stewart-colber-cover_lHi all!

I must confess I have been suffering from withdrawal and a resulting mental imbalance these past few weeks.  At first, it wasn’t so bad, but this week I am really feeling the anxiety.  All the usual symptoms: irritability, the shakes, lots of frowniness.

You see, I want to read the current events headlines, But as soon as I do, I feel the need to close the page, because of the slippery slope.  Without Mr. Stewart and Mr. Colbert to provide my required balance of humor and sane, rational perspective, I slip into a stupor of “ignorance overload” when reading today’s news stories.

Today I caved, and read some articles at my preferred news aggregator, known to many as “HuffPo”.  I comment there frequently as part of my ongoing attempt to steer the ignorant in the direction of truth.  Short of boatloads of cash (or death), the truth IS the only thing that can set us free.

Unfortunately, like with any harmful substance, the rush (of ignorance) hit me harder and faster than I was prepared for.  Today’s batch of headlines was loaded exceptionally heavy with the filthy residue of republican lies.

**  Let’s start with Rachel Maddow’s interview on MSNBC with Tom Ridge:

This guy is a 100% backpedaling liar.  His book says one thing, yet his current rhetoric says another.  As she is reading FROM HIS BOOK, he refutes his direct words IN THE BOOK, by saying “Read the book”.  WHAT???

1. He states, “the people who made the decision [to go to war with Iraq] knew more about the situation than you or i do.”

How can he say this?  Obviously, if the intel about Iraq was wrong, they most certainly DID NOT know more about the situation than anyone else.  Because you don’t really “know” something, if what you “know” – is WRONG!   Is it  republican logic that someone who knows 1000 falsehoods, “knows more” than someone who only knows 100?

2. He also states that history has not yet been determined as he says, “Democracy in Iraq will make a huge difference” [in justifying the war  REGARDLESS of the false intel which prompted it]    Kudos to Ms. Maddow who at that point totally nailed him, stating that if he “believe[s] that America would justify the loss of 4000 troops for democracy in Iraq that [he] has a wild imagination.”

3. More blatant lying occurs as she quotes from the book, “it seemed there was something that could be afoot” [regarding politicization of the decision to raise the threat level before the election]  Ridge now flatly denies EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID IN HIS OWN BOOK.  Why?  Who “got to him”?  Who is making him go on television to deny that which he wrote a book to declare?  Did Cheney invite him to go hunting??

4. Rachel quotes from the book again: “I knew THEN that I had to leave the administration.”  His response: [I] “may not have been as artful” [in how that was stated]   Artful?  Is “artful” now synonymous with “vague”… “elusive” … “ambiguous”?  WHAT??

** More republican liars

Mark Sanford has recently stated he believes he is doing what “God wanted[him] to do with his life.”

GOD WANTED HIM TO COMMIT ADULTERY?   God also wants him to continue his selfish behavior, and attempt to cling to his power as a govt. agent against the wishes of his party and his constituents?  Against the simple notion of decency?  Well, this WOULD verify that God truly DOES work in mysterious ways.

Robert McDonnell, professed bigot, is now caught between a rock and a hard place.  He wants to deny his stated – and demonstrated – beliefs that women should essentially be following the “barefoot n’ pregnant” stereotype; but he doesn’t want to repel his backwoods constituents who are also bigots and SHARE this belief.  He is a zealot and a phony.

Lynn Jenkins, rep from Kansas, laughs and shrugs off a single working mother who has no health insurance.  Her first response is to suggest that she apply for Medicaid.  But the woman, who has already expressed that she is without coverage, reiterates that she is ineligible, thus the term “without coverage”.  Jenkins follows with 3 standard “party of NO” talking points: “Reform is needed, but we want to do it CORRECTLY”.  The republicans lately have been expressing the view that reform is necessary, but not a “big govt agency”.  Um, republicans created the 3rd largest govt agency in 2003 with the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Where was the concern about “big govt.” then?  Why is “big govt.” ok when republicans find it suits their personal interests?  This is basic   republican hypocrisy.   The second parrot point, squawked aloud by at least one audience member,  is “Why should I pay for your health care?”

This selfish statement is utterly ridiculous for two reasons: first, the public is already “paying” for the health care of those on Medicare and Medicaid.  So anyone too poor to pay is already getting their “free ride” which selfish republicans are contesting.  Secondly, public option health care is NOT free.  It should be ADMINISTERED by the govt. to minimize costs.  But those costs will still be paid for by the individual who is insured, just like now.  The purpose of the public option is not to help the poor.  They already have an assistance.  The public option will help the middle class.  If only someone would inform them, because they’re going to need the coverage if they plan to continue shooting themselves in their proverbial feet.

The final talking point that Jenkins purports is that “her” plan is to provide the single mother with a tax credit so she can buy her own insurance…from the companies who are currently gouging us.  How exactly will that force them to lower their rates?  How would an individual payer have any more leverage to affect cost, than their employer does now while designated as their group payer?  It obviously wouldn’t.  This woman is a liar who continues to repeat the same rhetoric, and hopes the ignorant who identify with her lapel pin will continue to shout louder, and talk over those who express valid concerns about the need for effective reform.

Clearly no neo-con republican believes in separation of church and state. The recent revelations of this “Family” of christian zealots, with a plan to take over world govt. affirms this.   We the people, if we truly represent America; if we truly hold the Constitution as our fundamental structure for society; must remove these zealots from all political offices.  The 1st Amendment of the U.S.(…S?) Constitution demands it.

**The CIA is reaffirming their position that illegal activity isn’t illegal if it’s classified.

At least that’s what I’m hearing when they say they can’t release more documents, because those documents will reveal their illegal activity, and that revelation will be a threat to national security.

So apparently the CIA thinks that it’s safer for America to do illegal, covert activity, than to do legal, transparent activity.  And also apparent is at least one commenter on HP endorses this republican pretzel logic with this comment, “The CIA has an obligation to protect the country and if that means they have to ignore the American Criminal Liberties Union, then that’s ok with me.” – oldguydude

Apparently this old guy doesn’t appreciate that the ACLU does more to protect him as an individual US citizen than the CIA will ever do.  The CIA protects the global power interests of the elite.  That’s all they do.  How has the media programmed so many Americans to be so…anti-American?  It really is making my head spin this week.

I don’t know how I’m going to make it a “whole ‘nother” week.   Perhaps  Mr. Stewart or Mr. Colbert should not be allowed to take concurrent vacations.   It’s harmful to my health.  And without preventive coverage, I’m going to have to wait until it’s a chronic condition before I can seek treatment.

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born to a blue collar family, the only one to put himself through college in an attempt to elevate from his family's caste. (i made it one level up and i'm still in debt for it) i despise elitists, zealots, hypocrites, and liars. i have experienced that people like to make things grey, distorted. but the truth is, 90% of things are black and white, right or wrong. we know it, we just don't want to admit it, because most of the time, wrong is fun. but when your fun comes at the expense of the rights of others, it is too far. ask me and i will tell you straight every time.

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Excellent analysis!

There is a theme that runs through all of the items you mentioned and it is the dynamic between a passive and generally content-to-be-ignorant public and a deceitful government and its officials.

Power does not want democracy, it sees an informed public and democracy as “a necessary evil”.

They do whatever they can to subvert it and yet, in understandable spin, turn around and beat their chests about how much they love America and believe in what it stands for.

America is the land of opportunity to them, the opportunity to take advantage of others that is.

KQµårk 死神

Great piece. It could be named lies, hypocrisies and an agency who’s only function is to lie.

Maybe I’m crazy but I think we could have an intelligence agency that acts withing the rule of law. “The Company” has never ever been anything but a pack of liars since it’s existence. I don’t know maybe because they have to lie to get human intell they don’t know when to stop lying. Anyone who agrees with what “the Company” seems to think the rest of us are naive and don’t deserve to know the truth.

My thing is the CIA has been the most ineffective agency in the last thirty years from not seeing the Iran hostage crisis, to not predicting the fall of the Soviet Union and lying about WMD what the fuck have they ever done right.