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Obama20082012 On November - 3 - 2009

Tea_Bag_RepeatMy greatest fear tonight was that Hoffman would win NY 23.  What hell would have been unleashed if the Teabaggers and the Tundra Twitter had pulled this off.  This seat has been in the Republicans control since 1852!  It took Facebook and Palin to do what the Dems haven’t been able to do for for 157 years!  I know the Repubs will say it does not matter, but it certainly does matter.  The egg that was left on the faces of the right wing knuckledraggers is going to be priceless.  Thank you NY 23!

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Written by Obama20082012

A progressive liberal that is Obama20082012 on HP

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  1. SueInCa says:

    I find the republican/teabagger/conservative reactions to these elections a bit humorous. They are championing two gov races, which by the way, the same thing happened in 2005 under the Shrub. But they are not even talking about the two(one temp) congressional seats the Dems won. Nice way to deflect what really counts, unless of course you live in NJ or VA.

  2. KQuark says:

    How could this not be viewed as anything but an epoch defeat of the right wing base?

    I mean the district has been Republican for over 150 years. If the Dems lost a district that liberal it would be trumpeted as a failure of liberal ideas by the trolls.

  3. escribacat says:

    Where is Khirad? He posted the funniest link last night — a metaphor for someone “overcelebrating” a small win. It’s hilarious.

  4. nellie says:

    As soon as Palin decided to stick her nose into NY politics, I knew the Democrat was going to win. Hopefully the Teabagger party will grow in strength and completely destroy the current GOP. We need a legitimate, honest broker with opposing views. We don’t have one in the GOP. That party needs to disappear.

    From my point of view, we need a more progressive party to break off from the Dems, and leave the Blue Dogs as the conservative standard bearers. That would get us back to reality.

    • Grabamop/Obama20082012 says:

      If the Democratic Party gets large enough, it can break in 2 work together and the teabaggers can climb back under their rocks.

  5. FeloniousMonk says:

    adlib and guys, thanks for the new news bar. I’m glad to see it.

  6. FeloniousMonk says:

    This victory was good but what was more telling to me was the NYC mayoral election. Bloomberg only won by a few percentage points over someone he was expected to roll over by a huge margin, and that after spending a $100 (edit) Million to win a third term when he had the term limit law changed.

    Sadly, the gay marriage referendum in Maine went down to defeat. While the percentage there was narrow again, and it was in a conservative (but supposedly freedom loving state) this defeat will merely embolden the ReligiousWingers to keep on dropping their bird crap on everyone.

  7. nicole473 says:

    THanks for posting this, grabamop!! Will be back later (gotta drive the manchild to school) to post more.

  8. javaz says:

    What the heck!
    Just got up and after checking my email, I could not find one headline online from the MSM about the outcome of the election in NY.
    Not even the local news are talking about the results in NY, but are making a big whoop-ti-do about the G-nO-P wins in Virginia and NJ.
    They are talking about how the vote was a referendum against PO and the Dems in those two states and are tying in the Maine loss for gay rights.
    Yesterday, the news was filled with the rhetoric, which included the importance of the vote in NY, but this morning, nothing.
    I guess when a Dem wins, it’s just not a big deal, but when a Dem loses, well, that is news.
    Love that liberal media.

    • BigDogMom says:

      Can you believe it…all over the morning news…Republican Referendum….Bodes well for 2010 and 2012 for the Republican Party…I just don’t get it anymore, they’re all lies and misinformation…when is this going to stop and can we help stop it…Media Matters?

  9. BigDogMom says:

    Well as I posted at Huff No, I’ll take two Dem congressional seats that vote, one being extreamly left (CA), to 2 Rep Governorships, that have no say nationally…The Right and the MSM are claiming it’s a victory for Repugs, all I could say this morning was…What the Fuck….I won’t tell you what my husband said…He of Long Shoreman Mouth…:{}

    • FeloniousMonk says:

      I just gave you a support message and fanned you. You’ll know it’s me.

      I also posted several things explaining about how even the voters of upstate NY can be offended when outsiders tell them that their local concerns are provincial and they should accept an outsider to “represent” them.

      • BigDogMom says:

        Are you FrannotfromCA? I fanned that poster just because…I’ll go back and look for you…

        Do you know who ‘USSRR’ is, I think it’s that Andrea Costello (sp?), seems to turn up in when ever anyone knocks AC down…

        • FeloniousMonk says:

          Yes I am. And no I don’t although when I’ve read ‘USSRR’s stuff, it did ring like one of our little “friends”. I’ll keep an eye on it.

          • BigDogMom says:

            Hah, I knew it! I’m going back over to check it out…then off to walk dogs..need to get some work done today…will talk to you later.

    • javaz says:

      Morning BDM!
      The media coverage of this, or lack of, is quite telling, isn’t it?

      • FeloniousMonk says:

        If things don’t fit into the notion of how the MSM wants to portray it for ratings they do seem to quickly have a case of blindness. Of course, since I read the Republic, which ignores anything positive that is national and democratic, I’ve gotten used to it.

  10. Kalima says:

    Again the time zone has intervened and I will wish you a good day and a goodnight from the East.

    Have fun and take care. Oyasumi nasai.

  11. AdLib says:

    Posted this just a bit ago at HuffPo under my Range Rover sock with a dual purpose. First, because it’s pretty funny. Second, to test if redstate dot com is blacklisted at HuffPo. Guess what, it’s not but planetpov.com is!

    I wonder if whoever banned Kev overreached by banning our URL and it can be reversed. Or if we represent a much greater threat to them than right wing extremists?

    In any case, here it is:

    Want a laugh? Red State can’t accept that a Dem won the 23rd in NY, they are declaring a Dem winning a victory for Repubs because the moderate Repub was forced out.


    I can only hope we have more such Republican victories in 2010!

    • nellie says:

      Blacklisted this site. Wow. Well, they want to be the one and only progressive blogging community site, and PPOV is a direct threat to that niche. HP could easily turn into just another right wing cesspool of whining, denial, anger, and negativity if they lost the progressive bloggers.

      Let’s hope their fears become realized in the very near future!

      • AdLib says:

        I’m with you on that!

        The site url was banned when Kev7 was so I don’t know if it’s a zealous mod or truly the policy of HuffPo to ban our links.

        I will approach them on this to see if they’ll remove the ban after some time passes…and we grow bigger.

        If they want us to be publicizing around the net that they’re blacklisting progressive sites but allowing red state dot com, that will be their choice.

        • FeloniousMonk says:

          I’ve been trying to subconsciously put out the site name: such as

          From Hume to general post

          In other important news, I now have 96 banned fans.
          Thanks, banned fans, wish I knew who you are and I wish I could fan you.

          Replied to by FranNotFromCA

          Mr. Skeptic, I am sure they are here in spirit, if not in the digital flesh. But they have gone to a far, far free-er place.

          Reply back from Hume

          Is there a heaven for the banned?

          My final reply

          I have heard there is one on another Planet, but that is merely my point of view.

          A little too subtle, perhaps, but people may start putting things together.

    • Kalima says:

      Of course they are afraid of us, we have openly criticized the Empress and exposed that apart from always being a die hard Republican, she also wears no clothes. That alone has everyone’s knickers in a twist.

      I think the people of the NY 23 are sighing with relief that Hoffman of the know-nothing crowd was defeated, I saw a clip of him unable to answer the simplest questions on either Rachel or KO. What a nincompoop!!

  12. escribacat says:

    Hey Grabamop, Love that “Tundra Twitter.”

    • Grabamop/Obama20082012 says:

      Thanks escribacat, I used it yesterday at HP and of course the scrubbing bubbles came out.

      • FeloniousMonk says:

        Grabamop! Surely that didn’t come as a suprise, now did it? Caribou Barbie also automatically sends things to the state of oblivion. But then again, I’m just using my Sarah sock to subtly play with people. After all, she gives good Facebook. Now I was suprised that one stayed up.

  13. KevenSeven says:

    Yes, indeed!

    The trolls over a t huff are trying to make hay out of the two governors races.

    They want me to believe that winning seats in the House is somehow bad.

    I don’t understand the logic of reactionaries. Never have.

    Apparently Lush said today that the 23rd was crucial to the Rethug cause.


  14. KQuark says:

    Absolutely. To me this was the only election where national influence of either party mattered because Palin and Gingrich pushed the moderate Republicans out of the race. It still shows the voters have contempt for the party of NO. The incumbent party always loses gubernatorial races when the economy is bad and the two candidates had huge problems.

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