Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 6 hours ago

Hey Ad how’s it going? twilson117 5 hours ago

Hey TW! AdLib 5 hours ago

Things are going okay this way. How about you? AdLib 5 hours ago

Enjoying the weather here taking things one day at a time. twilson117 5 hours ago

Another good jobs report, the unemployment rate went up to 3.7% but growth in all the areas that get measured. twilson117 5 hours ago

Getting a little cooler here which is good since the Santa Ana winds came in which sometimes cause fires. AdLib 5 hours ago

I hope the reality under Dems in power will overcome the lies and propaganda of the RW and MSM. AdLib 5 hours ago

I understand this time of year can be the fire season for you out on the west cost, let’s hope that doesn’t happen. twilson117 5 hours ago

Ad MSM keep crying the blues twilson117 5 hours ago

The colder weather definitely helps…but it’s not MA cold. Just in the 50s at night. AdLib 5 hours ago

Believe it or not the temp out here has been in the low 60’s twilson117 5 hours ago

I’m fed up with all the doom and gloom, I know it’s to pump up their ratings. It does just the opposite with me, I don’t need to watch or read media that is tipping the scale just for ratings. AdLib 5 hours ago

I think we might just get a couple of major snow storms in Jan and Feb, we’re over due, but if it doesn’t happen it wouldn’t bother me at all. twilson117 5 hours ago

Wow, that’s pretty nice! It’s 70s here during the day, 50s at night but we’ll see if we get warm spells, Climate Change has changed everything so we’ve had some very warm Winters. AdLib 5 hours ago

I voted yesterday twilson117 5 hours ago

Congrats!!! AdLib 5 hours ago

It was easy. No crowds, and on my way out thanked the poll workers. I don’t believe we’re going to have any problems here but you never know. twilson117 5 hours ago

I completed my sample ballot and here, you can use a QR code at the polling place to quickly select everything on your ballot that you picked on your sample ballot. I always like to prep so my wife and daughter have my picks to use wherever they want to. AdLib 5 hours ago

I was listing to Lawarence Odonnell talking about the ballot he was filling out, it sounded like it was pretty long. twilson117 5 hours ago

I think MA should be okay for the most part but in really red areas in many states, especially swing states like FL, AZ, PA, MI, etc., I think there could be a lot of intimidation and interference at polling places. I heard some Repubs are promoting for Repubs to send in their ballots with fake signatures then claim their ballot was stolen and proof of fraud from mail in ballots. AdLib 5 hours ago

Agree with you on that. Repubs determined to dismantle democracy twilson117 5 hours ago

It was a very long ballot, over 50 votes including propositions that are local and state, judges, city offices, etc. Took a long time! AdLib 5 hours ago

Yes, that’s what he said. You all have stay on top of a lot of stuff. twilson117 5 hours ago

Murph is in the house!! twilson117 5 hours ago

Hey Murph how is going in your state? twilson117 5 hours ago

It seems a majority of Americans recognize that Repubs are trying to bury democracy but these polls the MSM waves around says they don’t. I will wait to see what really happens, as I’ve said here many times, I think polls have become undependable for a while. AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey Murph! AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad, not paying attention to the polls. They’re all over the place. twilson117 5 hours ago

TW – I had to carve out an hour minimum to go through the whole ballot and research judges and all the ballot issues. AdLib 5 hours ago

TW – Same here! Though I am inundated with emails from the many candidates we’ve contributed to. Don’t blame them but we have donated a decent amount already. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad and TW…..Missouri is Misery……the knives are out. Il….my candidate should win. I am doing some phone banking for the Dem Party as they direct. MurphTheSurf3 5 hours ago

Nikki should Kikki Ass. AdLib 5 hours ago

Ad was watching Michael Moore he seems to think Dems will keep house and senate and he is telling people not to pay attention to the polls. Seems he sees a something the pollsters don’t twilson117 4 hours ago

Our Ballot here is has only a few contests with Dems and GOP…..5….10 with only GOP. 4 Constitutional Amendments and 1 callfor a National Constitutional Convention. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – I wonder what states like MO will be like as they are dominated by destructive madmen? I don’t expect the cultists to ever wake up but the oppression of citizens would seem to change the US to a virtual authoritarian Confederacy attached to a democratic Union. AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph, it’s got to be tough on you. twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad…Nikki deserves a win. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

I am planning on closing down the association….all of the members agree. It is time to accept the gruesome reality. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

TW – I hope Moore is right, it’s what my gut is telling me, the majority want women to have rights and democracy to continue. AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph what do want to admen in your constitution? twilson117 4 hours ago

Ad, that is one of the things Moore is saying. Hey, he called the Clinton Trump election. twilson117 4 hours ago

I overheard four women mocking the Dems for their Abortion “scare tactics” claiming that all will be well. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – As TW says, it has to be a burden to watch elections in MO but I hope your good work for Nikki balances elections for you a little. Most Americans are good people and do care about supporting good people and good agendas, the minority are hateful pawns. AdLib 4 hours ago

TW…there is a law in Mo. that requires this be on the ballot every 10 years. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago

Murph – What do you mean? The association is being blackballed out of existence? AdLib 4 hours ago

Murph really? That’s interesting, does that have something do with them being allowed statehood? twilson117 4 hours ago

TW – Yep, I was annoyed at Moore in 2016 until the election then thought, he must have more insights from being boots on the ground than me. But 2016 was a corrupted election due to Russia’s involvement, anyway you slice it and Comey’s last minute re-opening of the Hillary investigation sure seemed to be the final corrupt move that doomed her. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad…it is becoming foolish to antagonize those who will be able to act without governmental checks. MurphTheSurf3 4 hours ago