Vox Populi, our weekly live chat about the week’s events begins tonight at 7:00pm PDT. Hope to see you then! AdLib 5 hours ago

Hey glenn! AdLib an hour ago

Hey Ad–Want to meet me at the DMZ to shake hands? glenn an hour ago

I think Trump is trying to speed date the worst dictators to see who is his dream tyrant. AdLib an hour ago

Hands down (pardon the pun)–it has to be putin. None of those other “he-men” helped him get elected. glenn an hour ago

Hey Harleigh! AdLib an hour ago

Wasn’t it nice to see 20 politicians on stage speaking in complete sentences, without insulting one another? glenn an hour ago

Hey Harleigh! glenn an hour ago

Trump probably has a Putin tatoo somewhere on his bloated body. AdLib an hour ago

Ad–Ewwww! glenn an hour ago

hey! Harleigh an hour ago

glenn – And nearly all speaking truth (Delaney lied about Medicare For All destroying all hospitals in the country). AdLib an hour ago

How are you, Harleigh? glenn an hour ago

I would have no trouble supporting most of the 20 if they won the nom…aside from Delaney, Gabbard and Tim Ryan. AdLib an hour ago

started a new job, end of week 2. I like it.. Harleigh an hour ago

Ad–amazing, isn’t it? Delaney kept going with Velez on his show today. I read the transcript, and still couldn’t understand what Delaney was trying to say, or how MFA would destroy hospitals. glenn an hour ago

I agree, Ad. I’d even support any one of the three you mentioned, if they got the nomination. The weakest Dem is still better than what we have now. Even Delaney, who is a total idiot. At least he would be our idiot. glenn an hour ago

Harleigh–so what’s your new job? glenn an hour ago

Harleigh – That’s very good news! Congrats! AdLib an hour ago

Hey PPO! AdLib an hour ago

Hey PPO! glenn an hour ago

I feel like I’m Ad’s parrot tonight. I think we’re typing at about the same time. glenn an hour ago

I’ve been in some Vox but no one else? What happened? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Hi all. 7 minutes of nobody, then I switched off and in againand here you all are! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO–Now you don’t see us, now you do! glenn an hour ago

I’ m a licensed insurance agent health and life licensed in a dozen or so states but can sell anywhere thru the agency. Medicare supplements and MEdicare advatage plans, rug plan etc. Harleigh an hour ago

drup plans…..lol Harleigh an hour ago

glenn – Delaney, Hickenlooper and Ryan are all trying to be the pro-Repub Dems…as if that’s a viable way to win the Dem primary. They say things that promote Repub talking points because they think it helps them become liked by Dems and Repubs. Nope. AdLib an hour ago

Harleigh–good on ya! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. glenn an hour ago

Did Bernie shoot himself in the foot? pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–We don’t need no stinkin’ repub-lite Dems. We need full-bore progressives glenn an hour ago

all repubes are now nazis Harleigh an hour ago

PPO–I hope so. I hope Biden did too. I will never understand why those two were the front-runners. glenn an hour ago

glenn – I would have a hard time voting for Tim Ryan or Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard is being pushed by the Repub/Russian bot army along with the RW propaganda machine. She is probably the most dangerous of all the Dem candidates. AdLib an hour ago

Can anyone please explain what Pelosi is up to? Totally bewildered and dismayed pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn – Great minds think alike…but fast typing fingers come in handy too! AdLib an hour ago

Ad–I understand what you’re saying. But, would she be any worse than the TLB? glenn an hour ago

PPO–Pelosi seems to be playing the favorite Dem game…snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! glenn an hour ago

PPO – Must have been an old cached version on your browser, once you refreshed or opened a new window, you were here! AdLib an hour ago

Ad pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO – Yes, Bernie’s stock is going down because he just sounds like an old broken record now compared to the vibrant candidates around him. AdLib an hour ago

Harleigh–Not only Nazis, but racist, misogynist, lying sacks of shit. glenn an hour ago

Ad–Just as with Biden, I think Bernie’s time has passed. I will always be grateful to him, though, for pushing Dems to the left; more than some old pol Dems wanted to be. glenn an hour ago

glenn – Exactly! And we don’t need Russian/Republican promoted candidates in the Dem primary either. Gabbard needs to be sidelined ASAP by lack of support of legit Dems. AdLib an hour ago

glenn we’re at about 1937 germany or worse. same playbook Harleigh an hour ago

Ad–Pretty sure Gabbard will be steamrolled pretty soon by the better candidates, such as Warren, Harris, Castro, Booker, and Buttigieg. At least those are my front runners, in that order. glenn an hour ago

glenn – Biden and Bernie both took hits I think. And they started out at the top of polls because early polls mainly reflect name recognition. Now, I think Warren and Harris will see their numbers rise as people become more familiar with them through the debates. AdLib an hour ago

Check the double standards applied to Kamala’s feistiness compared to the argumentative men! She was great, IMO. Worried about her record in CA with AA convictions pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Harleigh–AIn’t that the truth? It’s so frightening to know that 40% of our voting population seems to be quite happy to follow that playbook, too. glenn an hour ago

Ad–I hope so, although I believe Warren had almost as much name recognition as Biden and Bernie, thanks to the TLB! glenn an hour ago

PPO–I agree. Harris was great. She was assertive, polite, and most importantly, sincere. I didn’t watch the debate; but I watched her clips numerous times, and I thought she was bang on! glenn an hour ago

I like Warren the best but getting a live smart strong woman elected is gonna be a heavy lift. I don’t want her as vp Harleigh an hour ago

Harleigh–Warren is my top pick too. I’d love to see a Warren/Harris ticket, but that would be an even heavier lift. glenn an hour ago

PPO – When Trump was elected, Dems rushed to say how they thought Ivana and Jared would protect us from him. When Pelosi became speaker and refused to impeach Trump, many Dems said, “She’s so brilliant, she must have a bigger, smarter plan.” Dems like to think that people who look like they’re doing theless principled thing are really going to do the right thing. Pelosi is an Establishment politician, focused primarily on her own power and that of her party. Her decisions, like opposing impeachment and giving billions to Trump to spend on whatever he wants regarding immigrants, reflects her mercenary focus on her power and Dems protecting themselves politically. She does not stand up for principle. Period. AdLib an hour ago

glenn, same here. Couldn’t see the debate live. relied on clips. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

glenn – Yes, Gabbard could be as bad as Trump but I’m not worried about her winning the nom. AdLib an hour ago

Ad. OUCH!!!! how have the mighty drooped! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–that’s a harsh, but true, assessment of Pelosi. The House Dems need to start pushing back on her. I think AOC is trying her best. glenn an hour ago

…trying her best to push back on Pelosi. glenn an hour ago

PPO – The misogynists in the mainstream who diss Harris for doing what they applaud men for doing are a minority, their time is ending. I have not been a big Harris fan but she was excellent in the debate and deserves the props she earned. AdLib an hour ago

Congrats to US Women’s team beating France! Go Meg! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–me neither. If Gabbard even came close to the nomination, then I would believe we are truly beyond the looking glass! glenn an hour ago

PPO–GO, Meg. That was a great game today. I’ve been spending my days in front of my TV for the past couple of weeks, and usually I don’t turn on my TV until 7 or 8 p.m. glenn an hour ago

glenn – Warren actually had very low name recognition in the general public…because most of them don’t follow the news like we do. Bernie and Biden were far more popularized for bigger things. AdLib an hour ago

HAving seen the level of expertise and sportsmanship in the World Cup. I now think womens soccer is more watchable than mens. pinkpantheroz an hour ago

Ad–Okay, I’ll take your word for it. Just glad she and Harris are getting the name recognition now. Do you think Buttigieg has blown it with his confrontations with African-Americans? glenn an hour ago

I agree with the consensus here, Warren is my top pick so far but Harris won me over last night despite my hesitations about her. Two strong women, smart women who could go toe to toe wityh Trump and humiliate him as he should be. AdLib an hour ago

biden and bernie have been around for ages and never really did much. bern seems to be a dem/I version of gomert. Harleigh an hour ago

Ad, if either of them get the nod, I’ll be fascinated by how Trump handles debates, if he doesn’t chicken out! pinkpantheroz an hour ago

PPO–So great watching strong women athletes, isn’t it? My son-in-law says the men’s soccer game is a bunch of wusses. He says they fall down at every opportunity. The women are playing tough! glenn 44 minutes ago

Pelosi clearly is not devoted to principles. She has been refusing to follow the Constitutioin and impeach Trump for political reasons and this concession to McConnell is more of the same. There are no saviors, Dems need to get that through their heads. No leaders should be given a constant pass. When they refuse to stand on principle, they should lose our confidence. And Pelosi has lost mine. AdLib 43 minutes ago

glenn, men play formation pat a cake for 89 minutes, i minute trying to score. Women ar go go go from the first whistle. pinkpantheroz 43 minutes ago

Ad–Yeah, Harris was outstanding last night. Will the next debates be the same groups of people, with the same pairings? Will the debates continue with all 20 of them?, glenn 42 minutes ago

Ad, sad to say I agree. Big disappointment pinkpantheroz 42 minutes ago

our womens team is the top of the line and I hope they get this title. they have been WAY better than the men for 15 years. Harleigh 42 minutes ago

PPO – Now I want the women’s socer team to win it all just so they can tell Trump to stuff his invitation where Lindsay Graham kisses him. AdLib 42 minutes ago

Ad, no hope now of the WH even issuing an invitation. They don;t want tp give the team the satisfaction of turning #Brokeahontas down. And the burgers are too cold by now pinkpantheroz 41 minutes ago

Gabbard will never win, I’m confident of that. In an imaginary scenario where she did, I would, for the first time in my life, insist on another Dem going 3rd party to beat her and Trump. But not something to worry about, she is unpopular. AdLib 41 minutes ago

Ad–You make a good point, “there are no saviors.” When the pols stop working for us, we should get them out. Since Pelosi is from your state, do you know when she is next up for re-election? glenn 41 minutes ago

One of the women said she wasn’t going to eat cold fast food with a lard ass like Spanky. Rabinoe even dropped the f bomb. she should run as the vp. Harleigh 40 minutes ago

Ad, did I see correctly that Pelosi allowed a GOP budget for the border? pinkpantheroz 39 minutes ago

glenn – I think Buttigieg had a tough road ahead with the black vote no matter what but the police shooting makes it worse for him. He has other strong support but you can’t win the nom without the black vote. AdLib 39 minutes ago

PPO–I’m going to tell my son-in-law what you just said about men’s soccer. And, notice, that the women manage to keep their formations beautifully, while still playing all out. The US formations today were a thing of beauty! glenn 39 minutes ago

Harleigh–Rapinoe is a badass! glenn 38 minutes ago

PPO – Trump loves a fight and would try to loom over Warren or Harris as he did with Hillary in a debate. Warren would turn on him and stick a finger in his face, Harris might do a lot worse than that. AdLib 38 minutes ago

Ad, agree. Butti has admitted failure in changing the climate down there. So hhow can that engender confidence for the whole country? pinkpantheroz 37 minutes ago

Ad–Agree with your assessment of Buttigieg. Do you think he would make a good VP candidate, or would his lack of black support render him and therefore his running mate, unelectable?? glenn 36 minutes ago

Ad, love to see the ladies jam their heels into his instep! pinkpantheroz 36 minutes ago

glenn – Your granddaughter plays soccer, you and she know how strong and tough women can be. My daughter plays very competitively in softball, I see those girls being tough and strong all the time. Men who think women can’tbe president know nothing about women. AdLib 36 minutes ago

from everything i’ve read our team has like 6-7 top players on the bench! tough capable proven players. hope they get subbed in to crush the opposition. Harleigh 36 minutes ago

harleigh, the whole team is that good. pinkpantheroz 36 minutes ago

thats what they say Harleigh 35 minutes ago

glenn – I hope Harris, Warren and Biden are all in the same debate next time, that would be incredible TV. Buttigieg too. AdLib 35 minutes ago

Ad–Oh, no doubt the TLB would try to intimidate Warren or Harris, if either one was the nom. I agree, both Warren and Harris could just turn around quickly and knock him over, cause you know he can’t move quickly! glenn 35 minutes ago

PPO – Trump was trying to be defiant and said he would invite the team just to spite her. But he’s a coward and won’t if they win so he can say he wasn’t snubbed. AdLib 34 minutes ago

Ad–agree! I’m so glad to be alive when we have such strong role models these days for young girls like your daughter and my granddaughter. glenn 33 minutes ago

That’s right, Ad. He is ridiculed enough already! Heh heh. pinkpantheroz 33 minutes ago

those women are seemingly more than just athletes and are entitled to their platfom.Spanky is getting killed by them. Harleigh 32 minutes ago

glenn – If one starts from the presumption that power can corrupt anyone and that to gain power, you must compromise in some way, then one would learn not to put any pol on a pedestal. Pelosi is who she is, not a savior but a calculating politician like most political leaders are. The people are not their priority, their power is. AdLib 32 minutes ago

Ad–there is no way the TLB would invite the team. And, if he does, I hope the team turns him down. They should go to a BBQ at the Obama’s which isn’t too far from the White House. glenn 32 minutes ago

Oh, someone, PLEASE hint that to Michele, glenn! pinkpantheroz 31 minutes ago

Harleigh–these women are also making a strong case for them being paid the same amount as the men’s national soccer team. They are showing they are so much better players than the men. Perhaps it’s the women who should be paid more! glenn 30 minutes ago

who wouldnt accept that invite lol Harleigh 30 minutes ago

PPO – Yep, Pelosi folded like a wet napkin to give Trump and McConnell a blank check because all she cares about is protecting the Dem image when they run in 2020. She worried that Repubs could blame Dems for the torture of children at the border and only someone most concerned with power would believe that. AdLib 30 minutes ago

they have always been paid less and had a MUCH BIGGER draw and way better record for 12 years. Harleigh 29 minutes ago

that 4.6B was not for the wall but…. Harleigh 28 minutes ago

PPO – I don’t think Buttigieg should be dinged for admitting the truth, that it’s hard to change the police mentality. He’s just had a few incidents in the past that didn’t show him to be as respeectful of the black community in his town. Not anything near racist but a lack of support. AdLib 28 minutes ago

Ad–exactly! Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Pelosi would do well to remember that old adage. Up until the past few weeks, I had complete confidence that she knew what she was doing. However, with the new rape allegation against the TLB, plus the emoluments violations, plus her giving mcconnell border money, I think she has started believing in her power more than what is best for the country. glenn 27 minutes ago

Well, McConnell’s evil genius has come out with the SCOTUS ruling against gerrymandering control. Damn him to Hades. pinkpantheroz 27 minutes ago

glenn – History shows that voters don’t vote for the VP choice. If it’s Warren or Harris who is the nom, they could pick him or anyone else, it wouldn’t change their support so much. AdLib 27 minutes ago

Harleigh–I know, but now it’s so much more obvious. glenn 26 minutes ago

BRB, gents. glenn 26 minutes ago

glenn – Trump already is unbalanced, wouldn’t be hard for Warren or Harris to give him a nudge to make him tumble down. AdLib 26 minutes ago

I don’t know if buttigeig is in the position of a strong mayor for of government or a limmited by council type. I have never seen any of them go after the dirty cops…. ever. Harleigh 25 minutes ago

Cheerio, Sarah. Hope you enjoy your new job in the Sanitation Department. pinkpantheroz 25 minutes ago

Harleigh, I think it depends on who has the power in the town, Che Chief of Police, or the Mayor. pinkpantheroz 24 minutes ago

glenn – I always assume that people don’t change as much, it’s just that we begin to see more of who they really are. Pelosi is pretty much who she’s been, remember her pledge not to impeach Bush if she gained power in 2006? And she didn’t. She is all abotu the status quo because she is part of the status quo. She does not want profound change and she will not stand up for principle despite the risk. She is all about risk managment. Not principle. AdLib 23 minutes ago

there are different types of city govs structure and some the police are more powerful and periferal to the mayor not under him. Harleigh 22 minutes ago

yes, H. So maybe he didn’t have enough grunt. pinkpantheroz 22 minutes ago

It’s tough to take on the police chief in any town. They are like mini-rulers and they have “an army” behind them. AdLib 21 minutes ago

Ad, yeah, with guns. pinkpantheroz 20 minutes ago

I’m actually amazed by how gangster-like some police chiefs are, not to mention the police unions, justifying every killing of innocent citizens. AdLib 20 minutes ago

very few mayors actually take much action in a department like that much less the investigative aspect or the DA’s. Harleigh 20 minutes ago

Is Jimmy carter the second best, or what? pinkpantheroz 20 minutes ago

Jimmy Carter second best ex-president? AdLib 19 minutes ago

He was amazing and underappreciated IMO. AdLib 18 minutes ago

certainly the most honest and compassionate. Harleigh 18 minutes ago

yep! saying Trump is an illgitimate pres. pinkpantheroz 18 minutes ago

Can you imagine a president today telling the country that we need to be more moral? AdLib 18 minutes ago

Not Trump. AdLib 18 minutes ago

NOt anyone in the GOP, either! pinkpantheroz 18 minutes ago

I think it would be wunnerful if mcturtle dropped dead too. Harleigh 17 minutes ago

Trump has to know that the polling means he can’t win re-election fairly. So of course he’s buddying up with Putin and other dictators for their help in stealing the election for him. I don’t think they can succeed though. AdLib 17 minutes ago

Ad–I have to disagree with you regarding the VP choice. It may not be the first thing on voter’s minds, but McCain’s choice of Palin as his VP completely turned me off of him. I’m not saying I would have voted for him when push came to shove, but I certainly was leaning toward him, given his reputation of being able to work with Dems in certain instances. I believe that a nominee’s choice of a VP is very important, not only because that VP is a heatbeat away from the presidency, but also because it shows the nominee’s decision-making skills. glenn 16 minutes ago

If only McConnell and Clarence Thomas could pull a Thelma and Louise when a Dem is in the WH. AdLib 16 minutes ago

He’s the biggest baddie of the lot, Harleigh pinkpantheroz 16 minutes ago

yep Harleigh 15 minutes ago

Ad–as for knocking the TLB over, trying to get him back up again would be a riot! glenn 15 minutes ago

Ad–whaddya mean, “more moral’? Dontcha know that the TLB is the second coming? glenn 14 minutes ago

do you guys think spanky will bomb Iran just before mueller testifies or hold off until next september Harleigh 13 minutes ago

glenn, they’ll have blocks and tackles at the ready overhead! Would love to see it! pinkpantheroz 13 minutes ago

glenn – You make aa very good point. I would agree that tapping a horrible person for VP could make a big difference in an electiion but other than that, picking one person over another, who is not extremely objectionable, shouldn’t make much of a difference in getting votes. Though, picking someone like Buttigieg could help display a sense of “new and different” to the campaign so that could have impact. AdLib 13 minutes ago

Harleigh–that’s a tough question. I think he’ll just keep threatening and blustering, or at least I hope he will. glenn 12 minutes ago

glenn – Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down. AdLib 12 minutes ago

PPO–yup, it certainly would take blocks and tackles to get him up again! LOL! glenn 12 minutes ago

Ad–I had exactly the same thought, but in this case, I think the weeble would fall down! glenn 11 minutes ago

Educate me, please. Would it be advantageous for Dem candidates who don’t make it to try for the Senate? pinkpantheroz 11 minutes ago

i’m betting a false flag attack on one of our 30 bases in iraq as provocation to start it. this false BS on 2 tankers didn’t work at all. Harleigh 10 minutes ago

Harleigh – For a little bit, I did think that Trump might bomb Iran as a campaign gimmick, to drown out the Mueller report and crimes swirling around him. But the fear he showed about starting a war made me think he’s scared it could destroy his re-election. AdLib 10 minutes ago

PPO – I sure hope so, if Beto is not competitive, he should run for Senate. Same with Bullock. AdLib 9 minutes ago

we ain’t got much evidence on that since VNam our biggest cluster fuck to date Harleigh 8 minutes ago

I agree, H that he, with Netanyahoo’s help, will foment some sneaky shit to justify something. pinkpantheroz 8 minutes ago

Ad–if the voters are going to give Biden a pass on his past gaffes, votes, and especially his participation in the Anita Hill hearings, then I think Buttigieg should be able to move on from the firing of the police chief. But, you are correct in that picking a person who is not extremely objectionable, should not change many votes. Don’t know if Buttigieg is too “new and different” for voters, though. Although, any woman would be “new and different”, so there is that. glenn 8 minutes ago

Harleigh – But do you think Americans would be moved to support Trump if he started a war with Iran? The Iraq War helped push voters to elect Obama, I think Americans would resent Trump even more if he started a war with Iran after killing the deal Obama and the EU made with Iran. AdLib 8 minutes ago

Ad, we just have to keep shoving those facts into the voters’ faces. pinkpantheroz 7 minutes ago

glenn – Agreed but I think Biden will fall of his own weight and baggage and Buttigieg will have a hard time breaking through his lower ceiling of support. People should be held to account for their decisions but they should be kept in a fair perspective. Biden isn’t a racist but he hurt the black community. In a much lesser way, the same could be said of Buttigieg. AdLib 6 minutes ago

Ad, but Harris has too in her own way, which is a worry pinkpantheroz 5 minutes ago

PPO – Yes, I think having a Dem primary finally gives us the people and forum to keep getting the truths about Trump’s evil into the public’s mind. AdLib 5 minutes ago

Ad–While I agree with your assessment of voters supporting the TLB if he started a war, I think it’s a sad indictment on our political landscape that we have to sacrifice our men and women to war for any president, much less the TLB, to score political points. And make no mistake, if the TLB does start a war with Iran, it will be for political reasons ONLY! glenn 5 minutes ago

trump has 30 percent and they are the worst of dumurikkka. the whole world knows he’s demented and getting worse by the day like I’ve said for over 3 years. typically vp has been to swing a state or block. can’t see much of that on this list. Harleigh 4 minutes ago

Ad–good points. And I so hope Biden falls of his own weight. I still think he’s a good guy, he’s just made some political mistakes, as all politicians have, especially those who have been in public service as long as Biden. glenn 3 minutes ago

PPO – The good thing is that, even for Harris, all the dirty laundry that comes out in the primary, is disarming Trump of using it to a damaging level in a GE. Let all the complaints about candidates come out in the primary, they will seem like old news in the GE and if candidates can deal with it now, they will be stronger for it. AdLib 3 minutes ago

it worked for bush to get a second term based on nothing but propaganda and lies. Harleigh 3 minutes ago

well, guys n gals, time to toddle off. Oh, reminds me, When will Chuck Todd get his marching orders? I see a new job as WH Press Secretary in his future! Swine! pinkpantheroz 2 minutes ago

nite PPO. i’m fading out too Harleigh a minute ago

glenn – It is insane that children are being killed and caged as just a re-election campaign ploy but it’s true. Same with our military dying for no reason in Iran, Trump could do that too just to win re-election…though his fear of war see,s more visible and that’s a good thing for protecting our military from his madness. AdLib a minute ago

Sorry, gents, I’m running out of steam. Great discussion tonight. Love having these discussions where ideas and policy can be debated within a progressive, civil community. Good night, PPO. Goodnight all. See you in two weeks; will be in Florida next week. glenn a minute ago

Seeya PPO! AdLib a minute ago

Same here, glenn! Great chatting with you too! AdLib a few seconds ago

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