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SueInCa On December - 21 - 2009

On a lighter note, it seems the Obama administration, specifically the State Department, gave Robert Bell and his band permission to groove in the land of sugar cane.  Kool and the Gang’s Robert Bell told reporters prior to hitting the stage, “We don’t come as politicians, we come as musicians.”

Fans, many of them middle aged, brought the younger children and could be seen doing the electric slide at the ampitheatre just a short distance away from Carribean waters.  It seems that Kool and the Gang wanted to help Cubans get their funk on. 

The New Zealand Herald had this to say:

“Still, yesterday’s show was more evidence that while the Obama Administration and the government of Raul Castro talk tentatively about improving chilly relations, the entertainment world is already well into a thaw.”

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/world-news/kool-amp-the-gang-visit-cuba-and-get-the-funk-out-14606052.html#ixzz0aO0cDsEX

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Written by SueInCa

I am a soon to be 59 Nana to Anthony who is 11. I live in Benicia CA with my husband and Shih Tsu. I worked in Banking and the Financial Industry for 24 years in Fraud, Risk Management, Account Management, Program Management, Project Management and Customer Service. I was a Fraud Investigator for Credit Card and Merchant Business and investigated internal fraud and responded to Bank robberies. I was also management in most of these positions. Now I am content to find a part time job where I am just a worker bee, no more corporate BS for this gal. I also make jewelry. I can spend hours in a bead shop just touching all the fine baubles. Only another beader would understand that one.

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  1. Scheherazade says:

    A hopeful sign to be sure! :)

  2. Kalima says:

    One of my favourite groups. We were young, we were poor, we grooved the night away, how fitting.

  3. javaz says:

    This is good news.
    I keep hoping that Obama will open trade with Cuba and allow people to travel freely back and forth.

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