Last month I wrote about Zack Space (D-OH18) and how he was the only Ohio Democrat who voted No for HCR,  Zack, Why Did You Blink? Well, as the headline in today’s Columbus Dispatch reads:

Tea Party boiling in 18th District

Forum with 7 Republican candidates heaps scorn on Washington

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Revolution is in the air, and President Barack Obama, taxes and big government are under fire in the 18th Congressional District.

Perhaps nowhere in Ohio is the impact of the Tea Party movement more evident than in the far-flung region. Covering part of 16 counties, the district includes expansive rural areas and many small towns stretching from New Philadelphia in the north to Jackson in the south.

Out of all the contenders in this group,  DAVE DAUBENMIRE is perhaps the most vocal, most recognizable, and the most popular in this area of the state vying for the Republican nomination. Coach Dave took on London High School officials and ACLU in the late 1990’s.

I want to lead a revolution. … I don’t know about you, but I want my country back. Dave Daubenmire, Republican candidate from Newark

There are seven others running for the GOP nomination. You can read about them and their attendance, including Dave Daubenmire, at a recent 18th District candidates forum here.

Regardless who wins the 18th District nomination, Zack Space will have a tough fight on his hands.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

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central ohio resident
central ohio resident

Coach Dave has been lambasting “prissy” “sissy” “cowardly” pastors for years because they won’t get political due to their fear of losing their tax exempt status (quote from Coach Dave’s 3/10 commentary: “They don


Amazing is the word for it, COR!

By the way, if I didn’t take time to say welcome to the Planet earlier, please consider it said now! Welcome!


Boomer, thanks for the update. It is so great to have people here on the planet who keep us abreast of local politics–things we’d get nowhere else!

This may seem unrelated, but your post made me think of it. My husband works with a lot of blue collar guys, and he is constantly amazed at how little they pay attention to the issues that most impact the quality of their lives. They are not even necessarily Fux viewers, just knee-jerk anti-government and anti-tax. We were trying to figure it out.

As best we can figure, these guys work hard and struggle to make ends meet. They come home and have no time or interest in politics. All they know is, their paychecks don’t go far enough and they see too many deductions. They don’t connect the dots– pay taxes= get better schools, or Medicare eventually, or the strong defense they want, or whatever. What they see is fat cats in Washington. They see waste and fraud. If they own a small business, they see the seeming graft and incompetence of building inspectors–in short, they think of government as the DMV– unresponsive, rude and inept.They are not big on thinking things through, but they have bad experiences with local government and they therefore think all government is bad.

Add to this some simplistic ideas that equate less taxes with the Right, and they also like “Christian values” even if they themselves are not religious– they still believe they should be. Put that all together, and add an unhealthy dose of racism– and you get these terrible candidates.


Hi Boomer,

Seems like so many times, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. Keep on fighting the fight of the reasonable in the land between two waters!


boomer, I live in Marcy Kaptur’s district. Those of you who saw Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: a Love Story,” will remember her as the congresswoman who stood up to the powerful banking industry during the bailout crisis, and was interviewed by Moore.

This year she’s facing probably the most organized, well-financed opposition she’s had in decades. A local doofus who ran the business he inherited from his father into the ground (a chain of supermarkets) and is now in search of something else to ruin, is running on something of a Tea Party platform…the main plank of which is a promise to “repeal Obamacare.” He has a bazillion ads on TV (probably AM radio, too, but I never listen, so I wouldn’t know) while she hasn’t run any, that I’ve seen. She’s a very honest, frugal person who doesn’t believe in wasting money on ads. She’s consistently won in all the past elections by numbers in the 75-78% range, largely because she works her butt off for the district, and has a conscience! Fancy that.

Honestly, if this Tea Party guy wins, I will be clinically depressed. Friday night, I talked to some of the nuns who were his teachers back when, and the most charitable assessment they could come up with was that he’s “not terribly bright.”

God help us!

I wish I could vote more than once this year… Sigh.


Gee, this guy sounds like Dubya redux!


WTS,yeah… now that you mention it, that’s right! What is it about these guys who are born with silver spoons (or feet, a la Ann Richards?) in their mouths?

Pepe Lepew

Look at all the code:

Cross on hat.

“I want my country back.” (OK, where did it go, cuz last time I checked …. IT’S STILL HERE!

“Revolution.” Such a loaded word, sometimes a good thing, but in the context of the Teabaggers, that kind of “code” leads to people calling up Patty Murray and Nancy Pelosi dozens of times threatening to kill them. And a Revolution from what, exactly? I’ve become increasingly convinced that the idea of “tyranny” for a lot (maybe even most) of these Teabaggers is the idea of having one of “those” people sitting in the White House … and I don’t mean Socialist.


I want my country back is code for there is a black man who is a democrat in the whitehouse and that is not acceptable. No matter he killed mccain with the electoral vote. They think they are the “chosen ones”


True that.