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KQµårk 死神 On January - 18 - 2010

The Democratic candidate Coakley looks like she will lose to the GOP’s Brown tomorrow so the Democrats will lose it’s 60th seat in the Senate.

First I know all the reasons she will lose the toxic environment because of the economy, she ran a bad campaign, she’s a Democratic machine candidate, people in Boston don’t want to have a beer with her because she upset a Bosox hero etc.  I know he will not lose because of lack of Democratic support because Brown seems to have won the middle.  But do not do not let progressives spin this as a good thing for the Democrats or for progress in this country. I already hear progressives saying:

  • It will teach the Dems and Obama a lesson.
  • There’s little or no difference with the Dems having 59 seats anyway.
  • Dems are just like Repubs so it does not matter.
  • He’s a populist Republican anyway.
  • And of course the ever favorite purist phrase “She’s not progressive enough”.

No it will be an unmitigated disaster for progress and we are headed for the status quo of the 90’s at best.

Brown has been cagey as a fox.  He’s throwing out the GOP line that he’s for healthcare but wants to start over.  Bullshit they just want to stop Obama’s agenda by any means necessary.  They will never get on board with healthcare reform in any way at all.  Brown already says he will block Obama’s tax proposal on the bailout profits so like most “populist” GOP candidates he’s just successful at fooling the voters that he’s with the common man just to get elected.  In office he will show his bright red colours.

Coakley will most like lose tomorrow but anyone who thinks it’s a good thing save your smoke on me.  My butt is already steaming.

What Dems really need to be asking themselves is would Ted Kennedy vote for Brown?

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Written by KQµårk 死神

My PlanetPOV contact is [email protected] Proud Dem whose favorite hobby is cat herding. The GOP is not a political party, it's a personality disorder. Cancer, Heart Failure and Bush Survivor.

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  1. javaz says:

    Whoa, what’s up with Glenn Beck and Brown?

    BECK: I want a chastity belt on this man, I want his every move watched in Washington. I don

  2. jan4insight says:

    O/T but I found a piece of good news and I gotta post it somewhere:

    (CNN) — Tuesday, January 19
    10:37 p.m. — Two children were pulled alive Tuesday night from the rubble of a two-story building in Port-au-Prince. The 8-year-old boy and 10-year-old girl, rescued by a team from the New York City fire and police departments, were taken to an Israeli tent hospital.

    and this seems to be where everyone’s hanging out.

    Keep the faith, peeps. I’m turning in.

  3. KQuark says:

    Like the “single payer only” crowd I now hear the screaming “reconciliation now” when most don’t know what the hell it entails.

    Most of all budget reconciliation closes the possibilities for the most progressive changes to be added to the Senate bill.

    My other favorite is the Dems never had 60 group think that is developing. Yes they did and when push came to shove they had 60 members of the Democratic caucus vote for healthcare reform and ZERO Republicans. Yes folks it’s a huge difference. In fact it’s so much of a difference that the only way to pass healthcare now is for House Dems to pass the Senate bill and have the remnants go through reconciliation. Now how is 60 like 59 again? The ignorance amazes me.

  4. KQuark says:

    Here we go with the spin from the Queen Bee herself.

    WATCH Arianna: Massachusetts Loss Could Be A Blessing In Disguise


    Umm… So Aryanna and your minions have you learned that criticizing Democrats incessantly does not help legislation get passed?

    • darleneslee says:

      Throw in Ed Schultz along with Arianna. It amazes me that these supposed Pro-Democrats think you can build a party, up by tearing it down. They have became as bad as Faux News . I have tried to put up with Huffington, but between the trolls and the negativity from Huffington about the democratic party gave it up. We must learn that divide and conquer is good old party’s play book. So far I think the Democratic party is still in remediation and retardation.

      • nellie says:

        It just shows that their goal has nothing to do w building the party — but has everything to do w building themselves.

        What is so disappointing is that progressives can’t see this clearly. Rather than mobilizing, they’re just getting angry. And that’s because they’re being demoralized and discouraged by the very people they TRUST to keep them going.

        It’s a very sad situation.

    • Hopeington says:

      I just can’t bring myself to read it.

    • FlyingLotus says:

      Ok, as disclosed earlier, I still slum it from time to time.

      Occasionally, I do gather pearls from the swinery.

  5. PatsyT says:

    They know not what they have done.

    • FlyingLotus says:

      Testify!Can I get a witness?

      Is America stuck on stupid?

      I promise I’ll work hard to return to my usual Pollyanna glass half full self again tomorrow but right now, I’m as annoyed as all get out.

  6. escribacat says:

    Does anyone think they will try to pass the Senate bill in the house and skip trying to change the bill?

    • jan4insight says:

      Not really. I saw some info come through on CNN twitter feed that Harry Reid is personally dusting off Kennedy’s seat and getting it all nice & ready for Brown to slide into ASAP.

      Made me wanna puke 😛

      • escribacat says:

        I saw that too but it was on huffy so I don’t believe the way they presented it. I don’t believe anything I read over there any more. Just about everything is slanted. 👿

    • nellie says:

      That’s what I think they’ll do.

      Then they’ll wake up and do the rest of the agenda with reconciliation. And they can amend the health care bill w reconciliation as well.

      They’d better get smart and stop all the bipartisan bs. Or they’ll see more of this in November.

    • KQuark says:

      They could do both.

      They could pass the Senate bill in the house unchanged.

      Then they could pass more of what the House wants in the bill in the Senate using budget reconciliation.

      But listen to what I’m saying carefully the Senate would have to pass what the House wants and the House has to pass what the Senate wants. Right now the House Democrats distrust Senate Democrats so my guess is healthcare does not pass.

  7. Kalima says:

    Breaking News.

    ” Police are searching for a 39-year-old man in the shooting deaths of eight people in Virginia, authorities said.”

  8. KQuark says:

    OK I don’t want to pour cold water over everyone but there is nothing good to come from this.

    No Dems are not going to learn they should add the strong public option.

    Dems will run toward the center like they always do after defeats.

    All this election proves is that Americans still can be easily fooled by the GOP and will always hate government.

    The Dems will be incredibly lucky to pass any kind of healthcare reform now. When they probably don’t pass healthcare then the Dems will lose both houses of Congress. Dems gain office only when the GOP really messes up in this horrible center right where we live.

    Time to pick up my Canadian immigration info again.

    • escribacat says:

      The only hope left is that the house passes the senate bill as is.

    • PatsyT says:

      Reconciliation … ??? Anyone ?

      Do you sometimes get the feeling that some people are paid off to sit on their butts?
      I wonder?

      • escribacat says:

        I think the repugs went after Baucus and Reid (minor scandals over the past few months). Now, they just sit back laughing while they see that they don’t have to do anything. The progressives always screw themselves eventually. In psychology, they would call this “self-destructive behavior.”

      • KQuark says:

        That’s all the GOP does and they still get elected over and over again. The easiest job in the world has to be that of a GOP congressman.

    • kesmarn says:

      Howard Dean was one guy who, when interviewed tonight said Democrats now have to really stand up--stand strong--for Democratic values. “This was not a referendum on Obama, or on health care; this was a referendum on corruption in Washington. And we as Democrats need to take a strong stand against the status quo in Washington now.” (I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist.)

      Now how the voters of MA thought they were taking a stand against corruption by electing THIS guy is beyond me. But at least Dean seemed to be recommending not rushing for the center as usual in reaction to defeat.

    • PepeLepew says:

      My fucking papers are in the fucking mail ….

      Fucking Democrats…

      Sorry, no internal filter tonight

    • FlyingLotus says:

      I hear ya.I seriously asked myself today, why do I live here?

      I feel like a round peg in a square hole and I live in Hollywierd.

      If I have to label myself, I’d say I was a pragmatic progressive.I know there are no magic wands, etc. but feeling like salmon swimming against the current is rather tiresome.

      I’ve worked with a bi-polar entity, there IS NO winning with that mentality.

      • Khirad says:

        Or Borderline. Pathologically Manichaean, and are fickle creatures whom will flip on you for not being pure enough in a second.

      • KQuark says:

        I live in GA. I feel like a damn alien in my own country.

        Not the undocumented type either.

        • FlyingLotus says:

          I have quite the imagination and I honestly can’t imagine the road you must travel, KQ.

          • KQuark says:

            I’m from NJ originally. When you grow up in NJ you just want to get the hell out of there by any means possible. That’s why Springsteen’s “Born to Run” is like the state anthem. But when I got down South the time warp is almost unbearable. My imagination is the only way I deal with this mess.

            • FlyingLotus says:

              I grew up in Texas.Although, Austin was a very progressive city.Still, there were too many gun rifles on the back of pick up trucks for my taste.Plus foreign films made me understand at a tender young age there was a big world out there.

            • KevenSeven says:

              I don’t know. My brother-in-law lives near Princeton. I have always liked it up there. One winter we flew in to visit, there was like 18″ of snow falling just as we got there, and had all melted away when we left three days later. My kid loved it.

  9. FlyingLotus says:

    Music has ALWAYS been my refuge.You guys are the BEST!

    Where’s your head at?

  10. KQuark says:

    This song expresses my feelings now.

  11. FlyingLotus says:

    There is something really wrong with Americans.

    Gore Vidal said it best, “The United States of Amnesia.”

    I was over at the Huff Ghetto and the wingers and baggers are making comments that left me incredulous.Yeah, I know, one would think I’d be immune by now but I guess not.One poster wrote, the democrats pissed off the quiet people, the people who work and pay taxes.

    I thought, quiet? Hell, they must all have been wearing ball gags during the eight year reign of Bu$h Incorporated.

    Again, I’m incredulous of the lack of critical thinking that possess Americans and the inability to connect the dots.

    I’ll add Americans don’t just suffer from amnesia, they’re bloody bi-polar to boot.

    I’m with Bowie on this one..I’m scared of Americans.

  12. Khirad says:

    Kalima. I’m feelin’ you, I was just about to interpret my own feelings through song.

    This is to the Democratic Party:

  13. jan4insight says:

    Petition on the web urging Dems to stand up and be strong and don’t learn the wrong lesson from tonight:


    I dunno, it might help, at least it’s another place to constructively put your name on the line.

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