Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 3 hours ago

see u soon pinkpantheroz 2 hours ago

See you then! AdLib 2 hours ago

Well, How’s your hyphen doing? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

hi Harleigh pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hyphen half. AdLib an hour ago

I knew a girl in jr high that still had her hypen… so she said Harleigh an hour ago

Do you have tht in your covfefe? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hay Harleigh! AdLib an hour ago

lol hi guys Harleigh an hour ago

What a catpostrophe! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

poor ol spanky just can’t get a break Harleigh an hour ago

It was wrong. Period. AdLib an hour ago

Evenin’ gents. How’s everyone tonight? glenn an hour ago

Hey glenn! AdLib an hour ago

harleigh, he’s had so many breaks, he’s a jellyfish now. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

ok, had a rough month learning my new insurance job and getting qualified. I’ll live. Harleigh an hour ago

I think that the TLB should be made to discribe a hyphen! glenn an hour ago

has it really begun? or will we be disappointed yet again? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

his mushroom never saw a hyphen. Harleigh an hour ago

all the best in the job, Harleigh pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Harleigh–Glad you made it through. glenn an hour ago

thanks Harleigh an hour ago

h, apparently not. Epstein did the dirty first. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Spank and Rudy are now in a competition for most demented Harleigh an hour ago

PPO–I’m sure we’ll be disappointed once it goes to the Senate, but for right now, I say, Hallelujua (or however you spell it). Maybe I need to ask the TLB how to spell it!h! glenn an hour ago

Rudy is great for column inches, isn’t he? About all he’s useful for. Another distraction pinkpantheroz an hour ago

The extra “h” in there is for hyphen, I guess. My keyboard just threw that in! glenn an hour ago


pinkpantheroz an hour ago

rudes T meltdowns are really so bad Harleigh an hour ago

TV Harleigh an hour ago

Friends at foux are still chatting about young Biden, so says twitter. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Harleigh–oh, I think Rudy wins “most demented” hands down! As for the TLB, he wins “most deluded”. Not sure if he actually thinks he did nothing wrong, or if he’s just trying to bluster and bully his way out of his predicament. glenn an hour ago

I’d say the latter, glenn pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO–Of course F&F is still chatting about young Biden. They can’t defend the TLB any other way. glenn an hour ago

So did everyone hear the two breaking stories? First, Trump has been hiding calls with Putin and MBS with the Ukrainian call. Second, it’s now leaked that in his meeting with Russians in the WH after firing Comey, Trump told the Russians that it didn’t bother him that they interfered with our election! AdLib an hour ago

PPO–So, IOW, he knows he committed a crime. glenn an hour ago

We’ve waited for someone to crack and expose a smokin gun and now we have several…. Pelosi just grinned and said ‘OK folks, here we go’. Harleigh an hour ago

oh, for sure, glenn. He’s not THAT doolally! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

The dam is breaking! The Intel community that Trump has been terrorizing seems to finally be coming down on Trump. I kept thinking, these are the wrong people to attack. Looks like that’s the case! AdLib an hour ago

harleigh, and all she had to do was let Brokeahontas skewer himself. NO need for special counsel investigations on Ukraine, is there? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

agree ad Harleigh an hour ago

Cose the Barr! Time, Gentlemen, please! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Close pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–yeah, just read those two things. Of course, it didn’t bother the TLB that Russians interfered in the election. It got him elected, didn’t it? I really do hope that the House investigations are thorough, so all of this shit comes out! Also, I hope Dems don’t grandstand during the hearings. In fact, I’d like to see them hire an outside counsel to ask the questions. Although, I love how Harris asks questions when it’s her turn. AOC does a great job, too, but I don’t know if she’s on any of the relevant committees. glenn an hour ago

he admitted it like there was nothing wrong and had it all buried on his SECRET SERVER! Harleigh an hour ago

As I’ve mentioned, the bandwagon for impeachment was speeding along after the Ukraine call and Pelosi had two choices, jump on board or get run down. I’m glad she jumped on board and am glad to just be able to support her and all Dems now. AdLib an hour ago

But, but, his emails! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

and his usecured phone! Harleigh an hour ago

Harleigh–I hope Murph joins us tonight. He was correct in saying that Pelosi was waiting for the right time. Have you noticed how quickly the numbers have been changing in favor of impeachment? Just gladdens my heart! glenn an hour ago

Ad–I hope the intel community comes down on him with a ton of bricks! glenn an hour ago

I would now like to see thw WH Press return to the Press Room and refuse to allow It to dictate where he answers questions like near Marine One. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I agreed with her in waiting until it was too overwhelming and now a CIA agent blew the whistle…. holy fuck Harleigh an hour ago

Harleigh–that’s just how deluded he is. He thinks he’s above the law, and a secret server is okay for me, but not for thee! glenn an hour ago

VIDEO FROM THE FUTURE: Giuliani goes critical in Fox News interview: https://giphy.com/gifs/img-F458eKi7tpSqQ AdLib an hour ago

PPO–You mean you would give up “chopper chats”? glenn an hour ago

Time to lower the Barr! AdLib an hour ago

And is it…The Last Days of Pompeo? AdLib an hour ago

yes, glenn. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–I hope that’s how he looks when he has to testify before a Congressional committee. glenn an hour ago

Sing A Song of Sick Pence? AdLib an hour ago

all these assholes along with Pence are going down Harleigh an hour ago

Ad–more like time to bury the Barr! glenn an hour ago

lol Harleigh an hour ago

loved how Brokeahontas is throwing Halfpence under his own bus pinkpantheroz an hour ago

popcorn futures are over thr moon Harleigh an hour ago

glenn – Absolutely, the Dems would be foolish grandstanders if they didn’t use a seasoned prosecutor to question the subjects. Only the prosecutors should go first, after seeing the inadequecy of Dems against Lewendowski. AdLib an hour ago

Hey Murph! AdLib an hour ago

Lovely too to see him skewered by Greta Thunberg pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ain’t it great to see the TLB hoist with his own petard? Could there really be a President Pelosi! glenn an hour ago

Howdy….I see that Harleigh and Glenn recognize in the events of the last week the scenario that I was putting forth…..Pelosi is no fool and her timing is legendary. MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Murph! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hello Ad and PPO! MurphTheSurf3 an hour ago

Hey Murph! I bow down to your superior wisdom! glenn an hour ago

You nailed it for sure, Murph. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

I’ve always thought she was the best in the game. Harleigh an hour ago

Go Greta! glenn an hour ago

Guess who won’t be getting a Peace Prize any time soon? pinkpantheroz an hour ago