Angela Bridgman

Out an proud transgender woman, been out over 25 years. Activist and agitator, with political aspirations. Am currently the first openly-transgender elected Precinct Chair in the history of Wake County, North Carolina - and the first openly-trans woman in the history of the State of North Carolina to run for the State Legislature.

History is Made In North Carolina!!

I am pleased to announce that North Carolina has become the first state in our nation to have a major political Party (the Democratic Party) officially recognize a separate Transgender Caucus! It happened first in the South!

So…What’s In A Name?

So...what IS in a name? Our names are probably one of the most fundamental aspects of our identity. We transgender have the opportunity to choose our own names, names that have significance for us...

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

I have decided to start from the I got from where I started, to where I am today...a sort of longer intro, so that those not familiar with...

For the Planet’s Transgender Columnist: A First Post

I will use this space, and my column, to bring light on issues concerning Social Justice where it relates to the transgender community, as well as share from my own personal journey.