Saturday, September 14, 2019
Everything Trump's touched lately is failing. Tariffs, negotiations with North Korea, controlling the deficit and keeping the economy growing. As his prospects for re-election keep dropping, Democrats show off a field of contenders who all look like winners against him. So this weekend's music theme is about winning and losing, playing the game and rolling the dice.
Brexiters have their own MAGA. They want the "Five Hundred Year Myth," of England; harking back to an entirely self-sufficient England that ruled the world - which never existed.
Trump has quadrillioned down on his lie that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian, showing that the more Dorian blew, the more Trump sucks. So this weekend's theme is for songs about states and cities in the U.S...even if they haven't been needlessly panicked yet by the BSer who cried wolf.
This weekend's music thread is meant to keep folks on the southeast coast in mind with songs about storms, rain and all kinds of weather, bad and hopefully good.
Trump was asked if phantom armies exist: he said, "Of course not, but being non-existent and insubstantial, like my record of achievement, is a feature and not an issue. How better to fight non-existent foes than with a phantom army? We're bound to win - they're already dead!"

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  • Fergie1-Short Posts:I would like to thank all the POV family for their kind, thoughtful, perceptive and caring wishes. They are very much appreciated. Jackie was one of my closest friends since boarding school in Oxford in 1963. I would delightfully receive emails almost every week from France - sometimes more. Ending with many beautiful words of love and caring such as :"Je t'embrasse mon ami". She will always be a part of me. The horrendous act of how she is gone is something I must be able to somehow not take over the loss where our own health (emotionally and mentally) does not erode. How I will do that is a journey. Thank you once again. 🙏
  • TOCB-Short Posts:EXACTLY! I could not agree more.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Because that's how weak people are when it comes to being in the shadow of someone who has fame and power. No matter how poisonous the person is, they get to be "part of the show" even if it's in the background. You know that old joke about show business...a guy goes to the circus and sees a worker sweeping up a mountain of elephant poop. He asks the worker, "Why do you do this? Why don't you quit?" And the worker turns to him and says, "What, and leave show business?"
  • AdLib-Short Posts:I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that as a conservative extremist, Gorsuch is a hypocrite and an elitist. The only way he got on the SCOTUS is due to hatefulness...and he thinks he has any standing to criticize anyone else about civility??? He may not be impeachable but Kavanaugh surely is, lying to Congress and sexual assault. Repubs may block that which is why he needs to be made moot and Dems in 2021, if they have unitary control, need to get rid of the filibuster and enlarge the SCOTUS by 2 judges to wrest control from the corrupt.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:My question would be, why stay in his chaos. There will be no merit in having worked for this mentally unstable dereliction of duty. They will be out of work anyway after he’s dethroned and indicted. His stench will cling to them long after he’s gone.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:I think it is a lack of critical thinking to knee jerk support Biden because he was VP to Obama. He isn't Obama, in any way. He isn't anywhere near the remarkable and charismatic candidate Obama is. Frankly, I am very disappointed by Dem voters who use Republican-style blind allegiance to a politician solely because he was associated with a different, well liked politician. Biden has so far, offered little reason to vote for him other than repeating (as the saying about Giuliani and "9/11" went), a noun, a verb and "Barack Obama". And claiming he is the most electable against Trump. Those are not satisfactory reasons for any voter weighing their choices for a president, who will need to run and win in 2024 without either of those arguments still alive and being 81 years old on top of that. I do think it is a mistake for Sanders and Warren to be supporting a M4A plan that outlaws private insurance. It should be allowed and both should have confidence it the great advantages M4A will prove to have that they welcome private insurers to compete. They won't be able to. Let the insurance corps fall of their own weight and et the union members and wealthy throw money away on private insurance if they prefer to. It won't harm the M4A system, it would still retain around 95% or more of Americans. I agree, I'm surprised at how unfocused some of the arguments were for M4A by Bernie but I thought Warren hit the right points. The bottom line should be what she asserted, no one loves their insurance companies, they love their plans and doctors. All M4A would do is get rid of the middleman that's denying coverage and taking profits. M4A would take their place, that's all. Doctors and treatment will be much better without fighting to get doctors and services covered. Unlike the ACA, all Americans can go to any doctors and hospitals since all would need to be apart of M4A. So the one hitch with the ACA, Obama's promise that you can keep your doctor, can be addressed and that promise kept. The problem has been Bernie's focus on the coverage side instead of Warren's approach to focus on how it will actually work and that it will provide more money to cover Americans for more procedures with the same types of plans and same doctors they have now. People are afraid of change but if it's boiled down to focus on how the negative things will be changed, being denied services and having high premiums, deductibles and co-pays, people will get it. Warren also needs to do a better job in knocking down the whining about people paying more taxes and explaining that working people are already paying a "tax" which is their premium, out of their paychecks already. Instead of it going to for-profit companies making them pay more each year and carving out billions in profits, that money is returned back to Americans to pay for services insurance companies won't pay for.
  • Kalima-Short Posts:It’s a total disgrace that he opens his mouth on civility considering trump and the undeniable fact he’s sitting in Merrick Garland‘s seat. The integrity of the S.C. has been compromised so much that they now vote in favour of trump’s racism too.
  • AdLib-Short Posts:Yes I saw this. The SCOTUS has been so corrupted by McConnell and the GOP that I think it makes it mandatory for Dems to add seats and take it back from the extremist ideologues in 2021. BTW, saw an article that Gorsuch is putting out a book complaining about the lack of courtesy in our politics. WTF? He's only there because McConnell and the Repubs in the Senate desecrated the Senate and its rules on appointing SCOTUS judges. What an ass!
  • AdLib-Short Posts:A nation controlled by a crappy reality show producer. Sad but true.
  • TOCB-Short Posts:Biden's appeal to some black voters seems to be that he was Obama's VP. He was Obama's VP who told Obama he would not run for president. Biden's ideas, in my opinion, are stale and unimaginative. As an old person myself, I don't subscribe to not supporting a candidate just because of their age. However, if an old person does not have fresh ideas to go along with their valuable experience, they lose me. I was a little disappointed in the discussion around health care last night. I certainly don't support protecting the private health insurance industry, which is basically what the ACA does. I liked the statement Sanders made about universal healthcare "insurance", i.e., Medicare-For-All, being the most cost effective way to fund healthcare. There is actually a reason why every first world nation, including those with a capitalist economy, have a universal healthcare system. Why? Because it is the most cost effective way to provide basic health care for everyone. Why? Because it creates one big risk pool without a profit motive. I support the ACA in making healthcare available to people who were previously uninsured, but at the end of the day it is unconstitutional under the commerce clause. That is a fact that has to be confronted. Republicans are opposing it because they want to protect the private health insurance industry, but they are correct in the unconstitutionality of it. That makes universal single payer the ONLY viable option.


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