The author of my seed article (below) in the Washington Post points out that, for the better part, we have a government of three individuals: the President, and the leaders of the House and Senate. We have fallen so far!

We were once almost universally praised for our “deliberative” form of government, where you “talked it out,” and made compromises for the good of the country. Paul Ryan ended that: first he limited, then abolished debate and discussion. Mr. McConnell’s “Grim Reaper” comments made clear where he stands: we don’t count – and he doesn’t give a hoot what we think about it.

Mssrs. McConnell and Ryan had responsibilities, and they failed to meet them. When professional rabble rousers, factionists, and enemies of humanity strove to destroy representative democracy, they were right behind them all the way. Instead of recognizing the dangers of out-of-control division, they exacerbated the problems, driving wedges between factions, and of course, spreading disinformation and lies to make every problem unsolvable.

I guess that there is big money in making progress impossible. And so often, the lobbyists and liars aren’t even offering an alternative. They are known only for dragging their feet. I wonder what coal lobbyists make, for instance – money down the drain.

The Two Party System is in its death throes. No one cares anymore. Our leaders are only in it for the dough. They don’t actually “represent” us, “We the People.” They answer to the corporate overlords, who don’t even make quality products these days, if they make anything at all. They make money, that is their business.

Congress’s duty seems to have devolved to making the rich richer. That is their business.

What is a government? What is its purpose? For my money, government’s meaning and purpose is to protect our liberty. But, nothing they do now passes that test.

They steal our votes, and our hard earned incomes. They keep us in fear of imagined monsters, when the greatest enemy and danger in history is upon us – the wolf is at the door. They break laws aggressively, to destroy the “Rule of Law.”

We are losing individual liberty rampantly. Anti-abortion extremist laws are really just attacks on individual sovereignty. Gerrymandering victories give semi-literate pseudo-ruralists (in name only) the decision making power for the whole country. Without question, the Administration’s juggernaut to crush free journalism is steadily bulldozing the “liberal” press, who have almost universally fallen into step.

My generation talked of a: “Different Drummer.” After we were mocked and humiliated, and imprisoned by the millions by cruel, avaricious policemen we learned to hate. Something that would not have seemed possible in ’69. Now that the haters, bigots, and organized criminals have taken charge, we don’t even care about our children’s future – the made their choice.


And a technologically illiterate, profoundly anti-intellectual mobster presumes to completely dictate our technological future.

They stole our country, our dreams, our way of life. They hijacked the government that existed, “to make all men free,” to make themselves rich.

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