The Blackhawks!

What an exciting game that went into OT!

And the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup away from home!

Trivia questions for hockey fans –

What are they going to do once the Cup gets too big for them all to hoist in the air and carry around?

Do you think that they will have to bring in another Cup?

How much does the Cup weigh?

Whose name is engraved the most times?

Does the Stanley Cup go to every member of the winning team?

And for how long?

Who started the growing of the beard thing and is there a reason that that was started?

And is OT for hockey still sudden death?

And is the 22 year old Blackhawk MVP winner the youngest captain of a hockey team?

Congratulations to the Blackhawks that have not won since 1961!!!!

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I had to go to Wikipedia for the answer (OK – I cheated 🙂 ). I won’t put any answers here – wouldn’t want to post spoilers.

Wikipedia is a font of information – they even answer the question about playoff beards!


Having lived in Chicago for a decade or so
I love this!

I was there when the Bears won the superbowl.
I was there when the Bulls Won over and over again.

I know how much this means to all my Chicago friends.
Congrats to you Chicago!!


I only caught one game, but I was starting to get the game a little more. I haven’t caught NBA Finals either, really.

Great. I’m out of town for the whole World Cup, too… Friggin’ once every four years, dammit! [seriously, I am pretty bummed]

Ah well, congrats to the Blackhawks!

Now, it’s time for Africa:


Are the Blackhawks a race car driver group? Tee hee, I really know who they are, just playing with ya. They are a hockey team from Chicago, right?

Pepe Lepew

1) I think I know the answer to the first one. I believe when they add a new plate of names to the Cup, they remove some 40-year-old plate, so it will never get any bigger.
2) It weighs about 35 pounds, I believe.
3) The name on it the most? I would guess Scotty Bowman. Wild guess.
4) Yes
5) For one full day
6) That’s a good question. It’s not a tradition that’s been around forever. You look at old photos of Stanley Cup Finals and there’s no beards. I would guess it started in the 70s.
7) OT is sudden death. The playoff rules are a little different from regular season, where you have shootouts most of the time in OT.
8) I think Sidney Crosby might’ve been younger than 22 last year.


I always wondered about the first question, myself.