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KQµårk 死神 On October - 9 - 2009

President-Barack-Obama-sp-001In surprising news President Barack Hussein Obama has won the Nobel Peace prize in the first year of his presidency. While the president is under constant attack at how from the right wing he has already begun to transform the world, especially America’s image around the world. This prize is about many things including peace like hope, diplomacy, vision and a return to a sane US foreign policy.

Sure part of this is a reaction to the disastrous Bush presidency but the president would never have been elected int he first place if Bush was not president before him. President Obama will always be viewed through that prism and rightfully so. The tens of millions of Americans also who voted for the president and support him now should be awarded a fraction of the Nobel Peace Prize for choosing hope over cynicism and peace over warmongering.

“He got the prize because he has been able to change the international climate,” Nobel Committee chairman Thorbjoern Jagland said. “Some people say, and I understand it, isn’t it premature? Too early? Well, I’d say then that it could be too late to respond three years from now. It is now that we have the opportunity to respond — all of us.”

A news story yesterday shows how different the president’s view of the world is compared with the past.  “Obama to Accept Taliban in Afghanistan’s Future” is a poignant example of how President Obama views the world and is willing to make politically dangerous decisions to end war.

Ironically two of the main groups against peace the GOP and the Taliban have not so surprisingly said the president did not deserve the prize but they show how conservatives of any brand resist peacemakers who are bringing the world together.  All these two groups exemplify is that they abhor peace equally.

Written by KQµårk 死神

My PlanetPOV contact is [email protected] Proud Dem whose favorite hobby is cat herding. The GOP is not a political party, it's a personality disorder. Cancer, Heart Failure and Bush Survivor.

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  1. nellie says:

    I find it interesting that so much attention has been given to those who challenge the merits of this award — not to mention all the other efforts on the part of this president. It’s as if so much the country has lost its moral compass and has forgotten how to feel good about doing good.

    I am so grateful that we elected this man. He is giving the country a much needed attitude adjustment.

  2. Kalima says:

    Come on guys, I’m proud and not even an American. 🙂
    Sue me.!

  3. Kalima says:

    Hubby came back hopping and jumping all over the place, I had slipped in my hall, my pain was gone.

    Thank you America, what a great gift we have. 🙂

  4. whatsthatsound says:

    Although I understand and grudgingly support the sentiment, I imagine that from a personal perspective, it is a bit uncomfortable for our Prez. It’s really no different than being handed a “SOOO glad you aren’t Bush!” award. He’s like the good sister that is always held up as the mom screams at the pot smoking, truant, slobby younger sister, “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” Most kids hate that.
    He’s being “honored” for what he’s not.

    • nellie says:

      I disagree. Getting Russia to work with us on nuclear disarmament — that alone is enough to win this award. Add to that the president’s consistent message to this country and the world about cooperation, respect for others, the nobility of individual struggle, the need to talk with those who disagree, civil rights for all — and his consistency in walking this talk — has brought a paradigm shift in the diplomatic environment.

      This award is well deserved, the president’s own self-effacing acceptance speech notwithstanding.

      • AdLib says:

        I’m with you on this, Nellie. He has made great strides in turning around the U.S. into a more peaceful force in the world after 8 horrible years of war mongering, torture, violation of civil rights, new arms races, etc.

        It is far more deserved than Kissinger having having received one.

      • whatsthatsound says:

        Agreeing to disagree with you, Nellie. Obviously, none of us were flies on the wall when the judges convened to decide on a recipient, but I’m guessing (and I know that puts me in camp with the Becks and Hannitys of this world, so be it) their decision was more a statement that Europe and the world doesn’t want us “going rogue anymore, “rather than an honoring of Obama’s first nine months in office (less, probably, because it’s not like they just decided in one session, right?)

    • AdLib says:

      I don’t think so. Obama came in ending torture, ordering Guantanamo closed, promoting diplomacy (as he’s practiced with Iran and North Korea with positive results), outreached to the Muslim world, shut down the missile defense systems on Russia’s borders, worked with nations to unite against Iran’s nuclear ambitions, supports and paid our unpaid dues to the UN, opposed nuclear proliferation and more.

      Indeed, in contrast with the belligerent, warmongering Bush, he is even more appreciated. The polls now show the world loving America again, America has once again become the most respected country and is leading the world on the most important issues of the day.

      Yes, the world is sighing in relief that America is no longer a rogue nation and is again a nation of conscience and real leadership.

      For all of the above, Obama received the Nobel prize as encouragement and inspiration to press ahead for peaceful coexistence and collaboration around the world.

      What better use of the Nobel Peace Prize than to help the most powerful leader in the world to keep pressing forward as he has?

      • whatsthatsound says:

        “What better use of the Nobel Peace Prize than to help the most powerful leader in the world to keep pressing forward as he has?”

        Well, to me, that’s kind of the point. Obama already HAS a position-a position of great responsibility- from which to do good things for the world. He is, as you say, “the most powerful leader in the world”. If this award is truly for him, and not the “Anti-Bush Award” that I suspect it to be, then I would prefer that it went to someone with a lower profile who was working deep in the trenches for the ENTIRE year, on problems like Darfur, say, rather than to someone saddled with campaigning and consolidating power for much of it.

        Barack Obama already HAS his Prize, and it’s called the Presidency of the United States.

        • Kalima says:

          Most Europeans really hated Bush but I believe they all needed someone like your President to feel “human” again. They feel better about the world now, we all do.

        • AdLib says:

          Very often, those awarding the Nobel Peace Prize have done so to encourage progress towards a more peaceful world, as opposed to recognizing someone for accomplishments.

          Kissinger got it when he was in the midst of talks that were hoped to end the Vietnam War. Otherwise, all he brought to the world was war, death and misery.

          Yasser Arafat received it for the same reason when he was negotiating for a potential peace agreement between Palestinians and Israel. Meanwhile, he was an admitted terrorist who was responsible for killing innocent people.

          This time it was in the same vein, an encouragement to press ahead with nuclear disarmament with Russia, continuing to use diplomacy first to try and resolve Iran and nukes and so on.

          This is not unusual, to award it to someone who hasn’t accomplished great deeds yet but to encourage them to do so.

          And let’s face it, the MSM and the GOP would condemn him for receiving any props from any outside entity so their reaction is indeed far less surprising than Obama winning.

          • whatsthatsound says:

            Those are both good points, about Kissinger and Arafat. I absolutely agree that awarding the prize to Obama is far better than either of those people, who wouldn’t know peace if it sat on their laps.

      • KQuark says:

        AdLib you should know better than most Americans how we are treated around the world now compared to before. You should write a story about your experiences some day.

    • Questinia says:

      Wow, you turned Obama into a GIRL!! Not even a precious Fauntleroy type, you just whacked the cajones off our President.

      I agree. This could go either way for our President. He seems to be getting disrespected in this country, really scapegoated. The attention from Europe may only scapegoat him more.

      • whatsthatsound says:

        Yes, it will be so easy to build a story out of this, as you did with your “Swede Socialist” remark. We could sit here and write Bill-O’s and Rush’s comments for them.
        Rush: The cheese eaters have just elected themselves a president; well they can keep him!
        Bill-0: If Obama doesn’t do the right thing and refuse to accept this award, he is distancing himself from the folks at home.

        That was easy! And remember, you heard it here first!

    • KQuark says:

      Bush is part of the equation for sure but you have to give the president his due for what he has done and represents.

      Bush is the toughest act to follow in many ways because of how he turned back the progress on so many aspects of this country. Things like the finance system collapse and Iraq war has drained much of what the president can get accomplished. For example there would not be the financial limitations saddled on healthcare reform if those things did not happen, I’m sure President Obama would have rather followed Clinton instead of Bush even though the Catch 22 is he would have never been elected under those circumstances.

      • whatsthatsound says:

        Sure, I understand that, KQ. But I wonder, putting yourself in his shoes, how would you feel about receiving the award? Honored, or merely put on the spot? Would you feel more like, “I was selected because I have made such a strong impression on the choosers” or, “I am being used as an opportunity for the international community to express its disgust toward my predecessor”? If it were me, I’d feel it was the latter in both cases and not be all that happy about it.

        • KQuark says:

          You make a real valid point. It raises expectations even more for sure and he probably would rather not receive it now when he has so much to do. But Obama has had to live with the highest of expectations anyway so it’s nothing new to him.

  5. KQuark says:

    Andrew Sullivan is one of the few moderate conservatives who has a conscience. He wrote an excellent column on why the president is thoroughly deserving of the award at the same time it coming prematurely.


    We were going into the abyss in this world. One with the global financial system and the other with nuclear proliferation. For the first time since AFTER 911 I feel safe because I know we have a thoughtful leader who will not overreact when we are threatened.

  6. VegasBabe says:

    I love the article and I love this President. It must be disconcerting to say the least for those in this country who are use to buying whatever they want (i.e., warmongers who benefit from war) and for racist white folks who can’t control Europe where many admire and love this President too. What a friggin fantastic day this was learning this news! Congratulations President Barack Hussein Obama! I have and will continue supporting you, count on it!

    • KQuark says:

      I’m so happy about it as well. I think it’s a signal from the rest of the world that they appreciate the direction we are taking as a country.

  7. Questinia says:

    Of course he won a Nobel Prize. Dang socialist Swedes!

  8. AdLib says:

    The tens of millions of Americans also who voted for the president and support him now should be awarded a fraction of the Nobel Peace Prize for choosing hope over cynicism and peace over warmongering.

    Great sentiment, hear hear!

    And the point that the GOP and Taliban are singing together from the same anti-America hymn book is very telling and sadly on target.

    And what is all over the MSM? Celebration? No. More criticism disqualifying Obama as legitimate.

    Hell, war mongering Kissinger got the peace prize when it looked like he was negotiating for a peaceful resolution in Vietnam…in the end, what did Kissinger ever end up doing for peace?

    Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize when it looked like there might be a breakthrough in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And what did he ever end up doing for peace? He was a proven and admitted terrorist who killed innocent people.

    The more recent history of the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize is all about affirming and encouraging significant people to pursue peace, it is NOT just an award for lifetime achievement as evidenced by the examples above and many other winners.

    Kind of ironic and pathetic that the MSM uses the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to stir up hatred and resentment of Pres. Obama.

    • Questinia says:

      And the point that the GOP and Taliban are singing together from the same anti-America hymn book is very telling and sadly on target.

      Great idea. We’ll have the GOP sing castrati, of course.

      Some one should make a video juxtaposing the same hostile sentiments.

      • AdLib says:

        I can see it already, the Taliban and GOP doing a music video of “Ebony and Ivory” with burning crosses and IEDs exploding.

        Rush and Osama Bin Laden fighting over who gets to light the Obama effigy.

        Maybe Toby Keith can write new lyrics:

        “Ebony and Ivory,
        live together in damned misogyny
        Side by side in the White House,
        oh lord, why must we?”

    • KQuark says:

      That way I look at this is an honor for all Americans who voted for and support President Obama now.

      The tens of millions of Americans who chose hope over divisive politics, diplomacy over warmongering, international engagement over over international belligerence. The citizens who support the president should be as humbled and grateful as the president was in accepting this honor. We all deserve this.

      People forget the people behind all the Nobel Peace Prize honorees all too often. Dr. MLK received the Nobel Peace Prize for himself but millions of Americans that stood beside him deserved it as well. And yes Dr. MLK received it in 1964 before many of his dreams were realized as well.

      Peace is by it’s very nature not a selfish pursuit so people who are selfish and self righteous will never understand what this honor entails.

    • KQuark says:

      All peacemakers have millions who hate them and want to maintain the status quo of war. That’s defines the goals of the GOP and the Taliban quite well.

      • AdLib says:

        Yep, look what happened to MLK and Gandhi.

        Hard to relate to the mindset of people who are in a civilized society and hate so violently.

        I can understand how those living in severe and desperate circumstances could be driven into such hatred but Americans who generally have homes and food and education for their children?

        Such virulent hatred…so strong they will insult and attack their own country and president and side with terrorist enemies of their own nation…who could be plotting to kill them, their children or friends…all solely because their political party lost an election and the skin color of our president doesn’t match theirs.

        It is totally beyond me.

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