obama japan - wideFor all who have not read the full speech yet, here it is. Enjoy!

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The site has photos of Nixon bowing to Japanese Emperor Hirohito, and Eisenhower to Charles De Gaulle.
Also shows Bush Jr. kissing and holding hands with Saudi King Abdullah, plus Bush Jr. bowing to the pope.


HP posts:

Obama Bows In Japan To Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

So, I replied to it… and it went to a pending state… thus I tried again, but added the very end about Ms. Huffington:

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Expect to see this next:

Right Wing Report Watch was also on the scene to count the number of times the secret Muslim/Shintoist/Soc


Kalima, thanks for posting the link to the speech. I rarely sit down and read presidential speeches from start to finish. It seems so often they’re written by a committee of advisers and just read by whoever happens to be president at the time. But not this one.This speech seemed to really have come from Obama’s mind and heart, and to have been based on his own experience and insights.

This guy is so smart! And he’s had such a broad exposure to the world–from early childhood on. He truly seems tailor-made for this moment in history. When I read speeches like this, it reminds me again of what a huge change for the better his election really was.

KQµårk 死神

Thanks for posting this Kalima. It’s Hockey Night in Canada so I’ll have to listen to it later.


Thank you, Kalima.