Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PST. I may be a little late but I’ll leave appetizers out and will be here on time or soon after so I’ll see you then! AdLib 10 hours ago

Just popping the top off my Corona Beer. Very Cheap here! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

I’ve got Toilet Paper, verrt Cheap! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Only 2$ roll! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

G’day, PPO. How goes it? glenn 5 hours ago

Pore Bernie’s daid, pore Bernie is Daid, he hasn’t got the numbers for to win. He got folk Mad sayin’ Ole Joe is bad, but who’se the one wearin’ the grin? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

Ha, I’ll bet your toilet paper isn’t double rolls like mine is!

glenn 5 hours ago

Just loke Trump, they’re Thick as 2 planks! pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

hiya glenn. What do you think of Joe’s doing so well? Sorry, Ad, about Elizabeth pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO–I am so disappointed in my fellow Dems. We started out with the most diverse slate in history, and what did we end up with? Two old, white men! I really think the TLB could pull off a second term, which makes me so angry! glenn 5 hours ago

glenn, respectfully disagree. Joe needs to be the settling influence. in 4 years time, by all means let diversity hold sway, but I believe Joe is the one for other reasons, especially the down-ticket House, Senate and Gubernatorial races. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

PPO–I think the Democratic party needs to re-think how our primaries go. Can’t remember how many states voted in “Super Tuesday”, but those states denied me my chance to vote for Elizabeth Warren. I’m a little bummed tonight. I truly can’t see how either Bernie or Uncle Joe can pull off a win. glenn 5 hours ago

glenn, I agree about Bernie. He’s a spent force now, only good for spoiling. But looking in from out here, Joe does look the goods. pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

glenn, point to ponder – Elizabeth for VP? pinkpantheroz 5 hours ago

TLB is getting frantic, exhuming Kellyanne to deny he said something and then being shown him saying it! The Goon is a total failure and people are dying because of it. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–I’m willing to be persuaded that Biden can win, but I really just can’t see it right now. Apparently, black voters are the ones who carried him in many states. I hope that holds up, and that the Berniebots fully support Biden if he is the nominee. One of the main voter blocks that Dems need is the black voter, especially the black women’s vote, and if Biden isn’t the nominee, then I’m afraid we’ll lose them. Not sure about independents either; it looks as though the rabid repubs are going to put Hunter Biden on trial in Congress, so don’t know how much of that bullshit will sway indies. I realize there are many more factors involved, but I’m just not as optimistic as I could be. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn, you’re right – so many imponderables. One thing intrigues me, that the Latino vote was so pro-Bernie. I didn’t expect that, but of course, I don’t see all the news and opinions you guys do. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Sorry, I was typing during your replies. Anyway, there are several more primaries to go, plus the TLB’s incompetence and lies are on full display now, so that may help. As for Elizabeth for VP, not sure if she would better serve us in the Senate. I think a better choice for VP would be Stacey Abrams….not because she’s black but because, for one thing, she’s younger than Warren, and she has a solid following in many red states, including mine of GA, so she could possibly pull together her coalitions that she’s already formed. Also, I would just love to see Pence having to debate a formidable, intelligent, strong, black woman! glenn 4 hours ago

Whoever the Dem nominee is, he has to pound every day, during every appearance, and in every ad, how the TLB is cutting Social Security and Medicaid. The TLB’s budget should be tweeted out every time he says he will protect SS and Medicaid/Medicare. glenn 4 hours ago

g, I’d sure pay money for that. Intriguing prospect Stacey. hmmmm. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Hi All! Sorry about elizabeth warren Ad. Fergie1 4 hours ago

The pro-Latino vote for Bernie surprised me, too. There hasn’t been much analysis of that that I’ve seen either. However, some of it may be due to the President Obama’s immigration policies. He did do DACA, that was good; but he also deported more immigrants than previous presidents, from what I remember. So, it may be partially due to that. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO–Yeah, wouldn’t it be interesting to watch Pence debate Abrams? She’d wipe the floor with him! glenn 4 hours ago

Surprised about Latino vote too Glenn. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Hi Fergie–yeah, I’m bummed about Warren too. glenn 4 hours ago

glenn, I thought that maybe Bernie’s eternal shtick about wages was the reason. One thing Joe needs to do is emphasize the Restoration of Health coverage for all. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Hi sorry I’m late AdLib 4 hours ago

Go sit in the naughty corner! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Sorry Glenn. I was Ridin w/ Biden. Fergie1 4 hours ago

PPO–That may be the reason, also. The damn media is so busy chasing the TLB’s voters to get their opinions that they never ask anyone else’s opinion. Hopefully, the Dems are interviewing them to find out why. glenn 4 hours ago

Hey Ad–how are you? glenn 4 hours ago

Fergie–oh, I misinterpreted your post. Anyway, I am not so sold on Biden, but I will definitely vote for him if he is the nominee. glenn 4 hours ago

I was rooting for Warren and very disappointed that she’s out. Biden will Ben ok, many draw backs but not a poison pill like Bernie AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad–I worry about Bernie’s supporters if Biden wins the nomination. glenn 4 hours ago

Whoever the VP choice is they must be thoroughly vetted. Make sure there are no skeletons that come out to bite. This has happened before and imploded the Dem candidate. That should be the main goal to get that moron in chief OUT. I think we should look at that big picture and not get prissy about type. I may be crazy, I know the American electorate is pushing for either a woman or a woman of color, but isn’t the idea to get TBL out at all cost? Fergie1 4 hours ago

Ad, glenn make s good point, that Warren might be more effective in the Senate, I wonder about VP? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Fergie, Agree, but for one term only, then let loose the Dogs of War(ren)! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Yes PPO and Ad, both Warren and Harris would be more effective in the Senate imho. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Glenn— there will be a portion of Bernie’s bros who’s try to burn the house down after he looses. We should expect and prepare for that. Most of his supporter though will support Biden in the end. AdLib 4 hours ago

I think that’s Biden would want Harris before Warren because she’s Ian more moderate but Warren Ian exactly who he needs to connect to both wings of the party. AdLib 4 hours ago

Ad, If they even try, can’t we point at that to discredit Sanders once and for all? Nobody id caring seemingly that he is NOT an effin Democrat! Beats me why he is allowed to remora fish on their backs pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Bernie sure seems to Ben getting desperate. I don’t think Warren William endorse him either. AdLib 4 hours ago

I don’t know why anyone would expect Warren to even entertain that thought pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Don’t know Ad. Those Bernie supporters are pretty savage and Bernie is being his usual disruptive self. An awful lot have said they would stay home. Which means they had no principles to begin with. It is co cult like. I’m taking my bat and ball if Bernie doesn’t win the nom. It’s all rigged you know

Fergie1 4 hours ago

Shut off Autocorrect! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO – Bernie Williams be at the convention along with husband bros so there’s is no avoiding the probable conflict when he has to Be there as supporting Biden. AdLib 4 hours ago

Fergie–yes, the idea is to get the TLB out at all cost, which is why a woman of color may be the best choice. Abrams, IMO, is a great choice because she already has a great organization behind her; she has been working on get out the vote for many years now, and has a great record. She ran for governor here in GA and only lost because her opponent was the Secretary of State here in GA, and he manipulated the voters’ rolls, and lied about Dems cheating, which are the only reasons he won. Abrams is also quick on her feet, and extremely intelligent. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad–I hope you’re right about Bernie’s supporters. glenn 4 hours ago

Fergie–agreed about Warren and Harris being more effective in the Senate. Harris is an especially good questioner for when the Dems win the Senate (hopefully) and we can haul some of the republican traitors before some Senate committees. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn, I agree with you 100% about Abrams and what happened with the disgraceful manipulation. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Glenn- I agree with Abrams As a fantastic choice for vp. She Ian very progressive and brilliant. I just wonder whether Biden would Be tactical enough to choose her instead of a moderate like Harris. AdLib 4 hours ago

PPO–I agree with you about the remora analogy regarding Sanders. Also, the repubs are going to hurl the “socialist” label every chance they get. I read a good explanation about the difference between socialism and capitalism the other day. When your house is on fire, and the fire department comes to put it out, that’s socialism. When the insurance company refuses to pay the full amount due to you, that’s capitalism! glenn 4 hours ago

Fergie- can you imagine Harris as AG, prosecuting Bar for his crimes in office? AdLib 4 hours ago

Sorry to say but Harris has some controversy surrounding her. No one is perfect, not even me! But Harris will get hammered on her record whether one agrees with that record or not. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Yes Ad, that would be a sight to behold! Fergie1 4 hours ago

Ad, if she’s not already on his short list, he better put her on pronto! I think it would swing so many AfrAms AND other non-whites. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad and PPO–Yeah, I think Bernie is desperate for Warren’s endorsement, and read somewhere today that he’s pissed that she didn’t give it at her press conference yesterday. Too bad, so sad for Bernie. glenn 4 hours ago

Glenn- that’s comparison is perfect. AdLib 4 hours ago

Fergie- while I’m with you in my reservations about Harris, I think the threat of trump’s will drown out any issues there could be with and VP for the Dems. AdLib 4 hours ago

Yep, well I don’t think that Warren is going to give him his wishful thinking endorsement! Fergie1 4 hours ago

Ad–I see Abrams as just as much as a moderate as Harris. The only thing she’s “extreme” about is making sure every American gets a chance to vote. glenn 4 hours ago

Ad–I would pay to see Harris questioning Barr for his crimes! glenn 4 hours ago

Oh, when will we get CAs delegate count? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

You’re probably right about Harris Ad. Still, something troubles me – and no I’m not Susan Collins! Fergie1 4 hours ago

PPO–Soon…CA is dealing with some shit right now, although that’s really no excuse… glenn 4 hours ago

Right, Fergie, I’m also Very Concerned and Uncomfortable! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Glenn- I think Abrams is more progressive than Harris. Plus Harris proved in the prhe primary that’s doesnt have a lot of pull with the voters AdLib 4 hours ago


Fergie1 4 hours ago

Fergie–I agree; Harris has a lot of baggage from her prosecutor days. Plus, she needs to build up her resume in the Senate; she’s only been there for two years, I think. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO–LOL! glenn 4 hours ago

Yep Ad. Harris apparently ran a chitty campaign and PO’d a lot of her staff. Doesn’t bode well for running. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Ad–yes, Abrams is slightly more progressive that Harris, but not to the point of Bernie, so I think she would be a good counter to Biden. glenn 4 hours ago

Just on Twitter: The DNC just made it mathematically impossible for Tulsi Gabbard to make the next debate, leaving Biden and Sanders one-on-one. I ask how she is still there in the first place? pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Fergie–yup, and you can bet that the TLB and the repubs will bring up every disgruntled staffer from Harris’ campaign. glenn 4 hours ago

PPO–She’s still in the “race” because she hasn’t resigned yet. I do hope she drops out, though, so we don’t have a “third-party” type situation. I wouldn’t put it past Berniebots to vote for her to keep Biden out, if Biden is the nominee. glenn 4 hours ago

OK, well that’s my two cents! Don’t forget folks I pay U.S. taxes of 30% on my Soc Sec. They take it out before I even see it. Lovely catching up. What a week. Go Joe! Fergie1 4 hours ago

All we have to do now is to repeat the view of Mr. Blobby at the CDC yeaterday pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

G’night Fergie. Great chatting with you. Take care! Don’t forget to wash your hands! glenn 4 hours ago

You’re right about that Glenn – they will did up all the ‘dirt’. That’s sort of what I’m saying. Fergie1 4 hours ago

Cheers, Fergie – Darling1 pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–Is Mr. Blobby the TLB? glenn 4 hours ago

Yup! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Thanks Glenn – you too. It’s spreading her too and I have COPD. Scrub a dub dub! Cheers PPO – coffee date? Fergie1 4 hours ago

If you’re buying, no cash but! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

PPO–Did he actually go to the CDC? I heard he wasn’t going to go because he heard someone there had tested positive for the coronavirus. Then I heard he was going because no there wasn’t a positive. Haven’t looked at any of my newsfeeds since this morning, so I wasn’t sure if he went or not. glenn 4 hours ago

Fergie–enjoy your date! glenn 4 hours ago

I saw him in a Lab with the usual Noddies and guys in white coats, so assume it was real pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ad–you still here? Who do you think will win the nomination? glenn 4 hours ago

PPO–You never know with the TLB whether or not something is real, but then again, he never misses a photo op! glenn 4 hours ago

can’t paste photo in, sorry, glenn pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

No problem, I believe you. glenn 4 hours ago

It is on twitter pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Everything the TLB does is on twitter. glenn 4 hours ago

Quote: President Trump praises his own scientific skills: “All these doctors say, ‘how do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability, maybe I should have done this instead of running for president.” Trump says his uncle went to MIT and was a super genius. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Yeah, the TLB has used that line about his uncle before when he was talking about nuclear weapons. Sure wish he’d become a doctor instead of running for president. He could’ve been best buds with Ben Carson. glenn 4 hours ago

One thing I learned this week – Don’t mess with Mama Lioness Jill Biden! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Okay, I’m packing it in for tonight, PPO. Take care of yourself and Fergie; and enjoy your coffee date! glenn 4 hours ago

Thanks, glenn. Enjoy your weekend, if you can! Cheers! pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

Ain’t that the truth? She is truly Joe’s better half. glenn 4 hours ago

Cheers! glenn 4 hours ago

G’night, Ad. pinkpantheroz 4 hours ago

You still here? MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

Guess not. I will send an e mail. MurphTheSurf3 3 hours ago

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