As an LGBT member this is something very important to me. I’m thrilled by this.

From Think Progress: Marriage equality is now legal in the nation’s capital.

This morning at the All Souls Unitarian church in Washington, DC, approximately 150 activists and same-sex couples congregated to witness marriage equality become law in the nation’s capital. “I say to the world: An era of struggle ends for thousands in Washington, D.C.,” said Mayor Adrian Fenty (D), who also invoked his biracial upbringing and noted that it was illegal for his parents to get married 40 years agobecause they were an interracial couple. Several other officials spoke, including David Catania (I), the council member who sponsored the bill. When Fenty signed the bill, he held it over his head and the room erupted in cheers. Watch some highlights from the event:


You can read the entire story at this link

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Figures that they would do the signing in the Hellmouth of all that is heathen and filthy in this country, at All Souls – one of the epicenters of those godless Unitarians!


You’re transgender???????????

Huh! Never woulda guessed.

Now get me my coffee.


California actually has a policy whereby gays can file for domestic partnerships.

It’s not marriage or even a civil union, but it does give all the rights to partners as married couples.

My brother in California had the official domestic partnership, and upon his passing, his partner is deemed his closest relative and inherits it all, as he should.



It’s better than nothing.


j’avaz, AZ had/has that for state workers. Tucson also has it. They tried, and may have rescinded it during the last legis. session. I don’t know if it passed, the Universities raised hell about taking it away.


Hey bito, I’ve got to get to work, but wanted to say I found the link you mentioned for me the other day, choosehope, I will definitely contact them…looks promising.
Is there a way I could send you one?
I know asking for an address is probably too weird, so I thought maybe a pobox or business or church I could send it too?
I always like to gift my things to a few people every year around this time.
Let me know…Hope


Hope, Thank you for the offer, but I am good on my chemo for 3-5 years.~fingers crossed~

I suggest you call them @ 1-888-348-HOPE. They are very pleasant and some one their should be able to help you. Goo Luck.


Ok thanks, I will call them…
fingers crossed for ya too…
my friend just made it through breast cancer, so I know how that chemo can wear you out….


Yes, they rescinded it once Janet left, using the budget as the excuse.

I follow gay rights as closely as possible, because our best friend used to date another brother!
It was how we met, once I moved to AZ – through another brother.
And through that friend, I’ve made several more gay friends and straight friends for that matter, since he’s quite a popular, charismatic person.

Plus, I witnessed the horrible things that the other gay brother endured throughout his life.
I could tell stories about such awful things that both of them have been through, but the older one experienced worse because he was older.

And then there’s my oldest brother, who is very Catholic and very closed-minded about it all, and well, families are a complicated business.


I hope someday it’s legal all over the country for you. Day by day positive changes are coming and the haters can’t do anything to stop it. Welcome to the planet. I haven’t seen you on HP for awhile.


Amen. Equal rights means equal rights.