Vox Populi – 2-10-2012

  • choicelady : Thank you Sally – sleep well. Let the meds work their wonders. Another really good conversation on The Planet with wonderful people, excellent ideas. It was great seeing you. Be well!

  • SallyT : You did a great job, too!

  • SallyT : Sure, CL, we can turn off the lights. See you on the other side.

  • SallyT : Its just when I have to up the douse for pain, weather caused.

  • choicelady : Oh bummer, Sally! Well you sure don’t usually show ANY effects. I’m sorry tonight is rugged. What say ye – since it’s really just the two of us, are you ready to wrap up? I think everyone took their bottles and cookie wrappers. No cigarette burns under the table.

  • SallyT : ah 8 years……….. ..

  • SallyT : I think you are right.

  • choicelady : Sally – how long are you taking these things? Hope not long?

  • SallyT : Yep, CL, its like you can’t control it. You know it is getting away from you but you can pull it back.

  • choicelady : Sally – I think she’s on doing the Daily Planet stuff and not actually here. It’s her doppelganger. Anyone with a cookie who is on the Planet anywhere I suspect shows up even if not linked to Vox?

  • choicelady : Sally – oh, that’s no fun! I was like that on Percocet I took for my herniated discs. Got off that ASAP – made me a basked case. I do feel for you!

  • SallyT : How come Cher won’t come down and play with us?

  • SallyT : Okay but I have been a crybaby today…..blame the meds!

  • choicelady : Sally – your punctuation reminds me – whatever happened to the “interrobang”? It was the combined exclamation and question mark. It never caught on but was SO useful!

  • choicelady : Sally – KQ hung in since I was moderating and kept it going until others arrived. You are definitely NOT chopped liver!

  • SallyT : What am I? Chopped liver!!??

  • choicelady : KQ – your gal pal VERY much appreciated your presence! You are adored!

  • SallyT : Good night KQ! Not staying up any later with me? Okay. See you tomorrow??

  • KQµårk 死神 : Well I could let my gal pal on her own could I? :lol:

  • choicelady : KQ – rest easily, dear friend. Hope things get better. We ahve loved having you here for so long! Be well!

  • KQµårk 死神 : Gotta say hi to Cher though.

  • KQµårk 死神 : I’m gonna turn in too. I’m surprised I lasted this long. It was real fun.

  • choicelady : Hey – Cher! Come on down from the balcony! There are lots of chairs for you!

  • KQµårk 死神 : Yup and Repugs hate it. They got played.

  • choicelady : KQ – unless I miss my guess, the defense cuts are pretty much a done deal because DOD wants them.