Seriously, I am having doubts that any of this has anything to do with resolving the nation’s health care issues.

I see almost nothing that would substantively reduce the national cost of health care.

I am becoming convinced that about a third of the money we spend on health care is wasted.   

This is an hour well worth spending, take a listen:

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The 1/3 we waste (you are accurate) is in the disgusting tangle of administrative overhead with hundreds of different codes just to bill out an aspirin to various health insurance corporations. Each one has a unique code, and the money spent on billing is outrageous. Add in profits, advertising, etc., and there you have it. The need for a public option is huge if only to eliminate that. Medicare has 3% overhead. Private insurance corporations – 30-35%. And if you think the mandated 85% spending on “health” will change much, think again since the corporations will find a way to bill the same stuff and call it health care.


Not sure how to post in this section, but was wondering if anyone is planning on writing something in tribute for our veterans on November 11th?