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Scheherazade On December - 18 - 2009


As an LGBT member this is something very important to me. I’m thrilled by this.

From Think Progress: Marriage equality is now legal in the nation’s capital.

This morning at the All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, DC, approximately 150 activists and same-sex couples congregated to witness marriage equality become law in the nation’s capital. “I say to the world: An era of struggle ends for thousands in Washington, D.C.,” said Mayor Adrian Fenty (D), who also invoked his biracial upbringing and noted that it was illegal for his parents to get married 40 years agobecause they were an interracial couple. Several other officials spoke, including David Catania (I), the council member who sponsored the bill. When Fenty signed the bill, he held it over his head and the room erupted in cheers. Watch some highlights from the event:


You can read the entire story at this link

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  1. Khirad says:

    Figures that they would do the signing in the Hellmouth of all that is heathen and filthy in this country, at All Souls -- one of the epicenters of those godless Unitarians!

  2. KevenSeven says:

    You’re transgender???????????

    Huh! Never woulda guessed.

    Now get me my coffee.

  3. Scheherazade says:

    Preface:This quick rant was not aimed at anyone on this website. It was aimed at some people on another website that have driven me up the wall with the constant cries of Obama being Bush all over again. I beg you to forgive me if I stepped on anyone’s toes. Let me further state that my meaning is not directed towards those who are frustrated with the president. It’s directed at the prophets of doom who are decrying that we’ve been had. Yes, Obama is a politician, and like any other he is playing the game of politics. It is to be expected, but that doesn’t mean we are in a third term of GWB.

    There is nothing wrong with questioning the president. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with him. There is nothing wrong with speaking out about your questions and disagreements, but this constant expectation that everything will be perfect is hard for me to personally comprehend. People will call you “Obamabot” because you are trying to remain optimistic. The people who are really “Obamabots” are the ones truly thought all our problems would be solved once he is elected and are now disappointed that things aren’t the utopia they had envisioned. I’m not happy about Afghanistan. I really think he could’ve pushed harder for a Public Option, but in the end I know that if Obama was really Bush in a third term we’d have invaded Turkey and would be talking about TORT reform rather than health care reform. To me that says we are at least heading in a better direction. We cannot expect that a single man in our Democratic-Republic is capable of being the messiah that people jokingly claimed we think he is. Winning the election was just the first step. Now is the time for even more effort.

    I’m sorry, but talking about the divisive ways of Scarianna got me off on a tangent. 😛

    • Khirad says:

      Salaam, Khanom Shahrzad. You’re among sane friends here, and I hope you don’t mind if I have fun with the Persian theme or making all references thereof to the heroine whom fits you so well. This has to be my favorite of your monikers, also, for completely self-serving reasons. In any case, I once knew a Welsh girl who did a beautiful solo rendition from “Scheherazade” on Celtic harp.

      Yes, this is a common refrain here. You are safe. Most of us here are sick of these people. I was most disappointed (please forgive me, I’m about to talk about what’s not supposed to be talked about -- I ask for absolution) today with Palemoon doing the Obama is Bush line and convinced we’re about to invade Iran. Sigh…

      • Scheherazade says:

        Palemoon is a friend of mine. She is the sort of gal who can disagree without being disagreeable. I sent her an email recently too… if you happen to see her would you tell her that I (ladybastet) did so? :)

        • Khirad says:

          I know, but I’m seriously wondering whether or not to defriend her. I guess I won’t, we’ll agree to disagree, but she’s put herself in line with the Skialethias on Iran threads, and I’m holding my fire out of good will, which is not something I’m accustomed to doing.

          PS, a hearty apology to AdLib for this talk. I try to keep it at a minimum.

    • KevenSeven says:

      Don’t apologized, goddamit. As long as I am here, you may say just about any damned thing that comes into your pretty head.

      As for the complainers, feel free to use my derisive of them “wahhhh! Obama has not delivered my pony yet!!!!!!!!!”

    • escribacat says:

      Hello Scherz, I knew it was only a matter of time before you found your way over here. Welcome. I am with you all the way on this.

    • javaz says:

      Feel free to rant about anything here, friend. (it’s easier to spell than Sche -- oh, forget it :) )

      I’m shocked at how quickly people and the MSM turned on Obama, even though Obama’s approval ratings are still high, considering.
      Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be shocked, because I remember when Clinton won and that was another Hallelujah moment to be done with the Reagan/Bush years.

      I do believe that I am older than you, Scher -- please, give me a hint on how to simplify your name here -- and I’ve seen this before and just as bad if not worse, but the difference this time, is that we escaped, barely, another Great Depression.
      I fear we are still teetering on the brink, but that’s another story unrelated.

      My husband and I are big on history, my husband more so than I, as he actually reads textbooks on the subject, but what we are going through is nothing new, it’s just different.
      It’s different because we have the Internet and cable or satellite TV, and we are in a 24/7 news cycle that covers every little thing.
      Someone can fart in the Senate, and we’ll hear about it or read about it, and then all the pundits will come out to discuss what that Senator ate for lunch, and blah, blah, blah.

      I read a book about current day politics, and the name of the author and title escapes me -- hey, I’m an old lady -- but the book recommended to stick with local politics, because that’s where our voices really count.
      On a local level, the politicians have yet to be corrupted by lobbyists and special interests, and in local elections, the turnout is usually very low.
      These are the elections that ask about school overrides, or should a half-cent tax be added for a park.
      Little things that have a direct impact that happen in our backyard.

      Back on topic, here’s an article that just frustrates me, because WTF does it matter what people think about other people’s private lives --


      People, and politicians, need to mind their own business.
      The Republicans are always chanting “Less Government” until it comes to my body, or what happens in my bedroom.

      • Scheherazade says:

        First, here’s the easiest way to explain the moniker and hopefully offer you a way around spelling out Scheherazade. If it helps just call me “Persian Princess.” 😀 That would be fine with me even though I’m really Irish. 😛 Hehe.

        As for the other matter, yes that is quite difficult. However, you’re words remind me of something I used to post on Huffy. Perhaps you will enjoy reading it now. :)

        The GOP expects to be reelected after all their failures over not just the last 8 years, but from the years of Nixon to this very day.

        The GOP expect to have equal time on news programs while complaining they don’t get enough time despite they’re views having been largely REJECTED by the public.

        The GOP claims to be against big gov but CHOSE to go to war against Iraq despite the fact that they did NOTHING to us.

        The GOP supports deregulation despite it being the very thing that has caused us our current economic woes.

        The GOP says that “government IS the problem” and then proceeds to say that government should be in charge of our reproductive rights and whom we should and should not marry.

        The GOP screams for bipartisanship but never gives it a second thought when they are in power.

        The GOP claims that liberals are the true racists while openly working against allowing for opportunities and advancements for minorities.

        I could go on and on and on.

  4. Scheherazade says:

    Our nation’s long and shameful history of slavery is much worse and thus different than what the LGBT community confronts. However, prejudice is still prejudice. So I find it hard to understand how those who are against racism could be for this. They quote the bible, but the bible promotes both racism and slavery. Indeed according to the bible you could be a slaving owning, racist, sexist, homophobe and still go to heaven.

  5. javaz says:

    California actually has a policy whereby gays can file for domestic partnerships.

    It’s not marriage or even a civil union, but it does give all the rights to partners as married couples.

    My brother in California had the official domestic partnership, and upon his passing, his partner is deemed his closest relative and inherits it all, as he should.


    • bitohistory says:

      j’avaz, AZ had/has that for state workers. Tucson also has it. They tried, and may have rescinded it during the last legis. session. I don’t know if it passed, the Universities raised hell about taking it away.

      • javaz says:

        Yes, they rescinded it once Janet left, using the budget as the excuse.

        I follow gay rights as closely as possible, because our best friend used to date another brother!
        It was how we met, once I moved to AZ -- through another brother.
        And through that friend, I’ve made several more gay friends and straight friends for that matter, since he’s quite a popular, charismatic person.

        Plus, I witnessed the horrible things that the other gay brother endured throughout his life.
        I could tell stories about such awful things that both of them have been through, but the older one experienced worse because he was older.

        And then there’s my oldest brother, who is very Catholic and very closed-minded about it all, and well, families are a complicated business.

      • Hopeington says:

        Hey bito, I’ve got to get to work, but wanted to say I found the link you mentioned for me the other day, choosehope, I will definitely contact them…looks promising.
        Is there a way I could send you one?
        I know asking for an address is probably too weird, so I thought maybe a pobox or business or church I could send it too?
        I always like to gift my things to a few people every year around this time.
        Let me know…Hope

        • bitohistory says:

          Hope, Thank you for the offer, but I am good on my chemo for 3-5 years.~fingers crossed~

          I suggest you call them @ 1-888-348-HOPE. They are very pleasant and some one their should be able to help you. Goo Luck.

    • Obama20082012 says:

      It’s better than nothing.

  6. Obama20082012 says:

    I hope someday it’s legal all over the country for you. Day by day positive changes are coming and the haters can’t do anything to stop it. Welcome to the planet. I haven’t seen you on HP for awhile.

    • Scheherazade says:

      Thank you for your kind words. :) I do hope the day comes soon when the denial of civil rights to the LGBT community is just another ugly memory in our country’s history.

      They’ve totally banned from posting on Huffy. Any attempts to login to any account from my IP address is automatically denied. I guess I really got under their skin.

      • javaz says:

        It’s a hard habit to break, because there are a lot of very nice people over there, but like any habit, you can break it and set yourself free!

        PPOV is on facebook, and besides, most of our friends over there lurk around here, and more and more are coming into the light.

        I dislike the abuse on the site that shall remain nameless, and I am not referring to the abuse by the people, but by the owner and the mods.
        I truly believe that a lot of the trolls are mods to stir it up.
        It’s dishonest of that site to proclaim they are a progressive site when they are anything but.
        The total disregard of freedom of speech is appalling.

        I honestly hate wasting time even thinking about that hell, and since I’ve kicked the habit, I do not miss it at all.

        Stay with us, Scheherazade, and soon, you’ll prefer it here.
        You’ve already discovered that you can post what you like, no matter how long or short, and it doesn’t go to pending.

        This is a friendly site and open to one and all, as long as we follow the commonsense rules for civil discourse.

        I’ve made PPOV my homepage!

      • Obama20082012 says:

        You aren’t missing anything Scheherazade. It’s about 80% idiots there now. And all of the new postings are negative towards Obama. I find myself there less and less. And when I am there, the trolls just attack and nothing gets done to them. It’s all about clicks for Arianna Huffingwitch.

        • Gretel1or2 says:

          Right now I’m even finding CNN less hostile than HP towards Obama and the democratic party in general, which is a bit frightening to me. Hp carefully selects the articles that are most damning towards the Obama administration. I understand we need to hold the president and his administration accountable, but I don’t think that is HP’s agenda.

        • Scheherazade says:

          Actually, I’ve emailed her directly and said as much. I’m sure that is part of the reason I’m no longer welcome there. 😉

          • Gretel1or2 says:

            She hates any form of dissent particularly where her opionions (mostly uninformed) are concerned. The people who respond to her blogs tend to almost exaggerate their admiration for her and her nonsensical opinions..it’s rather sickening at times.

            • Scheherazade says:

              Umm… I actually called her out on not doing her job in an actual email to her and CC’d it to her staff. In fact, that was the most mild of my accusations. I’m not sure that I should put the email on here for all the world to see, but I assure you I’ve sent her three thus far and none of them have been excruciatingly polite.

            • Scheherazade says:

              There are people I still need to talk to on Huffy, but otherwise the only reason I get annoyed is because I can’t stand to let troll lies go unanswered. 😛 Hehe.

            • javaz says:

              Good for you!

              I hope that you’re not feeling hurt or anything at all about being banned.
              I actually do understand that feeling, as I’ve been banned from another site, and it was unfair since I took on the popular folks at that site, but I know how it feels to be locked out.
              I got over that, too, because really, in the scheme of things, who really cares and what does it matter?
              I could have made a new ID and went back to that other site, but I figured that they do not deserve me!

    • nellie says:

      Amen. Equal rights means equal rights.

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