaxy of stars here on the Planet and I, for one, appreciate each and every one of you.

    Happy One-Year Anniversary Morning Blog and K

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