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Caru On February - 11 - 2011

I’m tired of it. The Obama bashing. If the man walked on water, people would deride him for not swimming. What makes this current state of the info-sphere so ludicrous is that there are many dozens of perfectly legitimate and sometimes damning criticisms that can be made about the President. His not so keen grasp on many aspects of the Afghan situation for example. But do we get this type of logical and well-argued criticism? Very rarely, I’m afraid. At this point it’s become the norm to attack the President and, though I hate to use a media cliche, it comes from both the Left and the Right of the political spectrum.

It’s to be sadly expected that most right-wing criticism of Obama will either be based on a false premise or just downright bonkers, but you’d expect somewhat more nuanced observances from the Left, would you not? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Criticism of Obama from the Left is becoming just as vitriolic and bizarre as that coming from the Right. This is not, of course, to demonise legitimate criticism of the man. Far from it. I’d like to see more criticism and deconstruction of his actual policies rather than reactions to how he is supposedly handling an issue as supplied by an “anonymous source”.

How about an example? Obama’s “handling” – god, I’m beginning to hate that word – of the Egyptian Crisis was, from my perspective, nothing short of perfect. You see, if he had stood with Mubarak, as many right-wingers wanted him to do, he would have ignited a powder keg. Aside from it being morally wrong, it’s a geopolitically idiotic move. Now, if he had demanded that Mubarak step down he would have ignited that exact same keg. “The US imperialists are interfering with our country,” the Mubarak regime would cry. And guess what, they’d be correct and it could have had quite a negative impact on the situation.

But, by staying quiet the President loses nothing, gains nothing and ruffles no feathers. I think that this is what’s got people confused. Sometimes the only way to win is not to play and Obama seems to understand this. However, the best part of all is this: By going dark, the President ensured that the Egyptian Revolution would belong to the Egyptian people. It is theirs and theirs alone and any interference by the US would likely sully such a glorious achievement.

Written by Caru

I don't really have anything of note to put in here... Oh, I won a bar of chocolate once.

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