Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00 pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 2 hours ago

If anyone wants to start early, I’m here. Khirad 2 hours ago

hi khirad, see u soon pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

finishing my brekky! pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

Yum! AdLib 2 hours ago

Northern Territory still has the coolest flag. I’m defrosting tamales for later. Khirad 2 hours ago

My big things have been Prager U, Epoch Times for a while. It’s not an algorithm, they are paying for propaganda. However, there are other things to talk about. Khirad 2 hours ago

Hey Khirad! AdLib 2 hours ago

Hey AD, I’m at a loss for words, as always. Khirad an hour ago

Prager U? AdLib an hour ago

Lucky for you, Khirad, I’m overstocked on words. Most are four letters. AdLib an hour ago

Dennis Prager, maybe I should tell you about what you get on FB. Khirad an hour ago

Or YouTube – they pay for these horrible pieces of propaganda. Khirad an hour ago

Oh, I know who he is, just amused that some of his fans think the U is for “University” instead of “Unbelieveable”. AdLib an hour ago

Trump had a more convincing University, but they don’t claim to be one – it’s slick Koch and Christian fundamentalist propaganda Khirad an hour ago

Hi folks! Never heard of him/her/it. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

So, just wanted to mke sure everyone knows that crimes aren’t against the law anymore. It’s The Purge every day now! AdLib an hour ago

Maybe I should write something, because, I was turning people onto Alex Jones long before. Khirad an hour ago

the more I read, the happier I am not to have embraced Facebook. CLosed account years sog pinkpantheroz an hour ago

ago! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Khirad – But I thought universities were “bad”. Trump loves the uneducated. AdLib an hour ago

Virus in the White house! Oh, and Flynn’s wife has it as well pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I take in people’s phone numbers but unfortunately, it’s instagram now and I can’t keep up. e-mail is lame now Khirad an hour ago

Instagram is gibberish to me pinkpantheroz an hour ago

We have a Facebook account but it’s just for sharing posts here, we have quit posting there otherwise. Facebook is evil. AdLib an hour ago

Yes, Flynn, and how nobody mentions the Turkish angle. Not to get into a conspiracy set, but CNN has a Turkish channel. Khirad an hour ago

Well, glad to know it is no linger a felony to lie to the FBI pinkpantheroz an hour ago

We can get off hating Facebook but for the purpose that unrefined people will see ads and they are well produced. Khirad an hour ago

Stephen Miller’s wife has it, I’d think Miller would have to have it as well…then again, do rodents kiss? AdLib an hour ago

snakes kinda squirm together, so…. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I always imagine Stephen Miller in a bunker in northern Idaho, I forgot. He got someone to sleep with him? Khirad an hour ago

Ewwww. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Sorry for the imagery, but seriously. Khirad an hour ago

Khirad – Yes, Turkey AND Russia entanglements with Flynn. Betrayal of the U.S. And he admitted in court he lied to the FBI. Don’t see how the judge accepts dropping the case, he asked if Flynn wasn’t a traitor. AdLib an hour ago

Hey glenn! AdLib an hour ago

Corona in the WH, joining the other virus, DT. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn!’ pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Evenin’ gents. How’s everyone tonight? Or this afternoon? glenn an hour ago

Well, maybe a nice thig to imagine before you go to sleep tonight, if Trump and Pence are taken down by Covid, President Pelosi takes the reigns. AdLib an hour ago

Still breathing, glenn, DG pinkpantheroz an hour ago

too much to pray for, I suppose, but……. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO–There you go, still breathing is a good thing! DG???? glenn an hour ago

Deo Gratias pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I’ll go on a Fethullah Gülen tangent or write on Turkey, though I’ve no business to. I saw his Sufi company years before and read his books. It’s moderate Islam. And his connections with Ankara … well, like I said, I don’t know much. Khirad an hour ago

Did you see the video of Pence leaving empty boxes of PPE outside a HC facility and being caught on mike asking to leave more empty boxes? AdLib an hour ago

PPO–got it! glenn an hour ago

Hi everyone! choicelady an hour ago

CL! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hey Choicelady! AdLib an hour ago

Yup, Ad, a great thing to imagine… glenn an hour ago

Ad, fake boxes for a total fake VP pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL–Great to “see” you! How are you? glenn an hour ago

Hi Ad, glenn, Khirad, PPO!!! choicelady an hour ago

So here’s a concept, Trump and governors may order their states open but as long as the people aren’t declaring it open, is it actually open. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – I’m as mixed up and unfocused as everyone else staying at home, not knowing what day it is. choicelady an hour ago

Ad–as Fallon said, a perfect analogy for the TLB administration…empty boxes. glenn an hour ago

glenn – How are YOU? How is “opening” GA going? choicelady an hour ago

glenn, made out of ticky-tacky pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – Those boxes contained as much decency as Pence does. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–so is that like if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there, does anyone hear it? glenn an hour ago

More, Ad! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – how could boxes in the admin be anything BUT ticky tacky? choicelady an hour ago

pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL – Today is Flatterday. And you look mahvalous! AdLib an hour ago

I heard black people had guns like white people in Michigan. I wanted to comment on that. Khirad an hour ago

CL–LOL! Yeah, most days I have to look at my phone to tell what day it is! glenn an hour ago

Ad – Oh, DAHLING, you’re looking RAVISHING yourself! choicelady an hour ago

Here in OZ, the GOP Gummint has brought out a 3-tier restart of the economy. I have declined to be a guinea pig! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn – if we didn’t get a daily paper, we’d never have a clue. Looking at our phones is too much work! choicelady an hour ago

PP, you’re in Melbourne? Khirad an hour ago

Kbhirad. Yes! About time some black people shhowed up locked and loaded. I note there were no Nazis to be seen pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – I am with you on the reduction-to-guinea-pig issue, I don’t care WHAT policy it is. choicelady an hour ago

CL–As far as I can tell, it’s kinda like Ad says…if the people haven’t declared it open, is it open? Since I haven’t really been anywhere I really don’t know; but my daughter, who has been working this whole time, says there aren’t many people back on the roads, etc. glenn an hour ago

Yes, Khirad, in Balwyn North, a boring suburb. No pubs allowed! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – do tell – BLACK people showed up in Austraial somewhere with GUNS? How’d that go down? choicelady an hour ago

glenn – Yes, I am sugggesting that it doesn’t matter that Trump or governors “open” states, the majority of Americans seem pretty smart and will not be going to public businesses like restaurants and nail salons for quite some time. So I think, Trump and Wall Street are about to have a rude awakening that the majority of the country doesn’t want to die for their benefit. AdLib an hour ago

PPO–Has the “curve flattened”? glenn an hour ago

PPO – Those boxes were so empty that Pence’s head finally felt superior to something. AdLib an hour ago

cl, No, in Lansing Michigan, escorting a black councilwoman into the capital building pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PP, just confused about the GOP, are they NATS or OzLibs? And yes, I hate arming, but all my life they say it’s just their 2nd amendment. Well, as an American it’s ours as well. Khirad an hour ago

glenn – i don’t think people wish to risk their lives. Now that the virus is IN THE WHITE HOUSE, nobody, even the deniers, are as willing to blow it off.\ choicelady an hour ago

glenn, yes, thank god. only 80 fatalities in 24 million people to date. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – I did not see that, but huzzah! I’m sick of the limp white dicks of America threatening us with their phallic subs. choicelady an hour ago

I do know that here in GA it still is open season on blacks, though. glenn an hour ago

Khirad – Honestly, I would like to see a peaceful protest of black and white people together, maybe protesting outside the DoJ or WH. Let’s see how the Whte Militias like seeing that on their tvs. AdLib an hour ago

In Texas, I heard gunshops are an essential service. Khirad an hour ago

glenn – I’m heartsick for Maud. As someone noted, the DA is going to the Grand Jury and arrested the two men NOT because they saw the video but because WE did. choicelady an hour ago

CL – Thank you, Sweetie! Are those new shoes? AdLib an hour ago

Ad Lib – that’s a freaking brilliant idea. choicelady an hour ago

Ad – OMG – You LIKE my SHOES???? Do they make me look fat? choicelady an hour ago

AL, you are my conscience, but I hate being told I don’t know how to shoot a gun. I do. I agree, it’s not my way, and I don’t own a gun, but I know how to use one. Khirad an hour ago

Kh. the current government, for want of a better word, is fully right wing evangelical conservative and comprises a coalition of the’Liberal’ (Conservatives actually), and the National Party pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–yes, the majority of Americans want nothing to do with the TLB opening the economy. I did read that the stock market was up 800 points today, so the TLB will be sure to use that to tout how the opening is “working”. Plus I saw a TLB campaign ad (ugh) on TV tonight that says something along the lines of we are just going to see the greatest economic upturn EVER! glenn an hour ago

PP, I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to explain Liberals. Khirad an hour ago

glenn – No one should let the DA off the hook in that area, he saw the tape we now see of white men executing a black man for being black while jogging and he didn’t see it as a crime…until the public saw it and was outraged. Racist monster. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–One of the best protests I’ve seen lately was where those nurses put the empty shoes outside the WH to signify all the health care providers who have died. Very powerful, I thought. glenn an hour ago

Khirad – I also know how to use a gun. I learned from the FBI. Then I wound up under siege from the white supremacists, and was damned glad my friend and I had guns. Just SAYING we did made them leave. choicelady an hour ago

CL – The thing is, there would be a far larger turnout of gun owners who aren’t Nazi-loving, the militias would be dwarfed. Matching other parts of their bodies. AdLib an hour ago

glenn, I’m furious that they can’t get paid a decent, living wage. Outrageous pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL–I hope the virus runs rampant through the WH all the way to the top! I usually don’t wish ill on anyone, but I wish the TLB to have the most painful experience possible. glenn an hour ago

Ad – No one on the right realizes how many of us on the Left have guns. We aren’t nuts. We do see THEM. I don’t currently have one, but I’m thinking about it. choicelady an hour ago

I haven’t talked with you for a while CL, but I think of you when talking with “pro-lifer” types. I reference your anecdotes why guns aren’t always bad. Khirad an hour ago

glenn – right there with you!!! choicelady an hour ago

The white House….Chickens with heads chopped off comes to mind! Good! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL – Those shoes make you look exquisite! Especially with that purse! AdLib an hour ago

PPO–It is so nice to hear of a government that actually did something to stop the spread. glenn an hour ago

Khriad – I seriously have no problem with genuine self defense. Guns are a part of some people’s needs for that against extremists. The RIGHT thinks Black people are the problem. Black and Brown people know RW extremists are the problem choicelady an hour ago

glenn. Yes for once they were shamed into listening to experts and not leaving it up to The Lord as our Pentecostalist, Hillsong loving P.M wanted pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad – Thank you, dahling – I do try. You’re looking QUITE classy tonight yourself! choicelady an hour ago

Khirad – My proposition isn’t that such a protest should be threatening in any way. Just protesting a legit issue like the racist murder in GA but displaying that they are gun owners too and there are far more of them. Wonder how much the Nazi-loving militias would praise their 2nd Amendment rights then? AdLib an hour ago

CL, that’s all I’m saying. I’m not here to start a fight. Khirad an hour ago

Khirad – I have NO problem with your position. It’s the same as mine. choicelady an hour ago

kh me too. Your view is fine. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

AD – that’s my point. Shadow them – we have guns too. Khirad an hour ago

Ad – I would LOVE to see the skinheads defend Black people showing up with guns. choicelady an hour ago

Khirad – I’m not anti gun. I’m anti asshole. choicelady an hour ago

cl, they would scatter like a flock of starlings pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – I do think that’s true. choicelady an hour ago

I started it I will end it. I have thoughts on guns and such, but let’s change the subject. Khirad an hour ago

glenn – The stck market is more rigged now than ever. The Fed and Trump have been poring trillions into their pockets to keep them happy, robbing 99% of Americans and when the bill on all thiis comes due, along with the “opening” of the country proving a bust, there will be pitchforks and torches coming for them. I think if Warren is Biden’s VP pick, her tax on the wealthy and corpoorations will have massive support. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–exactly. That DA should be fired and never be allowed to practice law again. I see also that the shooters’ story is falling apart, too. Their “excuse” for the murder was that there were many burglaries in that area, so they thought he was the burglar. Naturally, a black man….However, I see where some reporters have checked the police reports from Jan. to Mar. and there was only one burglary in the area. A gun was stolen from an unlocked truck on Jan. 1, and there have been no burglaries since then. BTW, the gun was stolen from the truck of the murderers! How convenient! Vile, racist scum! glenn an hour ago

All – if Black people show up with guns along with white people to protest racism, and if the Black people have signs defending the 2A, will the skinheads go into seizures and decompensate before our very eyes? choicelady an hour ago

CL–You are such a badass! Even in those shoes! glenn an hour ago

CL – I am anti-gun when it comes to proliferatiing weapons of war but as long as safely regulated, I don’t think most Americans have an issue against gun ownership. AdLib an hour ago

How do we rate Quomo this week? Good, eh? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO–Sigh…I wish our “leader(s)” would listen to experts. glenn an hour ago

CL – I’m wearing Valentino tonight. AdLib an hour ago

Ad – even if Harris is the Veep, that bill will become a centerpoint of our recovery. choicelady an hour ago

AD, put him down! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad – I’m ion Versace. (SP?) choicelady an hour ago

CL–so, you’re a member of AA? (anti asshole) glenn an hour ago

PPO – Cuomo is good. He’s suddenly starting to sound like his father whom i adored. choicelady an hour ago

CL – I am with you, but I made a graphic a while ago against right wingers of all the left wingers that knew how to use a gun as well. So you III per center types can STFU Khirad an hour ago

glenn – With you on that 100%. No one should be in a law enforcement capacity who could watch the exectution of an innocent black man by racists and try to cover it up. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – abolutely! I have my 40 years chip for staying asshole free. choicelady an hour ago

I was sniper rated in Ireland’s Reserves. Never had one since, and no desire to pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Khirad – I haven’t seen your graphic. Can you post it here? choicelady an hour ago

CL – I think the racist militias would go haywire seeing black people chanting about the 2nd Amendment, like a robot drinking a seltzer. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–I agree completely re your thoughts on the stock market. However, Warren doesn’t necessarily have to be Biden’s VP pick for her bill to garner massive support. Especially if the Dems can manage to take the Senate back. glenn an hour ago

I’ll try, it’s meant to be humorous. Khirad an hour ago

Thanks Khirad! Love to see it. choicelady an hour ago

Ad, that would eliminate 50% of the force, unfortunately, not to mention don’t rat your fellow cops crap pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL–One could only hope the racist skinheads would go into seizures! Hopefully, every gun will have it’s safety on. glenn an hour ago

CL – Yes, I agree. While Warren was the romoter of the Wealth Tax, I think Harris would support it too and hopefully, bring Biden around to get behind it as well (though he has opposed it and defended the wealthy but that’s not going to be a good position to hold in the middle of a depression). AdLib an hour ago

PPO – But he fits me so well! AdLib an hour ago

pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad – over the past weeks, Biden has been very voluble about the immorality of the tax breaks for the rich. Whatever he’s said, he’s saying differntly now. choicelady an hour ago

Cuomo has been doing a very good job. It doesn’t change that he is a very pro-Wall Street and nt-so-Progressive guy otherwise but props where props are due. He has been brilliant in handling the pandemic in NY. AdLib an hour ago

interesting how quiet the Bernie ‘campaign’ has become. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

CL–You are a woman after my own heart…. glenn an hour ago

Khirad an hour ago

Ad, that’s the dilemma we all fave with politicians. Quomo with the pandemic, Giuliani with 9/11. One-hit wonders? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Realize I have a dark sense of humor. Khirad an hour ago

Ad–I’ve also seen where the cops are looking very carefully at the person who shot the video. Apparently, he was a friend of the murderers. I guess they were looking to shoot some footage for the KKK. glenn an hour ago

Brilliant, K! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn – Completely agree, Warren being VP is not a necessity for a tax on the wealthy to be pushed and turned into law. Harris would be behind it, I think Abrams would. Just saying, Warren is the face of the CFPB and the wealth tax so she could be a great champion for it as VP but others could back it strongly as well. It should be a Dem platform item. AdLib an hour ago

CL–Good on ya! glenn an hour ago

blenn – I KNOW – we are sympatico! choicelady an hour ago

PPO – You’re right but we need a cleansing of law enforcement to remove these racists ad many jobs would become available to decent people who could fill those jobs. And in a depression, wouldn’t be a problem. AdLib an hour ago

PPO–And I hope the Berniebots stay silent! glenn an hour ago

true, glenn, true pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad – remember that Cuomo was the fist in the nation to ban fracking. He has good moments, not so good. He’s overall an excellent govrnor.\ choicelady an hour ago

Khirad – GREAT, thank your!!! choicelady an hour ago

love that the scam against Joe has been well and truly exposed. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–Hopefully, if we can get a cleansing of our government in Nov., we can start working on law enforcement next. glenn an hour ago

Khirad–great graphic! glenn an hour ago

glenn – for every Bernbot who says “you have to excite me for my vote” I reply, Thank you for revealing yourself as a running dog lackey for fascism. choicelady an hour ago

CL – The irony about Biden for Bernie Bros is that Biden is clearly understanding that he does need to shift to a more pro-99% position on a variety of issues and is showing compromise and adoption on Progressive issues…that Bernie supposedly represented. Yet, they are tryiing to destroy the Dem Party and Biden out of pure spite and cult mentality, which would kill the passage of the issues they claim are badly needed. Cultists are morons, left or right. All they want is Bernie, they are frauds on Bernie’s issues. AdLib an hour ago

glenn – I don’t know about GA, but CA is riddled with Oath Keepers, the self styled Constitutional “experts” who decide what laws to uphold, which to shoot us over. choicelady an hour ago

I personally hate guns, but, I use that against 2nd Amendment types and they go ballistic. I’m gonna bow out and not start a Revolution in Cascadia… Khirad 44 minutes ago

Khirad – You say you want a revolution… AdLib 44 minutes ago

CL–I don’t know much about Cuomo, except what he’s done lately. But I think we all have to stop thinking that a politician has to be perfect. We have to start looking at the overall picture, or at least recognizing when the good a politician does outweighs the things we don’t agree with. glenn 44 minutes ago

I’ll see you in the music section AD Khirad 44 minutes ago

Ad – I repeat to them – you are a fascist collaborator. End of story. They have the SAME position as the communists and socialists of Weimar: they refused to collaborate and work against Hitler. Their slogan was, “After Hitler, us!” And we can see how well THAT turned out. choicelady 43 minutes ago

glenn – totally agree. choicelady 42 minutes ago

PPO – Could be, most important not to project qualities on pols who do well in an emergency. That’s when we cut them a ton of slack, to protect us, but when business gets back to normal, better to stay loyal to the issues and not a person. If that persoon carries the issues though, they deserve strong support for all of it. AdLib 42 minutes ago

spot on, Ad pinkpantheroz 42 minutes ago

glenn – I was wondering who shot it! It was very suspicious that someone would be filming BEFORE there was any confrontation. He sure seems to have known there would be a reason to film it. AdLib 41 minutes ago

CL–for every bernbot who says “you have to excite me”, I say, then you want a cult leader. I don’t want my leaders to “excite” me, I want them to lead with common sense and compassion. I want my politicians/leaders to understand what is good for ALL of the people in this country. glenn 41 minutes ago

glenn – EXACTLY choicelady 39 minutes ago

CL – Cuomo has been good on some issues but is a conservative in a bad way on others, especiially issues having to do with the wealth disparity. He wouldn’t be my ideal candidate for President nor would Bloomberg who is pro-gun-control and pro-environment but a Repub on most other issues. AdLib 39 minutes ago

Ad – I’m with you on all that. Cuomo pere was damned near perfect. Andrew? Not so much. choicelady 38 minutes ago

Ad–Exactly. When I first saw the video, I wondered the same thing you did, how did this person know to begin videotaping a quiet street? Seems to me like the father and son knew that Ahmed (I think that’s his name) would be out jogging and they went after him. If it does turn out that this person who shot the video actually is a friend of the murderers, well, ain’t karma a bitch? glenn 38 minutes ago

PPO – Yes, as we discussed confidently here last week, the bogus Reade allegation is now undermined as a threat to Biden for the most part. Only Bernie Bros and Trump cultists are buying into and running with it. Dems aren’t. AdLib 38 minutes ago

Sorry I missed Khirad – I don’t disagree. Why I don’t have a gun. choicelady 37 minutes ago

Ad – what bothers me is how much of MSM is running with the Tara thread though. choicelady 37 minutes ago

cl, Kochs and Murdoch rules pinkpantheroz 36 minutes ago

glenn – apparently the person who videod it is wanted by the police. choicelady 36 minutes ago

CL – Bernie Bots aren’t even saying they want their vote to be earned now, they are trying to use Reade to somehow force Biden to quit and make him unelectable so Dear Leader Bernie can steal the nom. Yeah, ain’t gonna happen even if Biden was kidnapped by aliens. Bernie is so over now. AdLib 36 minutes ago

Bernie was sill in a minority position. If Biden were abducted, there are others equally situated to make a deal and pick someone who has actually DONE something. choicelady 35 minutes ago

Ad, I don’t think it has seeped through the Bots’ consciousness that it wouldn’t be Bernie as the candidate if Joe steeped down. No way, Jose pinkpantheroz 34 minutes ago

PPO – nope. You’re correct. Bern isn’t the preferred candidate EVER. choicelady 34 minutes ago

Ad and PPO–I usually don’t mention other sites here, but there’s a great article on the website Vox by Laura McGann that details her coverage of the Reade story. glenn 33 minutes ago

glenn – I don’t need a pol to be perfect but Cuomo is a political machine guy and a Wall Streeter. Economic Justice is a core issue for me and in a choice between noms when the existential threat of a Trump isn’t on the table, I would not support Cuomo over candidates who are strong on reversing economic inequity. AdLib 33 minutes ago

Here’s the link: https://www.vox.com/2020/5/7/21248713/tara-reade-joe-biden-sexual-assault-accusation glenn 33 minutes ago

I don’t see Cuomo running even in ’24. He knows he has baggage. Hope he won’t. choicelady 32 minutes ago

glenn – that VOX story is very well done.’ choicelady 32 minutes ago

glenn – That sure seems a strong possiblity. “Hey pal, film us, we’re going to shoot us a (n-word)!” AdLib 31 minutes ago

Ad–I agree. That is what I was trying to say. We have to decide which issues mean the most to us and vote accordingly. And, I really wasn’t talking about the people here; I know we know how to distinguish nuances and issues. It was meant for the bernbots who are “bernie or nothing”. glenn 31 minutes ago

glenn – I can’t keep up with Tara’s stories but she apparently shot herself in the foot today over something. I am exhausted by it all. I’ve read the VERY long timelines on her. She’s all over the map on what she claims. choicelady 30 minutes ago

Ad, I read or saw somewhere that The video was by a friend of the murderers. Cops want him pinkpantheroz 30 minutes ago

CL – Same here, I think the MSM is proviing that exploitation of a sleazy attack that brings ratings is a priority over having a dictator destroy the last vestiges of our democracy. Disgusting greed. AdLib 30 minutes ago

PPO – yes, that is true. He has a warrant out for his arrest as I undersand. choicelady 30 minutes ago

CL–Yup. Wonder why he’s hiding? And, as Ad and I have been discussing, how did he know to video going down a quiet street in the middle of nowhere? Did he have some “inside information” as to what was going to happen? glenn 29 minutes ago

Outrageous that it took 2 months and people yelling for the two to be charged. pinkpantheroz 29 minutes ago

Ad – someone at MSNBC apparetly said election night 2016 , “OMG – we pained Hillary as a crook, which she isn’t, and we painted Trump as a successful businessman, which he isn’t!” choicelady 28 minutes ago

CL–I thought that Vox story was excellent, too. glenn 28 minutes ago

PPO – someone posted on Twitter: The arress came NOT because they saw the video. It was because WE did. choicelady 28 minutes ago

CL – Exactly. Bernie would not get any of the delegates who are committed to Biden, they would be solicited at a convention for a candidate, one of the ones that dropped out, that they preferred as closer to Biden. But none of this will likely happen and Bernie will never be the nom. AdLib 28 minutes ago

Ad – from your lips… Bern will never be the nominee. choicelady 27 minutes ago

cl, isn’t that dreadful? pinkpantheroz 26 minutes ago

Ad and CL–I’m getting very, very tired of our MSM. Why, oh why, don’t they ever make any administration official, including the TLB actually answer a question? They need to keep asking the question they asked in the first place until they get an answer. And, if the repubiscum keeps rambling, then just cut them off and tell them they won’t be interviewed again until they can answer the damn question. And, why or why aren’t they in mcconnell’s and graham’s faces every day about what THEY plan to do about the TLB’s rampant lying, and dismantling of our government? glenn 25 minutes ago

PPO – I think there is just a lot of spite in Bernie Boys, they want to get even for Bernie losing the nom. They claim there was voter fraud, a cabal that took it away from him (not this time), etc. They are like wild dogs chomping up the Reade story and are far more about vengeance than any principle I can see, despite their faux “feminism” angle. AdLib 25 minutes ago

glenn – Always cool to mention good articles on other sites here and I did read the Vox article which really nails Reade as unreliable. AdLib 24 minutes ago

I hope Murph doesn’t show up now. I am in a major flux on time, day/nigh problems, and while it’s early times, I got about 4 hours of sleep last night and SERIOUSLY need to go to bed. This lockdown plays hobbs with my day/night sense of time. I still get a daily paper. If I didn’t, I’d NEVER know what day it is. I hope to see you all next week, but I’m drooping and need rest. Hugs to everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all who ARE mothers or have them in their lives. choicelady 24 minutes ago

PPO–It’s not an excuse, but this is Georgia! It took the state cops, not the local ones, to take over the case for the charges to be brought. I think Gov. Kemp finally got embarrassed and made the state cops do something so he could save face. glenn 24 minutes ago

glenn – straight from the horses(ass) mouth: “Leslie Moonves on Donald Trump: “It May Not Be Good for America, but It’s Damn Good for CBS” Says it all, really. pinkpantheroz 22 minutes ago

glenn – I know youu weren’t talking about folks here, just wanted to address the purity issue and that for me, my dissatisfaction with Cuomo is more about core issues that matter to me and for many voters, that’s what gets mistaken for purity tests sometimes. Not you, but others. We cool! AdLib 22 minutes ago

CL–Yet, they’re doing the same thing with Biden and the Reade story. Why aren’t they asking the TLB every day about the sexual assault charges against him? Why aren’t they asking him every day why he isn’t providing DNA for that one case so he can prove once for and all that he is innocent? If the MSM is going to do “bothsiderism” all the time, then be consistent. For every story about Biden’s charges, there should be at least one, if not 21, for every woman who has accused the TLB of assault. Okay, rant over! glenn 21 minutes ago

PPO – Yes, that’s what glann said, the guy who shot the video was a buddy of the racists. So, birds of a feather and how did he know there would be something to film when the guy was jogging towards the murderers? AdLib 21 minutes ago

glenn, rant away! That why we come here, to share our thoughts and frustrations.

pinkpantheroz 20 minutes ago

Thanks, CL. Take care and hope to see you next week! glenn 20 minutes ago

g’night CL pinkpantheroz 20 minutes ago

glenn – The MSM seems more concerned about being in the petulant tyrant’s good graces than asking the tough questions. Some journalists are but most don’t. AdLib 19 minutes ago

Ad–Your purity points were well taken. LOL! glenn 19 minutes ago

Well, better get back to doing nothing for the afternoon, except cleaning the autumn leaves, laundry, cooking, shower, annoying Fergie – you know, the usual! Take care pinkpantheroz 19 minutes ago

PPO–You’re correct! I do come here to rant and I thank you all for reading all my rants, and understanding what I’m trying to say! glenn 18 minutes ago

glenn – That’s the tell that racists are in power in GA, only pressure can make them arrest racist mirderers of innocent black men. Horrible. AdLib 18 minutes ago

Bye PPO. My best to Fergie. glenn 18 minutes ago

Seeya PPO! AdLib 18 minutes ago

Stay safe, everyone pinkpantheroz 18 minutes ago

glenn – How are most folks you know in GA reacting to the “re-opening” while infections and deaths rise? AdLib 17 minutes ago

And glenn, your rants are brilliant, please keep them going! AdLib 16 minutes ago

Ad–I know. I am still trying to wrap my mind around those armed white supremacists spitting into cops’ faces in the state legislatures, and no one is shot, arrested, or even told to get the hell out. Yet, an unarmed black man is shot down and it’s “ho-hum, we thought he was a burglar. We had no proof, we are not law enforcement officers, but he looked “suspicious”, so we shot him”. And they’re allowed to go home and pat themselves on the back for two months! Sometimes I want to weep for my country, yet I keep reminding myself that the pendulum will swing back soon, hopefully. I’m so damn old that I’ve lived through a lot of shit, and I’ve seen my country come back time and time again, so I’m hoping we can do it again. glenn 12 minutes ago

I know, I feel a bit outrage overload already then seeing this horrific, racist modern-day-lynching was a gut punch. I know, Trump has proven that racism is a massive problem still in the country but as you describe, the difference between white militia maniacs being able to storm state capitals and attack officers without any consequences in the face of this, is maddening. We will improve things, it will get better as it always does in the long run but the first step has to be wresting politial power away from the racist pols. AdLib 8 minutes ago

Ad–from what I can tell, there’s not much happening with the “re-opening”. As I said above, my daughter has been working this whole time, and she has seen a noticeable difference since the lockdown. However, I asked her the other day, after the reopening, if she has seen an increase in traffic, and she said not that she could tell. She’s a commercial office property manager, and all of her tenants have stayed home this whole time. None of them have come back yet, but she said the other day that some of them, not all, are making plans to come back next week. As far as restaurants, etc. go, I still haven’t ventured out, and from what I’ve read, not many people are venturing out, either. IOW, the people are smarter than the politicians, and they’re staying home. glenn 8 minutes ago

Thanks, Ad. The people here inspire my rants. glenn 7 minutes ago

That’s good to hear. I want everyone to be able to get back to work and at least a process of getting back as much as possible to normal to happen but right now, the infection and death rates are climbing and re-opening is madness. Many will get infected, some of them will die and then more people will be too worried to go out in public. This is the wrong way to do this, with less testing and no contact tracing, it will lead to another quarantine and greater suffering. AdLib 5 minutes ago

Yeah, “outrage overload” says it all. The racists will never change, but we have to make sure they don’t hold any political power any more. Here’s hoping it will happen in my lifetime. glenn 5 minutes ago

Thanks, Ad, for listening. I think I’m going to call it a night. Tell your wife I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day! See you next week. glenn 4 minutes ago

II hope many people feel as I do, I may be a bit on overload now but I am “Biden” my time until Nov and as the election nears, I will be out there with a vengeance. AdLib 4 minutes ago

Thank you! Happy Mother’s Day to you! AdLib 3 minutes ago

Love it! “Biden” my time. Saw another one the other day, too. “Biden” is pronounced “Bye Don”! glenn 3 minutes ago

G’night glenn 2 minutes ago

Thanks, just thought of it! And I’ve seen that as a bumper sticker, very clever, “BYEDON”! AdLib 2 minutes ago

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