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KQµårk 死神 On December - 29 - 2009

In a breathless display of hypocrisy and hyperbole Jacob Heilbrunn is drumming up the latest attempt by Al Qaeda as all Obama’s fault.  The gist of the article is that President Obama did not lose his mind, overreact and scare the American people to death enough after the attempted attack.

Up in the Air: Obama’s Terrorism Failure

Major 9/11 Commission Recommendations Still Not In Place

TSA, Customs Agencies Still Lack Permanent Leaders

Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by U.S.

Obviously there were big mistakes made to let this man aboard the flight to begin with and from reports most of the blame lies with the State Departments poor screening when issuing him a visa.   About the only article that explained how the system really failed is, “The Trouser Bomber Effect: Watching Government Cure Incompetence with Idiocy“.  Not surprisingly the monetary influence of the suspects father probably played a part in the State Department’s decision to issue a Visa to the suspected terrorist.

Looking at the big picture I see too big problems in this country that is preventing us from solving our problems.  The first is a whole political party that refuses to cooperate and make this country better for political reasons who is supported by enough of the public to aid and abet their obstructionism.  The fact that there are dozens of appointments being blocked by the GOP in the Senate truly shows the depths of the GOP’s efforts to hinder progress or even a more competently run government.

The second is the shear volume of problems Bush left this country with in the first place.  Even with a good plan to triage all of this country’s problems there are just too many problems to fix in a short amount of time.

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Written by KQµårk 死神

My PlanetPOV contact is [email protected] Proud Dem whose favorite hobby is cat herding. The GOP is not a political party, it's a personality disorder. Cancer, Heart Failure and Bush Survivor.

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  1. javaz says:

    Looks like Newt will have a fun time on MTP or whatever show(s) he’ll be on this Sunday.

    Newt says Obama cares more about the rights of terrorists than the safety of Americans and Newt is also demanding that Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano resign.


    Gingrich/Palin 2012?

  2. AdLib says:

    FYI: I moved all comments connected to the confusion over the “Request Deletion” function to the Help Desk.

    In future, please post all questions about technical issues at the Help Desk so we can respond quickly and not disrupt other threads.

    You can find a link to the Help Desk at the top of the far right column (titled, “CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE HELP DESK”), here’s the direct link which you can bookmark to keep handy: http://planetpov.com/2009/12/24/help-desk

    BTW, as you know, The Planet is a dynamic site which we update and improve all the time, to make it a better and better place for the membership.

    When functions are added or updated, they may appear differently. We will update the membership on major new additions or feature changes but do keep in mind that minor changes will occur from time to time. In this case, we have updated the function that allows you to edit your comments to the newest version. We have also updated WordPress to the newest version which has a few minor changes in appearance here and there.


    • abby4ever says:

      Ad Lib…and everyone else too:

      The confusion over the ‘Request Deletion’ thing was entirely mine, and the disruption was entirely my fault.

      Apologies to all.


      • kesmarn says:

        abby,speaking for myself, no need to apologize. I can see how the confusion might have arisen. Please keep posting your very valuable insights!

  3. javaz says:

    Was it Will Rogers that said, “The Best Defense we have as a nation is the Atlantic and Pacific”? or something like that.

    Europe has dealt with terrorism for years.
    Ireland had, and still has the IRA, even though they are more complacent now, but France had the nail bombs in their public trashcans and since that happened, they no longer have those type of receptacles in Paris.

    We’ve been lucky, until 9/11 and we’re lucky again since thwarting the shoe-bomber under BushCO, and now the Amsterdam bomber over Detroit.

    I lived in Paris, right after 9/11, January of 2002 was when we flew over there to live for 2 years.
    They had armed military everywhere on the subways and trains, because the United States being attacked like we were on 9/11, echoed throughout the world.

    They set up blocks by schools, and they took so many precautions beyond what they already had in place.

    Let me tell you, that riding the trains and subways, and seeing men and women in full military dress with guns, and I mean BIG guns strapped on, was discomfiting, but comforting nonetheless.

    While we were in France, there were more terrorist attacks in other areas of the world, such as the subway in Japan, whereby so many were killed and then the relief workers going in, heard all the cellphones ringing from the dead.

    We have to accept the threat as real, and we must never be off-guard.
    We must be aware.

    And we in the US have another problem beyond Europe, where guns are not so easily accessible.

    We must worry about our fellow Americans doing drive-by shootings, or like what just happened recently here in the Phoenix area.

    A 43 year old woman was shot and killed after shopping at K-Mart, and her killers were caught, but they killed her for a gang initiation.

    And two days before Christmas, a 57 year old woman who always jogged in her upper class neighborhood was gunned down, and there are no suspects.

    We live in a violent world and a violent gun-loving America, yet we’re not safer.

    And you laugh at me for being paranoid.

    • Emerald1943 says:

      Interesting perspective! I know the genie is out of the bottle, but I wonder what things would be like if we didn’t have that darned 2nd amendment. (Oh boy! I’ll bet I’m gonna’ get grilled on that comment!)

    • javaz says:

      Guess I forgot Pepe’s KISS suggestion -- Keep it simple stupid!

  4. PepeLepew says:

    Well, today, I trademarked my ” I blame Obama

  5. KQuark says:

    A Commander-in-Chief taking responsibility for once. What a concept!

    Obama says ‘systemic failure’ allowed airline plot


  6. abby4ever says:

    There is another hp article about the recent terror incident, by John Gambrell, which does not blame Obama. Rather, it asks us to feel sorry for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, telling us how lonely and depressed and confused he has apparently been.

    Hello? Millions of people are lonely and depressed and confused; they do not, however, pack explosives into their trousers and set out to blow up 300 people in mid-air.

    • nellie says:

      HP seems to be doing all it can to make progressives look ridiculous.

    • KQuark says:

      Figures it’s like the people on the left who insist that al Qaeda never existed. Sometimes you can just take a ultra-liberal attitude too far.

      • javaz says:

        Okay, I’m not into that part of the conspiracy, but both my husband and I agree, had the BushCO listened to the warnings, how simple would it have been to avoid 9/11 by beefing up security at the airports?
        Box cutters would have been detected through the metal detectors.

        And then again, there are still those who believe Pearl Harbor could have been prevented had they been listening.

        • nellie says:

          If they had granted Coleen Rowley a FISA warrant, we could have seized a computer with the plans on it.

          Bush didn’t care about safety issues until it because a political windfall to keep us scared.

        • KQuark says:

          Absolutely just the fact that Bush and Co. ignored the dozens of warnings they got was an abysmal failure in keeping us safe.

          • javaz says:

            Remember when Ashcroft yelled that he didn’t want to hear anything more about al qaida?
            Or when Condi Rice asked, Al who?

            Yeah, BushCO inherited 9/11 from Clinton, even though the first WTC bombing happened within 4 weeks of Clinton taking office, yet Bush Sr. wasn’t blamed.
            And yeah, let’s all ignore that the Clinton Admin found the culprit and that terrorist is still in prison.

            Gosh darn it all, I hate Republicans and the corporate machine.

      • PepeLepew says:

        Yeah, but how did the twin towers come down faster than the speed of gravity….?

        [Don’t laugh. I’ve actually read that]

        • Emerald1943 says:

          Faster than “the speed of gravity”??? I didn’t know gravity had any speed! This sounds like something on a tea bagger sign!

        • escribacat says:

          I’ve seen those conspiracy posts too. I have a number of friends who believe Bushco brought the towers down. To me, that sounds about as sane as the Death Panels and birth certificate conspiracies.

    • javaz says:

      How anyone can continue to read HP is beyond me.
      If I click on an article and it leads me to HP, I quickly close the browser as I refuse to read that garbage.
      As far as I am concerned, HP is a rightwing rag by a rightwing hag.

      • bitohistory says:

        x10 I find little use for that site. The only time I might go there is because of a link.

        • nellie says:

          I still check it out. I want to know what the progressive community is being told by its “leadership.” I should go to Kos more often for the same reason, but that site feels so disorganized.

          And I keep posting because I feel obligated to turn the conversation back to the GOP and its obstruction — otherwise no one would ever say it over there.

          • KQuark says:

            BTW you brought up a good point about some of the people who I call the “progressive saints”. The people that you mentioned are trusted by some progressives with absolutely no intellectual scrutiny. I like you refuse to deffer my independent thought processes to others just because they are a famous progressive pundit.

            • nellie says:

              Exactly the concern I have. Naomi Klein, Glen Greenwald. David Sarota all are trusted names in the progressive community — and not without reason. I don’t know what’s going on with them. They’re acting like political novices.

              And what’s interesting.. Now that Krugman is taking a very balanced view of the administration, he’s losing some credibility among hardline progressives. Whereas before, when he was spending all his ink criticizing Obama’s handling of the economy, he was one of the “saints.”

            • KQuark says:

              Great point about Krugman. I noticed he is taking a much more realistic view these days. Unlike the lynch mob he is backing Bernake’s reappointment. Too many people buy into the group think whether it’s conservatives or progressives. Bernake and the Treasury Department are soft targets on the surface but if you drill down to what really occurred Bernake saved us from a Great Depression using the Fed powers the way they were designed and Geithner’s plan to recapitalize the banks using private funds worked.

            • escribacat says:

              I think this contrariness has to do with the “inner revolutionary” that many lefties have. It’s too boring to plod through actual progressive legislation so they focus on the faults and cry for revolt.

          • KQuark says:

            Me too and there are still a few reasonable columnists over there I like to read as well. But I take their headlines and articles as seriously as I take the Drudge Report these days.

      • BigDogMom says:

        javaz, tell us how you really feel…LOL!

  7. javaz says:

    Well, here it is fellow Planetarians, our answer to HP.
    Yes, step right up and read who is pledging to take on HP!


    “”Tucker Carlson Plans a Huffington Post Rival””

    Mr. Bow-tie, I’mma-conservative-Jon-Stewart-wannabe-taking on HP!

    (I promise this is my last one and may I nominate myself for the most annoying poster on the PPOV?)

    • nellie says:

      “We want to be creators of news.

      • escribacat says:

        It will be interesting to see how it compares. I’ve never been able to take Carlson seriously with that dumb bowtie he wears. Gawd.

      • javaz says:

        Tucker Carlson had a show on PBS, and we used to watch it, even though it was difficult.
        PBS canceled him, because viewership fell, and on his last show for PBS, he whined about the “liberal” PBS canceling him because ‘liberals’ can’t handle the truth or opposing viewpoints.
        This, about PBS that has Charlie Rose and interviews Kissinger regularly among other Republicans and this, about a station that airs “Religion and Ethics”, which by the way, is an excellent show.
        Tucker Carlson tries hard, but he’s no Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck.
        Heck, he even failed, like DeLay, on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or whatever show that is on Fox.

  8. Hopeington says:

    I’m supposed to be working, but I have to add my 2 cents.
    I saw this article, that for some reason, disturbed me more than all else I’d seen over at HP. I read it on the 24th, the day they posted it, and it was already closed for comments, which I found strange.
    It is utterly shameless Obama Bashing at it’s high point.
    Fox would be proud!!
    How to combat this ceaseless attack of rethoric in the upcoming election cycle is my biggest concern.
    We need a plan or these folks will tire us out. ?????

    • nellie says:

      I notice comments are closed for that piece of nonsense. He must have been getting pilloried.

      Step by step, HP is increasing the right wing voice on the site. I’m expecting the progressive pretense to be thrown aside entirely within the next two years. Too bad for Tucker Carlson. He thought he’d found a new niche.

      • escribacat says:

        Nellie, I have an idea for the AH “project” you mentioned last week. I think it was Tiger who posted the link to the AH column archives. I skimmed through some of them and thought it was be interesting to do a more thorough job of that and track her trajectory over a period of years, based on her own writings. It would take some time but could be very revealing.

        • nellie says:

          I saw those columns. I thought they were fascinating.

          That she could transform a personal blog of such a modest quality into the Huffington Post is pretty remarkable. Arianna definitely has a good head for business.

          I was thinking about looking at those columns to find out why and when her politics changed. Might be interesting to know that.

          I’m also thinking HP might not be the only site to look at. It’s the demoralizing that I have a problem with. We need to find a different way.

    • javaz says:

      Maybe it’s the new coffeemaker from Santa, but today I am revved up and ready to go!

      (it did help to take a few days off for frivolity, but I’m ready to take it on now)

      YES WE CAN.
      And yes, we will!
      Fired up and ready.

  9. javaz says:

    This bullhockey from the “Fair and Balanced” station has got to stop --


    “”Wayne Simmons, a former CIA agent and member of the military analysts program, which the New York Times outed in 2008 as a Pentagon propaganda effort, told Fox’s Brian Kilmeade that terrorists are “emboldened” to attack the United States and its allies because “they recognize … that there will be no repercussions from the Obama administration.”””

    This just makes me sick.

  10. javaz says:

    I’m liking Reid more and more --

    Harry Reid is going to push for the vote for a new TSA director no matter DeMint’s shouts about unions.


  11. KevenSeven says:

    What adult, in his right mind, can believe, with all the passenger flights across the world, that no terrorist will ever again board an airplane?

    One can always say that the admin did not do enough. No admin has ever done enough about anything.

    But compare that to BushCo’s reaction to the Aug 6 PDB.

    The gulf between doing NOTHING and and not doing enough is absolute.

    • Bernard Marx says:

      I’m with you on this one. This is the reality of the world we live in.

      Personally I think the hysteria is unjustified. There will be attacks again. This one failed. That’s good.

    • bitohistory says:

      Some on the RW are calling for racial, religious and name profiling.
      With a billion followers of Islam, that should do it! What are they going to do ask everyone what their religion is before one can fly? Oh, that will be foolproof. I would never lie on that form. If I had a criminal mind I wold never use a forged passport with a different name and country of origin.
      Perhaps, they could just ask everyone that flys: “are you going to commit suicide? Are you going to blow up or hijack this plane? Are you going to commit mass murder? Did someone else pack your suitcase?”
      That should do it. NO ONE would lie about that, would they?

      • javaz says:

        Your name here does sound a bit’o foreign.
        Sheriff Joe could take over the TSA, since he’s a master at profiling.
        And the truly scary thing about that, is that some have already suggested that Sheriff Joe be in charge.

        • bitohistory says:

          J’avaz, thanks for the mail.
          I’m sure Kyl and McCain would be ardent sponsors of him for TSA. (can he tell the difference between Mexican and “us people” ?)

      • KQuark says:

        Yeah let’s start profiling great idea.

        Every white man with a shaved head should be profiled as a right wing terrorist.

        Every white man with a suspicious tattoo should be profiled as a right wing terrorist.

        Hell let’s profile all white men since white men make up 90% of domestic hate groups.

        Profile this Reich Wing!

        ” width=”300″ height=”275″ alt=”dftt” />

      • SueInCa says:

        Yes and if they are not rightwing fundamentalists, they go in the “further scrutiny” line.

    • KQuark says:

      Obviously big mistakes were made and some heads should roll but fucking Repugs and even left leaning “terrorism experts” with books to sell are acting like this was a successful 911.

  12. Emerald1943 says:

    One point I thought was interesting…Congressman Alan Grayson was interviewed a couple of weeks ago on MSNBC. He stated that there were over 100 bills sitting in the Senate that had been passed by the House but not taken up in the Senate. The Senate is not doing its job! The republicans somehow seem to be able to hold up everything. It’s total gridlock! What is it with these guys?? :-(

    • nellie says:

      The senate needs a major shake up. The rules need to change, the filibuster needs to go. And the GOP members need to be replaced with Barbara Boxers, Al Frankens and Bernie Sanderses!

    • escribacat says:

      One thing has become clear to me during the past year, the Senate rules for passing legislation and approving appointments are seriously messed up.

      • KQuark says:

        That is the truth. The rules are utterly undemocratic. I’m surprised no one ever challenged the constitutionality of the filibuster rule. Now the Constitution does say the Senate can make up it’s own rules but it also says to pass laws it takes a minimum of 50 senators AND the VP to pass legislation. It sounds like a constitutional question that should be answered because there is a de facto case go be made that the Senators are using the Senate filibuster rule to circumvent the intent of majority rule in the Constitution.

        • nellie says:

          The senate structure is already undemocratic enough, with small populations able to hold the entire nation hostage. The filibuster creates a minority rule situation that is untenable. It needs to go.

          What we really need is to give small states — below a certain population threshold — ONE SENATOR. And others, like CA, should get THREE.

          • Marion says:

            That would be a struggle, a major one. Because that was the ethos on which the Senate was founded -- that all of the states are of equal standing, and the Senate make-up reflects that.

            I need convincing of that, because I still don’t agree that California or New York should be judged to be more important than Rhode Island or even Oklahoma. It’s just unfortunate, in terms of seniority, now that the Dems have the Senate, that so many of these ranking Senators come from sparsely populated states.

            • kesmarn says:

              I think you have a point on equal representation of the states, Marion. I was reading some de Tocqueville this past summer and he made some interesting points on the wisdom and necessity of preventing tyranny of the majority (as well as of the minority). Equal representation seems to help with that problem.

              Agree, though, also that the filibuster needs to be seriously reworked. It’s a massively warped version of what it was meant to be.

            • nellie says:

              I have to question how the senate represents the country. States are on equal footing for what reason? Isn’t that just a holdover from a time when slavery states needed protection? That question has never been answered for me.

            • bitohistory says:

              I agree Marion, I am quite fearful of cracking that Egg and having a Constitutional Convention to change the Senate. I am not sure if that omelet would be edible.

              Show me the list of 100 delegates who would be the chiefs on that meal.

    • KevenSeven says:

      The thugs are deliberately obstructing everything that they possibly can.

      Bipartisanship, my hairy ass.

    • KQuark says:

      Great point!

  13. SueInCa says:

    Another note on Republicans have they forgotten that Richard Reid too made it on to an aircraft with bomb materials in his shoe? The passengers and crew were also credited with helping to foil his attempt. This, at a time when Marshalls were supposed to be flying incognito on flights.

    Funny, i almost put lines between the letters bomb LOL some habits are hard to break

  14. SueInCa says:

    Let’s face it, we have a conservative(for the most part) run MSM. I have seen CNN as of late, respond a little more honestly for both sides, but the Republicans give good theater. They are angry, obstinate and can make up the best excuses in the world for their actions, and no one questions them except for Keith, Rachel and now Suzanne Malvaeu. IMHO she should replace Wolf Blitzer. He has not been effective since the first gulf war. An example of their rhetoric, Orin Hatch responded to the AP yesterday about the Medicare Part D bill,
    Six years ago, “it was standard practice not to pay for things,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. “We were concerned about it, because it certainly added to the deficit, no question.” His 2003 vote has been vindicated, Hatch said, because the prescription drug benefit “has done a lot of good.”


    • Emerald1943 says:

      The day I gave up on CNN was on a Sunday show with John King. He was interviewing Peter Orszag about the economy. His question was, “Is President Obama so timid that he’s afraid to get his hands dirty?”

      That is a verbatim quote that absolutely frosted me!!

      • SueInCa says:

        John King is a pimp {{{{disgust}}}}}}}. I am choosy about what I watch over there, Suzanne has proven so far to be fair, Rick Sanchez, Amanpour, Fareed and Tony(in the morning) is all I normally watch. The rest are pimps.

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