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Tiger99 On December - 31 - 2009

One of the things I love about the Internet is the vast amount of information and idea’s that we can access, especially all the conspiracy theory’s that abound… Since most of us seem to be politically aware we are all familiar with the ones that run their course everytime a politician sneezes… Every President has them and usually they are all about the same ole “who controls him behind the scenes”  “follow the money” and “he has secret male/female lovers”…  President Obama is bombarded with more than his fair share and they are different this time around in the fact they step beyond the same ole same ole challenging his legitimacy to serve… We are now dealing with people taking false information and fake documents into Court Rooms (Birthers) ,the rumor mill of his faith(secret Muslim) and even idiots going on air and flatly stating that he is secretly hates white people… All this aimed at distracting the public and in my view created out of fear that President Obama might actually be the one chance to heal the divide felt in this country…

These no talent political conspiracy hacks are taking all the fun out of “Conspiracy”… Gone are they days it seems of the Secret Society New World Order Bilderberger Shapeshifting Reptilian Behind The Scenes Puppet Masters…  After watching the pathetic unimaginative attempts by “Orly” I find myself longing for the old guard Conspiracy Experts(David Icke, Jeff Rense,Alex Jones), at least these people have some imagination…

To conclude I would like to ring in the New Year with some good ole fashioned “Conspiracy’s” and change the Conspiracy Dialogue back to  having a bit of fun and at the very least a minor resemblance of intelligence… I will start by sharing a couple of links and I am looking forward to yours…

Put on your Tin Foil Hats Planetiers  because it is a Blue Moon tonight and you know what that means…



DISCLAIMER: The author of this post does not condone the practice of putting cutsie clothes on pets…

Written by Tiger99

"When You Vote The For Lesser Of Two Evils You Still Vote For Evil" - Tiger99

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  1. Tiger99 says:

    Okay,Last nights “Blue Moon” wasn’t blue… What’s up with that ?

  2. BigDogMom says:

    Yes Tiger, your link to the Spider Goats was way cool…LOL!!!

    Soon they will be taking over the world….adjust your tinfoil hats every one it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

  3. BigDogMom says:

    Well, when I was at our town’s “Town Hall Meeting” on health care this summer, I sat next to a little old lady, late 70’s, that proclaimed to me and those around us that Obama is going to get rid of all religions, just like in Communist Russia.

    She told us the following:

    “Did you know that they don’t practice religion there, in Russia, well they don’t and they can’t, and that’s what this guy Obama is going to do here. He’s also going to remove all words, like God, from all the governments buildings, our money and we are not going to say the pledge of allegiance anymore….your going to be sent to jail if you practice any kind of religion, that’s what he’s going to do….I heard it on the radio and I trust that source and it’s been right every time.”

    She was working herself into a real tizzy, mind you, I thought it was a great idea to get organized religion out of our lives, but I didn’t tell her that…she would have gone off the deep end if I did.

    • Khirad says:

      That reminds me of that Katy girl from the summer who used modern day Russia and the Soviets interchangeably.

      This is who we are dealing with folks. You think these people see nuance? They are prey for the shoddiest of conspiracy theories. In fact, I don’t want to sully the name of conspiricists with this quackadoodoory.

      • BigDogMom says:

        I really don’t think the Cold War has ended in the minds of the republicans or the crazy fundies…I think they want this war, like all others, to go on and on….they love playing that card, makes them feel real strong, like they know something that we don’t and they love to hold it over every ones head.

        This says the commie loving pinko liberal….

    • PatsyT says:

      Gee, I wonder if that source is in a Hospital in Hawaii recovering from a heart attack?

      • BigDogMom says:

        I was praying that it was time for him to meet his maker…am I a bad person for thinking this? Will this effect my Karma? Do I need to click my heels twice and flap my arms or something?

        • bitohistory says:

          BDM, my justifying staement is “I wish him no ill will. I don’t wish wish him any good……

        • boomer1949 says:

          Last night I said, “Should we hold hands and pray?” I didn’t mean for a speedy recovery either. Nope not bad — honest — and what goes around comes around — it’s time for his to come around.

          btw -- decided to change my avatar for the New Year; I think I’m beyond my Maggie Simpson faze. I’ve decided to impersonate 1) a flight attendant 2) a TSA screener :-)

        • PatsyT says:

          You are not alone,
          I was reading some of the news groups threads last night and you can not believe how many people were coming out of the woodwork
          and proclaiming their detest for him and wishing for his demise.
          Like the munchkins coming out after the wicked witch had a house land on her.
          Made me feel like a girl scout.
          One that was posted most often
          -I did not know he had a heart-
          Hey, he put this on himself, in more ways then one.

    • BigDogMom says:

      OK, that’s not even a good photoshop picture…these people must sit around and think these things up all day…alright, maybe not think, but something close to that, to come up with such idiotic theories like this one.

      • Khirad says:

        It was satire, they’re making fun of the same people we are. Notice the warning at the bottom. 😉

        • BigDogMom says:

          Didn’t read it all the way through…saw the picture and clicked it off…LOL!!!

        • bitohistory says:

          Had me going WTF! 😆

          • Tiger99 says:

            Here is a good FEMA Camp link bito…

            • bitohistory says:

              Thanks Tiger, I might check myself into one for the winter if they have good heat. If it is warmer than my shack—see ya this spring!


            • BigDogMom says:

              “Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which will be implemented once the Rex 84 program is initiated for its proper purpose. Garden Plot is the program to control the population. Cable Splicer is the program for an orderly takeover of the state and local governments by the federal government. FEMA is the executive arm of the coming police state and thus will head up all operations. The Presidential Executive Orders already listed on the Federal Register also are part of the legal framework for this operation.”

              Now there was some thought that went into this….like how they use famous quotes to legitimize their theory.

            • boomer1949 says:

              I’ll go, but only if I don’t have to wear a tin foil hat. Of course, if we don’t have a choice…

            • Khirad says:

              What is truly frightening is how much time they put into this.

              It is truly mental, the obsessiveness I think shows an underlying disorder. This is the internet version of taping news story clippings all over your apartment ceiling and walls.

            • bitohistory says:

              Hey! I still have my Farrah Fawcet poster up!

            • Tiger99 says:

              Could you at least admit my link to Spider Goats was cool?

            • BigDogMom says:

              Just like on TV…the obsessive serial killer always tapes news clippings and photo’s all over their walls….LOL!!

  4. PepeLepew says:

    I think my favourite conspiracy of 2009 was “What was the President’s REAL speech that he was going to give to the schoolchildren. Why won’t he release it? What’s he hiding?” Followed up by “Why won’t Obama release his college thesis? What’s he hiding? What’s he afraid of.”

    • javaz says:

      Oh, let me add, when in France, you get a letter from the bank or professional institution, they actually address their letters --
      Mon Cher et Cherie.

      The address on the envelope is M. and Mme.

      The hardest thing about living in a foreign country when it comes to language is the phone.

      When we would walk around Paris and hear nothing but French, my husband used to always nudge me and say in English, “Why don’t they learn our language?”

    • javaz says:

      Pepe, you might enjoy this OT.
      I just wrote an email in French to our friends that we made in Montreal when we lived there for 4 months.
      I know that I didn’t get it right, but when they write to us, and this is also for our friends from Paris write us, their English writing isn’t the best, but I get what they are saying.

      I’m nervous in that I didn’t write in French that they could say the same thing, in that my French was poor, but they understood.

      Bonne Annee, mes amis.

      votre ami,

  5. Khirad says:

    These no talent political conspiracy hacks are taking all the fun out of

  6. KQuark says:

    Cheers this is one of my favorite topics. The funniest part is it seem like extremes on the right and left fall for these conspiracies in a similar manner. I really think it’s part and parcel of being a radical to believe in the craziest conspiracy theories possible.

    You might like this article and image I edited a while back in honor of the “Church of the Woo Woo”.


    ” alt=”woowoo” />

    • Tiger99 says:

      Thanks KQ… Great Article and love the pic!!!

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Hey KQ! Love the artwork! Good job! I didn’t realize that Ron Paul was so UNDER-endowed! Pitiful! :-)

    • javaz says:

      Did you read what Ron Paul said about giving up our freedoms and increasing war in the middle east?
      I thought he was supposed to be a Libertarian?
      That’s not the definition of a Libertarian, is it?

      (happy new year KQ and are you home?)

      • KQuark says:

        Libertarian my ass. He would ban abortions, repeal civil rights laws and hate laws, protect the Pledge of Allegiance, add prayer to schools, etc… Worst of all he’s a xenophobe that would amend the Constitution to take away automatic citizenship from natural born citizens.

        He’s your basic right winger ideologically speaking but just because he hates the Fed he’s a populist hero. That’s why I don’t think the right and left populists could ever get together.

  7. KevenSeven says:

    Don’t forget the “no Christian ornaments, but OK to Muslim ornaments on the Wh tree”.

    That was rich.

    • BigDogMom says:

      They’ve hit an all time low with that one, maybe they did put something in our water source that make stupid people even stupider….

    • javaz says:

      I have a funny one.
      It does get cold in Arizona in the winter, and a few years back, I used to wear a scarf, from France, around my head, to walk our dog.
      I had to stop doing that because the hicks up here tossed lit cigarettes at me, and believe or not, had one experience whereby someone pointed a gun at me and screamed something about Muslims.
      Geeze-oh-peetes, that freaked me out, but then you should have seen what happened when we placed a Kerry/Edwards sign in our yard.
      Needless to say, we don’t do any more crazy things like that.

  8. javaz says:

    My favorite conspiracy of last year, thanks to Alex Jones and Infowars, was the H1N1 shot.
    These people managed to tie in FEMA camps with the conspiracy that the H1N1 shots were to eliminate the middle class and poor, so only the wealthy remain.
    They were so wound up in saying that any of us who refused the vaccine would be rounded up and taken to FEMA camps.

    Never mind commonsense regarding that conspiracy -- if the wealthy eliminated all of us underlings, then who in the world would wash the wealthy people’s underpants or scrub their toilets?

    • bitohistory says:

      j’avaz, My oncologist was trying to kill me when he told I should get flu shots this year? What is the link to that story? I’m going to print it out and take it to my next appointment! Then sue the Cancer Center and the whole University!!!

      • javaz says:

        You really want me to go back there, into that dark, dank and dirty right-wing place of insanity?
        I could do that for you, but here, check this link for your lawsuit instead and click on the updates for H1N1 --

        disclaimer : for legal reasons -- I take no responsibility for when reading the link that it makes you puke, and this link does not represent my opinion, but is offered as an excuse for my paranoia -- enter at your own risk


    • Tiger99 says:

      FEMA Camps are a cool conspiracy… The thing with Alex is that one minute he makes sense the next minute he is off on some fried out government egg sandwich theory… But then again there is the Swine Flu shot recall… Did you take the vaccine?
      The “Bunker Boys” sure do link to some cool products though!!!

      FEMA Camp Swine Flu links…

      • BigDogMom says:

        I do like the FEMA Camp Coffins Conspiracy theory, at least it’s an original idea, a crazy one, but at least there was some thought put into it and the video also…LOL, my God….

      • Khirad says:

        Oh my lord, I could only make it through 1:13. For conspiracy theorists (my favorite part -- almost infomercial worthy -- “now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but…”), they sure love to package their stuff with slick graphics and a CILF (crazy I’d like to…). Not like they’re selling anything, no?

        I just love that about the theorists. They can put together any pictures to concoct and/or fit their pre-existing theory. Does anyone know of anything like the FSM which pokes fun of this feel-it-out method utterly devoid of rational thought and logical coherency? If not, there should be.

      • bitohistory says:

        Tiger, Where are all these camps?
        (I could barely make it though 1 minute of those vids)

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Good one, javaz! My favorite was one that I mentioned in another comment this morning.

      A tea party group taped their rather boisterous meeting during which many conspiracies were mentioned, including the birth certificate and others. But the very best was about the digital TV converter boxes…a secret government plot to brainwash the populace!!

      Remember, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get ya! :-)

      • javaz says:


        We have 2 converter boxes and yeah, we are never without tin foil, but the bad thing is, our little dog has a chip, and he really hates it when we wrap him in the foil!

        Oh, for anyone who has cats, have you ever placed a strip of tin foil on their tails?
        I’m not sure if that’s cruel or not, but it is hilarious for a few seconds when the kitty chases its tail and then flings the foil off and then bats at it.

        (oh, and I do hope you know that I am joking -- or am I?)

        • Emerald1943 says:

          No, I never did that…but we did try sticky bows on the shih tzus’ tails on Christmas! The little black one just pranced around as if the bow SHOULD be there. The other just chased her tail…but then she does that anyway! Too cute!

          • javaz says:

            Ours is a cock-a-poo and he’s 6 years old, and he is my second dog.
            My parents never allowed us pets, except for goldfish, so when all us kids moved out, we all got pets.
            My parents actually did have a dog long ago before I was born, and when that dog died, it hurt so bad that they said never again.
            When I first moved out, I got 2 cats, and then as the years went on, I had 4 cats, and the cats always found me and made me their slave.
            I love pets, but they never live long enough.
            Especially dogs.
            But this is New Years Eve, and my husband just uncorked a bottle of bubbly, from Spain btw.
            Who knew that Spain produced an excellent sparkling wine?
            The drier the better pour moi!
            (oops, my Pepe LePew comes out when anything is even close to French)

            • Emerald1943 says:

              Well you two just have a big ol’ time! Sounds like fun! Enjoy, sweetie!

              BTW, will you continue to post AFTER drinking all that bubbly??? (This should be good!) LOL

            • Emerald1943 says:

              Hey javaz..I chatted with her briefly this morning (Eastern time for me) on the Morning Blog. I think she’s pretty down in the dumps over the theft of all that money. Who wouldn’t be? I hate this for her…she’s such a good soul!

            • javaz says:

              I’ll post until he whips out the Trivial Pursuit game!
              We’re lucky if we make it until 7:00 most nights, and I think what we need now on here, is a PARTY thing, with youtube vids and we can talk about whatever.
              I’m a loose cannon, sober or not.
              But am starting to be buzzed, and really, isn’t this the night to do that?
              I’m worried about Kalima, and wonder if anyone has heard from her?

  9. PatsyT says:

    Thanks for the reminder Tiger,
    we will put the foil head gear on our dogs tonight, it will go nicely with their Snuggies.
    I would not want those dogs to start any plots against us or worse start acting like cats!

    • Emerald1943 says:

      LMAO!!! Snuggies for dogs!!! LMAO!!! What other way will they come up with to rip off the American consumer?

      • PatsyT says:

        I am not making this up.
        Our Gorden Setter looks great in her pink snuggie
        and don’t mess with her about it.
        She will kick your ass.
        We call her,
        ~She who must be obeyed~
        I understand some cat owners use that title also when referring to their queens.

        What next you ask?
        Snuggies for Snakes.
        Perfect for Cheney.

        • BigDogMom says:

          Patsy…Snuggies for a Golden? Their coats are so heavy, that dog must be so hot, LOL!

          I have a t-shirt with the saying:

          -Big Dog Mom-
          -She who must be obeyed-

          That’s where I got my moniker….

          • PatsyT says:

            Hot Golden Dog!
            I know,
            Every Golden I see comes with their own built in Snuggie
            They should have put that on a greyhound!

            • BigDogMom says:

              e’cat’s babies maybe…every time I see a Greyhound at the park, the poor things just stand there shivering…not built for the Northeast winters.

              My two Goldens spent the morning outside while it was snowing…they must had at least two inches of snow on them when they finally decide that it was time to come in an take their nap and have snack…one must always keep to the program!

  10. AlphaBitch says:

    Love the woo-woo hat! I want to wear one when Ms. Palin comes to my town, and the other woo-woos are out in THEIR finery.

  11. boomer1949 says:

    Is that your personal furry friend wearing the tin foil antennae? It’s a good thing our furry friends don’t hold grudges or have the ability to conjure up conspiracy theories. :-)

  12. SueInCa says:

    Well, I am sure that smokers who want to quit, might just enjoy that nicotine in their water instead, but wait, what about the children? For that matter what about children and lithium? Don’t know much about the drug, but it cannot be good for children, unless you want to label them all as “bi-polar”.
    Conspiracy theories have been around since the beginning. The problem is that people cannot separate the legitimate from the fantasy. And it all depends on what people “want” to believe. Me, I like a good conspiracy but I hope I have the intellect to separate true from false.

    • Tiger99 says:

      There are all kinds of negative side effects from lithium… The lithium in the Japanese water was naturaly occuring and no real study about it was actually done…

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