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nellie On March - 18 - 2010

Here is some basic info (which is surprisingly difficult to find).

UPDATE Mar 21 12:30 pm pst:
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has said that there will be no “Deem and Pass” vote on Sunday. Instead, the House will first take a vote on the reconciliation package. This wil be followed immediately by a vote on the Senate bill. This is the procedure they had wanted to do all along, but now the parliamentarian has ruled that they can take the reconciliation vote first.

Sunday the House of Representatives will vote on health care reform. They will first vote on the Reconciliation Sidecar, H.R. 4872. Then they will take a vote on bill that has already passed in the Senate, H.R. 3590. This is a change from the original plan, where they would have accomplished the vote on the Senate bill by passing the sidecar, H.R. 4872, which includes language stating that if H.R. 4872 passes, than H.R. 3590 will also have passed.

The House was not able to post the reconciliation sidecar until 2 pm Eastern Time today (Thursday), so Sunday’s vote will not take place until 2 pm est, to honor the 72-hour review period.

Update Mar 19 1:00 pm pst:
From John Dean:

Expect two votes on Sunday in the House. The first vote will be on the Rule to Deem and Pass. This will approve the procedure to pass H.R. 3590 as H.R. 4872 is passed. The second will be on the Resolution (revisions) to fix the Senate Bill, H.R. 4872.

The language of the rule will be something like: “The senate bill is printed in Section 2 of this Resolution and will be considered adopted by the House and the Committee as a whole.” CORRECTION: Once the revisions pass, the senate bill is passed, and whether or not the Senate adopts the House Resolution, we have health care reform.

The next step is to make sure the Senate adopts the revisions passed in the house. That will be the reconciliation measure.

The Reconciliation Bill (H.R. 4872) will be online for 72 hours — as promised.

The Senate Bill (H.R. 3590) has been available online since it passed on December 4, 2009.

Original Senate Bill
Action on the original Senate bill

This is the Senate’s health care bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The Senate is co-opting this bill as a vehicle for passage of their reform and will change the text of this unrelated bill in whole in the coming weeks. They do this because the Constitution requires all revenue bills to start in the House, and their health reform plan involves revenue. So they have chosen to work off of a bill that started in the House, even if that bill is unrelated.

CBO Report on the original Senate bill

CBO has just released an estimate of the budgetary effects of the health bill, H.R. 3590, that passed the Senate on December 24. Today’s estimate differs from the estimate for a slightly earlier version of the legislation that we released on December 19 in that it encompasses all of the amendments that were adopted by the Senate, reflects a revised assumption about its enactment date, and incorporates some technical revisions. Like the December 19 estimate, this estimate is based on CBO’s baseline projections from March 2009. We and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) prepared this updated estimate in preparation for further consideration of health care legislation. However, the changes we have made do not result in an estimate that differs substantially from the earlier one.

CBO and JCT now estimate that, on balance, the direct (mandatory) spending and revenue effects of enacting H.R. 3590 as passed by the Senate would yield a net reduction in federal deficits of $118 billion over the 2010–2019 period. (Direct spending—as distinguished from discretionary spending—is spending that stems from legislation other than appropriation acts.) In our earlier estimate, the budgetary impact was a net reduction in deficits of $132 billion.

CBO Director’s blog

House Bill
House version: H.R.3590 – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Bill text

Govtracks summary

Reconciliation Sidecar
The HR 4872 SIDECAR — this is the bill that contains the fixes — has been posted. I will add to the above as soon as the problem with the categories has been fixed.

The House was not able to post this bill until 2 pm Eastern Time, so Sunday’s vote will not take place until 2 pm, to honor the 72-hour review period.

CBO Report on H.R. 4872

Immediate benefits
The Top Ten Immediate Benefits You’ll Get When Health Care Reform Passes
As soon as health care passes, the American people will see immediate benefits. The legislation will:

  • Prohibit pre-existing condition exclusions for children in all new plans;
  • Provide immediate access to insurance for uninsured Americans who are uninsured because of a pre-existing condition through a temporary high-risk pool;
  • Prohibit dropping people from coverage when they get sick in all individual plans;
  • Lower seniors prescription drug prices by beginning to close the donut hole;
  • Offer tax credits to small businesses to purchase coverage;
  • Eliminate lifetime limits and restrictive annual limits on benefits in all plans;
  • Require plans to cover an enrollee’s dependent children until age 26;
  • Require new plans to cover preventive services and immunizations without cost-sharing;
  • Ensure consumers have access to an effective internal and external appeals process to appeal new insurance plan decisions;
  • Require premium rebates to enrollees from insurers with high administrative expenditures and require public disclosure of the percent of premiums applied to overhead costs.

CBO summary
March 18, 2010 CBO Report

Talking Points Memo: Dem Source: CBO Says Health Bill Cuts Deficit, Costs $940 Billion

A Democratic source provides TPM with the CBO’s final top-line numbers on the health care reform bill–the cost-estimate of the Senate health care bill as amended by a soon-to-be-released reconciliation bill. The findings, as expected, keep the bill in line with the Senate bill’s stand alone score:

The bill would reduce the deficit by $130 billion in the first ten years, and potentially by $1.2 trillion in the second ten years (though CBO always warns that projections into the second decade are extremely unpredictable).

According to the source, CBO finds that the bill reduces annual growth in Medicare expenditures by 1.4 percentage points per year, extending Medicare’s solvency by at least 9 years.

And, in a small, but significant improvement over the Senate bill, the combined package will expand health insurance coverage to 32 million Americans, as opposed to the Senate bill’s 31 million.

When it becomes law
UPDATE Mar 21 12:40pm
Now that H.R. 4872 will be voted on first, we will not have health care reform until the second vote is taken on H.R. 3590. This bill will go to the president’s desk for signature. H.R. 4872 will go to the Senate for a majority vote via the reconciliation process.

Mar 19
Once the House passes HR 4872, the Senate bill (H.R. 3590) will go to President Obama for a signature. The Senate will pass the reconciliation as a separate action. So we’ll have health care as soon as 4872 passes. Then we’ll have better health care when the Senate passes the reconciliation bill.

This post will be updated as I find more info. Please post any updates that can be included in this post.
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  1. javaz says:

    Tea Party activists yelling insults at Democratic Reps.

    Things are getting pretty heated in the Capitol with crowds of anti-Reform/Tea Party activists going through the halls shouting slogans and epithets at Democratic members of Congress.

    As our Brian Beutler reports, a few moments ago in the Longworth office building, a group swarmed a very calm looking Henry Waxman, as he got on the elevator, with shouts of “Kill the bill!” “You liar! You crook!”

    Not long before, Rep. Barney Frank got an uglier version of the treatment. Just after Frank rounded a corner to leave the building, an older protestor yelled “Barney, you faggot.” The surrounding crowd of protestors then erupted in laughter.

    At one point, Capitol police officer threatened to throw a group of protestors out of the building but that only seemed to inflame them more; and apparently none were ejected.

    Note that this was in the Longworth building, not the Capitol building proper. But I’m a bit surprised that this is being allowed to occur anywhere in the Capitol complex. From Brian’s description it sounds like menacing.


  2. AdLib says:

    Nellie, thanks so much for the updates!

    I’m very relieved that they are voting directly on reconciliation and the Senate bill, in that order.

    Poor Repub lawyers, they just lost a fortune on a junk lawsuit against Obama and Congress over deem and pass.

  3. Chernynkaya says:


  4. choicelady says:

    BTW Nellie -- thank you for the running update. It is helpful to me even though in theory I’m on top of this stuff, I’m too bogged down in the bill details, and your posts and updates are HUGE for me. I am so grateful.

    Today is my birthday. I’m not big on birthday celebrations and stuff, but wow -- would I like to be doing almost ANYTHING but this! I did find a cute little place with wheat free cookies, so I bought some in lieu of a cake that I could not eat anyway. They were sooooo good. That almost makes up for this *&^% health care fiasco!

    • nellie says:

      Happy Birthday, ChoiceLady. Your insider view is always so informative — I’m very flattered that you find my updates helpful.

      Let’s hope by this time tomorrow, we’re counting up to 216.

    • Kalima says:





      😳 I’m late to the party as usual.

      • SueInCa says:

        Beter late than never Kalima. Good morning to you

        • Kalima says:

          Good evening Sue, hope things are well with you?

          We are are waiting for the plumbers again, it’s a week today since one of our loos backed up.

          I have a good feeling about the HCR bill and I’m sending positive vibes to all in need, especially KQ and escribacat here, and to my many uninsured friends over there who are so nervous that they are forgetting to breathe or eat.

    • SanityNow says:

      Happy birthday CL!

    • SueInCa says:

      Happy B-Day Choice Lady. Yesterday was my grandson’s. Nice to treat yourself on such a special day. From Bear in the Big Blue House. My grandson thought he lived in my neighborhood because there was a big blue house.

    • PatsyT says:

      Happy Birthday Choice Lady !!!
      You gift is coming tomorrow . . .
      I Hope !!

    • Questinia says:

      Happy Birthday. You’re quite on the cusp, aren’t you? Aries or Pisces?

      • choicelady says:

        Oh Pisces, of course -- always going in two directions!

        Thank you ALL for such lovely greetings. It has greatly brightened my day to hear from all of you!

        SueinCA -- I adore the Bear -- know his wife (the guy inside the Bear) who is a friend’s daughter. But don’t tell your grandson! This is sort of a Santa Claus thing…especially if there is a blue house nearby!

        I am in agony about this bill passing, and even when the news is awful, having you all here makes it easier to sustain.

        I just keep wanting to holler at every hold out Dem -“Don’t you know KQ and e’cat NEED this???? Don’t you know this is what is required of you as a representative? As a human BEING? Screw the teabaggers (well, not literally) because they are 11% of the population AND the same fringe group that voted for George Wallace. Is THAT whom you wish to serve? Serve KQ and e’cat and the rest of America who need and want affordable health care!”

        So -- in a sense -- I actually DID that with the hold outs in CA. Using our time honored method of employing the correct ZIP codes…

        Let’s hope and pray good sense prevails tomorrow.

        This is disgusting.

    • AdLib says:

      Happy Birthday! As of tomorrow, you can have your cake and eat it too!

      ” width=”400″ alt=”cake” />

    • bitohistory says:

      Happy B-day, C’Lady, you will get a big present tomorrow!!

    • Chernynkaya says:


    • Khirad says:

      Happy B-day regardless. :-)

  5. Chernynkaya says:

    New HP Headline:

    • choicelady says:

      That’s HP’s style now -- headlines that beat Obama with a big stick for his “failures” followed by stories that are often the dead opposite. Have you noticed that calling her out on this doesn’t seem to get posted? Wonder why…

  6. choicelady says:

    Just got word that we have only two votes to go -- both from NY. Staten Island Rep. Michael McMahon and Central NY Rep. Arcuri (who seems to be beyond hope) are two possibles. I don’t think this means they are the ONLY holdouts but that they appear moveable.

    The RW spin on this is the same old same old just louder. I tuned in CSPAN coverage to hear one rep berating another for “leaving out our brave veterans” in some aspect of coverage that was NOT doing harm. Oy -- the hystrionics! I think all Reeps are vying for Oscars, not for votes. Of course we won’t be handing Boehner awards for make up, so he should just stand down on that category.

    One woman caller to CSPAN had the most garbled “message” on health care I ever heard, boiling it all down to ‘Obama is flying around on planes, so let’s take all that money and cover everyone.’ Uh-huh.

    I agree with everyone’s comments about firebaggers and pseudo progressives. I smell a rat. But I also know armchair progressives (I happen to have a hard on against Katha Pollit at The Nation for one) are just kvetching because they love the sound of their own voices and think THEY have answers they do NOT have.

    At any level at all, ideology over human well being is just plain wrong. I’m sick of it.

  7. Khirad says:

    I lost the link -- may have been done here -- but I hear about Reid, Merkley and others proposing a PO next week or within the month?

  8. Khirad says:

    Intrade: 88.7


    Your daily humor:


    By the way, I’m back here because I was really close to losing it with the Firebagger spammers. I swear, I’m not so unsure they aren’t paid by the GOP. They never post any constructive solutions.

    They’re pointedly saying that the meme is that we can improve this. I ask, okay: why not? And, do you really believe this will be revisited in time to save the lives this admittedly meager bill will? Is it really that much more harmful than nothing?

    I smell something fishy.

    • nellie says:

      I’ve been thinking for a while that the GOP is probably paying people to post as angry progressives. I think there are legitimately some disaffected progressives on the site — a few we know and like — but some of the one-liner folks with the facile insults, you just have to suspect something isn’t right.

  9. javaz says:

    Protester carrying sign that threatens gun violence at the Tea Party Code Red rally against HCR --

    Tea Party activists have gathered on Capitol Hill today for a

  10. Chernynkaya says:

    Side by Side: Health Care Bills

    Senate version and House changes ( I can

    • Chernynkaya says:

      Couple of things I found. (There are tons of others but so far, they deal with US Territories and tax law stuff that makes my eyes glaze over.)

      Added to the Senate bill by the HOUSE:

      SEC. 1005. IMPLEMENTATION FUNDING. ‘(a) IN GENERAL. ‘ There is hereby established a Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund (referred to in this section as the ‘Fund’) within the Department of Health and Human Services to carry out the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and this Act (and the amendments made by such Acts). ‘(b) FUNDING. ‘ There is appropriated to the Fund, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, $1,000,000,000 for Federal administrative expenses to carry out such Act (and the amendments made by such Acts).

      Deleted By the House:

      D) POVERTY LINE- `(i) IN GENERAL- The term `poverty line’ has the meaning given that term in section 2110(c)(5) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1397jj(c)(5)). `(ii) POVERTY LINE USED- In the case of any taxable year ending with or within a calendar year, the poverty line used shall be the most recently published poverty line as of the 1st day of such calendar year.

    • nellie says:

      Brilliant, Cher. I’m going to post the link up in the article. This is just the kind of thing the media just won’t report.

      Any sign of the public option? I haven’t looked yet.

      • choicelady says:

        Sorry to say the Amendment to the Reconciliation Act swept the Public Option out entirely. No PO. The posts above on Reid’s promise is something we need to pursue vigorously starting on Monday. For one thing, it is hugely more cost effective for the nation as well as individuals and families. WHY it got swept out in the Amendment is just not clear.

        I think the abandonment of deem and pass will help -- no more idiots from GA can call it “demon pass”. (Worst of it is, I think he believed that was what it was called.)

        Tomorrow I am on an interfaith panel and being called to account for the bill exactly as the vote will probably be occurring -- and I won’t know what’s in and what’s out. I’ll be like a kid caught out on a pop quiz, so I might as well admit it straight up?

        • SanityNow says:

          are you absolutely sure about that CL? Have you received inside confirmation on that? because I just visited the Rules site and I read the Amendment and my understanding is that the language of the Amendment only amends the corresponding parts of the Reconciliation Act. In other words, just because there is no mention of the PO in the Amendment does not mean that the PO is out of 4872. Unless, I hear otherwise, I think the Public Health Insurance Option is still in 4872.

      • SanityNow says:

        don’t think this comparison will show the PO as it really only exists in the Reconciliation Act

      • Chernynkaya says:

        Still looking…

    • Chernynkaya says:

      This is so 😎

      (If I were rich, I’d send the person who did this--along with each House staffer who worked on these changes-- a big, fancy, gift basket, filled with luxury items!)

    • SanityNow says:

      Cher, here is another, a bit more interactive side-by-side comparison tool provided by Kaiser Fam Fdn


  11. KQuark says:

    I thought the “Slaughter Rule” was only in little league baseball when a team was leading by 10 or more runs. :mrgreen:

  12. PepeLepew says:

    Unless my skunk sense are wrong … and they rarely are … I think this is going to pass. 😀

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