Physical exercise makes you live less long.

(To the head of the F.B.I.:) “Will you give your loyalty to me?”

Never pay taxes. Only “suckers” do.

Bribery and extortion are at the core of every successful business, and litigation its backbone (“How many lawyers…”).

“Everyone else just thinks they “smahta” than they really are. We’re the industrious ones.”

Everyone is essentially as criminal as we are, and no one is as intelligent.

A Gambling casino operator who lost billions operating “successful” casinos where massive money laundering was suspected (they built it up, and “busted it out”), turns to international election fixers and policy influencers (and American television networks), to steal the American presidential election by demonizing poor people and concocting countless bizarre and unsupportable conspiracy theories to undermine reality. He was a devotee, as a young man, of the mafia’s: “Counselor of counselers,” and often took money from him. (Remember, the tracks that people like Trump leave behind are left when they have to borrow money back from their mob bosses, who take most of the benefits. They basically live from check to check, because of their lavish lifestyles, and their obsessions. And from living outside the norms.)

Okay, let’s stop right here! Everything that you have just read sounds like it comes from a story about the Mafia. They say all those things. They believe them. That is their heritage and culture.

Donald Trump is one of them! Every member of Congress knows it. The mafia has been interfering in elections for decades before mob thugs rushed the counting room and overturned the tables in the rigged 2000 Elections. They have plotted with state and national leaders of the Republican Party since the Eighties to illegally influence elections, and to use propaganda to reprogram the minds of American citizens to accept their repulsive agendas.

What we are fighting is organized crime. Organized crime that is rapidly gaining a foothold in international trade and finance (much to the benefit of Donald’s “Dear, precious friend,” Vasha Putin). Organized crime that has already poisoned us ethically and morally to the point that we would be unrecognizable to our grandparents.

If any member of Congress quibbles about crushing interference and influence, then they should be pariah. If a single member doesn’t support completely the dismantling of O.C., then they are suspect. If illegal lobbying isn’t stopped; then the microscope will be turned, with its unflinching eye, on you, Mr. Senator. Mr. Congressmen. If criminal banks are not, literally and figuratively, burned out and cast out, and money laundering hounded out, then no-one is above suspicion. Allow me to reiterate that last point: As long as there are crooked banks, then none of you are above suspicion!

Or, are you just going to investigate each other, back and forth, until all of our brains turn to ooze?

They have broken our government, and pillaged the country to their hearts content; and they have beaten their alter-ego, the FBI, like a rented mule; but they can’t be allowed to get away with this.

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s time enough and plenty. To Hell with them!

We need to all just bust out. Old, mean men dressed like pall-bearers, who are barely competent to tie their shoes, make every decision, run our lives – and constantly disgrace us. And they have had their way long enough. They have a million corrupt connections to the Mob. They won’t ever fight corruption.They have obviously betrayed us.

And to every conspiracy theory spinning Republican wonk:

“Please don’t dominate the rap, Jack – if you’ve got nothing new to say. “

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