Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 17 hours ago

Good evening Ad twilson117 16 hours ago

Hey TW! AdLib 16 hours ago

Just watching MSNBC and what is taking place in Ukraine is, well it’s tough to watch frankly. twilson117 15 hours ago

I know, it’s so hard to believe. AdLib 15 hours ago

It’s amazing how as a species we can be so cruel to each other. Even animals don’t wage war on each other just mankind. twilson117 15 hours ago

We are witnesses to something that people in the future will equate to Nazi war crimes. AdLib 15 hours ago

Putin and his delusions of power will be his undoing, there is no coming back from this. twilson117 15 hours ago

It was all unprovoked, Ukraine didn’t attack Russia, the man is beyond sick. twilson117 15 hours ago

Animals are brutal for natural reasons. Humans are brutal sometimes for the most selfish reasons. AdLib 15 hours ago

And all those Republicans how are expressing support for him need to be drummed out of their party but we know that won’t happen. twilson117 15 hours ago

I agree with you on the selfish part. Animals do not go willingly looking for others to attack for no reason. twilson117 15 hours ago

I don’t see what Putin thinks could possibly come from this madness. AdLib 15 hours ago

I think with Putin the madness is the point. twilson117 15 hours ago

If we are essentially at war, treason is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The GOP is walking a very dangerous line. Tucker should have his show dropped since RT has been. AdLib 15 hours ago

As long as his comments are pulling in the eyeballs and the add, revenues are going up they will let him keep going. twilson117 15 hours ago

Maybe Putin is hoping that The West will eventually give up after so much murder and brutality. He thinks the west is weak. AdLib 15 hours ago

Perhaps he is. We do have a short attention span and can only take so much horror coming into our living rooms. twilson117 15 hours ago

But at some point, isn’t it treason to support America’s enemy? AdLib 15 hours ago

I know after a while I find myself looking to move on from MSNBC as the shows are showing the same footage over and over. But, each show has a tidbit of new information. twilson117 15 hours ago

You’re correct about treason and America’s enemy, but we’re not in a state of war with Russia. It way past time for the Republicans to take back their party or reform into a new one. twilson117 15 hours ago

Tuckcums needs a good ole ass whipping. Maybe that will get him back on track. twilson117 15 hours ago

I still won’t watch MSNBC other than Maddow…who is off now. AdLib 15 hours ago

From the headlines and the snippets I’m reading it looks like the Republicans effort to suppress the vote is working in Texas. twilson117 15 hours ago

Yes, the GOP is winning the war against democracy, to Manchin and Sinema’s smiles. AdLib 15 hours ago

I have to say I do miss Madow. I miss her analysis and questioning of guests. I have to believe MSNBC ratings are down with her on hiatus. Lawerance is pretty good but he can get full of himself. Chris Hayes is also good but Racial ties it all together. twilson117 15 hours ago

I see where DeSantis is going to try and push through his redistricting map in spite of it being thrown out three times. twilson117 15 hours ago

Harleigh is in the house. How are you doing Harleigh? twilson117 15 hours ago

doig ok. wife had flu all week. Harleigh 15 hours ago

I miss Maddow, especially now. Some people are floating the horrible Chuckie Todd as her replacement. AdLib 15 hours ago

Sorry to hear that hope she gets better soon. Question, has one of those reticulating pythons made a meal of DeSantis yet? twilson117 15 hours ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib 15 hours ago

i quit msnbc when they lost ed and olbermnn an went with shreiking sharpton and 2 hours of toad. Harleigh 15 hours ago

deathsantis needs to go, and not to the WH. LOL Harleigh 15 hours ago

Deathsantis good one Harleigh. twilson117 15 hours ago

TW – DeSantis is trying to cement FL as a dictatorship. AdLib 15 hours ago

and rubitard and sleletor scott too! Harleigh 15 hours ago

skeletor Harleigh 15 hours ago

Harleigh you’re on a roll, Rubitard and Skeletor Scott like it. twilson117 15 hours ago

Scott can’t be human, can he? AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh what has DeSatins done about the appartment building that came tumbling down last year? twilson117 15 hours ago

nothing. Harleigh 15 hours ago

Are folks making a fuss about it or just letting it go? twilson117 15 hours ago

Harleigh – Can DeSantis be beaten in Nov? AdLib 15 hours ago

And can Abbott be beaten by Beto in TX? AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad has anyone announced they are running for Gov in FL? twilson117 15 hours ago

Ad I think Beto has a good chance. twilson117 15 hours ago

the mayor was defeated in Surfside, 3 candidates with 1500 total votes, winner had 650. lol All of south floriduh is doomed from sea level rise. Harleigh 15 hours ago

too many magats survived but we’ll see. Beto maybe. Harleigh 15 hours ago

TW – Yes, Charlie Crist and Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried are running for FL Gov. AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad well Christ had the job and I remember he tried to get it back but lost, so he is 1 and 1. twilson117 15 hours ago

Ad Rubtard is up for reelection and Vale Demmings is running against him what do you think? twilson117 15 hours ago

Harleigh – So a Repub won the Mayor seat? AdLib 15 hours ago

Harleigh does Demming have a shot at unseating Rubio? twilson117 15 hours ago

Bottom line is salt water corrodes steel and the level is over a foot deeper than when it was all built over 50 years ago. Rubio may lose since he has never accomplished anything. Harleigh 15 hours ago

I think Val Demming can win. AdLib 15 hours ago

also the land is sinking because of it…. don’t buy in those places. Harleigh 15 hours ago

Harleigh what are the chances of Mar a Logo sinking into the ocean? twilson117 15 hours ago

Harleigh – Are people selling their properties in South Florida? AdLib 15 hours ago

Ad It would be good to see Rubo out and Demming in. twilson117 15 hours ago

maralardo should be nuked! it goes under in 50-75 years I believe but problems will start before then. Miami beach floods saltwater constantly. Harleigh 14 hours ago

I’m at the highest point in broward cty just west of FTL, 13 feet above sea level. Harleigh 14 hours ago

Well I think I will stay here in MA. twilson117 14 hours ago

Harleigh – Good, you’re safe. But South FL is going to be an ongoing disaster zone. AdLib 14 hours ago

yep Harleigh 14 hours ago

My daughter is in FL right now, inland a bit, at a softball tourney and her team essentially won it. I watched it streaming. AdLib 14 hours ago

Harleigh sounds like nature is going to reclaim the land. twilson117 14 hours ago

Ad good for her and the team. twilson117 14 hours ago

Thanks TW. Proud of her. AdLib 14 hours ago

Ad as you should be twilson117 14 hours ago

It’s what the movie “Don’t Look Up” was about, Climate Change disasters clearly coming at us and yet morons who put politics and selfishness first, claim it’s not happening or it is fine that it is. AdLib 14 hours ago

well if greenland and a bit more of the artic cuts lose then thermal expansion will raise sea level over 3 feet… in a very short time. The electric grid will collapse and the glades will die from saltwater. Harleigh 14 hours ago

Ad I watched that last week. It was as good as people were saying. twilson117 14 hours ago

well time for bed. later folks Harleigh 14 hours ago

Harleigh – But Repubs only think about how they pwn the liberals by letting FL get swallowed up by the ocean. AdLib 14 hours ago

Sleep well, Harleigh! AdLib 14 hours ago

But Harleigh, DeStanis doesn’t believe in climate change so it can’t be happening. twilson117 14 hours ago

Looks like we lost Harleigh. twilson117 14 hours ago

DeSantis is passing a bill to make it illegal for the ocean to rise. AdLib 14 hours ago

Why the hell not he’s passing a bill the make everything he doesn’t like illegal. twilson117 14 hours ago

Talking about a dictator in place, he fits the bill. twilson117 14 hours ago

I didn’t want to sound rude to Harleigh but I did not want to spend one penny of my money in FL and my daughter said she would be stressed with me there, since it’s her first college tourney so I am glad I didn’t go. AdLib 14 hours ago

Hey I understand. I also get it about your daughter being stressed out if you were at the game, there will be plenty others. When my son was playing soccer, I did my best to keep quite on the sidelines. For the most part I did which surprised a lot of the other parents. twilson117 14 hours ago

Well, I’m going to bug out, but before I go I responded to your comments on my article also left a link to a YouTube you should check out. I think you will find it very informative. twilson117 14 hours ago

The thing is, I have been her hitting coach (and still am). And I also coach her on correcting her pitching. So the gratifying thing was that she would call or text after the day’s games and ask me to help her and send videos to correct things. She doesn’t know it but it made me feel very good. She was a typical teen and always looked annoyed when Dad coached her but she missed it when I wasn’t there and she kept improving after each game and getting my comments. So, it was all good. AdLib 14 hours ago

Yes, I responded to you and the YouTube link was partial so it doesn’t work. Can you repost it? AdLib 14 hours ago

Hey the thing about teens is when they get to a certain age the don’t want Mom or Dad hovering. Yes I will resend the link. Okay see you next week. twilson117 14 hours ago

See you then! AdLib 14 hours ago

Ad here is the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc4OFcT5m1Y
https://www.youtube.com/embed/sc4OFcT5m1Y?wmode=transparent&jqoemcache=tlDIK twilson117 14 hours ago

Thanks!!! AdLib 14 hours ago

See you next week. twilson117 14 hours ago

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