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AdLib On September - 11 - 2009


Today marks 8 years since 9/11. It is a day to remember those we lost in that cowardly and cruel attack, remember the bravery of firefighters, police, volunteers and those who fought back against the terrorists despite the risk and odds to avert further tragedy.

Unfortunately, it’s also a day to remember all those lives, both American and Iraqi, that have been needlessly lost in an unnecessary war against a country that had absolutely nothing to do with that attack on our people and our country.

It’s also a day to remember those in our military who continue to carry out their commitment to protect our country in Afghanistan and throughout that region and the world.

Our respect for all of the above and many I’ve no doubt left out (including the doctors and nurses and all kinds of professionals who gave their all to help their fellow citizens in the aftermath of the Twin Towers attack) should not however cause us to file away these awful events on a shelf titled, “Resolved”.

Eight years later, we have much greater perspective on the events, the aftermath and how profoundly our nation was changed. It is to our benefit and a tribute to those we lost to be honest and interested about what 9/11 did to all of us.

From my perspective, we are clearly not a better country or society because of 9/11, the terrorists did win that round but by recognizing this, we can win the fight.

Flashing back to what seems impossible to believe was eight years ago, the one word that stands out is of course, fear. Fear was in the hearts and minds of most human beings in this country with good cause and unfortunately in the face and voice of our president as “My Pet Goat” was gripped in his trembling hands.

Who was attacking us? Were more attacks coming? What’s going to happen next?

With the shaky and fumbling hands of the Bush Admin on the steering wheel, the country was run off the road of reason. Aside from the hysteria that was only magnified by the Bush Admin, the attack was cynically and opportunistically used to shove through changes to our rights and Constitution under the bullshit title of The Patriot Act.

There was nothing patriotic about that bill. It was about the government grabbing power away from the citizens of this nation and becoming more authoritarian. Spying on our citizens, codifying the suspension of habeus corpus, it was a tyrant’s wet dream and in a moment of panic, instead of doing their jobs and reading it or amending it meaningfully, Congress just approved it as it was written by the Bushies.

There are a list of unpleasant things that followed which come to mind:

1. The anthrax attacks aimed solely at Democrats and “the liberal media”, killing and harming innocent postal workers and citizens in the process.

2. The further terrorizing of the nation with the frequently changing terror alert color chart…which was confirmed recently to be manipulated to go up near election time.

3. More terrorizing of the public by announcing imagined threats as possible any day, radio controlled planes with chemical or biological weapons and “dirty” bombs.

4. MORE panicking of citizens by urging them to immediately get plastic sheeting and duct tape which, though would be completely ineffective against a biological or chemical attack in reality, was touted as a necessary way to protect ourselves.

5. The TIPS program proposed that would recruit telephone repairmen, cable installers, plumbers, etc., whoever was permitted into an American’s home to spy on them while inside on behalf of the government.

6. The posting of armed military at airports…without ammunition in their rifles. A self-admitted facade to both falsely reassure travelers and remind them that they have much to fear when flying. Later of course, forcing people to take off their shoes because ONE person in the history of the world put plastic explosives in his shoes. God knows, that only shoes could be used for that, not belts or bras or underwear…uh oh…hope I didn’t just give Homeland Security the idea to strip search all airline passengers now (even though new screening machine technology sees you naked).

7. Ari Fleischer warning Bill Maher and all Americans, “You better watch what you say.”

8. A frightening chill over free speech, Bill Maher, journalists and educators across the nation lost their jobs because they dared to have opinions that did not match Bush’s. Publicly criticizing Bush, in the media or at a social gathering, was considered anti-American (I remember Dan Rather quoted in the paper during that time, still anchor of the CBS News, saying he did not feel free to express critical opinions in the current environment).

9. People of color rounded up and detained like Japanese Americans right after Pearl Harbor, their rights unlawfully taken away, held without legal representation, sometimes secretly so family members had no idea where they were or if they would ever see their innocent loved ones again.

10. Racism, prejudice and hatred towards Muslims and anyone appearing to be of Arab descent. Hate crimes rose, nationalistic songs and talking heads were popular, an early stage of an environment for fascist rule was occurring.

11. Lying, manipulating and frightening the country into supporting launching a war, for the first time in American history, against a sovereign nation, Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11 and never attacked nor represented any threat to our nation.

12. Denigrating and attacking the nations of conscience that refused to join with Bush in his unjustified war against Iraq. The Congress bowed to this hatred towards countries that dared to exercise their sovereignty instead of being a pawn of the U.S., even stooping to renaming “French Fries”, “Freedom Fries” at the Congressional eatery. Deemed “Old Europe” and “inconsequential”, the reputation of the U.S. plummeted around the world as a hateful bully (odd for Republicans to be seen as hateful bullies, totally out of character as we’ve seen recently, oui?)

13. Torture. Abu Ghraib. Renditions. America became a brutal and heartless monster to much of the world…including to Americans.

14. Asking Americans to do their part to combat terrorism by…shopping. Spending as much money as they can, even pulling money out of their inflated home equity to buy, buy, buy their way to safety and security. How did that spending spree work out for all of those home owners, anyway?

15. War profiteering by companies with close ties to Bush and Cheney. Servicemen murdered by these corporations who executed them by electrocution through poorly and cheaply done wiring in their showers in Iraq. They are murderers who killed our soldiers just as terrorists did, by putting their agenda, more money and profits in their case, as more valuable than human life.

16. Blackwater. The privatizing and corruption of our military by a messianic Christian crusader who wants to eradicate Muslims from this “Christian world”. A shadow military that was above the law and could not be prosecuted no matter how horrible and unjustified their acts. They committed brutal and savage murders of innocent Iraqis whose crimes were being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

17. Pissing all over the tragedy of 9/11 by shamelessly using it for election campaigning or used time and again by Bush to manipulate Americans to supporting his latest theft of their civil rights for the benefit of Republican or corporate power and wealth.

18. Turning the Justice Department into a goon squad…lead by the chief goon Alberto Gonzales. And the nauseating letters that tore up our Constitution and The Geneva Convention from John Yoo and other disgusting lapdogs at the “Justice” Dept.

19. The failure of leadership from the White House to make sure that the Twin Towers were rebuilt as fast as humanly possible to send a message to the terrorists that they can’t beat us or keep us down.

20. The revelation that our phone companies had been secretly spying on all of our phone conversations and emails in violation of our Constitution…and that even Dem members of Congress knew about it.

I’m going to stop at 20 but please feel free to add on.

I felt like a stranger in a strange land under Bush’s tyranny. I did not recognize this country nor the many who marched in lockstep with Bush. They reminded me of other times in history when a nation of people were dominated and manipulated into giving up power and freedom and supporting horrible acts.

Whatever my criticisms of Pres. Obama, I finally exhaled freely after 8 long years of holding my breath when he was elected. I am so grateful to have a smart, conscientious, responsible man leading our nation who has spent a good part of his life studying and revering the Constitution of the United States.

We now have our presidency back from an ignorant, selfish and destructive child. We have our country back from the hands of greedy tyrants. We are fortunate indeed and on this day I don’t take that for granted either.

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Written by AdLib

My motto is, "It is better to have blogged and lost hours of your day, than never to have blogged at all."

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  1. KQuark says:

    Hey AdLib saw a post from you at the Huffy loony bin.

    The fact is 911 and the Wall Street banking crisis have one thing in common.

    Both will never happen again in our lifetimes the same way, far from it because knowledge of what happened in the for place was the corrrection needed.

    Never again are passengers or crew going to let terrorist take control of a jumbo jet. Hell even the last group of hijackers found that out. Also never again are agencies going to be that separated and dysfunctional even without creation of the DHS.

    There may be other smaller attacks but nothing like 911.

    Just like with Wall Street never are so many people or businesses going to get loans that cannot afford those loans and that’s even before setting new regulations. So never will we see a bubble like the one we saw. People are saving more money and paying down debt instead.

    In both cases the enforcers were in place but just did not act.

    • AdLib says:

      I don’t know, KQ, bubbles are endemic to our capitalism-for-profits/socialism-for-losses system.

      What message is sent to those who gambled the most with the economy and people’s savings and mortgages? You’re too big to fail and if you risk everything and lose, don’t worry, the U.S. government…taxpayers that is…will take care of you.

      I agree that there won’t likely be a repeat of the derivatives of “liar loans” but like the dot com fraud and the junk bond fraud, I am confident there will be another fraudulent bubble cooked up by Wall Street to create an obscenely rich frenzy that suckers in the middle class to further juice money out of them.

      In fact, word is that Wall street is salivating at doing the same derivative tactic with buying up life insurance policies from the elderly…for a fraction of their face value. The one fly in the ointment is that if Obama signs health care reform, then people may live longer which spoils their con.

      My beef with Huff is that the day after Pres. Obama hits a home run and pushes health care reform ahead, they slam him on not accomplishing reforms on financial institution regulation.

      WTF? How many loaves of bread and fishes is he supposed to create at a time?

      Since WWII presidents have tried to pass universal health care, this Pres looks to be on the road to doing it and the response is, “So? What about reforming the financial industry which decades of presidents have failed to do?

      Fuck HuffPo and fuck those in the MSM who continue to set such a ridiculously high bar for Pres. Obama to jump over in a scant 8 months as president, ya know what I mean?

      • KQuark says:

        They can do as many derivatives as they want as long as the underlying loans are sound. It was derivatizing weak loans to make them appear secure that was the bottom line problem.

        But again the most progressive thing the president is asking for, the financial consumer protection agency progressives are ignoring because of the prompted outrage.

        • AdLib says:

          My proposition is that Wall Street PURPOSELY uses inflated and arcane structures that they know will eventually implode because that’s the only way to have a gold rush that exponentially increases the money they can make.

          I don’t know that most progressives are looking at the financial issues right now, I think there is a laser focus on health care reform right now. When that is hopefully accomplished, then we can move everything with financial reforms to the front burner.

  2. nellie says:

    AdLib, your post has moved me to try to express what I feel about 911 in a way I haven

    • AdLib says:

      I second KQ’s applause, well written and well done.

      There is a nobility ascribed to Americans from the WWII era, we even call them “The Greatest Generation”.

      There was a lot of sacrifice, true patriotism and strength. And they face a far more powerful foe and threat to our democracy and the world.

      19 brainwashed ideologues (no, I’m not talking about Senate Republicans) use our free society to launch an awful attack but kill themselves in the process, and under the leadership of Bush, the country falls apart in hysteria.

      As you say, will future generations look back and call our generation “The 2nd Greatest Generation?”

      Not in a million years.

      I don’t blame today’s Americans fully though many can’t avoid responsibility for their irresponsibility in re-electing the failure of a human being that was Bush after having witnessed how awful he had been.

      But Bush and his Admin do deserve most of the blame. The nation was looking for our leader to march us forward in a meaningful response and all he did was cut the ceremonial ribbon at a new nation-sized Walmart.

      As a generation, we will not be remembered well UNLESS we use the opportunity of the Obama presidency to right wrongs and set things right.

      • nellie says:

        Another thoughtful post, AdLIb. I’ve come to understand a lot about human nature from witnessing the loss of character that can be transmitted to people through shock and fear. We have some work to do to reclaim our nobility.

        Electing Barack Obama was a sign that we are looking to change what we became, but the way the country has reacted to his presidency shows we have a long way to go.

        • AdLib says:

          After 9/11, I felt smacked in the face with an unpleasant reality.

          Americans as a group are no different than a group of any other nationality, including Nazi era Germans.

          This IS NOT to say Americans are the same as Nazis, just that ALL societies are inherently weaker than one would imagine.

          It is sad but true, any society could slide into voluntarily handing away their freedoms and supporting a tyrant to lead them if they are desperate or frightened enough.

          On the other hand, there are always a section of the population that is morally grounded and will not stand by silently, sometimes at great personal risk.

          Only a portion of those who voted for Obama did so because of principle, many were just following the pendulum swing and had voted for Bush the last two times.

          I think the key is to recognize that we have a temporary “popularity” among the morally mutable.

          We need to take advantage of this window of time to fix the destruction wrought by Bush and accomplish the necessary things that this and future generations will need to live in a positive, humane and constructive society.

    • KQuark says:

      Wow Nellie that was awesome. I really missed your insight. Never have the “should of beens” ever been so painful to imagine. The whole adolescent contrarianism, whatever Clinton did was bad, Bush ushered in early in his presidency was the reason 911 happened. People forget Bush just the day before 911 asked congress to cut the terrorism budget in HALF. That’s why I’m glad President Obama did not summarily end everything Bush did though he is still slowly and properly dismantling everything Bush did wrong.

      I’ve shared a couple stories today I have not shared since 911 because in many ways it’s still too painful to think of that day. But still my biggest frustration comes from what could have been if we had a real leader at the time.

      • nellie says:

        But still my biggest frustration comes from what could have been if we had a real leader at the time.
        That was what we needed so badly — and did not have.

  3. KQuark says:

    Excellent and oh so true post AdLib. Nothing got better after 911 and the terrorists did indeed win. I think the collapse of the financial systme also proved the terrorists right that we have a wholly corrupt system since deregulation.

    The far worst part is we could have been better off now, much better off. We did have the support of almost the entire world and Bush blew that in his his war of lies. We could have had national unity if we really had a unifying president as well.

    The bottom line is ground zero is still a big hole, we have less freedom, our system is more corrupt and we have the Afghanistan War that should be over by now. It will take decades to fix everything that Bush broke after this horrible day eight years ago.

    • AdLib says:

      Thanks KQ!

      You bring up one connection that is too often ignored even though it is so obvious. How much better off would our nation be today with $2 trillion less spent in Iraq and the over 4,000 American lives lost and tens of thousands of wounded?

      The record Stimulus could have been tripled. Or the bailouts to the banks could have happened with a big portion left. He crippled our economy and made this recession far worse with his fucked up war, just another Bush dividend.

      As you say, there was a singular historical moment after 9/11. The world could have been brought together to reduce terrorism and cooperate on global warming, human rights, alternative energy…it could have been an amazing time in human history.

      Instead, it was flushed down the Bush toilet along with New Orleans, American lives in the military, the budget surplus, the economy, I could go on and on.

      And it is an insult to those who were killed on 9/11 and the rest of the nation, an embarrassment and a humiliation that a hole in the ground remains where terrorists struck our nation.

      For shame.

  4. tyler-durden says:


    all of your points are sadly true.

    and i too am glad we no longer live in the grip of fear. fear not instilled by “terrorists”, but BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

    I thank President Obama for returning that peace of mind to me, and many like me.

    • AdLib says:

      Cheers tyler-durden!

      It’s almost surreal to think back a scant 4 years ago, when Bush had done most of these horrible things and stole the election from Kerry (OH was rigged), taking office with that smug frat boy sneer, “I earned political capital in this election and I intend to use it.”

      HEY, BUSH…IDJIT! You’re not supposed to boast about political capital because that in itself is spending it! That’s the equivalent of picking up a girl for a first date and bragging to her that you’re stronger than her and are going to force her to get drunk and have sex with her when she’s incapacitated.

      And how did that work out for Bush? The main use of his “capital” was to be spent on privatizing Social Security and putting the retirement money of America’s elderly…and those eventually reaching there…IN THE STOCK MARKET!

      Can you imagine what horror this nation would be going through today if he had succeeded? There are around 40 million Americans over the age of 65 right now and what would the state of the nation be like today if the majority of them couldn’t afford housing, utilities, clothes and food.

      Their welfare comes first but secondarily, how would that have magnified the destruction of the economy with 40 million Senior Citizens not having money to spend?


      I don’t think this country would ever have been able to recover if Social Security had been privatized and Seniors had lost most of their income.

      Republican policies seem to be fuses for blowing up this nation and we have to keep blowing them out.

  5. nellie says:

    That is a very comprehensive and thought provoking post, AdLib. I am usually at a loss for words when it comes to 911 and all that followed, but I would like to respond. I just need some time to think about it.

    • AdLib says:

      Thank you Nellie!

      Everything I wrote was from memory. My memory is typically not always a steel trap (I’m not great remembering the names of people I meet for the first time and can’t necessarily tell you what I did one week ago from today) but when it came to the series of outrages that followed 9/11 with Bush as President, the travesties burned themselves into my mind.

      Looking forward to your thoughts and perspective on 9/11 and the aftermath.

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