David Jennings is Owner and Principal of the Bauart Creative Services Group. During his professional career David has achieved design and technical skills that span from television broadcasting to print and interactive design. His many creative roles have included video and film editor, TV director and producer, broadcast designer, TV/print and interactive art director, graphic designer, advertising consultant and even HTML and Flash developer. "David's wide range of creative, design and technical skills have positioned him as an expert in many diverse and now converging fields".

Americans Can Lose Weight By Doing Nothing (Really!)

(Subtitle: How to sit on your sofa and lose weight. A 10-Word plan.) America is in a crisis. We are fat and getting fatter. The CDC says, “During the past 20...

The China Man Cometh

So I'm out on my driveway washing my car last weekend, when my neighbor walks by. He is an old Chinese guy in his late 90s. I see him...

An Atheist/Technologist Envisions the Afterlife

Why "no gods" doesn't, necessarily, mean "no afterlife." By @Bauart (on Twitter) I'm an atheist. For some people I'm sure this instantly qualifies me as a baby killer, satan worshiper or...